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Futera Manchester United Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Futera Manchester United Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Year: 1997
Total cards: 109

Manchester United Football Club Fans' Selection Collector Card Series 1997-1998.

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collecting: 13 / completed: 10


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1Ronny Johnsen / Nicky Butt / David BeckhamTeam PuzzleBase card632.00
2Brian McClair / Paul Scholes / Ole Gunnar SolskjaerTeam PuzzleBase card531.67
3Chris Casper / Alex Ferguson / RookiesTeam PuzzleBase card541.25
4Denis Irwin / Gary Pallister / David MayTeam PuzzleBase card651.20
5Roy Keane / Teddy Sheringham / Andy ColeTeam PuzzleBase card632.00
6Ben Thornley / John OTeam PuzzleBase card531.67
7Gary Neville / Peter Schmeichel / Phil NevilleTeam PuzzleBase card531.67
8Ryan Giggs / Jordi Cruyff / Karel PodborskyTeam PuzzleBase card632.00
9Raimond van der Gouw / Alex Notman / Henning BergTeam PuzzleBase card623.00
10Peter SchmeichelThe TeamBase card651.20
11Gary NevilleThe TeamBase card632.00
12Phil NevilleThe TeamBase card632.00
13Denis IrwinThe TeamBase card641.50
14Gary PallisterThe TeamBase card623.00
15David MayThe TeamBase card641.50
16Ronny JohnsenThe TeamBase card541.25
17Nicky ButtThe TeamBase card541.25
18David BeckhamThe TeamBase card623.00
19Ryan GiggsThe TeamBase card541.25
20Jordi CruyffThe TeamBase card522.50
21Karel PoborskyThe TeamBase card541.25
22Roy KeaneThe TeamBase card531.67
23Teddy SheringhamThe TeamBase card623.00
24Andy ColeThe TeamBase card531.67
25Brian McClairThe TeamBase card422.00
26Paul ScholesThe TeamBase card732.33
27Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe TeamBase card641.50
28Raimond van der GouwThe TeamBase card531.67
29Alex NotmanThe TeamBase card541.25
30Henning BergThe TeamBase card651.20
31Ben ThornleyThe TeamBase card632.00
32John OThe TeamBase card531.67
33Kevin PilkingtonThe TeamBase card651.20
34Chris CasperThe TeamBase card360.50
35Alex FergusonThe TeamBase card623.00
36David BeckhamPlayer of the YearBase card623.00
37Michael CleggRookiesBase card632.00
38Terry CookeRookiesBase card661.00
39Erik NevlandRookiesBase card661.00
40Everton 0 - Manchester United 2Season's BestBase card531.67
41Manchester United 3 - Leicester City 1Season's BestBase card632.00
42Wimbledon 0 - Manchester United 3Season's BestBase card632.00
43Manchester United 2 - Southampton 1Season's BestBase card632.00
44Manchester United 4 - FC Porto 0Season's BestBase card515.00
45Manchester United 1 - Arsenal 0Season's BestBase card551.00
46Manchester United 2 - West Ham United 0Season's BestBase card531.67
47Manchester United 1 - Liverpool 0Season's BestBase card632.00
48Coventry City 0 - Manchester United 2Season's BestBase card641.50
49Blackburn Rovers 2 - Manchester United 3Season's BestBase card531.67
50Manchester United 2 - Tottenham Hotspur 0Season's BestBase card551.00
51Leeds United 0 - Manchester United 4Season's BestBase card641.50
52Manchester United 5 - Sunderland 0Season's BestBase card431.33
53Fenerbahche 0 - Manchester United 2Season's BestBase card651.20
54Rapid Vienna 0 - Manchester United 2Season's BestBase card551.00
55David BeckhamAwesome StrikesBase card623.00
56Karel PoborskyAwesome StrikesBase card441.00
57Ryan GiggsAwesome StrikesBase card531.67
58Jordi CruyffAwesome StrikesBase card732.33
59Andy ColeAwesome StrikesBase card531.67
60Ole Gunnar SolskjaerAwesome StrikesBase card641.50
61Peter SchmeichelStunning SavesBase card531.67
62Peter SchmeichelStunning SavesBase card431.33
63Peter SchmeichelStunning SavesBase card522.50
64Peter SchmeichelDream TeamBase card515.00
65Gary NevilleDream TeamBase card522.50
66Denis IrwinDream TeamBase card651.20
67Gary PallisterDream TeamBase card531.67
68David MayDream TeamBase card541.25
69Ronny JohnsenDream TeamBase card441.00
70Nicky ButtDream TeamBase card632.00
71David BeckhamDream TeamBase card522.50
72Ryan GiggsDream TeamBase card623.00
73Roy KeaneDream TeamBase card632.00
74Ole Gunnar SolskjaerDream TeamBase card522.50
75ChampionsDream TeamBase card522.50
76George BestHeroesBase card832.67
77Steve BruceHeroesBase card651.20
78Bryan RobsonHeroesBase card641.50
79Sir Matt BusbyHeroesBase card531.67
80Checklist ChecklistBase card431.33
81Checklist ChecklistBase card531.67
82Old Trafford (puzzle 1)Stadium PictureBase card531.67
83Old Trafford (puzzle 2)Stadium PictureBase card531.67
84Old Trafford (puzzle 3)Stadium PictureBase card632.00
85Old Trafford (puzzle 4)Stadium PictureBase card551.00
86Old Trafford (puzzle 5)Stadium PictureBase card541.25
87Old Trafford (puzzle 6)Stadium PictureBase card632.00
88Old Trafford (puzzle 7)Stadium PictureBase card531.67
89Old Trafford (puzzle 8)Stadium PictureBase card431.33
90Old Trafford (puzzle 9)Stadium PictureBase card541.25
SE1Phil NevilleManchester UnitedSpecial Edition641.50
SE2David MayManchester UnitedSpecial Edition623.00
SE3Peter SchmeichelManchester UnitedSpecial Edition531.67
SE4Paul ScholesManchester UnitedSpecial Edition623.00
SE5Roy KeaneManchester UnitedSpecial Edition741.75
SE6Nicky ButtManchester UnitedSpecial Edition450.80
SE7Teddy SheringhamManchester UnitedSpecial Edition824.00
SE8Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester UnitedSpecial Edition832.67
SE9Karel PoborskyManchester UnitedSpecial Edition751.40
SE10David BeckhamManchester UnitedSpecial Edition751.40
SE11Gary NevilleManchester UnitedSpecial Edition531.67
SE12Denis IrwinManchester UnitedSpecial Edition623.00
SE13Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedSpecial Edition515.00
SE14Ronny JohnsenManchester UnitedSpecial Edition723.50
SE15Gary PallisterManchester UnitedSpecial Edition832.67
SE16Andy ColeManchester UnitedSpecial Edition632.00
SE17Alex FergusonManchester UnitedSpecial Edition723.50
SE18EmblemManchester UnitedSpecial Edition623.00
FMGary Neville / Ryan Giggs / Ole Gunnar SolskjaerFansmotionBonus card606.00