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Futera Liverpool Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Liverpool Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 107

Liverpool Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

Collection preview (53% scanned images)

collecting: 13 / completed: 5


101Robbie FowlerAttitudeBase card340.75
101cRobbie FowlerAttitudeBase card / Chrome616.00
102Michael OwenAttitudeBase card331.00
102cMichael OwenAttitudeBase card / Chrome515.00
103Titi CamaraAttitudeBase card321.50
103cTiti CamaraAttitudeBase card / Chrome707.00
104Sander WesterveldThe SquadBase card321.50
104cSander WesterveldThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
105Stephane HenchozThe SquadBase card331.00
105cStephane HenchozThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
106Rigobert SongThe SquadBase card441.00
106cRigobert SongThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
107Phil BabbThe SquadBase card331.00
107cPhil BabbThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
108Dominic MatteoThe SquadBase card431.33
108cDominic MatteoThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
109Brad FriedelThe SquadBase card441.00
109cBrad FriedelThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
110Danny MurphyThe SquadBase card431.33
110cDanny MurphyThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
111Vladimir SmicerThe SquadBase card431.33
111cVladimir SmicerThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
112Sami HyypiaThe SquadBase card331.00
112cSami HyypiaThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
113Dietmar HamannThe SquadBase card441.00
113cDietmar HamannThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
114Erik MeijerThe SquadBase card531.67
114cErik MeijerThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
115Titi CamaraThe SquadBase card331.00
115cTiti CamaraThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
116Stig Inge BjornebyeThe SquadBase card340.75
116cStig Inge BjornebyeThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
117Robbie FowlerThe SquadBase card431.33
117cRobbie FowlerThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
118Jamie CarragherThe SquadBase card331.00
118cJamie CarragherThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
119Jamie RedknappThe SquadBase card422.00
119cJamie RedknappThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
120Michael OwenThe SquadBase card350.60
120cMichael OwenThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
121David ThompsonThe SquadBase card240.50
121cDavid ThompsonThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
122Steven GerrardThe SquadBase card414.00
122cSteven GerrardThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
123Steve StauntonThe SquadBase card431.33
123cSteve StauntonThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
124Vegard HeggemThe SquadBase card431.33
124cVegard HeggemThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
125Patrik BergerThe SquadBase card422.00
125cPatrik BergerThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
126Michael OwenKickinBase card321.50
126cMichael OwenKickinBase card / Chrome808.00
127Patrik BergerKickinBase card331.00
127cPatrik BergerKickinBase card / Chrome707.00
128Rigobert SongExplosiveBase card422.00
128cRigobert SongExplosiveBase card / Chrome707.00
129Jamie CarragherExplosiveBase card450.80
129cJamie CarragherExplosiveBase card / Chrome616.00
130Sander WesterveldForeign LegionBase card331.00
130cSander WesterveldForeign LegionBase card / Chrome707.00
131Sami HyypiaForeign LegionBase card321.50
131cSami HyypiaForeign LegionBase card / Chrome707.00
132Alan HansenFlashbackBase card515.00
132cAlan HansenFlashbackBase card / Chrome707.00
133Ian RushFlashbackBase card431.33
133cIan RushFlashbackBase card / Chrome717.00
134Paul InceFlashbackBase card441.00
134cPaul InceFlashbackBase card / Chrome707.00
135Sander WesterveldMillenniumBase card321.50
135cSander WesterveldMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
136Vegard HeggemMillenniumBase card531.67
136cVegard HeggemMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
137Sami HyypiaMillenniumBase card331.00
137cSami HyypiaMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
138Steve StauntonMillenniumBase card331.00
138cSteve StauntonMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
139Jamie CarragherMillenniumBase card331.00
139cJamie CarragherMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
140Jamie RedknappMillenniumBase card450.80
140cJamie RedknappMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
141Dietmar HamannMillenniumBase card431.33
141cDietmar HamannMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
142Patrik BergerMillenniumBase card331.00
142cPatrik BergerMillenniumBase card / Chrome717.00
143Titi CamaraMillenniumBase card340.75
143cTiti CamaraMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
144Robbie FowlerMillenniumBase card340.75
144cRobbie FowlerMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
145Michael OwenMillenniumBase card331.00
145cMichael OwenMillenniumBase card / Chrome808.00
146Rigobert SongMillenniumBase card431.33
146cRigobert SongMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
147Gerard HoullierThe BossBase card331.00
147cGerard HoullierThe BossBase card / Chrome717.00
148EmblemLiverpoolBase card331.00
148cEmblemLiverpoolBase card / Chrome717.00
149ChecklistLiverpoolBase card331.00
149cChecklistLiverpoolBase card / Chrome717.00
150Vladimir SmicerWantedBase card531.67
150cVladimir SmicerWantedBase card / Chrome707.00
E-JRJamie RedknappElectricSpecial card919.00
E-MOMichael OwenElectricSpecial card10110.00
E-PBPhil BabbElectricSpecial card924.50
E-RFRobbie FowlerElectricSpecial card10110.00
E-SBStig Inge BjornebyeElectricSpecial card919.00
E-SSSteve StauntonElectricSpecial card919.00
MillenniumTeam card808.00