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Futera World Football Online 2010-2011. Series 2

Futera World Football Online 2010-2011. Series 2

Year: 2010
Total cards: 862

SERIES 2 World Fotoball Online Collection (cotninues from Series 1 Release).

Collection preview (48% scanned images)

collecting: 73 / completed: 4


401Adler RenéGermanyBase card / Goalkeepers741.75
401rAdler RenéGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
402Amelia MarcoItalyBase card / Goalkeepers741.75
402rAmelia MarcoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
403Andersen StephanDenmarkBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
403rAndersen StephanDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
404Arason ÁrniIcelandBase card / Goalkeepers541.25
404rArason ÁrniIcelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
405Benaglio DiegoSwitzerlandBase card / Goalkeepers551.00
405rBenaglio DiegoSwitzerlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
406Bravo ClaudioChileBase card / Goalkeepers741.75
406rBravo ClaudioChileBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
407Carini FabianUruguayBase card / Goalkeepers560.83
407rCarini FabianUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
408Carlos Kameni IdrissCameroonBase card / Goalkeepers641.50
408rCarlos Kameni IdrissCameroonBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
409Carrizo Juan PabloArgentinaBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
409rCarrizo Juan PabloArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
410Cesar JulioBrazilBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
410rCesar JulioBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
411Cevallos José FranciscoEcuadorBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
411rCevallos José FranciscoEcuadorBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
412Chalkias KonstantinosGreeceBase card / Goalkeepers641.50
412rChalkias KonstantinosGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
413Demirel VolkanTurkeyBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
413rDemirel VolkanTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
414EduardoPortugalBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
414rEduardoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
415Ejide AustinNigeriaBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
415rEjide AustinNigeriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
416El-Hadary EssamEgyptBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
416rEl-Hadary EssamEgyptBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
417Enyeama VincentNigeriaBase card / Goalkeepers651.20
417rEnyeama VincentNigeriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
418Fernández RowenSouth AfricaBase card / Goalkeepers641.50
418rFernández RowenSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
419Gabulov VladimirRussiaBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
419rGabulov VladimirRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
420Given ShayIrelandBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
420rGiven ShayIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
421Gomes HeurelhoBrazilBase card / Goalkeepers842.00
421rGomes HeurelhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers717.00
422Gordon CraigScotlandBase card / Goalkeepers651.20
422rGordon CraigScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
423Green RobertEnglandBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
423rGreen RobertEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
424Guzan BradUSABase card / Goalkeepers632.00
424rGuzan BradUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
425Handanovič SamirSloveniaBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
425rHandanovič SamirSloveniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
426Hennessey WayneWalesBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
426rHennessey WayneWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
427Howard TimUSABase card / Goalkeepers723.50
427rHoward TimUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
428Isaksson AndreasSwedenBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
428rIsaksson AndreasSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
429Jaaskelainen JussiFinlandBase card / Goalkeepers641.50
429rJaaskelainen JussiFinlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
430Jaffer Sayed MohammedBahrainBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
430rJaffer Sayed MohammedBahrainBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
431Khune ItumelengSouth AfricaBase card / Goalkeepers651.20
431rKhune ItumelengSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
432Kingson RichardGhanaBase card / Goalkeepers641.50
432rKingson RichardGhanaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
433Mandanda SteveFranceBase card / Goalkeepers824.00
433rMandanda SteveFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
434Myong-Guk RiNorth KoreaBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
434rMyong-Guk RiNorth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
435Narazaki SeigoJapanBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
435rNarazaki SeigoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
436Neuer ManuelGermanyBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
436rNeuer ManuelGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
437Ochoa GuillermoMexicoBase card / Goalkeepers641.50
437rOchoa GuillermoMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
438Pletikosa StipeCroatiaBase card / Goalkeepers824.00
438rPletikosa StipeCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
439Price LewisWalesBase card / Goalkeepers741.75
439rPrice LewisWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
440Proto SilvioBelgiumBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
440rProto SilvioBelgiumBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
441Reina PepeSpainBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
441rReina PepeSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers818.00
442Romero SergioArgentinaBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
442rRomero SergioArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
443Runje VedranCroatiaBase card / Goalkeepers723.50
443rRunje VedranCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
444Schwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card / Goalkeepers623.00
444rSchwarzer MarkAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
445Sorensen ThomasDenmarkBase card / Goalkeepers717.00
445rSorensen ThomasDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers707.00
446Stekelenburg MaartenNetherlandsBase card / Goalkeepers732.33
446rStekelenburg MaartenNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
