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Futera World Football Online 2009-2010. Series 1

Futera World Football Online 2009-2010. Series 1

Year: 2009
Total cards: 510

Series 1 – The Inaugural Release of World Football Online with a Limited Production Run of just 575 cases worldwide.

Collection preview (83% scanned images)

collecting: 47 / completed: 1


1Abbas Noor SabriIraqBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
2Abbiati ChristianItalyBase card / Goalkeepers924.50
3Abbondanzieri RobertoArgentinaBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
4Akinfeev IgorRussiaBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
5Andersen StephanDenmarkBase card / Goalkeepers616.00
6Barry BoubacarCôte d'ivoireBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
7Benaglio DiegoSwitzerlandBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
8Blazek JaromirCzech RepublicBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
9Boruc ArturPolandBase card / Goalkeepers933.00
10Byung-Ji KimSouth KoreaBase card / Goalkeepers515.00
11Carroll RoyNorthern IrelandBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
12Carson ScottEnglandBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
13Cesar JulioBrazilBase card / Goalkeepers717.00
14Chalkias KonstantinosGreeceBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
15Demirel VolkanTurkeyBase card / Goalkeepers531.67
16DidaBrazilBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
17Dong ChenChinaBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
18DoniBrazilBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
19Dudek JerzyPolandBase card / Goalkeepers924.50
20Ejide AustinNigeriaBase card / Goalkeepers515.00
21Gabulov VladimirRussiaBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
22Given ShayIrelandBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
23Gnanhouan GerardCôte d'IvoireBase card / Goalkeepers515.00
24Gordon CraigScotlandBase card / Goalkeepers531.67
25Hahnemann MarcusUSABase card / Goalkeepers515.00
26Hennessey WayneWalesBase card / Goalkeepers531.67
27Hildebrand TimoGermanyBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
28Howard TimUSABase card / Goalkeepers623.00
29Isaksson AndreasSwedenBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
30Jaaskelainen JussiFinlandBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
31James DavidEnglandBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
32Josephs MoeneebSouth AfricaBase card / Goalkeepers531.67
33Julio AgustinColombiaBase card / Goalkeepers431.33
34Kawaguchi YoshikatsuJapanBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
35Khune ItumelengSouth AfricaBase card / Goalkeepers531.67
36Landreau MickaelFranceBase card / Goalkeepers824.00
37Lehmann JensGermanyBase card / Goalkeepers616.00
38Manninger AlexAustriaBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
39Myhre ThomasNorwayBase card / Goalkeepers515.00
40Narazaki SeigoJapanBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
41Neuer ManuelGermanyBase card / Goalkeepers616.00
42Nikopolidis AntoniosGreeceBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
43Ochoa GuillermoMexicoBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
44Pletikosa StipeCroatiaBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
45Price LewisWalesBase card / Goalkeepers541.25
46QuimPortugalBase card / Goalkeepers824.00
