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Futera Manchester United Fan's Selection 1999

Futera Manchester United Fan's Selection 1999

Year: 1999
Total cards: 226

Collection preview (56% scanned images)

collecting: 19 / completed: 13


1Gary NevilleCutting EdgeBase card480.50
1cGary NevilleCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
2Andy ColeCutting EdgeBase card560.83
2cAndy ColeCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
3Peter SchmeichelCutting EdgeBase card761.17
3cPeter SchmeichelCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
4Ryan GiggsCutting EdgeBase card570.71
4cRyan GiggsCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
5Paul ScholesCutting EdgeBase card690.67
5cPaul ScholesCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
6Ronny JohnsenCutting EdgeBase card590.56
6cRonny JohnsenCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
7David BeckhamCutting EdgeBase card661.00
7cDavid BeckhamCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome505.00
8Nicky ButtCutting EdgeBase card4100.40
8cNicky ButtCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
9Roy KeaneCutting EdgeBase card490.44
9cRoy KeaneCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome404.00
10Teddy SheringhamThe SquadBase card460.67
10cTeddy SheringhamThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
11David MayThe SquadBase card680.75
11cDavid MayThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
12Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe SquadBase card551.00
12cOle Gunnar SolskjaerThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
13Henning BergThe SquadBase card480.50
13cHenning BergThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
14Jaap StamThe SquadBase card6110.55
14cJaap StamThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
15Denis IrwinThe SquadBase card570.71
15cDenis IrwinThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
16Phil NevilleThe SquadBase card490.44
16cPhil NevilleThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
17John CurtisThe SquadBase card4100.40
17cJohn CurtisThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
18Raimond van der GouwThe SquadBase card4110.36
18cRaimond van der GouwThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
19Peter SchmeichelThe SquadBase card560.83
19cPeter SchmeichelThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
20Andy ColeThe SquadBase card5100.50
20cAndy ColeThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
21Gary NevilleThe SquadBase card580.63
21cGary NevilleThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
22Ronny JohnsenThe SquadBase card5100.50
22cRonny JohnsenThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
23David BeckhamThe SquadBase card680.75
23cDavid BeckhamThe SquadBase card / Chrome505.00
24Paul ScholesThe SquadBase card470.57
24cPaul ScholesThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
25Roy KeaneThe SquadBase card460.67
25cRoy KeaneThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
26Ryan GiggsThe SquadBase card670.86
26cRyan GiggsThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
27Nicky ButtThe SquadBase card580.63
27cNicky ButtThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
28Terry CookeThe SquadBase card570.71
28cTerry CookeThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
29Michael CleggThe SquadBase card5100.50
29cMichael CleggThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
30Erik NevlandThe SquadBase card5110.45
30cErik NevlandThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
31Chris CasperThe SquadBase card580.63
31cChris CasperThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
32Phil MulryneThe SquadBase card590.56
32cPhil MulryneThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
33Ronnie WallworkThe SquadBase card480.50
33cRonnie WallworkThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