447Stojković VladimirSerbiaBase card / Goalkeepers741.75
447rStojković VladimirSerbiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
448Valladares NoelHondurasBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
448rValladares NoelHondurasBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
449Villar JustoParaguayBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
449rVillar JustoParaguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers616.00
450Woon-Jae LeeSouth KoreaBase card / Goalkeepers632.00
450rWoon-Jae LeeSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Goalkeepers606.00
451Abe YukiJapanBase card / Defenders651.20
451rAbe YukiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
452Abidal EricFranceBase card / Defenders942.25
452rAbidal EricFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
453Agger DanielDenmarkBase card / Defenders623.00
453rAgger DanielDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
454Alves BrunoPortugalBase card / Defenders623.00
454rAlves BrunoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
455Anyukov AleksandrRussiaBase card / Defenders723.50
455rAnyukov AleksandrRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
456Arbeloa AlvaroSpainBase card / Defenders919.00
456rArbeloa AlvaroSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders808.00
457Atouba ThimothéeCameroonBase card / Defenders732.33
457rAtouba ThimothéeCameroonBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
458Baird ChrisNorthern IrelandBase card / Defenders741.75
458rBaird ChrisNorthern IrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
459Bale GarethWalesBase card / Defenders942.25
459rBale GarethWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
460Beauchamp MichaelAustraliaBase card / Defenders732.33
460rBeauchamp MichaelAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
461Berezutski AlekseiRussiaBase card / Defenders732.33
461rBerezutski AlekseiRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
462Berezutski VasiliRussiaBase card / Defenders741.75
462rBerezutski VasiliRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
463Bocanegra CarlosUSABase card / Defenders632.00
463rBocanegra CarlosUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
464Boka ArthurCôte d'IvoireBase card / Defenders641.50
464rBoka ArthurCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
465Bosacki BartoszPolandBase card / Defenders531.67
465rBosacki BartoszPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
466Bosingwa JosePortugalBase card / Defenders751.40
466rBosingwa JosePortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
467Boulahrouz KhalidNetherlandsBase card / Defenders431.33
467rBoulahrouz KhalidNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
468Bouma WilfredNetherlandsBase card / Defenders651.20
468rBouma WilfredNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
469Caldwell GaryScotlandBase card / Defenders832.67
469rCaldwell GaryScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
470Capdevila JoanSpainBase card / Defenders723.50
470rCapdevila JoanSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders808.00
471Çetin ServetTurkeyBase card / Defenders651.20
471rÇetin ServetTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
472Cherundolo SteveUSABase card / Defenders632.00
472rCherundolo SteveUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
473Clichy GaëlFranceBase card / Defenders832.67
473rClichy GaëlFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
474Collins JamesWalesBase card / Defenders751.40
474rCollins JamesWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
475Corluka VedranCroatiaBase card / Defenders832.67
475rCorluka VedranCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
476Demichelis MartinArgentinaBase card / Defenders641.50
476rDemichelis MartinArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
477Dominguez Julio CesarMexicoBase card / Defenders632.00
477rDominguez Julio CesarMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
478Dong Jin KimSouth KoreaBase card / Defenders641.50
478rDong Jin KimSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
479Dossena AndreaItalyBase card / Defenders761.17
479rDossena AndreaItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
480Du-Ri ChaSouth KoreaBase card / Defenders641.50
480rDu-Ri ChaSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
481Dunne RichardIrelandBase card / Defenders632.00
481rDunne RichardIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
482Emanuelson UrbyNetherlandsBase card / Defenders641.50
482rEmanuelson UrbyNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
483Espinoza GiovannyEcuadorBase card / Defenders741.75
483rEspinoza GiovannyEcuadorBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
484Evans JonnyScotlandBase card / Defenders531.67
484rEvans JonnyScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
485Finnan SteveIrelandBase card / Defenders632.00
485rFinnan SteveIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
486Friedrich ManuelGermanyBase card / Defenders741.75
486rFriedrich ManuelGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
487Fuchs ChristianAustriaBase card / Defenders732.33
487rFuchs ChristianAustriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
488Garics GyorgyAustriaBase card / Defenders632.00
488rGarics GyorgyAustriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
489Gaxa SibonisoSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders632.00
489rGaxa SibonisoSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
490Grygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card / Defenders632.00
490rGrygera ZdenekCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
491Heitinga JohnNetherlandsBase card / Defenders651.20
491rHeitinga JohnNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
492Hutton AlanScotlandBase card / Defenders832.67
492rHutton AlanScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
493Hyypia SamiFinlandBase card / Defenders832.67
493rHyypia SamiFinlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
494Ignashevich SergeiRussiaBase card / Defenders732.33
494rIgnashevich SergeiRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
495Ilunga HéritaCongoBase card / Defenders632.00
495rIlunga HéritaCongoBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
496Ivanović BranislavSerbiaBase card / Defenders632.00
496rIvanović BranislavSerbiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
497Jacobsen LarsDenmarkBase card / Defenders732.33
497rJacobsen LarsDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
498Jankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card / Defenders732.33
498rJankulovski MarekCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