47Randolph DarrenIrelandBase card / Goalkeepers422.00
48Recber RustuTurkeyBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
49Reina PepeSpainBase card / Goalkeepers717.00
50RicardoPortugalBase card / Goalkeepers824.00
51Robinson PaulEnglandBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
52Romero SergioArgentinaBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
53Runje VedranCroatiaBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
54Sanchez OswaldoMexicoBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
55Schwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
56Sorensen ThomasDenmarkBase card / Goalkeepers616.00
57Stekelenburg MaartenNetherlandsBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
58Taylor MaikNorthern IrelandBase card / Goalkeepers522.50
59Vukovic DannyAustraliaBase card / Goalkeepers717.00
60Zhenyu SongChinaBase card / Goalkeepers515.00
61Abe YukiJapanBase card / Defenders522.50
62Agger DanielDenmarkBase card / Defenders623.00
63Alexander GrahamScotlandBase card / Defenders531.67
64Alves DaniBrazilBase card / Defenders616.00
65Anyukov AleksandrRussiaBase card / Defenders522.50
66Arbeloa AlvaroSpainBase card / Defenders717.00
67Arizala JavierColombiaBase card / Defenders522.50
68Baird ChrisNorthern IrelandBase card / Defenders623.00
69Bale GarethWalesBase card / Defenders10110.00
70Beauchamp MichaelAustraliaBase card / Defenders623.00
71Berezutski AlekseiRussiaBase card / Defenders623.00
72Berezutski VasiliRussiaBase card / Defenders531.67
73Bocanegra CarlosUSABase card / Defenders531.67
74Boka ArthurCôte d'IvoireBase card / Defenders623.00
75Bosacki BartoszPolandBase card / Defenders824.00
76BosingwaPortugalBase card / Defenders818.00
77Bouma WilfredNetherlandsBase card / Defenders632.00
78Caldwell GaryScotlandBase card / Defenders531.67
79Capdevila JoanSpainBase card / Defenders723.50
80Carragher JamieEnglandBase card / Defenders522.50
81Cetin ServetTurkeyBase card / Defenders522.50
82Chipperfield ScottAustraliaBase card / Defenders732.33
83CicinhoBrazilBase card / Defenders531.67
84Cole AshleyEnglandBase card / Defenders717.00
85Collins JamesWalesBase card / Defenders531.67
86Corluka VedranCroatiaBase card / Defenders824.00
87Da Silva GilbertoBrazilBase card / Defenders414.00
88Dellas TraianosGreeceBase card / Defenders623.00
89DeMerit JayUSABase card / Defenders623.00
90Demichelis MartinArgentinaBase card / Defenders522.50
91Dominguez Julio CesarMexicoBase card / Defenders531.67
92Dong Jin KimSouth KoreaBase card / Defenders515.00
93Edman ErikSwedenBase card / Defenders531.67
94Emanuelson UrbyNetherlandsBase card / Defenders522.50
95Ferreira PauloPortugalBase card / Defenders824.00
96Finnan SteveIrelandBase card / Defenders632.00
97Friedrich ManuelGermanyBase card / Defenders623.00
98Gabbidon DannyWalesBase card / Defenders522.50
99Garics GyorgyAustriaBase card / Defenders623.00
100Grygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card / Defenders522.50
101Hagen ErikNorwayBase card / Defenders531.67
102Hangeland BredeNorwayBase card / Defenders531.67
103Hansson PetterSwedenBase card / Defenders623.00
104Heitinga JohnNetherlandsBase card / Defenders623.00
105Hughes AaronNorthern IrelandBase card / Defenders541.25
106Huth RobertGermanyBase card / Defenders623.00
107Hutton AlanScotlandBase card / Defenders623.00
108Hyypia SamiFinlandBase card / Defenders616.00
109Ignashevich SergeiRussiaBase card / Defenders623.00
