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German DEL 1998-1999

German DEL 1998-1999

Year: 1998
Total cards: 344

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1Burke MurphyRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Gold000.00
2Marc SeligerRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Gold000.00
3Jason ClarkRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Silber000.00
4Mike McNeillRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Silber000.00
5Norm BathersonRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Silber000.00
6Jeff SebastianRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Bronze000.00
7Phil HuberRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Bronze000.00
8Todd WetzelRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Bronze000.00
9Jesper MorinRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card / Bronze000.00
10Marc PethkeRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
11Jacek PlachtaRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
12Marcus AdolfssonRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
13Christian SchmitzRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
14Bob MarshallRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
15Peter LutterRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
16Stefan MayerRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
17Daniel KörberRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
18Carsten GosdeckRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
19Jiri KochtaRevier Löwen OberhausenBase card000.00
20Petri LiimatainenKrefeld PinguineBase card / Gold000.00
21Thomas BrandlKrefeld PinguineBase card / Gold000.00
22Andrej KovalevKrefeld PinguineBase card / Silber000.00
23Johnny WalkerKrefeld PinguineBase card / Silber000.00
24Neil EisenhutKrefeld PinguineBase card / Silber000.00
25Karel LangKrefeld PinguineBase card / Bronze000.00
26Marek StebnickiKrefeld PinguineBase card / Bronze000.00
27Chris BartoloneKrefeld PinguineBase card / Bronze000.00
28John van KesselKrefeld PinguineBase card / Bronze000.00
29Lars BrüggemannKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
30Jayson MeyerKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
31Reemt PykaKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
32Mark PedersonKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
33Veli-Pekka KautonenKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
34Tommie HartogsKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
35Frantisek FroschKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
36Leo van den ThillartKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
37Vitali KaramnovKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
38Stephane BarinKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
39Roger NordströmKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
40Robert OuelletKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
41Doug MasonKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
42Francois GuayKassel HuskiesBase card / Gold000.00
43Greg JohnstonKassel HuskiesBase card / Gold000.00
44Greg EvtushevskiKassel HuskiesBase card / Silber000.00
45Shane PeacockKassel HuskiesBase card / Silber000.00
46Chris RoglesKassel HuskiesBase card / Silber000.00
47Günter OswaldKassel HuskiesBase card / Bronze000.00
48Jukka SeppoKassel HuskiesBase card / Bronze000.00
49Jürgen RumrichKassel HuskiesBase card / Bronze000.00
50Roger HanssonKassel HuskiesBase card / Bronze000.00
51Stephane RobitailleKassel HuskiesBase card / Bronze000.00
52Örjan LindmarkKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
53Jeff MacLeodKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
54Alexander WedlKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
55Jochen MollingKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
56Paul CohenKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
57Daniel KreutzerKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
58Nikolaus MondtKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
59John LilleyKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
60Roland RamoserKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
61Thomas DolakKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
62Tino BoosKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
63Tobias AbstreiterKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
64Hans ZachKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
65Petr BrizaEV LandshutBase card / Top000.00
66Wallace SchreiberEV LandshutBase card / Gold000.00
67Chris LuongoEV LandshutBase card / Gold000.00
68Dean EvasonEV LandshutBase card / Silber000.00
69David BruceEV LandshutBase card / Silber000.00
70Peter DourisEV LandshutBase card / Silber000.00
71Jason HerterEV LandshutBase card / Bronze000.00
72Jörg HandrickEV LandshutBase card / Bronze000.00
73Rob MurphyEV LandshutBase card / Bronze000.00
74Mike CasselmannEV LandshutBase card / Bronze000.00
75Steve JunkerEV LandshutBase card000.00
76Zbynek KukackaEV LandshutBase card000.00
77Mark KrysEV LandshutBase card000.00
78Markus WielandEV LandshutBase card000.00
79Evan MarbleEV LandshutBase card000.00
80Jari KorpisaloEV LandshutBase card000.00
81Peter GuldaEV LandshutBase card000.00
82Bob JoyceEV LandshutBase card000.00
83Johan RosenEV LandshutBase card000.00
84Christian KünastEV LandshutBase card000.00
