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Futera The Captains Of Celtic

Futera The Captains Of Celtic

Year: 1998
Total cards: 108

Collection preview (22% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1IntroductionCelticBase card101.00
1pIntroductionCelticBase card / Promo000.00
2James KellyCelticBase card101.00
2pJames KellyCelticBase card / Promo000.00
3Alexander McMahonCelticBase card101.00
3pAlexander McMahonCelticBase card / Promo000.00
4Dan DoyleCelticBase card101.00
4pDan DoyleCelticBase card / Promo000.00
5Willie OrrCelticBase card101.00
5pWillie OrrCelticBase card / Promo000.00
6James YoungCelticBase card101.00
6pJames YoungCelticBase card / Promo000.00
7Jimmy HayCelticBase card101.00
7pJimmy HayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
8Alexander McNairCelticBase card101.00
8pAlexander McNairCelticBase card / Promo000.00
9Willie McStayCelticBase card101.00
9pWillie McStayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
10Charlie ShawCelticBase card101.00
10pCharlie ShawCelticBase card / Promo000.00
11William CringanCelticBase card101.00
11pWilliam CringanCelticBase card / Promo000.00
12Jimmy McStayCelticBase card101.00
12pJimmy McStayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
13Bobby HoggCelticBase card101.00
13pBobby HoggCelticBase card / Promo000.00
14Willie LyonCelticBase card101.00
14pWillie LyonCelticBase card / Promo000.00
15John McPhailCelticBase card101.00
15pJohn McPhailCelticBase card / Promo000.00
16Bobby EvansCelticBase card101.00
16pBobby EvansCelticBase card / Promo000.00
17Bertie PeacockCelticBase card101.00
17pBertie PeacockCelticBase card / Promo000.00
18Sean FallonCelticBase card101.00
18pSean FallonCelticBase card / Promo000.00
19Jock SteinCelticBase card101.00
19pJock SteinCelticBase card / Promo000.00
20Duncan MacKayCelticBase card101.00
20pDuncan MacKayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
21Billy McNeillCelticBase card101.00
21pBilly McNeillCelticBase card / Promo000.00
22Danny McGrainCelticBase card101.00
22pDanny McGrainCelticBase card / Promo000.00
23Kenny DalglishCelticBase card101.00
23pKenny DalglishCelticBase card / Promo000.00
24Roy AitkenCelticBase card101.00
24pRoy AitkenCelticBase card / Promo000.00
25Paul McStayCelticBase card101.00
25pPaul McStayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
26Tommy BoydCelticBase card101.00
26pTommy BoydCelticBase card / Promo000.00
27Checklist ICelticСhecklist101.00
27pChecklist ICelticChecklist / Promo000.00
28Jim ScullionCelticBase card101.00
28pJim ScullionCelticBase card / Promo000.00
29James KellyCelticBase card101.00
29pJames KellyCelticBase card / Promo000.00
30Alexander McMahonCelticBase card101.00
30pAlexander McMahonCelticBase card / Promo000.00
31Dan DoyleCelticBase card101.00
31pDan DoyleCelticBase card / Promo000.00
32Willie OrrCelticBase card101.00
32pWillie OrrCelticBase card / Promo000.00
33James YoungCelticBase card101.00
33pJames YoungCelticBase card / Promo000.00
34Jimmy HayCelticBase card101.00
34pJimmy HayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
35Alexander McNairCelticBase card101.00
35pAlexander McNairCelticBase card / Promo000.00
36Willie McStayCelticBase card101.00
36pWillie McStayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
37Charlie ShawCelticBase card101.00
37pCharlie ShawCelticBase card / Promo000.00
38William CringanCelticBase card101.00
38pWilliam CringanCelticBase card / Promo000.00
39Jimmy McStayCelticBase card101.00
39pJimmy McStayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
40Bobby HoggCelticBase card101.00
40pBobby HoggCelticBase card / Promo000.00
41Willie LyonCelticBase card101.00
41pWillie LyonCelticBase card / Promo000.00
42John McPhailCelticBase card101.00
42pJohn McPhailCelticBase card / Promo000.00
43Bobby EvansCelticBase card101.00
43pBobby EvansCelticBase card / Promo000.00
44Bertie PeacockCelticBase card101.00
44pBertie PeacockCelticBase card / Promo000.00
45Sean FallonCelticBase card101.00
45pSean FallonCelticBase card / Promo000.00
46Jock SteinCelticBase card101.00
46pJock SteinCelticBase card / Promo000.00
47Duncan MacKayCelticBase card101.00
47pDuncan MacKayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
48Billy McNeillCelticBase card101.00
48pBilly McNeillCelticBase card / Promo000.00
49Danny McGrainCelticBase card101.00
49pDanny McGrainCelticBase card / Promo000.00
50Kenny DalglishCelticBase card101.00
50pKenny DalglishCelticBase card / Promo000.00
51Roy AitkenCelticBase card101.00
51pRoy AitkenCelticBase card / Promo000.00
52Paul McStayCelticBase card101.00
52pPaul McStayCelticBase card / Promo000.00
53Tommy BoydCelticBase card101.00
53pTommy BoydCelticBase card / Promo000.00
54Checklist IICelticChecklist101.00
54pChecklist IICelticChecklist / Promo000.00
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