110Jacobsen LarsDenmarkBase card / Defenders717.00
111Jankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card / Defenders616.00
112Jensen NiclasDenmarkBase card / Defenders515.00
113Jihai SunChinaBase card / Defenders515.00
114Jop MariuszPolandBase card / Defenders723.50
115Kallio ToniFinlandBase card / Defenders623.00
116Kelly StephenIrelandBase card / Defenders522.50
117Komano YuichiJapanBase card / Defenders522.50
118Kovac RobertCroatiaBase card / Defenders723.50
119Kuffour SamuelGhanaBase card / Defenders616.00
120Kyrgiakos SotiriosGreeceBase card / Defenders623.00
121Lee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card / Defenders522.50
122Lichtsteiner StephanSwitzerlandBase card / Defenders616.00
123LuisaoBrazilBase card / Defenders623.00
124Magallon JonnyMexicoBase card / Defenders522.50
125McCartney GeorgeNorthern IrelandBase card / Defenders441.00
126Metzelder ChristophGermanyBase card / Defenders616.00
127Mhlongo BensonSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders531.67
128Milito GabrielArgentinaBase card / Defenders616.00
129Mokoena AaronSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders531.67
130Moreno HectorMexicoBase card / Defenders522.50
131Morris NasiefSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders632.00
132Mosquera AquivaldoColombiaBase card / Defenders515.00
133Nakata KojiJapanBase card / Defenders531.67
134Nakazawa YujiJapanBase card / Defenders522.50
135Naysmith GaryScotlandBase card / Defenders632.00
136Neill LucasAustraliaBase card / Defenders632.00
137Nilsson MikaelSwedenBase card / Defenders522.50
138O’Brien AndyIrelandBase card / Defenders531.67
139O’Shea JohnIrelandBase card / Defenders531.67
140Ooijer AndreNetherlandsBase card / Defenders623.00
141Paintsil JohnGhanaBase card / Defenders441.00
142Panucci ChristianItalyBase card / Defenders919.00
143Patsatzoglou ChristosGreeceBase card / Defenders522.50
144PepePortugalBase card / Defenders824.00
145Perea Luis AmarantoColombiaBase card / Defenders623.00
146Pogatetz EmanuelAustriaBase card / Defenders632.00
147Pranjic DanijelCroatiaBase card / Defenders723.50
148Richards MicahEnglandBase card / Defenders515.00
149Ricketts SamWalesBase card / Defenders531.67
150Riise John ArneNorwayBase card / Defenders632.00
151Seitaridis GiourkasGreeceBase card / Defenders623.00
152Senderos PhilippeSwitzerlandBase card / Defenders623.00
153Silvestre MikaelFranceBase card / Defenders824.00
154Simek FrankUSABase card / Defenders441.00
155Simic DarioCroatiaBase card / Defenders723.50
156Simunic JosipCroatiaBase card / Defenders723.50
157Spector JonathanUSABase card / Defenders531.67
158Stranzl MartinAustriaBase card / Defenders531.67
159Thwaite MichaelAustraliaBase card / Defenders632.00
160Tihinen HannuFinlandBase card / Defenders616.00
161Toure KoloCôte d'IvoireBase card / Defenders623.00
162Ujfalusi TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Defenders623.00
163Upson MatthewEnglandBase card / Defenders515.00
164Vidic NemanjaSerbiaBase card / Defenders616.00
165Wasilewski MarcinPolandBase card / Defenders717.00
166Wei DuChinaBase card / Defenders531.67
167Weifeng LiChinaBase card / Defenders531.67
168Won-Hee ChoSouth KoreaBase card / Defenders522.50
169Xiang SunChinaBase card / Defenders431.33
170Zan GokhanTurkeyBase card / Defenders522.50
171Zanetti JavierArgentinaBase card / Defenders717.00
