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Futera Newcastle United Fans' Selection 1999

Futera Newcastle United Fans' Selection 1999

Year: 1999
Total cards: 225

Newcastle United Fans' Selection Collector Card Series 1999

Collection preview (56% scanned images)

collecting: 20 / completed: 4


1Temuri KetsbaiaCutting EdgeBase card590.56
1cTemuri KetsbaiaCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
2David BattyCutting EdgeBase card570.71
2cDavid BattyCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
3John BarnesCutting EdgeBase card570.71
3cJohn BarnesCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
4Alesssandro PistoneCutting EdgeBase card580.63
4cAlesssandro PistoneCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
5Alan ShearerCutting EdgeBase card670.86
5cAlan ShearerCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
6Shay GivenCutting EdgeBase card690.67
6cShay GivenCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
7Gary SpeedCutting EdgeBase card5110.45
7cGary SpeedCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
8Robert LeeCutting EdgeBase card590.56
8cRobert LeeCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
9Stuart PearceCutting EdgeBase card551.00
9cStuart PearceCutting EdgeBase card / Chrome616.00
10Philippe AlbertThe SquadBase card551.00
10cPhilippe AlbertThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
11Lionel PerezThe SquadBase card661.00
11cLionel PerezThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
12Keith GillespieThe SquadBase card551.00
12cKeith GillespieThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
13Des HamiltonThe SquadBase card580.63
13cDes HamiltonThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
14Dietmar HamannThe SquadBase card570.71
14cDietmar HamannThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
15Laurent CharvetThe SquadBase card560.83
15cLaurent CharvetThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
16Warren BartonThe SquadBase card570.71
16cWarren BartonThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
17Steve HoweyThe SquadBase card570.71
17cSteve HoweyThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
18Aaron HughesThe SquadBase card560.83
18cAaron HughesThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
19David BattyThe SquadBase card661.00
19cDavid BattyThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
20Robert LeeThe SquadBase card560.83
20cRobert LeeThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
21John BarnesThe SquadBase card570.71
21cJohn BarnesThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
22Gary SpeedThe SquadBase card580.63
22cGary SpeedThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
23Temuri KetsbaiaThe SquadBase card560.83
23cTemuri KetsbaiaThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
24Carl SerrantThe SquadBase card590.56
24cCarl SerrantThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
25Stuart PearceThe SquadBase card651.20
25cStuart PearceThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
26Steve WatsonThe SquadBase card570.71
26cSteve WatsonThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
27Alessandro PistoneThe SquadBase card661.00
27cAlessandro PistoneThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
28Shay GivenThe SquadBase card470.57
28cShay GivenThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
29Nikolaos DabizasThe SquadBase card560.83
29cNikolaos DabizasThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
30Andreas AnderssonThe SquadBase card580.63
30cAndreas AnderssonThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
31Stephane Guivarc’hThe SquadBase card541.25
31cStephane Guivarc’hThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
32Alan ShearerThe SquadBase card661.00
32cAlan ShearerThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
33Andrew GriffinThe SquadBase card560.83
33cAndrew GriffinThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
34Nolberto SolanoThe SquadBase card670.86
34cNolberto SolanoThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
35Paul DalglishThe SquadBase card661.00
35cPaul DalglishThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
36Garry BradyThe SquadBase card661.00
36cGarry BradyThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
37Steve HoweyKickinBase card551.00
37cSteve HoweyKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
38Des HamiltonKickinBase card570.71
38cDes HamiltonKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
39Stuart PearceKickinBase card560.83
39cStuart PearceKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
40Alesssandro PistoneKickinBase card570.71
40cAlesssandro PistoneKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
41David BattyKickinBase card560.83
41cDavid BattyKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
42Philippe AlbertKickinBase card651.20
42cPhilippe AlbertKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
43Aaron HughesKickinBase card741.75
43cAaron HughesKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
44Warren BartonKickinBase card651.20
44cWarren BartonKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
45Shay GivenKickinBase card780.88
45cShay GivenKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
46Temuri KetsbaiaHot ShotsBase card541.25
46cTemuri KetsbaiaHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
47Steve WatsonHot ShotsBase card570.71
47cSteve WatsonHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
48John BarnesHot ShotsBase card661.00
48cJohn BarnesHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
49Nikolaos DabizasHot ShotsBase card580.63
49cNikolaos DabizasHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
50Alan ShearerHot ShotsBase card590.56
50cAlan ShearerHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
51Gary SpeedHot ShotsBase card570.71
51cGary SpeedHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
52Robert LeeHot ShotsBase card570.71