499Jop MariuszPolandBase card / Defenders741.75
499rJop MariuszPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
500JuanBrazilBase card / Defenders732.33
500rJuanBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
501Kelly StephenIrelandBase card / Defenders641.50
501rKelly StephenIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
502Komano YuichiJapanBase card / Defenders531.67
502rKomano YuichiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
503Kovac RobertCroatiaBase card / Defenders741.75
503rKovac RobertCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
504Kuffour SamuelGhanaBase card / Defenders732.33
504rKuffour SamuelGhanaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
505Kyrgiakos SotiriosGreeceBase card / Defenders632.00
505rKyrgiakos SotiriosGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
506Lee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card / Defenders623.00
506rLee Young-PyoSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
507Lichtsteiner StephanSwitzerlandBase card / Defenders632.00
507rLichtsteiner StephanSwitzerlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
508LúcioBrazilBase card / Defenders732.33
508rLúcioBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
509LuisãoBrazilBase card / Defenders632.00
509rLuisãoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
510McCartney GeorgeNorthern IrelandBase card / Defenders632.00
510rMcCartney GeorgeNorthern IrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
511McManus StephenScotlandBase card / Defenders632.00
511rMcManus StephenScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
512Metzelder ChristophGermanyBase card / Defenders832.67
512rMetzelder ChristophGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
513Mhlongo BensonSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders732.33
513rMhlongo BensonSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
514Milito GabrielArgentinaBase card / Defenders832.67
514rMilito GabrielArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
515Mokoena AaronSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders732.33
515rMokoena AaronSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
516Morris NasiefSouth AfricaBase card / Defenders723.50
516rMorris NasiefSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
517Nagatomo YutoJapanBase card / Defenders732.33
517rNagatomo YutoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
518Nakazawa YujiJapanBase card / Defenders632.00
518rNakazawa YujiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
519Nam-Chol PakNorth KoreaBase card / Defenders732.33
519rNam-Chol PakNorth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
520Neill LucasAustraliaBase card / Defenders723.50
520rNeill LucasAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
521North JadeAustraliaBase card / Defenders632.00
521rNorth JadeAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
522Onyewu OguchiUSABase card / Defenders842.00
522rOnyewu OguchiUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders707.00
523Osorio RicardoMexicoBase card / Defenders741.75
523rOsorio RicardoMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders616.00
524Pasanen PetriFinlandBase card / Defenders732.33
524rPasanen PetriFinlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
525PepeBrazilBase card / Defenders842.00
525rPepeBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
526Perea LuisColombiaBase card / Defenders741.75
526rPerea LuisColombiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
527Pogatetz EmanuelAustriaBase card / Defenders732.33
527rPogatetz EmanuelAustriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
528Pranjic DanijelCroatiaBase card / Defenders531.67
528rPranjic DanijelCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
529Ricketts SamWalesBase card / Defenders531.67
529rRicketts SamWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
530Riise John ArneNorwayBase card / Defenders632.00
530rRiise John ArneNorwayBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
531Sagna BacaryFranceBase card / Defenders732.33
531rSagna BacaryFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
532Salcido CarlosMexicoBase card / Defenders531.67
532rSalcido CarlosMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
533Seitaridis GiourkasGreeceBase card / Defenders632.00
533rSeitaridis GiourkasGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
534Senderos PhilippeSwitzerlandBase card / Defenders632.00
534rSenderos PhilippeSwitzerlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
535Simunic JosipCroatiaBase card / Defenders531.67
535rSimunic JosipCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
536Song-Chol NamNorth KoreaBase card / Defenders531.67
536rSong-Chol NamNorth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
537Spector JonathanUSABase card / Defenders632.00
537rSpector JonathanUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
538Stranzl MartinAustriaBase card / Defenders741.75
538rStranzl MartinAustriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
539Tanaka Marcus TulioJapanBase card / Defenders741.75
539rTanaka Marcus TulioJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
540Torosidis VasilisGreeceBase card / Defenders732.33
540rTorosidis VasilisGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
541Ujfalusi TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Defenders741.75
541rUjfalusi TomasCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
542Wasilewski MarcinPolandBase card / Defenders732.33
542rWasilewski MarcinPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
543Wei DuChinaBase card / Defenders751.40
543rWei DuChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
544Wilkshire LukeAustraliaBase card / Defenders632.00
544rWilkshire LukeAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
545Xiang SunChinaBase card / Defenders723.50
545rXiang SunChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders616.00
546Yang CaoChinaBase card / Defenders531.67
546rYang CaoChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
547Yepes MarioColombiaBase card / Defenders632.00
547rYepes MarioColombiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
548Zan GokhanTurkeyBase card / Defenders632.00
548rZan GokhanTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
549Zapata CristianColombiaBase card / Defenders632.00
549rZapata CristianColombiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
550Zoro MarcCôte d'IvoireBase card / Defenders632.00
550rZoro MarcCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Defenders606.00
551Afellay IbrahimNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders732.33
551rAfellay IbrahimNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