85Olli KaskiEV LandshutBase card000.00
86Chris ValentineEV LandshutBase card000.00
87Corey MillenKölner HaieBase card / Top000.00
88Tomas ForslundKölner HaieBase card / Gold000.00
89Bruno ZarrilloKölner HaieBase card / Gold000.00
90Igor AlexandrovKölner HaieBase card / Silber000.00
91Bob HalkidisKölner HaieBase card / Silber000.00
92Petri VarisKölner HaieBase card / Silber000.00
93Joseph HeissKölner HaieBase card / Silber000.00
94Greg BrownKölner HaieBase card / Bronze000.00
95Dwayne NorrisKölner HaieBase card / Bronze000.00
96Mirko LüdemannKölner HaieBase card / Bronze000.00
97John MinerKölner HaieBase card / Bronze000.00
98Boris RoussonKölner HaieBase card / Bronze000.00
99Craig WoodcroftKölner HaieBase card000.00
100Jörg MayrKölner HaieBase card000.00
101Steve WilsonKölner HaieBase card000.00
102Rainer ZerweszKölner HaieBase card000.00
103Brian McReynoldsKölner HaieBase card000.00
104Andreas LupzigKölner HaieBase card000.00
105Giuseppe BusilloKölner HaieBase card000.00
106Jeff RicciardiKölner HaieBase card000.00
107Mike HartmanKölner HaieBase card000.00
108Timo LahtinenKölner HaieBase card000.00
109Stephane MorinBerlin CapitalsBase card / Top000.00
110Paul BrotenBerlin CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
111Robert GuilletBerlin CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
112Clayton BeddoesBerlin CapitalsBase card / Silber000.00
113Robert CimettaBerlin CapitalsBase card / Silber000.00
114Dave MacIntyreBerlin CapitalsBase card / Silber000.00
115Johan NorgrenBerlin CapitalsBase card / Bronze000.00
116Todd NelsonBerlin CapitalsBase card / Bronze000.00
117Guy PhillipsBerlin CapitalsBase card / Bronze000.00
118Craig MartinBerlin CapitalsBase card / Bronze000.00
119Parris DuffusBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
120Christian BrittigBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
121Thomas SchinkoBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
122Mario GehrigBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
123Fredrik YtfeldtBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
124Lawrence RucchinBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
125Heinz EhlersBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
126Heinrich SchifflBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
127Sylvain CouturierBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
128Hakan GaliamoutsasBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
129David BergeBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
130Marc SavardBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
131Dale McCourtBerlin CapitalsBase card000.00
132Jukka TammiFrankfurt LionsBase card / Top000.00
133Chris SnellFrankfurt LionsBase card / Gold000.00
134John ChabotFrankfurt LionsBase card / Gold000.00
135Len BarrieFrankfurt LionsBase card / Silber000.00
136Ilja VorobjevFrankfurt LionsBase card / Silber000.00
137Steve PalmerFrankfurt LionsBase card / Silber000.00
138Fabrice LhenryFrankfurt LionsBase card / Bronze000.00
139Rob DoyleFrankfurt LionsBase card / Bronze000.00
140Victor GervaisFrankfurt LionsBase card / Bronze000.00
141Jose CharbonneauFrankfurt LionsBase card / Bronze000.00
142Thorsten ApelFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
143Michael BresagkFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
144Rick HaywardFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
145Phil von StefenelliFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
146Martin WilliamsFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
147Toni PorkkaFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
148Jean-Marc RichardFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
149Douglas KirtonFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
150Joel SavageFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
151Ralf HantschkeFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
152Ken QuinneyFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
153Marcus BleicherFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
154Bob MannoFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
155Rob CowieEisbären BerlinBase card / Top000.00
156Mike BullardEisbären BerlinBase card / Gold000.00
157Maren ValentiEisbären BerlinBase card / Gold000.00
158Sven FelskiEisbären BerlinBase card / Silber000.00
159Andrew McKimEisbären BerlinBase card / Silber000.00
160Derek MayerEisbären BerlinBase card / Silber000.00
161Niklas HedeEisbären BerlinBase card / Silber000.00
162Thomas SteenEisbären BerlinBase card / Bronze000.00
163Mario BrunettaEisbären BerlinBase card / Bronze000.00
164Marc FortierEisbären BerlinBase card / Bronze000.00
165Thomas RhodinEisbären BerlinBase card / Bronze000.00
166Nico PykaEisbären BerlinBase card / Bronze000.00
167Chris GovedarisEisbären BerlinBase card / Bronze000.00
168Lorenz FunkEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
169Florian FunkEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
170Yvon CorriveauEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
171Mikael WahlbergEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
172Darren DurdleEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
173Pelle SvenssonEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
174Greg AndrusakEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
175Leif CarlssonEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
