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Futera Manchester City Fans' Selection 2000

Manchester City Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 55

Manchester City Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1Nick WeaverMillenniumBase card212.00
1cNick WeaverMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
1gNick WeaverMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
2Gerard WiekensMillenniumBase card212.00
2cGerard WiekensMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
2gGerard WiekensMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
3Richard EdghillMillenniumBase card212.00
3cRichard EdghillMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
3gRichard EdghillMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
4Kevin HorlockMillenniumBase card212.00
4cKevin HorlockMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
4gKevin HorlockMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
5Gareth TaylorMillenniumBase card202.00
5cGareth TaylorMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
5gGareth TaylorMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
6Shaun GoaterMillenniumBase card202.00
6cShaun GoaterMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
6gShaun GoaterMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
7Paul DickovMillenniumBase card202.00
7cPaul DickovMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
7gPaul DickovMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
8Jeff WhitleyMillenniumBase card212.00
8cJeff WhitleyMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
8gJeff WhitleyMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
9Daniel TiattoMillenniumBase card212.00
9cDaniel TiattoMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
9gDaniel TiattoMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
10Richard JobsonMillenniumBase card212.00
10cRichard JobsonMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
10gRichard JobsonMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
11Mark KennedyMillenniumBase card212.00
11cMark KennedyMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
11gMark KennedyMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
12Ian BishopMillenniumBase card212.00
12cIan BishopMillenniumBase card / Chrome202.00
12gIan BishopMillenniumBase card / Gold202.00
13Joe RoyleThe BossBase card212.00
13cJoe RoyleThe BossBase card / Chrome202.00
13gJoe RoyleThe BossBase card / Gold202.00
14EmblemManchester CityBase card212.00
14cEmblemManchester CityBase card / Chrome202.00
14gEmblemManchester CityBase card / Gold202.00
15Terry CookeWantedBase card212.00
15cTerry CookeWantedBase card / Chrome202.00
15gTerry CookeWantedBase card / Gold202.00
16Richard EdghillAttitudeBase card212.00
16cRichard EdghillAttitudeBase card / Chrome202.00
16gRichard EdghillAttitudeBase card / Gold202.00
17Paul DickovExplosiveBase card212.00
17cPaul DickovExplosiveBase card / Chrome202.00
17gPaul DickovExplosiveBase card / Gold202.00
18ChecklistManchester CityBase card212.00
18cChecklistManchester CityBase card / Chrome202.00
18gChecklistManchester CityBase card / Gold202.00
MillenniumTeam card202.00