552Akale KangaCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders632.00
552rAkale KangaCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
553Akram NashatIraqBase card / Midfielders842.00
553rAkram NashatIraqBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
554Altintop HamitTurkeyBase card / Midfielders741.75
554rAltintop HamitTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
555Appiah StephenGhanaBase card / Midfielders741.75
555rAppiah StephenGhanaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
556Aquilani AlbertoItalyBase card / Midfielders832.67
556rAquilani AlbertoItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
557Beasley DaMarcusUSABase card / Midfielders632.00
557rBeasley DaMarcusUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
558Behrami ValonSwitzerlandBase card / Midfielders632.00
558rBehrami ValonSwitzerlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
559Bilyaletdinov DiniyarRussiaBase card / Midfielders541.25
559rBilyaletdinov DiniyarRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
560Błaszczykowski JakubPolandBase card / Midfielders651.20
560rBłaszczykowski JakubPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
561Bradley MichaelUSABase card / Midfielders541.25
561rBradley MichaelUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
562Bystrov VladimirRussiaBase card / Midfielders741.75
562rBystrov VladimirRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
563Cahill TimAustraliaBase card / Midfielders751.40
563rCahill TimAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
564Cambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card / Midfielders842.00
564rCambiasso EstebanArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
565Castillo SegundoEcuadorBase card / Midfielders641.50
565rCastillo SegundoEcuadorBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
566Cazorla SantiSpainBase card / Midfielders1033.33
566rCazorla SantiSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders808.00
567Chung-Yong LeeSouth KoreaBase card / Midfielders632.00
567rChung-Yong LeeSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
568Culina JasonAustraliaBase card / Midfielders641.50
568rCulina JasonAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
569De Jong NigelNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders651.20
569rDe Jong NigelNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
570De Rossi DanieleItalyBase card / Midfielders851.60
570rDe Rossi DanieleItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
571Dempsey ClintUSABase card / Midfielders632.00
571rDempsey ClintUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
572Diarra MahamadouMaliBase card / Midfielders732.33
572rDiarra MahamadouMaliBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
573Dikgacoi KagishoSouth AfricaBase card / Midfielders732.33
573rDikgacoi KagishoSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
574Duff DamienIrelandBase card / Midfielders732.33
574rDuff DamienIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
575Elm RasmusSwedenBase card / Midfielders751.40
575rElm RasmusSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
576Emerton BrettAustraliaBase card / Midfielders632.00
576rEmerton BrettAustraliaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
577Endō YasuhitoJapanBase card / Midfielders641.50
577rEndō YasuhitoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
578Eremenko RomanFinlandBase card / Midfielders623.00
578rEremenko RomanFinlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
579Fellaini MarouaneBelgiumBase card / Midfielders632.00
579rFellaini MarouaneBelgiumBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
580Flamini MathieuFranceBase card / Midfielders933.00
580rFlamini MathieuFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
581Fletcher DarrenScotlandBase card / Midfielders641.50
581rFletcher DarrenScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
582Gago FernandoArgentinaBase card / Midfielders732.33
582rGago FernandoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
583Gamst Pedersen MortenNorwayBase card / Midfielders641.50
583rGamst Pedersen MortenNorwayBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders623.00
584Garcia LuisSpainBase card / Midfielders832.67
584rGarcia LuisSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders808.00
585González LuchoArgentinaBase card / Midfielders842.00
585rGonzález LuchoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
586Govou SidneyFranceBase card / Midfielders832.67
586rGovou SidneyFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
587Guardado AndresMexicoBase card / Midfielders741.75
587rGuardado AndresMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
588Guarín FredyColombiaBase card / Midfielders741.75
588rGuarín FredyColombiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
589Guerreiro RogerPolandBase card / Midfielders741.75
589rGuerreiro RogerPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
590Haibin ZhouChinaBase card / Midfielders723.50
590rHaibin ZhouChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
591Hitzlsperger ThomasGermanyBase card / Midfielders732.33
591rHitzlsperger ThomasGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
592Inamoto JunichiJapanBase card / Midfielders732.33
592rInamoto JunichiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
593Jankovic BoskoSerbiaBase card / Midfielders632.00
593rJankovic BoskoSerbiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
594Jelen IreneuszPolandBase card / Midfielders732.33
594rJelen IreneuszPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
595Johnson DamienNorthern IrelandBase card / Midfielders632.00
595rJohnson DamienNorthern IrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
596Kahlenberg ThomasDenmarkBase card / Midfielders641.50
596rKahlenberg ThomasDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders717.00
597Karagounis GiorgosGreeceBase card / Midfielders842.00
597rKaragounis GiorgosGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
598Karim MahdiIraqBase card / Midfielders641.50
598rKarim MahdiIraqBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
599Katsouranis KostasGreeceBase card / Midfielders651.20
599rKatsouranis KostasGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
600Kehl SebastianGermanyBase card / Midfielders741.75
600rKehl SebastianGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
601Kranjčar NikoCroatiaBase card / Midfielders942.25
601rKranjčar NikoCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
602Malouda FlorentFranceBase card / Midfielders832.67
602rMalouda FlorentFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
603Matsui DaisukeJapanBase card / Midfielders741.75
603rMatsui DaisukeJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
