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Futera World Football UNIQUE 2008

Futera World Football UNIQUE 2008

Year: 2008
Total cards: 467

Futera Unique Football Cards.

Collection preview (52% scanned images)

collecting: 62 / completed: 5


1Abidal EricFranceBase card / Defence505.00
1rAbidal EricFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
2Alexandersson NiclasSwedenBase card / Defence505.00
2rAlexandersson NiclasSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
3Alves DaniBrazilBase card / Defence505.00
3rAlves DaniBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
4Bocanegra CarlosUSABase card / Defence505.00
4rBocanegra CarlosUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
5Buffon GianluigiItalyBase card / Defence11011.00
5rBuffon GianluigiItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence808.00
6Cannavaro FabioItalyBase card / Defence10010.00
6rCannavaro FabioItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence707.00
7Carini FabianUruguayBase card / Defence505.00
7rCarini FabianUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
8Carragher JamieEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
8rCarragher JamieEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
9Casillas IkerSpainBase card / Defence606.00
9rCasillas IkerSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
10Cech PetrCzech RepublicBase card / Defence505.00
10rCech PetrCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
11Clerc FrançoisFranceBase card / Defence505.00
11rClerc FrançoisFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
12Cole AshleyEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
12rCole AshleyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
13Diaby AbouFranceBase card / Defence505.00
13rDiaby AbouFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
14Du WeiChinaBase card / Defence707.00
14rDu WeiChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
15Ferdinand RioEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
15rFerdinand RioEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
16Ferreira PauloPortugalBase card / Defence505.00
16rFerreira PauloPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
17Gallas WilliamFranceBase card / Defence505.00
17rGallas WilliamFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
18Grygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card / Defence505.00
18rGrygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
19Heinze GabrielArgentinaBase card / Defence505.00
19rHeinze GabrielArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
20Kaji AkiraJapanBase card / Defence606.00
20rKaji AkiraJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
21Kawaguchi YoshikatsuJapanBase card / Defence505.00
21rKawaguchi YoshikatsuJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
22Lahm PhilippGermanyBase card / Defence606.00
22rLahm PhilippGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
23Jankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card / Defence505.00
23rJankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
24Lee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card / Defence606.00
24rLee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
25Li WeifengChinaBase card / Defence606.00
25rLi WeifengChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
26Lopez AntonioSpainBase card / Defence606.00
26rLopez AntonioSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
27Maicon DouglasBrazilBase card / Defence505.00
27rMaicon DouglasBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
28Meira FernandoPortugalBase card / Defence505.00
28rMeira FernandoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
29Navarro JaviSpainBase card / Defence606.00
29rNavarro JaviSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
30Neill LucasAustraliaBase card / Defence505.00
30rNeill LucasAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
31Neville GaryEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
31rNeville GaryEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
32Ooijer AndréNetherlandsBase card / Defence505.00
32rOoijer AndréNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
33Ramos SergioSpainBase card / Defence808.00
33rRamos SergioSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence808.00
34RicardoPortugalBase card / Defence505.00
34rRicardoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
35Richards MicahEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
35rRichards MicahEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
36Robinson PaulEnglandBase card / Defence606.00
36rRobinson PaulEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
37Sagnol WillyFranceBase card / Defence505.00
37rSagnol WillyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
38Schwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card / Defence505.00
38rSchwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
39Terry JohnEnglandBase card / Defence505.00
39rTerry JohnEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
40Thuram LilianFranceBase card / Defence505.00
40rThuram LilianFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence505.00
41Zanetti JavierArgentinaBase card / Defence505.00
41rZanetti JavierArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defence606.00
42Albelda DavidSpainBase card / Midfield606.00
42rAlbelda DavidSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
43Alonso XabiSpainBase card / Midfield606.00
43rAlonso XabiSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
44Ballack MichaelGermanyBase card / Midfield606.00
44rBallack MichaelGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
45Baptista JulioBrazilBase card / Midfield505.00
45rBaptista JulioBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
46Beasley DaMarcusUSABase card / Midfield505.00
46rBeasley DaMarcusUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
47Beckham DavidEnglandBase card / Midfield808.00
47rBeckham DavidEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield707.00
48Cahill TimAustraliaBase card / Midfield505.00
