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Futera Manchester United FX 2001

Futera Manchester United FX 2001

Year: 2001
Total cards: 57

Collection preview (87% scanned images)

collecting: 16 / completed: 2


1Fabien BarthezThe SquadBase card616.00
2David BeckhamThe SquadBase card707.00
3Wes BrownThe SquadBase card522.50
4Nicky ButtThe SquadBase card515.00
5Luke ChadwickThe SquadBase card616.00
6Michael CleggThe SquadBase card515.00
7Andrew ColeThe SquadBase card515.00
8Quinton FortuneThe SquadBase card515.00
9Ryan GiggsThe SquadBase card717.00
10Denis IrwinThe SquadBase card515.00
11Ronny JohnsenThe SquadBase card515.00
12Roy KeaneThe SquadBase card616.00
13Gary NevilleThe SquadBase card515.00
14Phil NevilleThe SquadBase card515.00
15John O’SheaThe SquadBase card515.00
16Paul RachubkaThe SquadBase card616.00
17Paul ScholesThe SquadBase card616.00
18Teddy SheringhamThe SquadBase card616.00
19Mikael SilvestreThe SquadBase card515.00
20Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe SquadBase card515.00
21Jaap StamThe SquadBase card616.00
22Raimond Van der GouwThe SquadBase card515.00
23Ronnie WallworkThe SquadBase card515.00
24Dwight YorkeThe SquadBase card616.00
25Luke ChadwickFuture FocusBase card515.00
26John O’SheaFuture FocusBase card515.00
27Ronnie WallworkFuture FocusBase card515.00
28David BeckhamTriumphBase card606.00
29Ryan GiggsTriumphBase card717.00
30Roy KeaneTriumphBase card717.00
31David BeckhamTitansBase card707.00
32Roy KeaneTitansBase card717.00
33Sir Alex FergusonTitansBase card515.00
34Fabien BarthezNew EraBase card515.00
35David BeckhamNew EraBase card707.00
36Ryan GiggsNew EraBase card616.00
37Paul ScholesNew EraBase card515.00
38Mikael SilvestreNew EraBase card616.00
39Jaap StamNew EraBase card515.00
40Quinton FortuneRotationBase card616.00
41Denis IrwinRotationBase card616.00
42Phil NevilleRotationBase card515.00
43Ole Gunnar SolskjaerRotationBase card616.00
44Raimond Van der GouwRotationBase card616.00
45Manchester United 4 - Sheffield Wednesday 0Season's BestBase card515.00
46Manchester United 5 - Everton 1Season's BestBase card515.00
47Manchester United 5 - West Ham United 1Season's BestBase card515.00
48Sir Alex FergusonCoachBase card616.00
49ChecklistManchester UnitedBase card616.00
50EmblemManchester UnitedBase card515.00
CQ1Ole Gunnar Solskjaer / Andrew Cole / Teddy Sheringham
ConquerorsPromo card808.00
CQ2Fabien Barthez / Gary Neville / Phil Neville
ConquerorsPromo card707.00
CQ3Sir Alex Ferguson / Roy Keane
ConquerorsPromo card707.00
PR1David Beckham
PrestigePromo card12012.00
PR2Ryan Giggs
PrestigePromo card10010.00
PR3Roy Keane
PrestigePromo card10010.00
Manchester UnitedTeam card808.00
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