52cRobert LeeHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
53Keith GillespieHot ShotsBase card580.63
53cKeith GillespieHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
54Andreas AnderssonHot ShotsBase card570.71
54cAndreas AnderssonHot ShotsBase card / Chrome616.00
55Malcolm MacdonaldHeroesBase card560.83
55cMalcolm MacdonaldHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
56George RobledoHeroesBase card661.00
56cGeorge RobledoHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
57Ivor AllchurchHeroesBase card661.00
57cIvor AllchurchHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
58Chris WaddleHeroesBase card570.71
58cChris WaddleHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
59Paul GascoigneHeroesBase card580.63
59cPaul GascoigneHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
60Kevin KeeganHeroesBase card560.83
60cKevin KeeganHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
61Led FerdinandHeroesBase card450.80
61cLed FerdinandHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
62Peter BeardsleyHeroesBase card590.56
62cPeter BeardsleyHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
63Jackie MilburnHeroesBase card570.71
63cJackie MilburnHeroesBase card / Chrome616.00
64David BattyStarsBase card580.63
64cDavid BattyStarsBase card / Chrome616.00
65Stuart PearceStarsBase card661.00
65cStuart PearceStarsBase card / Chrome616.00
66Laurent CharvetStarsBase card570.71
66cLaurent CharvetStarsBase card / Chrome616.00
67Alan ShearerLightning StrikesBase card590.56
67cAlan ShearerLightning StrikesBase card / Chrome616.00
68Alessandro PistoneLightning StrikesBase card5100.50
68cAlessandro PistoneLightning StrikesBase card / Chrome616.00
69Steve WatsonLightning StrikesBase card580.63
69cSteve WatsonLightning StrikesBase card / Chrome616.00
70Stephane Guivarc’hWantedBase card570.71
70cStephane Guivarc’hWantedBase card / Chrome616.00
71Laurent CharvetWantedBase card560.83
71cLaurent CharvetWantedBase card / Chrome616.00
72Dietmar HamannWantedBase card680.75
72cDietmar HamannWantedBase card / Chrome616.00
73Montage (puzzle 1)Player & StadiumBase card480.50
73cMontage (puzzle 1)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
74Montage (puzzle 2)Player & StadiumBase card460.67
74cMontage (puzzle 2)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
75Montage (puzzle 3)Player & StadiumBase card570.71
75cMontage (puzzle 3)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
76Montage (puzzle 4)Player & StadiumBase card570.71
76cMontage (puzzle 4)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
77Montage (puzzle 5)Player & StadiumBase card480.50
77cMontage (puzzle 5)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
78Montage (puzzle 6)Player & StadiumBase card480.50
78cMontage (puzzle 6)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
79Montage (puzzle 7)Player & StadiumBase card480.50
79cMontage (puzzle 7)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
80Montage (puzzle 8)Player & StadiumBase card460.67
80cMontage (puzzle 8)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
81Montage (puzzle 9)Player & StadiumBase card470.57
81cMontage (puzzle 9)Player & StadiumBase card / Chrome616.00
82Alan ShearerShearerBase card480.50
82cAlan ShearerShearerBase card / Chrome616.00
83Alan ShearerShearerBase card470.57
83cAlan ShearerShearerBase card / Chrome616.00
84Alan ShearerShearerBase card470.57
84cAlan ShearerShearerBase card / Chrome616.00
85Ruud GullitGullitBase card490.44
85cRuud GullitGullitBase card / Chrome616.00
86Ruud GullitGullitBase card480.50
86cRuud GullitGullitBase card / Chrome616.00
87Ruud GullitGullitBase card490.44
87cRuud GullitGullitBase card / Chrome616.00
88Stephen GlassGlassBase card480.50
88cStephen GlassGlassBase card / Chrome616.00
89Ralf KeidelKeidelBase card480.50
89cRalf KeidelKeidelBase card / Chrome616.00
90George GeorgiadisGeorgiadisBase card470.57
90cGeorge GeorgiadisGeorgiadisBase card / Chrome616.00
91Gary SpeedMen at WorkBase card480.50
91cGary SpeedMen at WorkBase card / Chrome616.00
92Paul DalglishMen at WorkBase card480.50
92cPaul DalglishMen at WorkBase card / Chrome616.00
93Philippe AlbertMen at WorkBase card460.67
93cPhilippe AlbertMen at WorkBase card / Chrome616.00
94Robert LeeThe CaptainBase card470.57
94cRobert LeeThe CaptainBase card / Chrome616.00
95Steve ClarkeCoachBase card470.57
95cSteve ClarkeCoachBase card / Chrome616.00
96Ruud GullitThe BossBase card470.57
96cRuud GullitThe BossBase card / Chrome717.00
97SilverwareNewcastle UnitedBase card570.71
97cSilverwareNewcastle UnitedBase card / Chrome616.00
98EmblemNewcastle UnitedBase card480.50
98cEmblemNewcastle UnitedBase card / Chrome616.00
99ChecklistChecklistBase card4100.40
99cChecklistChecklistBase card / Chrome616.00
CE1Temuri KetsbaiaCutting EdgeEmbossed460.67
CE2David BattyCutting EdgeEmbossed470.57
CE3John BarnesCutting EdgeEmbossed4100.40
CE4Alesssandro PistoneCutting EdgeEmbossed470.57
CE5Alan ShearerCutting EdgeEmbossed4100.40
CE6Shay GivenCutting EdgeEmbossed470.57
CE7Gary SpeedCutting EdgeEmbossed480.50
CE8Robert LeeCutting EdgeEmbossed450.80
CE9Stuart PearceCutting EdgeEmbossed560.83
HS1Temuri KetsbaiaHot ShotsChrome Embossed832.67
HS2Steve WatsonHot ShotsChrome Embossed933.00
HS3John BarnesHot ShotsChrome Embossed832.67
HS4Nikolaos DabizasHot ShotsChrome Embossed824.00
HS5Alan ShearerHot ShotsChrome Embossed933.00
HS6Gary SpeedHot ShotsChrome Embossed824.00
HS7Robert LeeHot ShotsChrome Embossed933.00
HS8Keith GillespieHot ShotsChrome Embossed824.00
HS9Andreas AnderssonHot ShotsChrome Embossed933.00
V1Andreas AnderssonVortexChrome Die Cut933.00
V2Dietmar HamannVortexChrome Die Cut1042.50
V3Stephane Guivarc’hVortexChrome Die Cut1052.00
V4Laurent CharvetVortexChrome Die Cut1052.00
V5Stuart PearceVortexChrome Die Cut851.60
V6Alessandro PistoneVortexChrome Die Cut942.25
V7Shay GivenVortexChrome Die Cut942.25
V8Warren BartonVortexChrome Die Cut951.80
V9Des HamiltonVortexChrome Die Cut851.60
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