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Futera World Football UNIQUE 2008

Futera World Football UNIQUE 2008

Year: 2008
Total cards: 467

Futera Unique Football Cards.

Collection preview (45% scanned images)

collecting: 40 / completed: 3


1Abidal EricFranceBase card / Defence404.00
1rAbidal EricFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
2Alexandersson NiclasSwedenBase card / Defence404.00
2rAlexandersson NiclasSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
3Alves DanielBrazilBase card / Defence404.00
3rAlves DanielBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
4Bocanegra CarlosUSABase card / Defence404.00
4rBocanegra CarlosUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
5Buffon GianluigiItalyBase card / Defence10010.00
5rBuffon GianluigiItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence707.00
6Cannavaro FabioItalyBase card / Defence909.00
6rCannavaro FabioItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
7Carini FabianUruguayBase card / Defence404.00
7rCarini FabianUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
8Carragher JamieEnglandBase card / Defence404.00
8rCarragher JamieEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
9Casillas IkerSpainBase card / Defence505.00
9rCasillas IkerSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
10Cech PetrCzech RepublicBase card / Defence404.00
10rCech PetrCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
11Clerc FrançoisFranceBase card / Defence404.00
11rClerc FrançoisFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
12Cole AshleyEnglandBase card / Defence404.00
12rCole AshleyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
13Diaby AbouFranceBase card / Defence404.00
13rDiaby AbouFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
14Du WeiChinaBase card / Defence505.00
14rDu WeiChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
15Ferdinand RioEnglandBase card / Defence404.00
15rFerdinand RioEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
16Ferreira PauloPortugalBase card / Defence404.00
16rFerreira PauloPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
17Gallas WilliamFranceBase card / Defence404.00
17rGallas WilliamFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
18Grygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card / Defence404.00
18rGrygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
19Heinze GabrielArgentinaBase card / Defence404.00
19rHeinze GabrielArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
20Kaji AkiraJapanBase card / Defence404.00
20rKaji AkiraJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
21Kawaguchi YoshikatsuJapanBase card / Defence404.00
21rKawaguchi YoshikatsuJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
22Lahm PhilippGermanyBase card / Defence404.00
22rLahm PhilippGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
23Jankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card / Defence404.00
23rJankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
24Lee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card / Defence505.00
24rLee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
25Li WeifengChinaBase card / Defence505.00
25rLi WeifengChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
26Lopez AntonioSpainBase card / Defence505.00
26rLopez AntonioSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
27Maicon DouglasBrazilBase card / Defence404.00
27rMaicon DouglasBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
28Meira FernandoPortugalBase card / Defence404.00
28rMeira FernandoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
29Navarro JaviSpainBase card / Defence505.00
29rNavarro JaviSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
30Neill LucasAustraliaBase card / Defence404.00
30rNeill LucasAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
31Neville GaryEnglandBase card / Defence404.00
31rNeville GaryEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
32Ooijer AndréNetherlandsBase card / Defence404.00
32rOoijer AndréNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
33Ramos SergioSpainBase card / Defence505.00
33rRamos SergioSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
34RicardoPortugalBase card / Defence404.00
34rRicardoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
35Richards MicahEnglandBase card / Defence404.00
35rRichards MicahEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
36Robinson PaulEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
36rRobinson PaulEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
37Sagnol WillyFranceBase card / Defence404.00
37rSagnol WillyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
38Schwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card / Defence404.00
38rSchwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
39Terry JohnEnglandBase card / Defence404.00
39rTerry JohnEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
40Thuram LilianFranceBase card / Defence404.00
40rThuram LilianFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence404.00
41Zanetti JavierArgentinaBase card / Defence404.00
41rZanetti JavierArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
42Albelda DavidSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
42rAlbelda DavidSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
43Alonso XabiSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
43rAlonso XabiSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
44Ballack MichaelGermanyBase card / Midfield404.00
44rBallack MichaelGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
45Baptista JulioBrazilBase card / Midfield404.00
45rBaptista JulioBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
46Beasley DaMarcusUSABase card / Midfield404.00
46rBeasley DaMarcusUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
47Beckham DavidEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
47rBeckham DavidEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