604McGeady AidenIrelandBase card / Midfielders641.50
604rMcGeady AidenIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
605Melo FelipeBrazilBase card / Midfielders623.00
605rMelo FelipeBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
606Méndez EdisonEcuadorBase card / Midfielders632.00
606rMéndez EdisonEcuadorBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
607Mikel John ObiNigeriaBase card / Midfielders732.33
607rMikel John ObiNigeriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
608Misimović ZvjezdanBosniaBase card / Midfielders661.00
608rMisimović ZvjezdanBosniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
609Modise TekoSouth AfricaBase card / Midfielders651.20
609rModise TekoSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
610Modric LukaCroatiaBase card / Midfielders1343.25
610rModric LukaCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders909.00
611Moutinho JoãoPortugalBase card / Midfielders751.40
611rMoutinho JoãoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
612Nam-Il KimSouth KoreaBase card / Midfielders632.00
612rNam-Il KimSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
613NaniPortugalBase card / Midfielders751.40
613rNaniPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
614Nasri SamirFranceBase card / Midfielders842.00
614rNasri SamirFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
615Pineda GonzaloMexicoBase card / Midfielders641.50
615rPineda GonzaloMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
616Plašil JaroslavCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders632.00
616rPlašil JaroslavCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
617Polak JanCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders623.00
617rPolak JanCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
618Poulsen ChristianDenmarkBase card / Midfielders732.33
618rPoulsen ChristianDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
619Rakitic IvanCroatiaBase card / Midfielders632.00
619rRakitic IvanCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
620Ramsey AaronWalesBase card / Midfielders824.00
620rRamsey AaronWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
621Riise Bjørn HelgeNorwayBase card / Midfielders723.50
621rRiise Bjørn HelgeNorwayBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
622Riquelme Juan RománArgentinaBase card / Midfielders933.00
622rRiquelme Juan RománArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders616.00
623Rolfes SimonGermanyBase card / Midfielders723.50
623rRolfes SimonGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
624Rosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card / Midfielders651.20
624rRosicky TomasCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
625Saenko IvanRussiaBase card / Midfielders522.50
625rSaenko IvanRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
626Sanli TuncayTurkeyBase card / Midfielders632.00
626rSanli TuncayTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
627Sapara MarekSlovakiaBase card / Midfielders924.50
627rSapara MarekSlovakiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders909.00
628Schweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card / Midfielders732.33
628rSchweinsteiger BastianGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
629Semak SergeiRussiaBase card / Midfielders732.33
629rSemak SergeiRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
630Senna MarcosSpainBase card / Midfielders723.50
630rSenna MarcosSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders808.00
631Silva GilbertoBrazilBase card / Midfielders632.00
631rSilva GilbertoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
632Sissoko MohamedMaliBase card / Midfielders632.00
632rSissoko MohamedMaliBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
633Solli Jan GunnarNorwayBase card / Midfielders623.00
633rSolli Jan GunnarNorwayBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
634Srna DarijoCroatiaBase card / Midfielders723.50
634rSrna DarijoCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
635Thomas HendryHondurasBase card / Midfielders623.00
635rThomas HendryHondurasBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
636Tiago MendesPortugalBase card / Midfielders751.40
636rTiago MendesPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
637Tiene SiakaCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders723.50
637rTiene SiakaCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
638Torrado GerardoMexicoBase card / Midfielders641.50
638rTorrado GerardoMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
639Tošić ZoranSerbiaBase card / Midfielders632.00
639rTošić ZoranSerbiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
640Turan ArdaTurkeyBase card / Midfielders842.00
640rTuran ArdaTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
641Tziolis AlexandrosGreeceBase card / Midfielders641.50
641rTziolis AlexandrosGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
642Van Bronckhorst GiovanniNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders824.00
642rVan Bronckhorst GiovanniNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
643Van Der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders732.33
643rVan Der Vaart RafaelNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
644Van Heerden ElrioNetherlandsBase card / Midfielders632.00
644rVan Heerden ElrioNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
645Vayrynen MikaFinlandBase card / Midfielders751.40
645rVayrynen MikaFinlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders707.00
646Vela CarlosMexicoBase card / Midfielders632.00
646rVela CarlosMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
647Zhenyu DuChinaBase card / Midfielders732.33
647rZhenyu DuChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
648Zhirkov YuriRussiaBase card / Midfielders842.00
648rZhirkov YuriRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
649Ziani KarimAlgeriaBase card / Midfielders751.40
649rZiani KarimAlgeriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
650Zokora DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card / Midfielders641.50
650rZokora DidierCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Midfielders606.00
651AdrianoBrazilBase card / Strickers651.20
651rAdrianoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
652Aiyegbeni YakubuNigeriaBase card / Strickers632.00
652rAiyegbeni YakubuNigeriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
653Baros MilanCzech RepublicBase card / Strickers732.33
653rBaros MilanCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers616.00
654Bellamy CraigWalesBase card / Strickers842.00
654rBellamy CraigWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
655Bendtner NicklasDenmarkBase card / Strickers732.33
