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Futera Manchester United Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Manchester United Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 109

Collection preview (99% scanned images)

collecting: 23 / completed: 8


101Dwight YorkeAttitudeBase card7120.58
102Andy ColeAttitudeBase card790.78
103Mark BosnichAttitudeBase card771.00
104Jaap StamAttitudeBase card971.29
105Denis IrwinAttitudeBase card7100.70
106Quinton FortuneAttitudeBase card590.56
107David BeckhamAttitudeBase card890.89
108Jordi CruyffAttitudeBase card780.88
109Roy KeaneAttitudeBase card8100.80
110Teddy SheringhamThe SquadBase card951.80
111David MayThe SquadBase card590.56
112Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe SquadBase card861.33
113Henning BergThe SquadBase card560.83
114Jaap StamThe SquadBase card670.86
115Denis IrwinThe SquadBase card761.17
116Phil NevilleThe SquadBase card761.17
117John CurtisThe SquadBase card861.33
118Van Der GouwThe SquadBase card680.75
119Mark BosnichThe SquadBase card570.71
120Andy ColeThe SquadBase card842.00
121Gary NevilleThe SquadBase card780.88
122Ronny JohnsenThe SquadBase card861.33
123David BeckhamThe SquadBase card780.88
124Paul ScholesThe SquadBase card771.00
125Roy KeaneThe SquadBase card661.00
126Ryan GiggsThe SquadBase card651.20
127Nicky ButtThe SquadBase card741.75
128Mark WilsonThe SquadBase card651.20
129Mikael SilvestreThe SquadBase card5100.50
130Quinton FortuneThe SquadBase card551.00
131Wes BrownThe SquadBase card670.86
132Massimo TaibiThe SquadBase card832.67
133Jonathan GreeningThe SquadBase card570.71
134Dwight YorkeThe SquadBase card661.00
135Jordi CruyffThe SquadBase card761.17
136Jesper BlomqvistThe SquadBase card971.29
137Gary NevilleKickinBase card5100.50
138Ole Gunnar SolskjaerKickinBase card832.67
139Jaap StamKickinBase card641.50
140Ronny JohnsenKickinBase card761.17
141Mark BosnichKickinBase card560.83
142Henning BergKickinBase card551.00
143Phil NevilleKickinBase card861.33
144David MayKickinBase card680.75
145Jesper BlomqvistKickinBase card570.71
146Dwight YorkeHotsBase card771.00
147Andy ColeHotsBase card761.17
148David BeckhamHotsBase card824.00
149Eric CantonaFlashbackBase card761.17
150Bobby CharltonFlashbackBase card851.60
151George BestFlashbackBase card751.40
152Peter SchmeichelThe TrebleBase card919.00
153Denis IrwinThe TrebleBase card661.00
154Gary NevilleThe TrebleBase card861.33
155Jaap StamThe TrebleBase card670.86
156Ronny JohnsenThe TrebleBase card761.17
157Roy KeaneThe TrebleBase card680.75
158David BeckhamThe TrebleBase card651.20
159Paul ScholesThe TrebleBase card741.75
160Ryan GiggsThe TrebleBase card851.60
161Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe TrebleBase card832.67
162Dwight YorkeThe TrebleBase card761.17
163Andy ColeThe TrebleBase card6110.55
164Ryan GiggsEuropeBase card670.86
165Teddy SheringhamEuropeBase card732.33
166Ronny JohnsenEuropeBase card751.40
167David BeckhamEuropeBase card751.40
168Denis IrwinEuropeBase card751.40
169Gary NevilleEuropeBase card661.00
170Van Der GouwEuropeBase card661.00
171Henning BergEuropeBase card842.00
172Phil NevilleEuropeBase card751.40
173Dwight YorkeExplosiveBase card670.86
174Ryan GiggsExplosiveBase card861.33
175Jesper BlomqvistExplosiveBase card560.83
176David BeckhamExplosiveBase card842.00
177Andy ColeExplosiveBase card670.86
178Mark BosnichExplosiveBase card570.71
179Jaap StamExplosiveBase card8100.80
180Ole Gunnar SolskjaerMillenniumBase card741.75
181Teddy SheringhamMillenniumBase card651.20
182Mikael SilvestreMillenniumBase card871.14
183Jonathan GreeningMillenniumBase card570.71
184David BeckhamMillenniumBase card771.00
185Nicky ButtMillenniumBase card832.67
186Wes BrownMillenniumBase card560.83
187Mark WilsonMillenniumBase card551.00
188Massimo TaibiMillenniumBase card771.00
189Paul ScholesMillenniumBase card680.75
190Gary NevilleMillenniumBase card661.00
191Roy KeaneMen at WorkBase card641.50
192Sir Alex FergusonThe BossBase card541.25
193Dwight YorkeWantedBase card7100.70
194Jaap StamMen at WorkBase card751.40
195EmblemManchester UnitedBase card5150.33
196David BeckhamWantedBase card741.75
197Paul ScholesMen at WorkBase card680.75
198ChecklistManchester UnitedBase card5110.45
199Andy ColeWantedBase card851.60
200Toyota Cup 1999
ChampionsBonus card17017.00
E-ACAndy ColeElectricSpecial card933.00
E-DBDavid BeckhamElectricSpecial card1033.33
E-DYDwight YorkeElectricSpecial card1033.33
E-JSJaap StamElectricSpecial card1042.50
E-MBMark BosnichElectricSpecial card933.00
E-OSOle Gunnar SolskjaerElectricSpecial card933.00
E-PSPaul ScholesElectricSpecial card1226.00
E-RGRyan GiggsElectricSpecial card842.00
E-RKRoy KeaneElectricSpecial card832.67
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