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Futera Newcastle Greatest Platinum 1999

Futera Newcastle Greatest Platinum 1999

Year: 1999
Total cards: 52

Collection preview (96% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 2


1Andy AitkenNewcastle United-331.00
2Ivor AllchurchNewcastle United-331.00
3Peter BeardsleyNewcastle United-431.33
4Frank BrennanNewcastle United-331.00
5Ollie BurtonNewcastle United-331.00
6Frank ClarkeNewcastle United-331.00
7Andy ColeNewcastle United-331.00
8Bobby CowellNewcastle United-331.00
9Reg DaviesNewcastle United-331.00
10Wyn DaviesNewcastle United-331.00
11George EasthamNewcastle United-331.00
12Les FerdinandNewcastle United-331.00
13Hughie GallacherNewcastle United-331.00
14Alex GardnerNewcastle United-331.00
15Paul GascoigneNewcastle United-431.33
16Joe HarveyNewcastle United-331.00
17Jim HowieNewcastle United-331.00
18Frank HudspethNewcastle United-331.00
19Kevin KeeganNewcastle United-431.33
20Dick KeithNewcastle United-331.00
21James LawrenceNewcastle United-331.00
22Rob LeeNewcastle United-331.00
23Wilf LowNewcastle United-331.00
24Malcolm MacdonaldNewcastle United-331.00
25Roddy MackenzieNewcastle United-331.00
26Andrew McCombieNewcastle United-331.00
27Billy McCrackenNewcastle United-331.00
28Tom MacdonaldNewcastle United-331.00
29Alf McMichaelNewcastle United-331.00
30Peter McWilliamNewcastle United-331.00
31Jackie MilburnNewcastle United-331.00
32Bobby MitchellNewcastle United-331.00
33Bobby MoncurNewcastle United-331.00
34James NelsonNewcastle United-331.00
35Joe RichardsonNewcastle United-331.00
36George RobledoNewcastle United-331.00
37Bryan RobsonNewcastle United-331.00
38Jock RutherfordNewcastle United-331.00
39Jimmy ScoularNewcastle United-331.00
40Stan SeymourNewcastle United-331.00
41Len ShackletonNewcastle United-331.00
42Alan ShearerNewcastle United-431.33
43Ronnie SimpsonNewcastle United-331.00
44Charlie SpencerNewcastle United-331.00
45Bob StokoeNewcastle United-331.00
46Ernie TaylorNewcastle United-331.00
47Colin VeitchNewcastle United-331.00
48Chris WaddleNewcastle United-331.00
49Sam WeaverNewcastle United-331.00
50Len WhiteNewcastle United-331.00
CCCentrepiece Card
Newcastle United-331.00
CC1Centrepiece Card
Newcastle United-331.00
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