48rCahill TimAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
49Cambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card / Midfield505.00
49rCambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
50Carrick MichaelEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
50rCarrick MichaelEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
51Cole JoeEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
51rCole JoeEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
52DecoPortugalBase card / Midfield606.00
52rDecoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
53Dempsey ClintUSABase card / Midfield505.00
53rDempsey ClintUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
54Diarra LassanaFranceBase card / Midfield505.00
54rDiarra LassanaFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
55EdmilsonBrazilBase card / Midfield505.00
55rEdmilsonBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
56EmersonBrazilBase card / Midfield505.00
56rEmersonBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
57Endo YasuhitoJapanBase card / Midfield505.00
57rEndo YasuhitoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
58Essien MichaelGhanaBase card / Midfield505.00
58rEssien MichaelGhanaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
59Fabregas CescSpainBase card / Midfield606.00
59rFabregas CescSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
60Frings TorstenGermanyBase card / Midfield606.00
60rFrings TorstenGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
61Gago FernandoArgentinaBase card / Midfield505.00
61rGago FernandoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
62Garcia LuisSpainBase card / Midfield606.00
62rGarcia LuisSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
63Gattuso GennaroItalyBase card / Midfield909.00
63rGattuso GennaroItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield707.00
64Gerrard StevenEnglandBase card / Midfield707.00
64rGerrard StevenEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
65Hargreaves OwenEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
65rHargreaves OwenEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
66Hernandez XaviSpainBase card / Midfield606.00
66rHernandez XaviSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
67Iniesta AndresSpainBase card / Midfield606.00
67rIniesta AndresSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
68KakaBrazilBase card / Midfield707.00
68rKakaBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield808.00
69Kewell HarryAustraliaBase card / Midfield505.00
69rKewell HarryAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
70Lampard FrankEnglandBase card / Midfield505.00
70rLampard FrankEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
71Lennon AaronEnglandBase card / Midfield606.00
71rLennon AaronEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
72Ljungberg FredrikSwedenBase card / Midfield606.00
72rLjungberg FredrikSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
73Makelele ClaudeFranceBase card / Midfield505.00
73rMakelele ClaudeFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
74Malouda FlorentFranceBase card / Midfield505.00
74rMalouda FlorentFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
75Mascherano JavierArgentinaBase card / Midfield505.00
75rMascherano JavierArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
76Nakamura ShunsukeJapanBase card / Midfield505.00
76rNakamura ShunsukeJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
77Odonkor DavidGermanyBase card / Midfield606.00
77rOdonkor DavidGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
78Park Ji-SungSouth KoreaBase card / Midfield606.00
78rPark Ji-SungSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
79Pernambucano JuninhoBrazilBase card / Midfield606.00
79rPernambucano JuninhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
80Pirlo AndreaItalyBase card / Midfield909.00
80rPirlo AndreaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield707.00
81Recoba AlvaroUruguayBase card / Midfield606.00
81rRecoba AlvaroUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
82Quaresma RicardoPortugalBase card / Midfield505.00
82rQuaresma RicardoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
83Ribery FranckFranceBase card / Midfield606.00
83rRibery FranckFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
84Riquelme Juan RomanArgentinaBase card / Midfield606.00
84rRiquelme Juan RomanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
85Robben ArjenNetherlandsBase card / Midfield505.00
85rRobben ArjenNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
86Ronaldo CristianoPortugalBase card / Midfield14014.00
86rRonaldo CristianoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield13013.00
87Rosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Midfield606.00
87rRosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
88Sanchez JoaquinSpainBase card / Midfield707.00
88rSanchez JoaquinSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
89Shao JiayiChinaBase card / Midfield808.00
89rShao JiayiChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield707.00
90Silva GilbertoBrazilBase card / Midfield505.00
90rSilva GilbertoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
91Sneijder WesleyNetherlandsBase card / Midfield707.00
91rSneijder WesleyNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield606.00
92Tiago MendesPortugalBase card / Midfield505.00
92rTiago MendesPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
93Toulalan JeremyFranceBase card / Midfield505.00
93rToulalan JeremyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
94Van der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card / Midfield505.00
94rVan der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
95Viana HugoPortugalBase card / Midfield606.00
95rViana HugoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
96Vieira PatrickFranceBase card / Midfield707.00
96rVieira PatrickFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
97Wilhelmsson ChristianSwedenBase card / Midfield505.00
97rWilhelmsson ChristianSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield505.00