172Zapata CristianColombiaBase card / Defenders623.00
173Zoro MarcCôte d'IvoireBase card / Defenders623.00
174Afellay IbrahimNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders717.00
175Akale KangaCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders422.00
176Akram NashatIraqBase card / Midfielders531.67
177Altintop HamitTurkeyBase card / Midfielders616.00
178Ambrosini MassimoItalyBase card / Midfielders919.00
179Andersson DanielSwedenBase card / Midfielders522.50
180Aquilani AlbertoItalyBase card / Midfielders623.00
181Arshavin AndreyRussiaBase card / Midfielders531.67
182Aufhauser ReneAustriaBase card / Midfielders522.50
183Bakke EirikNorwayBase card / Midfielders522.50
184Banguero JorgeColombiaBase card / Midfielders522.50
185Barry GarethEnglandBase card / Midfielders616.00
186Basinas AngelosGreeceBase card / Midfielders515.00
187Beasley DaMarcusUSABase card / Midfielders531.67
188Behrami ValonSwitzerlandBase card / Midfielders632.00
189Bentley DavidEnglandBase card / Midfielders616.00
190Bilyaletdinov DiniyarRussiaBase card / Midfielders531.67
191Bradley MichaelUSABase card / Midfielders623.00
192Brunt ChrisNorthern IrelandBase card / Midfielders414.00
193Cahill TimAustraliaBase card / Midfielders723.50
194Cambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card / Midfielders616.00
195Culina JasonAustraliaBase card / Midfielders723.50
196Davids LanceSouth AfricaBase card / Midfielders422.00
197Davies SimonWalesBase card / Midfielders541.25
198Davis StevenNorthern IrelandBase card / Midfielders531.67
199Dempsey ClintUSABase card / Midfielders616.00
200Dominguez AlvaroSpainBase card / Midfielders616.00
201Dong WangChinaBase card / Midfielders616.00
202Dudka DariuszPolandBase card / Midfielders723.50
203Duff DamienIrelandBase card / Midfielders632.00
204ElanoBrazilBase card / Midfielders515.00
205Emerton BrettAustraliaBase card / Midfielders717.00
206Essien MichaelGhanaBase card / Midfielders616.00
207Ferguson BarryScotlandBase card / Midfielders632.00
208Flamini MathieuFranceBase card / Midfielders818.00
209Fletcher DarrenScotlandBase card / Midfielders515.00
210Fletcher CarlWalesBase card / Midfielders623.00
211Gago FernandoArgentinaBase card / Midfielders616.00
212Gamst Pedersen MortenNorwayBase card / Midfielders522.50
213Garcia LuisSpainBase card / Midfielders616.00
214Gattuso GennaroItalyBase card / Midfielders919.00
215Gerrard StevenEnglandBase card / Midfielders616.00
216Giannakopoulos SteliosGreeceBase card / Midfielders632.00
217Gillespie KeithNorthern IrelandBase card / Midfielders632.00
218Govou SidneyFranceBase card / Midfielders818.00
219Grindheim ChristianNorwayBase card / Midfielders515.00
220Guardado AndresMexicoBase card / Midfielders623.00
221Hartley PaulScotlandBase card / Midfielders632.00
222Hitzlsperger ThomasGermanyBase card / Midfielders522.50
223Jankovic BoskoSerbiaBase card / Midfielders616.00
224Jelen IreneuszPolandBase card / Midfielders824.00
225Johnson DamienNorthern IrelandBase card / Midfielders531.67
226Kahlenberg ThomasDenmarkBase card / Midfielders623.00
227Karagounis GiorgosGreeceBase card / Midfielders623.00
228Karim MahdiIraqBase card / Midfielders522.50
229Katsouranis KostasGreeceBase card / Midfielders623.00
230Kehl SebastianGermanyBase card / Midfielders623.00
231Kilbane KevinIrelandBase card / Midfielders531.67
232Kim Do-HeonSouth KoreaBase card / Midfielders522.50