48Cahill TimAustraliaBase card / Midfield404.00
48rCahill TimAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
49Cambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card / Midfield404.00
49rCambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
50Carrick MichaelEnglandBase card / Midfield404.00
50rCarrick MichaelEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
51Cole JoeEnglandBase card / Midfield404.00
51rCole JoeEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
52DecoPortugalBase card / Midfield404.00
52rDecoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
53Dempsey ClintUSABase card / Midfield404.00
53rDempsey ClintUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
54Diarra LassanaFranceBase card / Midfield404.00
54rDiarra LassanaFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
55EdmilsonBrazilBase card / Midfield404.00
55rEdmilsonBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
56EmersonBrazilBase card / Midfield404.00
56rEmersonBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
57Endo YasuhitoJapanBase card / Midfield404.00
57rEndo YasuhitoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
58Essien MichaelGhanaBase card / Midfield404.00
58rEssien MichaelGhanaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
59Fabregas CescSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
59rFabregas CescSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
60Frings TorstenGermanyBase card / Midfield404.00
60rFrings TorstenGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
61Gago FernandoArgentinaBase card / Midfield404.00
61rGago FernandoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
62Garcia LuisSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
62rGarcia LuisSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
63Gattuso GennaroItalyBase card / Midfield808.00
63rGattuso GennaroItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
64Gerrard StevenEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
64rGerrard StevenEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
65Hargreaves OwenEnglandBase card / Midfield404.00
65rHargreaves OwenEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
66Hernandez XaviSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
66rHernandez XaviSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
67Iniesta AndresSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
67rIniesta AndresSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
68KakaBrazilBase card / Midfield606.00
68rKakaBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
69Kewell HarryAustraliaBase card / Midfield404.00
69rKewell HarryAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
70Lampard FrankEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
70rLampard FrankEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
71Lennon AaronEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
71rLennon AaronEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
72Ljungberg FredrikSwedenBase card / Midfield404.00
72rLjungberg FredrikSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
73Makelele ClaudeFranceBase card / Midfield404.00
73rMakelele ClaudeFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
74Malouda FlorentFranceBase card / Midfield404.00
74rMalouda FlorentFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
75Mascherano JavierArgentinaBase card / Midfield404.00
75rMascherano JavierArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
76Nakamura ShunsukeJapanBase card / Midfield404.00
76rNakamura ShunsukeJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
77Odonkor DavidGermanyBase card / Midfield404.00
77rOdonkor DavidGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
78Park Ji-SungSouth KoreaBase card / Midfield404.00
78rPark Ji-SungSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
79Pernambucano JuninhoBrazilBase card / Midfield404.00
79rPernambucano JuninhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
80Pirlo AndreaItalyBase card / Midfield808.00
80rPirlo AndreaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
81Recoba AlvaroUruguayBase card / Midfield505.00
81rRecoba AlvaroUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
82Quaresma RicardoPortugalBase card / Midfield404.00
82rQuaresma RicardoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
83Ribery FranckFranceBase card / Midfield505.00
83rRibery FranckFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
84Riquelme Juan RomanArgentinaBase card / Midfield505.00
84rRiquelme Juan RomanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
85Robben ArjenNetherlandsBase card / Midfield404.00
85rRobben ArjenNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
86Ronaldo CristianoPortugalBase card / Midfield11011.00
86rRonaldo CristianoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield909.00
87Rosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Midfield404.00
87rRosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
88Sanchez JoaquinSpainBase card / Midfield505.00
88rSanchez JoaquinSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
89Shao JiayiChinaBase card / Midfield505.00
89rShao JiayiChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
90Silva GilbertoBrazilBase card / Midfield404.00
90rSilva GilbertoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
91Sneijder WesleyNetherlandsBase card / Midfield505.00
91rSneijder WesleyNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
92Tiago MendesPortugalBase card / Midfield404.00
92rTiago MendesPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
93Toulalan JeremyFranceBase card / Midfield404.00
93rToulalan JeremyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
94Van der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card / Midfield404.00
94rVan der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
95Viana HugoPortugalBase card / Midfield404.00
95rViana HugoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