98Zambrotta GianlucaItalyBase card / Midfield909.00
98rZambrotta GianlucaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield707.00
99Zheng ZhiChinaBase card / Midfield808.00
99rZheng ZhiChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfield707.00
100AdrianoBrazilBase card / Strickers606.00
100rAdrianoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
101Allbäck MarcusSwedenBase card / Strickers505.00
101rAllbäck MarcusSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
102Aloisi JohnAustraliaBase card / Strickers505.00
102rAloisi JohnAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
103Anelka NicolasFranceBase card / Strickers505.00
103rAnelka NicolasFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
104Benzema KarimFranceBase card / Strickers505.00
104rBenzema KarimFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
105Castillo NeryMexicoBase card / Strickers505.00
105rCastillo NeryMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
106Crespo HernanArgentinaBase card / Strickers808.00
106rCrespo HernanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
107Defoe JermainEnglandBase card / Strickers505.00
107rDefoe JermainEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
108Dong FangzhuoChinaBase card / Strickers606.00
108rDong FangzhuoChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
109Donovan LandonUSABase card / Strickers606.00
109rDonovan LandonUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
110Drogba DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card / Strickers505.00
110rDrogba DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
111Eto’o SamuelCameroonBase card / Strickers606.00
111rEto’o SamuelCameroonBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
112Fernandes ManuelPortugalBase card / Strickers505.00
112rFernandes ManuelPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
113Forlan DiegoUruguayBase card / Strickers505.00
113rForlan DiegoUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
114Gonzalez RaulSpainBase card / Strickers707.00
114rGonzalez RaulSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
115Govou SidneyFranceBase card / Strickers616.00
115rGovou SidneyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
116Henry ThierryFranceBase card / Strickers606.00
116rHenry ThierryFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
117Huntelaar Klaas JanNetherlandsBase card / Strickers505.00
117rHuntelaar Klaas JanNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
118Ibrahimovic ZlatanSwedenBase card / Strickers919.00
118rIbrahimovic ZlatanSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers909.00
119Klose MiroslavGermanyBase card / Strickers707.00
119rKlose MiroslavGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
120Kuyt DirkNetherlandsBase card / Strickers505.00
120rKuyt DirkNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
121Lee Dong-GookSouth KoreaBase card / Strickers505.00
121rLee Dong-GookSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
122Messi LionelArgentinaBase card / Strickers10010.00
122rMessi LionelArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers808.00
123Maki SeiichiroJapanBase card / Strickers505.00
123rMaki SeiichiroJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
124Milito DiegoArgentinaBase card / Strickers606.00
124rMilito DiegoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
125Owen MichaelEnglandBase card / Strickers606.00
125rOwen MichaelEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
126Podolski LukasGermanyBase card / Strickers606.00
126rPodolski LukasGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
127Postiga HelderPortugalBase card / Strickers505.00
127rPostiga HelderPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
128Qu BoChinaBase card / Strickers707.00
128rQu BoChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
129RobinhoBrazilBase card / Strickers505.00
129rRobinhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
130RonaldinhoBrazilBase card / Strickers505.00
130rRonaldinhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
131Rooney WayneEnglandBase card / Strickers606.00
131rRooney WayneEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
132Saha LouisFranceBase card / Strickers505.00
132rSaha LouisFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
133Schweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card / Strickers606.00
133rSchweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
134Shevchenko AndriyUkraineBase card / Strickers909.00
134rShevchenko AndriyUkraineBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
135Smith AlanEnglandBase card / Strickers505.00
135rSmith AlanEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
136Sobis RafaelBrazilBase card / Strickers505.00
136rSobis RafaelBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
137Takahara NaohiroJapanBase card / Strickers505.00
137rTakahara NaohiroJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
138Tevez CarlosArgentinaBase card / Strickers606.00
138rTevez CarlosArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
139Toni LucaItalyBase card / Strickers909.00
139rToni LucaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
140Torres FernandoSpainBase card / Strickers707.00
140rTorres FernandoSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
141Totti FrancescoItalyBase card / Strickers11011.00
141rTotti FrancescoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers909.00
142Trezeguet DavidFranceBase card / Strickers505.00
142rTrezeguet DavidFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
143Van Nistelrooy RuudNetherlandsBase card / Strickers505.00
143rVan Nistelrooy RuudNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
144Vennegoor of Hesselink JanNetherlandsBase card / Strickers606.00
144rVennegoor of Hesselink JanNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
145Viduka MarkAustraliaBase card / Strickers606.00
145rViduka MarkAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
146Villa DavidSpainBase card / Strickers606.00