233Koumas JasonWalesBase card / Midfielders541.25
234Kranjcar NikoCroatiaBase card / Midfielders723.50
235Krzynowek JacekPolandBase card / Midfielders723.50
236Lampard FrankEnglandBase card / Midfielders717.00
237Larsson SebastianSwedenBase card / Midfielders522.50
238Leko JerkoCroatiaBase card / Midfielders623.00
239Lewandowski MariuszPolandBase card / Midfielders818.00
240Linderoth TobiasSwedenBase card / Midfielders623.00
241Makelele ClaudeFranceBase card / Midfielders824.00
242Malouda FlorentFranceBase card / Midfielders818.00
243Mascherano JavierArgentinaBase card / Midfielders616.00
244Mikel John ObiNigeriaBase card / Midfielders717.00
245Mizuno KokiJapanBase card / Midfielders531.67
246Modise TekoSouth AfricaBase card / Midfielders522.50
247Modric LukaCroatiaBase card / Midfielders1226.00
248NaniPortugalBase card / Midfielders818.00
249Park Ji-SungSouth KoreaBase card / Midfielders616.00
250Perez LuisMexicoBase card / Midfielders623.00
251Pienaar StevenSouth AfricaBase card / Midfielders616.00
252Pineda GonzaloMexicoBase card / Midfielders623.00
253Plasil JaroslavCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders522.50
254Polak JanCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders623.00
255Poulsen ChristianDenmarkBase card / Midfielders623.00
256Quashie NigelScotlandBase card / Midfielders531.67
257Rakitic IvanCroatiaBase card / Midfielders616.00
258Reid AndyIrelandBase card / Midfielders541.25
259Reid StevenIrelandBase card / Midfielders522.50
260Riihilahti AkiFinlandBase card / Midfielders623.00
261Riquelme Juan RomanArgentinaBase card / Midfielders616.00
262Rolfes SimonGermanyBase card / Midfielders623.00
263Rosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders616.00
264Saenko IvanRussiaBase card / Midfielders623.00
265Sanli TuncayTurkeyBase card / Midfielders632.00
266Schweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card / Midfielders616.00
267Seedorf ClarenceNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders616.00
268Semak SergeiRussiaBase card / Midfielders522.50
269Senna MarcosSpainBase card / Midfielders723.50
270Silva GilbertoBrazilBase card / Midfielders623.00
271Sionko LiborCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders515.00
272Sneijder WesleyNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders919.00
273Solli Jan GunnarNorwayBase card / Midfielders522.50
274Tainio TeemuFinlandBase card / Midfielders522.50
275Tiago MendesPortugalBase card / Midfielders824.00
276Tiene SiakaCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders531.67
277Toure YayaCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders623.00
278Turan ArdaTurkeyBase card / Midfielders723.50
279Van Bronckhorst GiovanniNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders623.00
280Van Der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders623.00
281Van Heerden ElrioSouth AfricaBase card / Midfielders522.50
282Vayrynen MikaFinlandBase card / Midfielders515.00
283Vieira PatrickFranceBase card / Midfielders919.00
284Vogel JohannSwitzerlandBase card / Midfielders623.00
285Wilhelmsson ChristianSwedenBase card / Midfielders522.50
286XaviSpainBase card / Midfielders723.50
287Yamase KojiJapanBase card / Midfielders522.50
288Zhenyu DuChinaBase card / Midfielders522.50
289Zhirkov YuriRussiaBase card / Midfielders641.50
290Zokora DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders515.00