655rBendtner NicklasDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
656Berbatov DimitarBulgariaBase card / Strickers842.00
656rBerbatov DimitarBulgariaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
657Bo QuChinaBase card / Strickers717.00
657rBo QuChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
658Carew JohnNorwayBase card / Strickers741.75
658rCarew JohnNorwayBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
659Castillo NeryMexicoBase card / Strickers632.00
659rCastillo NeryMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
660Chamakh MarouaneMoroccoBase card / Strickers651.20
660rChamakh MarouaneMoroccoBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
661Chhetri SunilIndiaBase card / Strickers741.75
661rChhetri SunilIndiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
662Chu-Young ParkSouth KoreaBase card / Strickers641.50
662rChu-Young ParkSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
663Colautti RobertoIsraelBase card / Strickers641.50
663rColautti RobertoIsraelBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
664Da Silva EduardoCroatiaBase card / Strickers832.67
664rDa Silva EduardoCroatiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
665Defoe JermainEnglandBase card / Strickers732.33
665rDefoe JermainEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
666Donovan LandonUSABase card / Strickers531.67
666rDonovan LandonUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
667Džeko EdinBosniaBase card / Strickers741.75
667rDžeko EdinBosniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
668Elmander JohanSwedenBase card / Strickers632.00
668rElmander JohanSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
669Franco GuillermoMexicoBase card / Strickers632.00
669rFranco GuillermoMexicoBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
670Frei AlexanderSwitzerlandBase card / Strickers632.00
670rFrei AlexanderSwitzerlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
671Gekas TheofanisGreeceBase card / Strickers832.67
671rGekas TheofanisGreeceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
672Gignac André-PierreFranceBase card / Strickers832.67
672rGignac André-PierreFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
673Gómez MarioGermanyBase card / Strickers723.50
673rGómez MarioGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
674Kahveci NihatTurkeyBase card / Strickers531.67
674rKahveci NihatTurkeyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
675Kalou SalomonCôte d'IvoireBase card / Strickers570.71
675rKalou SalomonCôte d'IvoireBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
676Keane RobbieIrelandBase card / Strickers632.00
676rKeane RobbieIrelandBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
677Ki-Hyeon SeolSouth KoreaBase card / Strickers632.00
677rKi-Hyeon SeolSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
678Krkić BojanSpainBase card / Strickers824.00
678rKrkić BojanSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers909.00
679Lin GaoChinaBase card / Strickers723.50
679rLin GaoChinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
680Mahmoud YounisIraqBase card / Strickers651.20
680rMahmoud YounisIraqBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
681McCarthy BenniSouth AfricaBase card / Strickers641.50
681rMcCarthy BenniSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
682Morimoto TakayukiJapanBase card / Strickers641.50
682rMorimoto TakayukiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
683Mutu AdrianRomaniaBase card / Strickers842.00
683rMutu AdrianRomaniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
684Okazaki ShinjiJapanBase card / Strickers651.20
684rOkazaki ShinjiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers616.00
685Parker BernardSouth AfricaBase card / Strickers741.75
685rParker BernardSouth AfricaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
686Pavlyuchenko RomanRussiaBase card / Strickers832.67
686rPavlyuchenko RomanRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
687Podolski LukasGermanyBase card / Strickers717.00
687rPodolski LukasGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
688RobinhoBrazilBase card / Strickers732.33
688rRobinhoBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
689Rodallega HugoColombiaBase card / Strickers632.00
689rRodallega HugoColombiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
690Rommedahl DennisDenmarkBase card / Strickers651.20
690rRommedahl DennisDenmarkBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers707.00
691Rossi GiuseppeItalyBase card / Strickers832.67
691rRossi GiuseppeItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
692Sánchez AlexisChileBase card / Strickers741.75
692rSánchez AlexisChileBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
693Saviola JavierArgentinaBase card / Strickers751.40
693rSaviola JavierArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
694SimaoPortugalBase card / Strickers632.00
694rSimaoPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
695Suazo DavidHondurasBase card / Strickers632.00
695rSuazo DavidHondurasBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
696Sychev DmitriRussiaBase card / Strickers741.75
696rSychev DmitriRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
697Tamada KeijiJapanBase card / Strickers541.25
697rTamada KeijiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
698Vittek RóbertSlovakiaBase card / Strickers851.60
698rVittek RóbertSlovakiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers808.00
699Voronin AndriyUkraineBase card / Strickers741.75
699rVoronin AndriyUkraineBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
700Žigić NikolaSerbiaBase card / Strickers641.50
700rŽigić NikolaSerbiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Strickers606.00
701Acquafresca RobertItalyBase card / Future Stars832.67
701rAcquafresca RobertItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
702Adeleye DeleNigeriaBase card / Future Stars717.00
702rAdeleye DeleNigeriaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
703Altidore JozyUSABase card / Future Stars717.00
703rAltidore JozyUSABase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
704Asenjo SergioSpainBase card / Future Stars10110.00
704rAsenjo SergioSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars808.00
705Balotelli MarioItalyBase card / Future Stars818.00
705rBalotelli MarioItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
706Berg MarcusSwedenBase card / Future Stars717.00
706rBerg MarcusSwedenBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
707Busquets SergioSpainBase card / Future Stars919.00
707rBusquets SergioSpainBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars808.00
708Collison JackWalesBase card / Future Stars723.50