34Dwight YorkeThe SquadBase card580.63
34cDwight YorkeThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
35Jordi CruyffThe SquadBase card560.83
35cJordi CruyffThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
36Jesper BlomquistThe SquadBase card490.44
36cJesper BlomquistThe SquadBase card / Chrome404.00
37Gary NevilleKickinBase card580.63
37cGary NevilleKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
38Ole Gunnar SolskjaerKickinBase card580.63
38cOle Gunnar SolskjaerKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
39Jaap StamKickinBase card480.50
39cJaap StamKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
40Ronny JohnsenKickinBase card6110.55
40cRonny JohnsenKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
41Peter SchmeichelKickinBase card6100.60
41cPeter SchmeichelKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
42Henning BergKickinBase card480.50
42cHenning BergKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
43Phil NevilleKickinBase card690.67
43cPhil NevilleKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
44David MayKickinBase card3100.30
44cDavid MayKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
45Dwight YorkeKickinBase card560.83
45cDwight YorkeKickinBase card / Chrome404.00
46Paul ScholesHot ShotsBase card5100.50
46cPaul ScholesHot ShotsBase card / Chrome303.00
47Roy KeaneHot ShotsBase card5100.50
47cRoy KeaneHot ShotsBase card / Chrome303.00
48Denis IrwinHot ShotsBase card680.75
48cDenis IrwinHot ShotsBase card / Chrome303.00
49Dwight YorkeHot ShotsBase card370.43
49cDwight YorkeHot ShotsBase card / Chrome313.00
50Andy ColeHot ShotsBase card780.88
50cAndy ColeHot ShotsBase card / Chrome303.00
51David BeckhamHot ShotsBase card560.83
51cDavid BeckhamHot ShotsBase card / Chrome505.00
52Ryan GiggsHot ShotsBase card4100.40
52cRyan GiggsHot ShotsBase card / Chrome313.00
53Nicky ButtHot ShotsBase card490.44
53cNicky ButtHot ShotsBase card / Chrome404.00
54Teddy SheringhamHot ShotsBase card470.57
54cTeddy SheringhamHot ShotsBase card / Chrome303.00
55Mark HougesHeroesBase card5100.50
55cMark HougesHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
56Bobby CharltonHeroesBase card5100.50
56cBobby CharltonHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
57Eric CantonaHeroesBase card661.00
57cEric CantonaHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
58Gary PallisterHeroesBase card4100.40
58cGary PallisterHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
59Norman WhitesideHeroesBase card580.63
59cNorman WhitesideHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
60Mike DuxburyHeroesBase card590.56
60cMike DuxburyHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
61George BestHeroesBase card7100.70
61cGeorge BestHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
62Steve CoppelHeroesBase card490.44
62cSteve CoppelHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
63Arnold MuhrenHeroesBase card5100.50
63cArnold MuhrenHeroesBase card / Chrome404.00
64Phil NevilleStarsBase card480.50
64cPhil NevilleStarsBase card / Chrome404.00
65Ole Gunnar SolskjaerStarsBase card580.63
65cOle Gunnar SolskjaerStarsBase card / Chrome404.00
66Roy KeaneStarsBase card480.50
66cRoy KeaneStarsBase card / Chrome404.00
67Denis IrwinLightning StrikesBase card470.57
67cDenis IrwinLightning StrikesBase card / Chrome404.00
68Ryan GiggsLightning StrikesBase card5100.50
68cRyan GiggsLightning StrikesBase card / Chrome404.00
69Teddy SheringhamLightning StrikesBase card690.67
69cTeddy SheringhamLightning StrikesBase card / Chrome404.00
70Jaap StamWantedBase card490.44
70cJaap StamWantedBase card / Chrome404.00
71Dwight YorkeWantedBase card580.63
71cDwight YorkeWantedBase card / Chrome404.00
72Jesper BlomquistWantedBase card6100.60
72cJesper BlomquistWantedBase card / Chrome404.00
73Montage (puzzle 1)Player & StadiumBase card460.67
73cMontage (puzzle 1)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