291Adebayor EmmanuelTogoBase card / Strickers515.00
292AdrianoBrazilBase card / Strickers616.00
293Aiyegbeni YakubuNigeriaBase card / Strickers623.00
294Anelka NicolasFranceBase card / Strickers824.00
295Baros MilanCzech RepublicBase card / Strickers623.00
296Bellamy CraigWalesBase card / Strickers723.50
297Bendtner NicklasDenmarkBase card / Strickers717.00
298Berbatov DimitarBulgariaBase card / Strickers616.00
299Bo QuChinaBase card / Strickers531.67
300Da Silva EduardoCroatiaBase card / Strickers717.00
301Defoe JermainEnglandBase card / Strickers723.50
302Donovan LandonUSABase card / Strickers632.00
303Doyle KevinIrelandBase card / Strickers422.00
304Earnshaw RobertWalesBase card / Strickers522.50
305Fangzhou DongChinaBase card / Strickers522.50
306Feeney WarrenNorthern IrelandBase card / Strickers616.00
307Fonseca FranciscoMexicoBase card / Strickers616.00
308Forssell MikaelFinlandBase card / Strickers632.00
309Frei AlexanderSwitzerlandBase card / Strickers531.67
310Gekas TheofanisGreeceBase card / Strickers623.00
311Gomes NunoPortugalBase card / Strickers919.00
312Healy DavidNorthern IrelandBase card / Strickers431.33
313Iversen SteffenNorwayBase card / Strickers422.00
314Johnson EddieUSABase card / Strickers515.00
315Kahveci NihatTurkeyBase card / Strickers623.00
316Kalou SalomonCôte d'IvoireBase card / Strickers623.00
317Keane RobbieIrelandBase card / Strickers616.00
318Kennedy JoshuaAustraliaBase card / Strickers623.00
319Ki-Hyeon SeolSouth KoreaBase card / Strickers522.50
320Koller JanCzech RepublicBase card / Strickers623.00
321Litmanen JariFinlandBase card / Strickers623.00
322Mahmoud YounisIraqBase card / Strickers522.50
323McCarthy BenniSouth AfricaBase card / Strickers632.00
324McDonald ScottAustraliaBase card / Strickers623.00
325McFadden JamesScotlandBase card / Strickers522.50
326Mutu AdrianRomaniaBase card / Strickers531.67
327Neuville OliverGermanyBase card / Strickers515.00
328O’Connor GarryScotlandBase card / Strickers522.50
329Owen MichaelEnglandBase card / Strickers616.00
330Pavlyuchenko RomanRussiaBase card / Strickers723.50
331Perea EdixonColombiaBase card / Strickers522.50
332Petric MladenCroatiaBase card / Strickers623.00
333Rasiak GrzegorzPolandBase card / Strickers732.33
334Raul GonzálezSpainBase card / Strickers924.50
335RobinhoBrazilBase card / Strickers616.00
336Rodallega HugoColombiaBase card / Strickers531.67
337Rommedahl DennisDenmarkBase card / Strickers623.00
338Rosenberg MarkusSwedenBase card / Strickers623.00
339Samaras GeorgiosGreeceBase card / Strickers522.50
340Shevchenko AndriyUkraineBase card / Strickers717.00
341SimaoPortugalBase card / Strickers818.00
342Sychev DmitriRussiaBase card / Strickers623.00
343Takahara NaohiroJapanBase card / Strickers616.00
344Tamada KeijiJapanBase card / Strickers515.00
345Vorobey AndriyUkraineBase card / Strickers623.00
346Walcott TheoEnglandBase card / Strickers616.00
347Zurawski MaciejPolandBase card / Strickers824.00
348Agbonlahor GabrielEnglandBase card / Future Stars515.00
349Aguero SergioArgentinaBase card / Future Stars717.00
350Aissati IsmailMoroccoBase card / Future Stars515.00
351AndersonBrazilBase card / Future Stars616.00
352Banega EverArgentinaBase card / Future Stars632.00
353Barmpoudis NikolaosGreeceBase card / Future Stars623.00
354Beerens RoyNetherlandsBase card / Future Stars616.00
355Benzema KarimFranceBase card / Future Stars723.50
