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Futera Liverpool Fans' Selection 1998

Futera Liverpool Fans' Selection 1998

Year: 1998
Total cards: 130

Liverpool Fans' Selection Collector Card Series 1998.

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 0


1Mark WrightLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
2Dominic MatteoLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
3Bjorn Tore KvarmeLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
4Oyvind LeonardsenLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
5Michael OwenLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
6Jamie RedknappLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
7Karlheinz RiedleLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
8Jason McAterLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
9Steve HarknessLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
10Danny MurphyLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
11Paul InceLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
12Neil RuddockLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
13Rob JonesLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
14David JamesLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
15Robbie FowlerLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
16Steve McmanamanLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
17Stig Inge BjornebyeLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
18Phil BabbLiverpool EmbrossedBase card202.00
19Jamie CarragherLiverpoolBase card202.00
20Jorgen NielsonLiverpoolBase card202.00
21Brad FriedelLiverpoolBase card202.00
22Michael ThomasLiverpoolBase card202.00
23David ThompsonLiverpoolBase card202.00
24Patrik BergerLiverpoolBase card202.00
25Bill ShanklyBootroom BoysBase card202.00
26Bob PaisleyBootroom BoysBase card202.00
27Joe FaganBootroom BoysBase card202.00
28Keegan and ToshackDouble ActsBase card202.00
29Dalglish and RushDouble ActsBase card202.00
30Hunt and St.JonhDouble ActsBase card202.00
31Steve McmanamanGoalBase card202.00
32Robbie FowlerGoalBase card202.00
33Jamie RedknappGoalBase card202.00
34Michael OwenGoalBase card202.00
35Paul InceGoalBase card202.00
36Karlheinz RiedleGoalBase card202.00
37Oyvind LeonardsenPlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
38Jamie RedknappPlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
39Robbie FowlerPlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
40Steve HarknessPlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
41Michael OwenPlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
42Danny MurphyPlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
43Stig Inge BjornebyePlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
44Paul IncePlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
45Karlheinz RiedlePlayer PortaitsBase card202.00
46Gordon MilneLegendsBase card202.00
47Jimmy CaseLegendsBase card202.00
48Ron YeatsLegendsBase card202.00
49Joey JonesLegendsBase card202.00
50Billy LiddellLegendsBase card202.00
51Ray KennedyLegendsBase card202.00
52Alan KennedyLegendsBase card202.00
53Ian CallaghanLegendsBase card202.00
54Emlyn HughesLegendsBase card202.00
55Tommy LawrenceLegendsBase card202.00
56Phil ThompsonLegendsBase card202.00
57Peter ThompsonLegendsBase card202.00
58Ray ClemenceLegendsBase card202.00
59Graeme SounessLegendsBase card202.00
60Phil NealLegendsBase card202.00
61Steve HeighwayLegendsBase card202.00
62Ian St. JonhLegendsBase card202.00
63Tommy SmithLegendsBase card202.00
64Kenny Dalglish6 of the bestBase card202.00
65John Barnes6 of the bestBase card202.00
66Kevin Keegan6 of the bestBase card202.00
67Mark Lawrenson6 of the bestBase card202.00
68Alan Hansen6 of the bestBase card202.00
69Peter Beardsley6 of the bestBase card202.00
70Ian RushRecord BreakersBase card202.00
71Roger HuntRecord BreakersBase card202.00
72Ian CallaghanRecord BreakersBase card202.00
73Michael OwenWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
74Jamie RedknappWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
75Paul InceWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
76Brad FriedelWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
77Steve McManamanWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
78Dominic MatteoWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
79Stig Inge BjornebyeWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
80Oyvind LeonardsenWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
81Karlheinz RiedleWorld Cup 1998Base card202.00
82Steve HarknessRed AlertBase card202.00
83Bjorn Tore KvarmeRed AlertBase card202.00
84Mark WrightRed AlertBase card202.00
85Jason McAterRed AlertBase card202.00
86Phil BabbRed AlertBase card202.00
87Jamie CarragherRed AlertBase card202.00
88Neil RuddockRed AlertBase card202.00
89David JamesRed AlertBase card202.00
90Rob JonesRed AlertBase card202.00
91Anfield Card VariousBase card202.00
92Anfield Card VariousBase card202.00
93Anfield Card VariousBase card202.00
94The Guv`norVariousBase card202.00
95EmblemVariousBase card202.00
96This is AnfieldVariousBase card202.00
97Checklist 1VariousBase card212.00
98Checklist 2VariousBase card212.00
99Checklist 3VariousBase card212.00
FR1Paul InceFrance 1998 FutecSpecial card505.00
FR2Michael OwenFrance 1998 FutecSpecial card505.00
FR3Steve McManamanFrance 1998 FutecSpecial card505.00
FR4Oyvind LeonardsenFrance 1998 FutecSpecial card404.00
FR5Stig Inge BjornebyeFrance 1998 FutecSpecial card505.00
FR6Jamie RedknappFrance 1998 FutecSpecial card404.00
RH1Rob JonesRed Hots FutecSpecial card404.00
RH2Steve McManamanRed Hots FutecSpecial card505.00
RH3Karlheinz RiedleRed Hots FutecSpecial card505.00
RH4David JamesRed Hots FutecSpecial card505.00
RH5Robbie FowlerRed Hots FutecSpecial card505.00
RH6Jason McAterRed Hots FutecSpecial card404.00
RH7Steve HarknessRed Hots FutecSpecial card404.00
RH8Patrik BergerRed Hots FutecSpecial card404.00
RH9Dominic MatteoRed Hots FutecSpecial card404.00
WC1Ronnie WhelanWorld Class FutecSpecial card404.00
WC2Steve NicolWorld Class FutecSpecial card404.00
WC3John AldridgeWorld Class FutecSpecial card505.00
WC4Ray LambertWorld Class FutecSpecial card404.00
WC5Chris LawlerWorld Class FutecSpecial card404.00
HL1Mark LawrensonHeadlinesSpecial card404.00
HL2Kevin KeeganHeadlinesSpecial card505.00
HL3Steve HeighwayHeadlinesSpecial card404.00
SM1Redemption Card 1RedemptionSpecial card404.00
SM2Steve McManaman Picture CardRedemptionSpecial card505.00
SM3Certificate CardRedemptionSpecial card404.00
OL1Redemption Card 2RedemptionSpecial card404.00
OL2Oyvind Leonhardsen Picture CardRedemptionSpecial card404.00
OL3OL3 Certificate CardRedemptionSpecial card404.00
BCPaul Ince
Binder CardSpecial card404.00
CCJimmy Case
Case CardSpecial card404.00