96Vieira PatrickFranceBase card / Midfield505.00
96rVieira PatrickFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
97Wilhelmsson ChristianSwedenBase card / Midfield404.00
97rWilhelmsson ChristianSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield404.00
98Zambrotta GianlucaItalyBase card / Midfield808.00
98rZambrotta GianlucaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
99Zheng ZhiChinaBase card / Midfield505.00
99rZheng ZhiChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
100AdrianoBrazilBase card / Strickers505.00
100rAdrianoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
101Allbäck MarcusSwedenBase card / Strickers404.00
101rAllbäck MarcusSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
102Aloisi JohnAustraliaBase card / Strickers404.00
102rAloisi JohnAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
103Anelka NicolasFranceBase card / Strickers404.00
103rAnelka NicolasFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
104Benzema KarimFranceBase card / Strickers404.00
104rBenzema KarimFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
105Castillo NeryMexicoBase card / Strickers404.00
105rCastillo NeryMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
106Crespo HernanArgentinaBase card / Strickers606.00
106rCrespo HernanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
107Defoe JermainEnglandBase card / Strickers404.00
107rDefoe JermainEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
108Dong FangzhuoChinaBase card / Strickers505.00
108rDong FangzhuoChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
109Donovan LandonUSABase card / Strickers404.00
109rDonovan LandonUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
110Drogba DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card / Strickers404.00
110rDrogba DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
111EtoCameroonBase card / Strickers505.00
111rEtoCameroonBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
112Fernandes ManuelPortugalBase card / Strickers404.00
112rFernandes ManuelPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
113Forlan DiegoUruguayBase card / Strickers404.00
113rForlan DiegoUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
114Gonzalez RaulSpainBase card / Strickers505.00
114rGonzalez RaulSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
115Govou SidneyFranceBase card / Strickers414.00
115rGovou SidneyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
116Henry ThierryFranceBase card / Strickers404.00
116rHenry ThierryFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
117Huntelaar Klaas JanNetherlandsBase card / Strickers404.00
117rHuntelaar Klaas JanNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
118Ibrahimovic ZlatanSwedenBase card / Strickers606.00
118rIbrahimovic ZlatanSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
119Klose MiroslavGermanyBase card / Strickers404.00
119rKlose MiroslavGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
120Kuyt DirkNetherlandsBase card / Strickers404.00
120rKuyt DirkNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
121Lee Dong-GookSouth KoreaBase card / Strickers404.00
121rLee Dong-GookSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
122Messi LionelArgentinaBase card / Strickers606.00
122rMessi LionelArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
123Maki SeiichiroJapanBase card / Strickers404.00
123rMaki SeiichiroJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
124Milito DiegoArgentinaBase card / Strickers505.00
124rMilito DiegoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
125Owen MichaelEnglandBase card / Strickers505.00
125rOwen MichaelEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
126Podolski LukasGermanyBase card / Strickers404.00
126rPodolski LukasGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
127Postiga HelderPortugalBase card / Strickers404.00
127rPostiga HelderPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
128Qu BoChinaBase card / Strickers505.00
128rQu BoChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
129RobinhoBrazilBase card / Strickers404.00
129rRobinhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
130RonaldinhoBrazilBase card / Strickers606.00
130rRonaldinhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
131Rooney WayneEnglandBase card / Strickers404.00
131rRooney WayneEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
132Saha LouisFranceBase card / Strickers404.00
132rSaha LouisFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
133Schweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card / Strickers404.00
133rSchweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
134Shevchenko AndriyUkraineBase card / Strickers606.00
134rShevchenko AndriyUkraineBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
135Smith AlanEnglandBase card / Strickers404.00
135rSmith AlanEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
136Sobis RafaelBrazilBase card / Strickers404.00
136rSobis RafaelBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
137Takahara NaohiroJapanBase card / Strickers404.00
137rTakahara NaohiroJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
138Tevez CarlosArgentinaBase card / Strickers404.00
138rTevez CarlosArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
139Toni LucaItalyBase card / Strickers808.00
139rToni LucaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
140Torres FernandoSpainBase card / Strickers808.00
140rTorres FernandoSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
141Totti FrancescoItalyBase card / Strickers10010.00
141rTotti FrancescoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers808.00
142Trezeguet DavidFranceBase card / Strickers404.00
142rTrezeguet DavidFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
143Van Nistelrooy RuudNetherlandsBase card / Strickers404.00
143rVan Nistelrooy RuudNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
144Vennegoor of Hesselink JanNetherlandsBase card / Strickers404.00