146rVilla DavidSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
147Walcott TheoEnglandBase card / Strickers505.00
147rWalcott TheoEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
148Yanagisawa AtsushiJapanBase card / Strickers505.00
148rYanagisawa AtsushiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers505.00
149Zhu TingChinaBase card / Strickers707.00
149rZhu TingChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
150Baggio RobertoItalyBase card / Legends13013.00
150rBaggio RobertoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends10010.00
151Beckenbauer FranzGermanyBase card / Legends808.00
151rBeckenbauer FranzGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends808.00
152Bergkamp DennisNetherlandsBase card / Legends606.00
152rBergkamp DennisNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
153Cantona EricFranceBase card / Legends707.00
153rCantona EricFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
154Charlton BobbyEnglandBase card / Legends808.00
154rCharlton BobbyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
155Deschamps DidierFranceBase card / Legends505.00
155rDeschamps DidierFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
156Di Stefano AlfredoArgentinaBase card / Legends707.00
156rDi Stefano AlfredoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
157EusebioPortugalBase card / Legends707.00
157rEusebioPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
158Figo LuisPortugalBase card / Legends505.00
158rFigo LuisPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
159GarrinchaBrazilBase card / Legends606.00
159rGarrinchaBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
160Hagi GheorgheRomaniaBase card / Legends606.00
160rHagi GheorgheRomaniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
161Hierro FernandoSpainBase card / Legends606.00
161rHierro FernandoSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
162Lineker GaryEnglandBase card / Legends707.00
162rLineker GaryEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
163Maldini PaoloItalyBase card / Legends12012.00
163rMaldini PaoloItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends909.00
164Maradona DiegoArgentinaBase card / Legends13013.00
164rMaradona DiegoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends909.00
165Mattheus LotharGermanyBase card / Legends707.00
165rMattheus LotharGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
166Miura KazuyoshiJapanBase card / Legends606.00
166rMiura KazuyoshiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
167Moore BobbyEnglandBase card / Legends707.00
167rMoore BobbyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
168Muller GerdGermanyBase card / Legends808.00
168rMuller GerdGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends909.00
169Nakata HidetoshiJapanBase card / Legends606.00
169rNakata HidetoshiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
170Papin Jean-PierreFranceBase card / Legends707.00
170rPapin Jean-PierreFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends606.00
171PeleBrazilBase card / Legends10010.00
171rPeleBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends808.00
172Puskas FerencHungaryBase card / Legends808.00
172rPuskas FerencHungaryBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends808.00
173Platini MichelFranceBase card / Legends808.00
173rPlatini MichelFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends808.00
174Riva LuigiItalyBase card / Legends808.00
174rRiva LuigiItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
175RomarioBrazilBase card / Legends707.00
175rRomarioBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
176van Basten MarcoNetherlandsBase card / Legends606.00
176rvan Basten MarcoNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends707.00
177ZicoBrazilBase card / Legends505.00
177rZicoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends505.00
178Zidane ZinedineFranceBase card / Legends909.00
178rZidane ZinedineFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends808.00
179Zoff DinoItalyBase card / Legends909.00
179rZoff DinoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Legends808.00
180Aissati IsmaïlMoroccoBase card / Next707.00
180rAissati IsmaïlMoroccoBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
181AndersonBrazilBase card / Next505.00
181rAndersonBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
182Aoyama JunJapanBase card / Next606.00
182rAoyama JunJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
183Aquilani AlbertoItalyBase card / Next808.00
183rAquilani AlbertoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next606.00
184Babel RyanNetherlandsBase card / Next505.00
184rBabel RyanNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
185Baines LeightonEnglandBase card / Next505.00
185rBaines LeightonEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
186Barzagli AndreaItalyBase card / Next909.00
186rBarzagli AndreaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next707.00
187DiegoBrazilBase card / Next505.00
187rDiegoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
188Drenthe RoystonNetherlandsBase card / Next505.00
188rDrenthe RoystonNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
189Lita LeroyEnglandBase card / Next606.00
189rLita LeroyEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
190Montolivo RiccardoItalyBase card / Next707.00
190rMontolivo RiccardoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next606.00
191Morimoto TakayukiJapanBase card / Next505.00
191rMorimoto TakayukiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
192Morishima YasuhitoJapanBase card / Next505.00
192rMorishima YasuhitoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
193Moutinho JoaoPortugalBase card / Next505.00
193rMoutinho JoaoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
194NaniPortugalBase card / Next505.00
194rNaniPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
195Nasri SamirFranceBase card / Next515.00
195rNasri SamirFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
196Nugent DavidEnglandBase card / Next505.00