74Montage (puzzle 2)Player & StadiumBase card5110.45
74cMontage (puzzle 2)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
75Montage (puzzle 3)Player & StadiumBase card551.00
75cMontage (puzzle 3)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
76Montage (puzzle 4)Player & StadiumBase card5100.50
76cMontage (puzzle 4)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
77Montage (puzzle 5)Player & StadiumBase card490.44
77cMontage (puzzle 5)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
78Montage (puzzle 6)Player & StadiumBase card5110.45
78cMontage (puzzle 6)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
79Montage (puzzle 7)Player & StadiumBase card670.86
79cMontage (puzzle 7)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
80Montage (puzzle 8)Player & StadiumBase card441.00
80cMontage (puzzle 8)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
81Montage (puzzle 9)Player & StadiumBase card370.43
81cMontage (puzzle 9)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome404.00
82David BeckhamBeckhamBase card570.71
82cDavid BeckhamBeckhamBase card / Chrome505.00
83David BeckhamBeckhamBase card460.67
83cDavid BeckhamBeckhamBase card / Chrome505.00
84David BeckhamBeckhamBase card460.67
84cDavid BeckhamBeckhamBase card / Chrome505.00
85Peter SchmeichelSchmeichelBase card480.50
85cPeter SchmeichelSchmeichelBase card / Chrome404.00
86Peter SchmeichelSchmeichelBase card360.50
86cPeter SchmeichelSchmeichelBase card / Chrome404.00
87Peter SchmeichelSchmeichelBase card390.33
87cPeter SchmeichelSchmeichelBase card / Chrome404.00
88Ryan GiggsGiggsBase card3100.30
88cRyan GiggsGiggsBase card / Chrome404.00
89Ryan GiggsGiggsBase card570.71
89cRyan GiggsGiggsBase card / Chrome404.00
90Ryan GiggsGiggsBase card4110.36
90cRyan GiggsGiggsBase card / Chrome404.00
91Team 98/99 (puzzle 1)Men At WorkBase card490.44
91cTeam 98/99 (puzzle 1)Men At WorkBase card / Chrome404.00
92Team 98/99 (puzzle 2)Men At WorkBase card490.44
92cTeam 98/99 (puzzle 2)Men At WorkBase card / Chrome404.00
93Team 98/99 (puzzle 3)Men At WorkBase card390.33
93cTeam 98/99 (puzzle 3)Men At WorkBase card / Chrome404.00
94Roy KeaneThe CaptainBase card490.44
94cRoy KeaneThe CaptainBase card / Chrome404.00
95Gary PallisterTributeBase card380.38
95cGary PallisterTributeBase card / Chrome404.00
96Alex FergusonThe BossBase card390.33
96cAlex FergusonThe BossBase card / Chrome404.00
97SilverwareManchester UnitedBase card560.83
97cSilverwareManchester UnitedBase card / Chrome404.00
98The EmblemManchester UnitedBase card450.80
98cThe EmblemManchester UnitedBase card / Chrome404.00
99ChecklistManchester UnitedBase card3140.21
99cChecklistManchester UnitedBase card / Chrome422.00
100European Cup Champions 1999ChampionsBase card808.00
CE1Gary NevilleCutting EdgeEmbossed480.50
CE2Andy ColeCutting EdgeEmbossed360.50
CE3Peter SchmeichelCutting EdgeEmbossed480.50
CE4Ryan GiggsCutting EdgeEmbossed350.60
CE5Paul ScholesCutting EdgeEmbossed490.44
CE6Ronny JohnsenCutting EdgeEmbossed380.38
CE7David BeckhamCutting EdgeEmbossed680.75
CE8Nicky ButtCutting EdgeEmbossed551.00
CE9Roy KeaneCutting EdgeEmbossed570.71
HS1Paul ScholesHot ShotsChrome Embossed616.00
HS2Roy KeaneHot ShotsChrome Embossed707.00
HS3Denis IrwinHot ShotsChrome Embossed515.00
HS4Dwight YorkeHot ShotsChrome Embossed515.00
HS5Andy ColeHot ShotsChrome Embossed606.00
HS6David BeckhamHot ShotsChrome Embossed707.00
HS7Ryan GiggsHot ShotsChrome Embossed606.00
HS8Nicky ButtHot ShotsChrome Embossed707.00
HS9Teddy SheringhamHot ShotsChrome Embossed723.50
V1Jesper BlomquistVortexChrome Die Cut616.00
V2Denis IrwinVortexChrome Die Cut641.50
V3Ronny JohnsenVortexChrome Die Cut651.20
V4Gary NevilleVortexChrome Die Cut551.00
V5Dwight YorkeVortexChrome Die Cut450.80
V6Roy KeaneVortexChrome Die Cut651.20
V7Phil NevilleVortexChrome Die Cut441.00
V8Henning BergVortexChrome Die Cut450.80
V9Jaap StamVortexChrome Die Cut651.20
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