144rVennegoor of Hesselink JanNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
145Viduka MarkAustraliaBase card / Strickers404.00
145rViduka MarkAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
146Villa DavidSpainBase card / Strickers505.00
146rVilla DavidSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
147Walcott TheoEnglandBase card / Strickers404.00
147rWalcott TheoEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
148Yanagisawa AtsushiJapanBase card / Strickers404.00
148rYanagisawa AtsushiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers404.00
149Zhu TingChinaBase card / Strickers505.00
149rZhu TingChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
150Baggio RobertoItalyBase card / Legends909.00
150rBaggio RobertoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
151Beckenbauer FranzGermanyBase card / Legends505.00
151rBeckenbauer FranzGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
152Bergkamp DennisNetherlandsBase card / Legends505.00
152rBergkamp DennisNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
153Cantona EricFranceBase card / Legends505.00
153rCantona EricFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
154Charlton BobbyEnglandBase card / Legends505.00
154rCharlton BobbyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
155Deschamps DidierFranceBase card / Legends404.00
155rDeschamps DidierFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
156Di Stefano AlfredoArgentinaBase card / Legends505.00
156rDi Stefano AlfredoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
157EusebioPortugalBase card / Legends606.00
157rEusebioPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
158Figo LuisPortugalBase card / Legends404.00
158rFigo LuisPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
159GarrinchaBrazilBase card / Legends404.00
159rGarrinchaBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
160Hagi GheorgheRomaniaBase card / Legends404.00
160rHagi GheorgheRomaniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
161Hierro FernandoSpainBase card / Legends505.00
161rHierro FernandoSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
162Lineker GaryEnglandBase card / Legends707.00
162rLineker GaryEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
163Maldini PaoloItalyBase card / Legends808.00
163rMaldini PaoloItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends616.00
164Maradona DiegoArgentinaBase card / Legends606.00
164rMaradona DiegoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
165Mattheus LotharGermanyBase card / Legends606.00
165rMattheus LotharGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
166Miura KazuyoshiJapanBase card / Legends404.00
166rMiura KazuyoshiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
167Moore BobbyEnglandBase card / Legends404.00
167rMoore BobbyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
168Muller GerdGermanyBase card / Legends404.00
168rMuller GerdGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
169Nakata HidetoshiJapanBase card / Legends404.00
169rNakata HidetoshiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
170Papin Jean-PierreFranceBase card / Legends505.00
170rPapin Jean-PierreFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
171PeleBrazilBase card / Legends505.00
171rPeleBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
172Puskas FerencHungaryBase card / Legends606.00
172rPuskas FerencHungaryBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
173Platini MichelFranceBase card / Legends606.00
173rPlatini MichelFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
174Riva LuigiItalyBase card / Legends707.00
174rRiva LuigiItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
175RomarioBrazilBase card / Legends404.00
175rRomarioBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
176van Basten MarcoNetherlandsBase card / Legends404.00
176rvan Basten MarcoNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
177ZicoBrazilBase card / Legends404.00
177rZicoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
178Zidane ZinedineFranceBase card / Legends505.00
178rZidane ZinedineFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends404.00
179Zoff DinoItalyBase card / Legends707.00
179rZoff DinoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends616.00
180Aissati IsmaïlMoroccoBase card / Next404.00
180rAissati IsmaïlMoroccoBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
181AndersonBrazilBase card / Next404.00
181rAndersonBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
182Aoyama JunJapanBase card / Next404.00
182rAoyama JunJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
183Aquilani AlbertoItalyBase card / Next707.00
183rAquilani AlbertoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
184Babel RyanNetherlandsBase card / Next404.00
184rBabel RyanNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
185Baines LeightonEnglandBase card / Next404.00
185rBaines LeightonEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
186Barzagli AndreaItalyBase card / Next808.00
186rBarzagli AndreaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next606.00
187DiegoBrazilBase card / Next404.00
187rDiegoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
188Drenthe RoystonNetherlandsBase card / Next404.00
188rDrenthe RoystonNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
189Lita LeroyEnglandBase card / Next404.00
189rLita LeroyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
190Montolivo RiccardoItalyBase card / Next707.00
190rMontolivo RiccardoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
191Morimoto TakayukiJapanBase card / Next404.00
191rMorimoto TakayukiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
192Morishima YasuhitoJapanBase card / Next404.00
192rMorishima YasuhitoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
193Moutinho JoaoPortugalBase card / Next404.00
193rMoutinho JoaoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