196rNugent DavidEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
197Pazzini GiampaoloItalyBase card / Next808.00
197rPazzini GiampaoloItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Next606.00
198Sabrosa SimaoPortugalBase card / Next505.00
198rSabrosa SimaoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Next505.00
199Checklist card 1ChecklistBase card / Checklist505.00
199rChecklist card 1ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist505.00
200Checklist card 2ChecklistBase card / Checklist505.00
200rChecklist card 2ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist505.00
FC01Ballack Michael
GermanyFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select616.00
FC02Beckham David
EnglandFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select707.00
FC03Henry Thierry
FranceFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select606.00
BrazilFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select717.00
FC05Makelele Claude
FranceFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select515.00
FC06Puyol Carles
SpainFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select616.00
FC08Ronaldo Cristiano
PortugalFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select10010.00
FC09Rooney Wayne
EnglandFutera Clear Memorabilia Cards – Select515.00
MC01Beckham David
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers707.00
MC02Bergkamp Dennis
NetherlandsFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC03Carlos Roberto
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC04Cole Ashley
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC05Defoe Jermain
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC06Drogba Didier
Côte d'IvoireFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC07Duff Damien
IrelandFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC08Nakata Hidetoshi
JapanFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC09Nesta Alessandro
ItalyFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers909.00
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers606.00
BrazilFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers909.00
MC13Shearer Alan
EnglandFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers505.00
MC14Shevchenko Andriy
UkraineFutera Gold Memocell Cards – Achievers606.00
FP01Alonso Xabi
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class616.00
FP02Beckham David
EnglandFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class707.00
FP03Cannavaro Fabio
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class10110.00
FP04Fabregas Francesc
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class616.00
FP05Gattuso Gennaro
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class919.00
FP06Nakamura Shunsuke
JapanFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class505.00
FP07Pirlo Andrea
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class919.00
FP08Torres Fernando
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class606.00
FP09Van Nistelrooy Ruud
NetherlandsFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class (ALBUM CARD)515.00
FP10van Persie Robin
NetherlandsFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class515.00
FP11Zambrotti Gianluca
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – First Class909.00
CC01Kaka & Ronaldinho
BrazilFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos717.00
CC02Beckham & Rooney
EnglandFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos606.00
CC03Makelele & Trezeguet
FranceFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos505.00
CC04Van Persie & Van Nistelrooy
NetherlandsFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos515.00
CC05Pirlo & Zambrotta
ItalyFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos919.00
CC06Nakamura & Narazaki
JapanFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos505.00
CC07Deco & Cristiano Ronaldo
PortugalFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos818.00
CC08Fabregas & Xavi
SpainFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards – Country Combos616.00
AU01Beckham David
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars707.00
AU02Cahill Tim
AustraliaFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU03Carrick Michael
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU04Cech Petr
Czech RepublicFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU05Cole Ashley
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU06Crespo Hernan
ArgentinaFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars606.00
AU07Crouch Peter
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars606.00
AU08Di Canio Paolo
ItalyFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars909.00
AU09Dudek Jerzy
PolandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars606.00
AU10Fabregas Cesc
SpainFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars606.00
AU11Fowler Robbie
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU12Gerrard Stephen
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU13Giggs Ryan
WalesFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU14Heinze Gabriel
ArgentinaFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU15Henry Thierry
FranceFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars606.00
AU16Hyypia Sami
FinlandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU17Johnson Andy
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU18Lampard Frank
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU19Larsson Henrik
SwedenFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU20Neville Gary
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU21Robinson Paul
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
BrazilFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars707.00
BrazilFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars808.00
AU24Rooney Wayne
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
AU25Saha Louis
FranceFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars606.00
AU26Shearer Alan
EnglandFutera Framed Autograph Cards – All Stars505.00
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