708rCollison JackWalesBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
709Costa DouglasBrazilBase card / Future Stars616.00
709rCosta DouglasBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars808.00
710Delph FabianEnglandBase card / Future Stars623.00
710rDelph FabianEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
711Dimitrovski VladimirMacedoniaBase card / Future Stars623.00
711rDimitrovski VladimirMacedoniaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
712Elia EljeroNetherlandsBase card / Future Stars832.67
712rElia EljeroNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars707.00
713Fleck JohnScotlandBase card / Future Stars632.00
713rFleck JohnScotlandBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
714García SantiagoArgentinaBase card / Future Stars632.00
714rGarcía SantiagoArgentinaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
715Gueye MagayeSenegalBase card / Future Stars723.50
715rGueye MagayeSenegalBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
716Gunter ChrisGermanyBase card / Future Stars723.50
716rGunter ChrisGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars707.00
717Hazard EdenBelgiumBase card / Future Stars717.00
717rHazard EdenBelgiumBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars707.00
718Heidenreich JakubCzech RepublicBase card / Future Stars632.00
718rHeidenreich JakubCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
719Ibrahim KhalfanQatarBase card / Future Stars651.20
719rIbrahim KhalfanQatarBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
720Janmaat DarylNetherlandsBase card / Future Stars741.75
720rJanmaat DarylNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
721Jovetić StevanMontenegroBase card / Future Stars632.00
721rJovetić StevanMontenegroBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
722Kagawa ShinjiJapanBase card / Future Stars751.40
722rKagawa ShinjiJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
723Khalil AhmedUAEBase card / Future Stars732.33
723rKhalil AhmedUAEBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
724LeandroBrazilBase card / Future Stars732.33
724rLeandroBrazilBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
725Lewandowski RobertPolandBase card / Future Stars11011.00
725rLewandowski RobertPolandBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars11011.00
726Lodeiro NicolásUruguayBase card / Future Stars632.00
726rLodeiro NicolásUruguayBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
727Logashov ArseniyRussiaBase card / Future Stars732.33
727rLogashov ArseniyRussiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
728Mazuch OndřejCzech RepublicBase card / Future Stars632.00
728rMazuch OndřejCzech RepublicBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
729N’Gog DavidFranceBase card / Future Stars832.67
729rN’Gog DavidFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
730Obertan GabrielFranceBase card / Future Stars924.50
730rObertan GabrielFranceBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
731Opare DanielGhanaBase card / Future Stars632.00
731rOpare DanielGhanaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
732Özil MesutGermanyBase card / Future Stars1025.00
732rÖzil MesutGermanyBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars808.00
733Patrício RuiPortugalBase card / Future Stars723.50
733rPatrício RuiPortugalBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars707.00
734Rodwell JackEnglandBase card / Future Stars741.75
734rRodwell JackEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
735Sahar BenIsraelBase card / Future Stars651.20
735rSahar BenIsraelBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
736Sako BakaryMaliBase card / Future Stars632.00
736rSako BakaryMaliBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
737Santon DavideItalyBase card / Future Stars824.00
737rSanton DavideItalyBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars616.00
738Staw LasseNorwayBase card / Future Stars651.20
738rStaw LasseNorwayBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
739Sung-Yueng KiSouth KoreaBase card / Future Stars732.33
739rSung-Yueng KiSouth KoreaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
740Uchida AtsutoJapanBase card / Future Stars732.33
740rUchida AtsutoJapanBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
741Van der Heijden Jan-ArieNetherlandsBase card / Future Stars623.00
741rVan der Heijden Jan-ArieNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
742Velthuizen PietNetherlandsBase card / Future Stars632.00
742rVelthuizen PietNetherlandsBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
743Weiss VladimírSlovakiaBase card / Future Stars842.00
743rWeiss VladimírSlovakiaBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars808.00
744Wilshere JackEnglandBase card / Future Stars732.33
744rWilshere JackEnglandBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars606.00
745Witsel AxelBelgiumBase card / Future Stars832.67
745rWitsel AxelBelgiumBase card Ruby Parallel / Future Stars707.00
746Checklist 1ChecklistBase card / Checklist623.00
746rChecklist 1ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist606.00
747Checklist 2ChecklistBase card / Checklist632.00
747rChecklist 2ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist606.00
748Checklist 3ChecklistBase card / Checklist632.00
748rChecklist 3ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist606.00
749Checklist 4ChecklistBase card / Checklist623.00
749rChecklist 4ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist606.00
750Checklist 5ChecklistBase card / Checklist632.00
750rChecklist 5ChecklistBase card Ruby Parallel / Checklist606.00
HER51Adebayor EmmanuelTogoHeroes717.00
HER52Aguero SergioArgentinaHeroes717.00
HER53Akinfeev IgorRussiaHeroes818.00
HER54Alves DaniBrazilHeroes818.00
HER55Anelka NicolasFranceHeroes818.00
HER56Arshavin AndreyRussiaHeroes717.00
HER57Benayoun YossiIsraelHeroes717.00
HER58Benzema KarimFranceHeroes818.00
HER59Boruc ArturPolandHeroes818.00
HER60Chiellini GiorgioItalyHeroes10110.00
HER61Chygrynskiy DmytroUkraineHeroes717.00
HER62Cole AshleyEnglandHeroes723.50
HER63Diarra LassanaFranceHeroes818.00
HER64Essien MichaelGhanaHeroes717.00
HER65Eto’o SamuelCameroonHeroes818.00
HER66Fabiano LuisBrazilHeroes717.00
HER67Fallon RoryNew ZealandHeroes717.00
HER68Forlan DiegoUruguayHeroes717.00
HER69Gattuso GennaroItalyHeroes10110.00
HER70Gerrard StevenEnglandHeroes818.00
HER71Gourcuff YoannFranceHeroes919.00
HER72Hamšík MarekSlovakiaHeroes924.50
HER73Hangeland BredeNorwayHeroes723.50
HER74Hasebe MakotoJapanHeroes723.50
HER75Huntelaar Klaas-JanNetherlandsHeroes717.00
HER76Iniesta AndrésSpainHeroes12112.00
HER77Kanoute FrédéricMaliHeroes723.50
HER78Keita SeydouMaliHeroes919.00
HER79Kewell HarryAustraliaHeroes732.33
HER80Lampard FrankEnglandHeroes717.00