356Boateng Kevin-PrinceGermanyBase card / Future Stars623.00
357Brown JonathanWalesBase card / Future Stars623.00
358Bruscagin MatteoItalyBase card / Future Stars723.50
359Cattermole LeeEnglandBase card / Future Stars522.50
360Chrisantus MacauleyNigeriaBase card / Future Stars616.00
361Erasmus KermitSouth AfricaBase card / Future Stars431.33
362Fellaini MarouaneBelgiumBase card / Future Stars623.00
363Fiorillo VincenzoItalyBase card / Future Stars723.50
364Fon Williams OwainWalesBase card / Future Stars531.67
365Hart JoeEnglandBase card / Future Stars616.00
366Ibrahim RabiuNigeriaBase card / Future Stars522.50
367Ismodes DamianPeruBase card / Future Stars531.67
368Krkic BojanSpainBase card / Future Stars717.00
369Kroos ToniGermanyBase card / Future Stars717.00
370Lampropoulos VasilisGreeceBase card / Future Stars522.50
371Leiva LucasBrazilBase card / Future Stars623.00
372Mancienne MichaelEnglandBase card / Future Stars522.50
373Mani SapolTogoBase card / Future Stars522.50
374Mattock JoeEnglandBase card / Future Stars522.50
375Morimoto TakayukiJapanBase card / Future Stars531.67
376Moses VictorNigeriaBase card / Future Stars623.00
377Nazarith CristianColombiaBase card / Future Stars616.00
378Noble MarkEnglandBase card / Future Stars522.50
379O’Halloran StephenIrelandBase card / Future Stars422.00
380Pato AlexandreBrazilBase card / Future Stars616.00
381Ramsey AaronWalesBase card / Future Stars616.00
382Ropotan AdrianRomaniaBase card / Future Stars522.50
383Rossi GiuseppeItalyBase card / Future Stars818.00
384Sahin NuriTurkeyBase card / Future Stars623.00
385Sanchez AlexisChileBase card / Future Stars623.00
386Schmeichel KasperDenmarkBase card / Future Stars515.00
387Sears FreddieEnglandBase card / Future Stars522.50
388Sinclair ScottEnglandBase card / Future Stars616.00
389Stokes AnthonyIrelandBase card / Future Stars522.50
390Sturridge DanielEnglandBase card / Future Stars515.00
391Taska MartinEstoniaBase card / Future Stars331.00
392Vaclik TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Future Stars522.50
393Van Der Wiel GregoryNetherlandsBase card / Future Stars623.00
394Vela CarlosMexicoBase card / Future Stars515.00
395Vonlanthen JohanSwitzerlandBase card / Future Stars531.67
396Wheater DavidEnglandBase card / Future Stars515.00
397Zarate MauroArgentinaBase card / Future Stars623.00
398Checklist card 1ChecklistBase card / Checklist616.00
399Checklist card 2ChecklistBase card / Checklist616.00
400Checklist card 3ChecklistBase card / Checklist616.00
BrazilFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards909.00
FP02Drogba Didier
Côte d'IvoireFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards808.00
FP03Gerrard Steven
EnglandFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards808.00
BrazilFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards909.00
FP05Shevchenko Andriy
UkraineFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards10010.00
FP06Henry Thierry
FranceFutera Proof Memorabilia Cards919.00
HER01Adu FreddyUSAHeroes707.00
HER02Alonso XabiSpainHeroes909.00
HER03Ballack MichaelGermanyHeroes10010.00
HER04Bresciano MarkAustraliaHeroes808.00
HER05Buffon GianluigiItalyHeroes12012.00
HER06Cannavaro FabioItalyHeroes10010.00
HER07Carvalho RicardoPortugalHeroes10010.00
HER08Casillas IkerSpainHeroes909.00
HER09Cech PetrCzech RepublicHeroes808.00
HER10Cole JoeEnglandHeroes808.00
HER11Coupet GregoryFranceHeroes808.00