194NaniPortugalBase card / Next404.00
194rNaniPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
195Nasri SamirFranceBase card / Next414.00
195rNasri SamirFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
196Nugent DavidEnglandBase card / Next404.00
196rNugent DavidEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
197Pazzini GiampaoloItalyBase card / Next707.00
197rPazzini GiampaoloItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
198Sabrosa SimaoPortugalBase card / Next404.00
198rSabrosa SimaoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Next404.00
199Checklist card 1ChecklistBase card / Checklist404.00
199rChecklist card 1ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist404.00
200Checklist card 2ChecklistBase card / Checklist404.00
200rChecklist card 2ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist404.00
FC01Ballack Michael
GermanyFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 414.00
FC02Beckham David
EnglandFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 404.00
FC03Henry Thierry
FranceFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 414.00
BrazilFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 515.00
FC05Makelele Claude
FranceFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 414.00
FC06Puyol Carles
SpainFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 515.00
FC08Ronaldo Cristiano
PortugalFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 717.00
FC09Rooney Wayne
EnglandFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards 414.00
MC01Beckham David
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC02Bergkamp Dennis
NetherlandsFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC03Carlos Roberto
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC04Cole Ashley
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC05Defoe Jermain
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC06Drogba Didier
Côte d'IvoireFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC07Duff Damien
IrelandFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC08Nakata Hidetoshi
JapanFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC09Nesta Alessandro
ItalyFutera Gold Memocell Cards 808.00
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards 505.00
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards 707.00
MC13Shearer Alan
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards 404.00
MC14Shevchenko Andriy
UkraineFutera Gold Memocell Cards 505.00
FP01Alonso Xabi
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 515.00
FP02Beckham David
EnglandFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 404.00
FP03Cannavaro Fabio
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 919.00
FP04Fabregas Francesc
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 515.00
FP05Gattuso Gennaro
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 808.00
FP06Nakamura Shunsuke
JapanFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
FP07Pirlo Andrea
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 818.00
FP08Torres Fernando
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 616.00
FP09Van Nistelrooy Ruud
NetherlandsFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
FP10van Persie Robin
NetherlandsFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
FP11Zambrotti Gianluca
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 818.00
CC01Kaka & Ronaldinho
BrazilFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 515.00
CC02Beckham & Rooney
EnglandFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
CC03Makelele & Trezeguet
FranceFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
CC04Van Persie & Van Nistelrooy
NetherlandsFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
CC05Pirlo & Zambrotta
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 818.00
CC06Nakamura & Narazaki
JapanFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 414.00
CC07Deco & Cristiano Ronaldo
PortugalFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 717.00
CC08Fabregas & Xavi
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards 515.00
AU01Beckham David
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU02Cahill Tim
AustraliaFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU03Carrick Michael
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU04Cech Petr
Czech RepublicFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU05Cole Ashley
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU06Crespo Hernan
ArgentinaFutera Framed Autograph Cards 515.00
AU07Crouch Peter
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 414.00
AU08Di Canio Paolo
ItalyFutera Framed Autograph Cards 808.00
AU09Dudek Jerzy
PolandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 707.00
AU10Fabregas Cesc
SpainFutera Framed Autograph Cards 505.00
AU11Fowler Robbie
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 414.00
AU12Gerrard Stephen
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 505.00
AU13Giggs Ryan
WalesFutera Framed Autograph Cards 414.00
AU14Heinze Gabriel
ArgentinaFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU15Henry Thierry
FranceFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU16Hyypia Sami
FinlandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU17Johnson Andy
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU18Lampard Frank
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU19Larsson Henrik
SwedenFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU20Neville Gary
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU21Robinson Paul
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
BrazilFutera Framed Autograph Cards 606.00
BrazilFutera Framed Autograph Cards 606.00
AU24Rooney Wayne
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
AU25Saha Louis
FranceFutera Framed Autograph Cards 414.00
AU26Shearer Alan
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards 404.00
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