176Andreas BrockmannEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
177Rob LeaskEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
178Mario ChitarroniEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
179Chad BiaforeEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
180Peter John LeeEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
181Len SoccioHannover ScorpionsBase card / Top000.00
182Jason LafreniereHannover ScorpionsBase card / Gold000.00
183Joe WestHannover ScorpionsBase card / Gold000.00
184Brent TullyHannover ScorpionsBase card / Silber000.00
185Mark KosturikHannover ScorpionsBase card / Silber000.00
186David HaasHannover ScorpionsBase card / Silber000.00
187Darcy MartiniHannover ScorpionsBase card / Bronze000.00
188Gary LeemanHannover ScorpionsBase card / Bronze000.00
189Lee DavidsonHannover ScorpionsBase card / Bronze000.00
190Scott MetcalfeHannover ScorpionsBase card / Bronze000.00
191Tom PedersonHannover ScorpionsBase card / Bronze000.00
192Francois GravelHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
193Björn LeonhardtHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
194Mike JohnsonHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
195Claudio ScreminHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
196Mike WareHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
197Jürgen TrattnerHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
198Dan CurrieHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
199Patrick CurcioHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
200Patrick SengerHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
201Frank Di MuzioHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
202Kevin GaudetHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
203Mark MacKaySchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Top000.00
204Claude VilgrainSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Gold000.00
205Rich ChernomazSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Gold000.00
206Daniel LaperriereSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Silber000.00
207Wayne HynesSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Silber000.00
208Todd HarkinsSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Silber000.00
209Scott McCrorySchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Bronze000.00
210Andy RymshaSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Bronze000.00
211Daniel NowakSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Bronze000.00
212Andy SchneiderSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card / Bronze000.00
213David MarcinyshynSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
214Marc LanielSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
215Guy LehouxSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
216Matthias VaterSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
217Jens StramkowskiSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
218Alexander DexheimerSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
219Mark BassenSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
220Steffen KargSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
221Randy PerrySchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
222Robert SchistadSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
223Andreas RenzSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
224Matthias HoppeSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
225Ron IvanySchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
226Philippe BozonAdler MannheimBase card / Top000.00
227Dave TomlinsonAdler MannheimBase card / Gold000.00
228Stephane RicherAdler MannheimBase card / Gold000.00
229Paul StantonAdler MannheimBase card / Silber000.00
230Pavel GrossAdler MannheimBase card / Silber000.00
231Christian PougetAdler MannheimBase card / Silber000.00
232Jackson PenneyAdler MannheimBase card / Silber000.00
233Gordon HynesAdler MannheimBase card / Bronze000.00
234Jason YoungAdler MannheimBase card / Bronze000.00
235Alexander SerikowAdler MannheimBase card / Bronze000.00
236Mike StevensAdler MannheimBase card / Bronze000.00
237Mike PellegrimsAdler MannheimBase card / Bronze000.00
238Reid SimontonAdler MannheimBase card000.00
239Christian LukesAdler MannheimBase card000.00
240Ron PascoAdler MannheimBase card000.00
241Mike HudsonAdler MannheimBase card000.00
242Denis PerezAdler MannheimBase card000.00
243Sven RampfAdler MannheimBase card000.00
244Danny LorenzAdler MannheimBase card000.00
245Brian TuttAdler MannheimBase card000.00
246Jan AlstonAdler MannheimBase card000.00
247Lance NetheryAdler MannheimBase card000.00
248Sergio MomessoNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Top000.00
249Andrej MezinNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Gold000.00
250Jarno PeltonenNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Silber000.00
251Martin ReichelNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Silber000.00
252Sergej StasNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Silber000.00
253Martin JiranekNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Bronze000.00
254Jason MillerNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Bronze000.00
255Jozef CiernyNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Bronze000.00
256Liam GarveyNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Bronze000.00