HER13Drogba DidierCôte d'IvoireHeroes808.00
HER14Eboue EmmanuelCôte d'IvoireHeroes707.00
HER15Evra PatriceFranceHeroes808.00
HER16Fabregas CescSpainHeroes808.00
HER17Ferdinand RioEnglandHeroes707.00
HER18Gallas WilliamFranceHeroes909.00
HER19Giggs RyanWalesHeroes808.00
HER20Heinze GabrielArgentinaHeroes707.00
HER21Henry ThierryFranceHeroes11011.00
HER21pHenry Thierry
FranceHeroes / Promo606.00
HER22Ibrahimovic ZlatanSwedenHeroes11011.00
HER23Inzaghi FilippoItalyHeroes11011.00
BrazilHeroes / Promo707.00
HER25Klose MiroslavGermanyHeroes11011.00
HER26Lahm PhilippGermanyHeroes808.00
HER27Marquez RafaelMexicoHeroes707.00
HER28Materazzi MarcoItalyHeroes10010.00
HER29Mellberg OlofSwedenHeroes707.00
HER30Messi LionelArgentinaHeroes13013.00
HER31Nakamura ShunsukeJapanHeroes707.00
HER31pNakamura Shunsuke
JapanHeroes / Promo606.00
HER32Oddo MassimoItalyHeroes909.00
HER33Pirlo AndreaItalyHeroes10010.00
HER34Puyol CarlesSpainHeroes909.00
HER35Robben ArjenNetherlandsHeroes808.00
HER37Ronaldo CristianoPortugalHeroes13013.00
HER37pRonaldo Cristiano
PortugalHeroes / Promo909.00
HER38Rooney WayneEnglandHeroes707.00
HER39Rozehnal DavidCzech RepublicHeroes717.00
HER40Salgado MichelSpainHeroes808.00
HER41Terry JohnEnglandHeroes707.00
HER42Tevez CarlosArgentinaHeroes707.00
HER43Thuram LilianFranceHeroes808.00
HER44Toni LucaItalyHeroes11011.00
HER45Torres FernandoSpainHeroes909.00
HER46van der Sar EdwinNetherlandsHeroes808.00
HER47Van Nistelrooy RuudNetherlandsHeroes707.00
HER48van Persie RobinNetherlandsHeroes808.00
HER49Zambrotta GianlucaItalyHeroes10010.00
HER50Zhi ZhengChinaHeroes707.00
LEG01Adams TonyEnglandLegends808.00
LEG02Daei AliIranLegends707.00
LEG03Baggio RobertoItalyLegends13013.00
LEG04Batistuta GabrielArgentinaLegends11011.00
LEG05Beckenbauer FranzGermanyLegends11011.00
LEG06Beckham DavidEnglandLegends10010.00
LEG07Bergkamp DavidNetherlandsLegends909.00
LEG08Best GeorgeNorthern IrelandLegends808.00
LEG09Bilic SlavenCroatiaLegends707.00
LEG11Cantona EricFranceLegends808.00
LEG12Carlos RobertoBrazilLegends808.00
LEG13Charlton BobbyEnglandLegends909.00
LEG14Cruyff JohanNetherlandsLegends11011.00
LEG15Dalglish KennyScotlandLegends707.00
LEG16Del Piero AlessandroItalyLegends11011.00
LEG17Di Canio PaoloItalyLegends10010.00
LEG18Di Stefano AlfredoItalyLegends13013.00
LEG19Zoff DinoItalyLegends10010.00
LEG21Figo LuisPortugalLegends12012.00
LEG22Gascoigne PaulEnglandLegends808.00
LEG23Gullit RuudNetherlandsLegends10010.00
LEG24Hagi GheorgheRomaniaLegends909.00
LEG25Klinsmann JurgenGermanyLegends11011.00
LEG26Laudrup MichaelDenmarkLegends10010.00
LEG27Ljungberg FredrikSwedenLegends707.00
LEG28Maldini PaoloItalyLegends12012.00
LEG29Maradona DiegoArgentinaLegends13013.00
LEG30Matthaus LotharGermanyLegends12012.00
LEG31Milla RogerCameroonLegends707.00
LEG32Moore BobbyEnglandLegends707.00
LEG33Muller GerdGermanyLegends11011.00
LEG34Nakata HidetoshiJapanLegends707.00
LEG35Rossi PaoloItalyLegends12012.00
LEG37Platini MichelFranceLegends11011.00
LEG38Puskas FerencHungaryLegends12012.00
LEG39Rijkaard FrankNetherlandsLegends10010.00
LEG43Rummenigge Karl-HeinzGermanyLegends10010.00
LEG44Schmeichel PeterDenmarkLegends909.00
LEG45Seaman DavidEnglandLegends808.00
LEG46Trezeguet DavidFranceLegends808.00
LEG47Van Basten MarcoNetherlandsLegends10010.00
LEG49Zidane ZinedineFranceLegends11011.00
LEG50Zola GianfrancoItalyLegends11011.00
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