HER82Mascherano JavierArgentinaHeroes818.00
HER83Owen MichaelEnglandHeroes717.00
HER84Palacios WilsonHondurasHeroes824.00
HER85Park Ji-SungSouth KoreaHeroes717.00
HER86Paston MarkNew ZealandHeroes717.00
HER87Pato AlexandreBrazilHeroes717.00
HER88Pienaar StevenSouth AfricaHeroes717.00
HER89Pique GerardSpainHeroes11111.00
HER90Ramos SergioSpainHeroes12112.00
HER91Ribery FranckFranceHeroes919.00
HER92Silva DavidSpainHeroes11111.00
HER93Sneijder WesleyNetherlandsHeroes919.00
HER94Toure YayaCôte d'IvoireHeroes717.00
HER95Toure KoloCôte d'IvoireHeroes723.50
HER96Tymoshchuk AnatoliyUkraineHeroes919.00
HER97Valencia AntonioEcuadorHeroes717.00
HER98Vidic NemanjiSerbiaHeroes717.00
HER99Villa DavidSpainHeroes11111.00
HERSP01Adu FreddyUSASpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP02Alonso XabiSpainSpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP03Ballack MichaelGermanySpecial Edition Heroes909.00
HERSP04Bresciano MarkAustraliaSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP05Buffon GianluigiItalySpecial Edition Heroes12012.00
HERSP06Cannavaro FabioItalySpecial Edition Heroes12012.00
HERSP07Carvalho RicardoPortugalSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP08Casillas IkerSpainSpecial Edition Heroes11011.00
HERSP09Cech PetrCzech RepublicSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP10Cole JoeEnglandSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP11Coupet GregoryFranceSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP12DecoPortugalSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP13Drogba DidierCôte d'IvoireSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP14Eboue EmmanuelCôte d'IvoireSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP15Evra PatriceFranceSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP16Fabregas CescSpainSpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP17Ferdinand RioEnglandSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP18Gallas WilliamFranceSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP19Giggs RyanWalesSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP20Heinze GabrielArgentinaSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP21Henry ThierryFranceSpecial Edition Heroes909.00
HERSP22Ibrahimovic ZlatanSwedenSpecial Edition Heroes12012.00
HERSP23Inzaghi FilippoItalySpecial Edition Heroes909.00
HERSP24KakaBrazilSpecial Edition Heroes909.00
HERSP25Klose MiroslavGermanySpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP26Lahm PhilippGermanySpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP27Marquez RafaelMexicoSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP28Materazzi MarcoItalySpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP29Mellberg OlofSwedenSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP30Messi LionelArgentinaSpecial Edition Heroes13013.00
HERSP31Nakamura ShunsukeJapanSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP32Oddo MassimoItalySpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP33Pirlo AndreaItalySpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP34Puyol CarlesSpainSpecial Edition Heroes12012.00
HERSP35Robben ArjenNetherlandsSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP36RonaldinhoBrazilSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP37Ronaldo CristianoPortugalSpecial Edition Heroes12012.00
HERSP38Rooney WayneEnglandSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP39Rozehnal DavidCzech RepublicSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP40Salgado MichelSpainSpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP41Terry JohnEnglandSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP42Tevez CarlosArgentinaSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP43Thuram LilianFranceSpecial Edition Heroes909.00
HERSP44Toni LucaItalySpecial Edition Heroes11011.00
HERSP45Torres FernandoSpainSpecial Edition Heroes11011.00
HERSP46Edwin van der SarNetherlandsSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
HERSP47Van Nistelrooy RuudNetherlandsSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP48van Persie RobinNetherlandsSpecial Edition Heroes707.00
HERSP49Zambrotta GianlucaItalySpecial Edition Heroes10010.00
HERSP50Zhi ZhengChinaSpecial Edition Heroes808.00
LEG51Ayala RobertoArgentinaLegends707.00
LEG52Banks GordonEnglandLegends707.00
LEG53Baresi FrancoItalyLegends10010.00
LEG54Campbell SolEnglandLegends707.00
LEG55Chilavert José LuisParaguayLegends808.00
LEG56Costacurta AlessandroItalyLegends11011.00
LEG57Davids EdgarNetherlandsLegends818.00
LEG58Fontaine JustFranceLegends707.00
LEG59Francescoli EnzoUruguayLegends707.00
LEG61Ginola DavidFranceLegends808.00
LEG62Hansen AlanScotlandLegends707.00
LEG63Hassan HossamEgyptLegends707.00
LEG64Kanu NwankwoNigeriaLegends808.00
LEG65Keane RoyIrelandLegends707.00
LEG66Kempes MarioArgentinaLegends909.00
LEG67Lalas AlexiUSALegends909.00
LEG68Lineker GaryEnglandLegends10010.00
LEG69Litmanen JariFinlandLegends919.00
LEG70Matthews StanleyEnglandLegends707.00
LEG71McGrath PaulIrelandLegends707.00
LEG72Ming LiChinaLegends808.00
LEG73Miura KazuyoshiJapanLegends707.00
LEG74Myung-Bo HongSouth KoreaLegends707.00
LEG75Nadal Miguel ÁngelSpainLegends10010.00
LEG76Nedvěd PavelCzech RepublicLegends808.00
LEG77Neeskens JohanNetherlandsLegends707.00
LEG78Nesta AlessandroItalyLegends10010.00
LEG79Nkono ThomasCameroonLegends808.00
LEG80Papin Jean-PierreFranceLegends10010.00
LEG81Passarella DanielArgentinaLegends808.00
LEG82Petit EmmanuelFranceLegends808.00
LEG83Radebe LucasSouth AfricaLegends707.00
LEG84Raul GonzálezSpainLegends10010.00
LEG85Rush IanWalesLegends707.00
LEG86Salas MarceloChileLegends818.00
LEG87Sánchez HugoMexicoLegends707.00
LEG88Schillaci SalvatoreItalyLegends909.00
LEG89Shearer AlanEnglandLegends808.00
LEG90Shevchenko AndriyUkraineLegends909.00
LEG92Stoichkov HristoBulgariaLegends909.00
LEG93Šuker DavorCroatiaLegends808.00
LEG94Totti FrancescoItalyLegends10010.00
LEG95Vieira PatrickFranceLegends808.00
LEG96Weah GeorgeLiberiaLegends808.00
LEG97Yashin LevUSSRLegends909.00
LEG98Yorke DwightTrinidad and TobagoLegends707.00
LEG99Zamorano IvánChileLegends909.00
LEG100Zanetti JavierArgentinaLegends909.00
SH01Buffon Gianluigi
ItalyMemorabilia Cards10010.00
SH02Cech Petr
Czech RepublicMemorabilia Cards808.00
BrazilMemorabilia Cards10010.00
BrazilMemorabilia Cards909.00
SH05Ronaldo Cristiano
PortugalMemorabilia Cards12012.00
SH06Tevez Carlos
ArgentinaMemorabilia Cards808.00
SH07Torres Fernando
SpainMemorabilia Cards12012.00
SL01Beckham David
EnglandMemorabilia Cards909.00
SL02Carlos Roberto
BrazilMemorabilia Cards707.00
SL03Del Piero Alessandro
ItalyMemorabilia Cards11011.00
SL04Maldini Paolo
ItalyMemorabilia Cards11011.00
SL05Trezeguet David
FranceMemorabilia Cards808.00
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