257Kevin GrantNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Bronze000.00
258Chris StraubeNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
259Heiko SmazalNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
260Vadim ShakhraitchukNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
261Leszek LaszkiewiczNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
262Sven ValentiNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
263Michel ValliereNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
264Per LundellNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
265Dimitri DudikNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
266Daniel KunceNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
267Ivan DroppaNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
268Peter IhnacakNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
269Harald BirkAugsburger PantherBase card / Gold000.00
270Bradley BergenAugsburger PantherBase card / Gold000.00
271Pierre RiouxAugsburger PantherBase card / Silber000.00
272Jim CamazzolaAugsburger PantherBase card / Silber000.00
273Klaus MerkAugsburger PantherBase card / Silber000.00
274Rick GirardAugsburger PantherBase card / Bronze000.00
275Andre FaustAugsburger PantherBase card / Bronze000.00
276Hakan AhlundAugsburger PantherBase card / Bronze000.00
277Kyösti KarjalainenAugsburger PantherBase card / Bronze000.00
278Leonardo ContiAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
279Leo GudasAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
280Mathias AhxnerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
281Francois GroleauAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
282Michael BakosAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
283Alan ReaderAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
284Nordin HarfaouiAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
285Dale CraigwellAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
286Dimitri GrömlingAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
287Duanne MoeserAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
288Tommy JakobsenAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
289Patrik DegerstedtAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
290Greg BullockAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
291Gunnar LeidborgAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
292Dieter HegenStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Gold000.00
293Derek CormierStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Gold000.00
294Jim HillerStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Silber000.00
295Gordon ShervenStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Silber000.00
296Eric MuranaStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Silber000.00
297Robert MüllerStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Bronze000.00
298Klaus KathanStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Bronze000.00
299Raimond HilgerStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Bronze000.00
300Christian Due-BojeStar Bulls RosenheimBase card / Bronze000.00
301Jesper DuusStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
302Michael PohlStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
303Bernd KühnhauserStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
304Frank HohenadlStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
305Alexander JansenStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
306Teemu SillanpääStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
307Hans AbrahamssonStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
308Claus DalpiazStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
309Kari HaakanaStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
310Christian GegenfurtnerStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
311Peter OttossonStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
312Wolfgang KummerStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
313Beppi EckmairStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
314Gerhard BrunnerStar Bulls RosenheimBase card000.00
315Mirko Lüdemann-Nationalmannschaft000.00
316Sven Felski-Nationalmannschaft000.00
317Reemt Pyka-Nationalmannschaft000.00
318Jörg Mayr-Nationalmannschaft000.00
319Michael Bresagk-Nationalmannschaft000.00
320Andreas Lupzig-Nationalmannschaft000.00
321Jürgen Rumrich-Nationalmannschaft000.00
322Josef Lehner-Nationalmannschaft000.00
323Peter Draisaitl-Nationalmannschaft000.00
324Leo Stefan-Nationalmannschaft000.00
325Joseph Heiss-Nationalmannschaft000.00
326Klaus Kathan-Nationalmannschaft000.00
327Klaus Merk-Nationalmannschaft000.00
328Peter Gulda-Nationalmannschaft000.00
329Daniel Nowak-Nationalmannschaft000.00
330Bradley Bergen-Nationalmannschaft000.00
331Thomas Dolak-Nationalmannschaft000.00
332Martin Reichel-Nationalmannschaft000.00
333Alexander Serikow-Nationalmannschaft000.00
334Harald Birk-Nationalmannschaft000.00
335Michael Bakos-Nationalmannschaft000.00
336Mario Gehrig-Nationalmannschaft000.00
337Mark MacKay-Nationalmannschaft000.00
338Dieter Hegen-Nationalmannschaft000.00
339Hans Zach-Nationalmannschaft000.00
340Erich Kühnhackl-Nationalmannschaft000.00
341Ernst Höfner-Nationalmannschaft000.00
DSF1Gerhard Leinauer-DSF-Moderatoren000.00
DSF2Rick Amann-DSF-Moderatoren000.00
DSF3Claus Müller-DSF-Moderatoren000.00
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