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Futera Leeds United Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Leeds United Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 105

Leeds United Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

Collection preview (51% scanned images)

collecting: 14 / completed: 10


101Lucas RadebeAttitudeBase card140.25
101cLucas RadebeAttitudeBase card / Chrome313.00
102David BattyAttitudeBase card150.20
102cDavid BattyAttitudeBase card / Chrome202.00
103Michael DuberryAttitudeBase card150.20
103cMichael DuberryAttitudeBase card / Chrome313.00
104David BattyThe SquadBase card160.17
104cDavid BattyThe SquadBase card / Chrome202.00
105Michael DuberryThe SquadBase card221.00
105cMichael DuberryThe SquadBase card / Chrome303.00
106Stephen McPhailThe SquadBase card170.14
106cStephen McPhailThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
107Robert MolenaarThe SquadBase card140.25
107cRobert MolenaarThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
108Jonathan WoodgateThe SquadBase card360.50
108cJonathan WoodgateThe SquadBase card / Chrome202.00
109Martin HidenThe SquadBase card270.29
109cMartin HidenThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
110Michael BridgesThe SquadBase card150.20
110cMichael BridgesThe SquadBase card / Chrome313.00
111Darren HuckerbyThe SquadBase card260.33
111cDarren HuckerbyThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
112Ian HarteThe SquadBase card270.29
112cIan HarteThe SquadBase card / Chrome313.00
113Lee BowyerThe SquadBase card170.14
113cLee BowyerThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
114Nigel MartynThe SquadBase card180.13
114cNigel MartynThe SquadBase card / Chrome212.00
115Paul RobinsonThe SquadBase card290.22
115cPaul RobinsonThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
116Harry KewellThe SquadBase card290.22
116cHarry KewellThe SquadBase card / Chrome202.00
117Gary KellyThe SquadBase card270.29
117cGary KellyThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
118Alan SmithThe SquadBase card270.29
118cAlan SmithThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
119Lucas RadebeThe SquadBase card160.17
119cLucas RadebeThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
120Alf Inge HaalandThe SquadBase card360.50
120cAlf Inge HaalandThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
121David HopkinThe SquadBase card150.20
121cDavid HopkinThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
122Danny MillsThe SquadBase card250.40
122cDanny MillsThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
123Tommy KnarvickThe SquadBase card140.25
123cTommy KnarvickThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
124Eirik BakkeThe SquadBase card280.25
124cEirik BakkeThe SquadBase card / Chrome414.00
125Harry KewellKickinBase card370.43
125cHarry KewellKickinBase card / Chrome422.00
126David BattyKickinBase card280.25
126cDavid BattyKickinBase card / Chrome303.00
127Nigel MartynKickinBase card390.33
127cNigel MartynKickinBase card / Chrome414.00
128Lee BowyerExplosiveBase card240.50
128cLee BowyerExplosiveBase card / Chrome202.00
129Alan SmithExplosiveBase card250.40
129cAlan SmithExplosiveBase card / Chrome414.00
130Danny MillsExplosiveBase card250.40
130cDanny MillsExplosiveBase card / Chrome313.00
131Lucas RadebeForeign LegionBase card160.17
131cLucas RadebeForeign LegionBase card / Chrome404.00
132Alf Inge HaalandForeign LegionBase card160.17
132cAlf Inge HaalandForeign LegionBase card / Chrome212.00
133Lee ChapmanFlashbackBase card340.75
133cLee ChapmanFlashbackBase card / Chrome414.00
134Nigel MartynMillenniumBase card160.17
134cNigel MartynMillenniumBase card / Chrome303.00
135Danny MillsMillenniumBase card270.29
135cDanny MillsMillenniumBase card / Chrome414.00
136Jonathan WoodgateMillenniumBase card270.29
136cJonathan WoodgateMillenniumBase card / Chrome313.00
137Lucas RadebeMillenniumBase card150.20
137cLucas RadebeMillenniumBase card / Chrome414.00
138Michael DuberryMillenniumBase card170.14
138cMichael DuberryMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
139Gary KellyMillenniumBase card150.20
139cGary KellyMillenniumBase card / Chrome313.00
140Lee BowyerMillenniumBase card250.40
140cLee BowyerMillenniumBase card / Chrome313.00
141David BattyMillenniumBase card160.17
141cDavid BattyMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
142David HopkinMillenniumBase card340.75
142cDavid HopkinMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
143Harry KewellMillenniumBase card370.43
143cHarry KewellMillenniumBase card / Chrome414.00
144Michael BridgesMillenniumBase card150.20
144cMichael BridgesMillenniumBase card / Chrome212.00
145Darren HuckerbyMillenniumBase card160.17
145cDarren HuckerbyMillenniumBase card / Chrome313.00
146David O'LearyThe BossBase card150.20
146cDavid O'LearyThe BossBase card / Chrome404.00
147EmblemLeeds UnitedBase card240.50
147cEmblemLeeds UnitedBase card / Chrome404.00
148Michael BridgesWantedBase card260.33
148cMichael BridgesWantedBase card / Chrome414.00
149ChecklistLeeds UnitedBase card230.67
149cChecklistLeeds UnitedBase card / Chrome202.00
150Darren HuckerbyWantedBase card150.20
150cDarren HuckerbyWantedBase card / Chrome414.00
E-DBDavid BattyElectricSpecial card212.00
E-HKHarry KewellElectricSpecial card404.00
E-LBLee BowyerElectricSpecial card313.00
E-LRLucas RadebeElectricSpecial card422.00
MillenniumTeam card616.00
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