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Futera The Captains Of Arsenal

Futera The Captains Of Arsenal

Year: 1998
Total cards: 88

collecting: 3 / completed: 0


1IntroductionArsenalBase card202.00
2John Julian 1889ArsenalBase card202.00
3Gavin Crawford 1891ArsenalBase card202.00
4Joseph Powell 1892ArsenalBase card202.00
5Caesar Jenkyns 1895ArsenalBase card202.00
5pCaesar Jenkyns 1895ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
6John Dick 1898ArsenalBase card202.00
6pJohn Dick 1898ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
7James Jackson 1899ArsenalBase card202.00
7pJames Jackson 1899ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
8Percy Sands 1902ArsenalBase card202.00
8pPercy Sands 1902ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
9Joseph E Shaw 1907ArsenalBase card202.00
9pJoseph E Shaw 1907ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
10Charles Buchan 1909ArsenalBase card202.00
10pCharles Buchan 1909ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
11William Blyth 1914ArsenalBase card202.00
11pWilliam Blyth 1914ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
12Alfred Baker 1919ArsenalBase card202.00
12pAlfred Baker 1919ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
13Thomas Parker 1926ArsenalBase card202.00
14Edris Hapgood 1927ArsenalBase card202.00
15Charles Jones 1928ArsenalBase card202.00
16Alexander James 1929ArsenalBase card202.00
17Charles Male 1929ArsenalBase card202.00
17pCharles Male 1929ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
18Leslie Compton 1931ArsenalBase card202.00
18pLeslie Compton 1931ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
19Lawrence Scott 1937ArsenalBase card202.00
19pLawrence Scott 1937ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
20James Logie 1939ArsenalBase card202.00
20pJames Logie 1939ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
21Walley Barnes 1943ArsenalBase card202.00
21pWalley Barnes 1943ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
22Joseph Wade 1944ArsenalBase card202.00
22pJoseph Wade 1944ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
23Joe Mercer 1946ArsenalBase card202.00
23pJoe Mercer 1946ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
24Clifford Holton 1947ArsenalBase card202.00
24pClifford Holton 1947ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
25Harry Goring 1948ArsenalBase card202.00
26David Bowen 1950ArsenalBase card202.00
27Dennis Evans 1951ArsenalBase card202.00
28Vic Groves 1955ArsenalBase card202.00
29Terry Neill 1959ArsenalBase card202.00
29pTerry Neill 1959ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
30Frank McLintock 1964ArsenalBase card202.00
30pFrank McLintock 1964ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
31Pat Rice 1964ArsenalBase card202.00
31pPat Rice 1964ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
32Edward Kelly 1966ArsenalBase card202.00
32pEdward Kelly 1966ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
33Robert McNabb 1966ArsenalBase card202.00
33pRobert McNabb 1966ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
34Alan Ball 1971ArsenalBase card303.00
34pAlan Ball 1971ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
35David OArsenalBase card202.00
35pDavid OArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
36Graham Rix 1974ArsenalBase card202.00
36pGraham Rix 1974ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
37Paul Davis 1978ArsenalBase card202.00
38John Hollins 1979ArsenalBase card202.00
39Kenny Samson 1980ArsenalBase card202.00
40Marton Keown 1981ArsenalBase card202.00
41Tony Adams 1982ArsenalBase card303.00
41pTony Adams 1982ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
42Nigel Winterburn 1987ArsenalBase card202.00
42pNigel Winterburn 1987ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
43Steve Bould 1988ArsenalBase card202.00
43pSteve Bould 1988ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
44David Seaman 1990ArsenalBase card303.00
44pDavid Seaman 1990ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
45Ian Wright 1991ArsenalBase card202.00
45pIan Wright 1991ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
46Phil Kelso 1904ArsenalBase card202.00
46pPhil Kelso 1904ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
47Herbert Chapman 1925ArsenalBase card202.00
47pHerbert Chapman 1925ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
48Cliff Bastin 1929ArsenalBase card202.00
48pCliff Bastin 1929ArsenalBase card / Promo202.00
49Denis Compton 1932ArsenalBase card202.00
50Tom Whittaker 1947ArsenalBase card202.00
51George Graham 1986ArsenalBase card202.00
52Checklist 1ChecklistChecklist202.00
53Checklist 2ChecklistChecklist202.00
53pChecklist 2ChecklistChecklist / Promo202.00
54Checklist 3ChecklistChecklist202.00
54pChecklist 3ChecklistChecklist / Promo202.00
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