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GOLDEN WONDER World Cup Soccer All Stars 1978

GOLDEN WONDER World Cup Soccer All Stars 1978

Year: 1978
Total cards: 36

Collection preview (69% scanned images)

collecting: 13 / completed: 2


1Daniel BertoniArgentinaBase card522.50
2Jan PetersNetherlandsBase card515.00
3Don MassonScotlandBase card623.00
4Grzegorz LatoPolandBase card623.00
5Roberto RivelinoBrazilBase card632.00
6MigueliSpainBase card616.00
7Manfred KaltzWest GermanyBase card616.00
8Danny McGrainScotlandBase card616.00
9ZicoBrazilBase card531.67
10Mario KempesArgentinaBase card632.00
11Roberto BettegaItalyBase card623.00
12Kaz DeynaPolandBase card422.00
13Michel PlatiniFranceBase card515.00
14Emerson LeaoBrazilBase card515.00
15Tibor NyilasiHungaryBase card623.00
16Willie JohnstonScotlandBase card515.00
17Sadok AttougaTunisiaBase card531.67
18Giacinto FacchettiItalyBase card531.67
19Franco CausioItalyBase card623.00
20Berti VogtsWest GermanyBase card616.00
21Dominique RocheteauFranceBase card522.50
22Hans KranklAustriaBase card522.50
23Rob RensenbrinkNetherlandsBase card632.00
24Rene HousemanArgentinaBase card422.00
25Bruce RiochScotlandBase card515.00
26Ali ParvinIranBase card723.50
27Victor RangelMexicoBase card522.50
28Giancarlo AntognoniItalyBase card515.00
29Oswaldo RamirezPeruBase card522.50
30Joe JordanScotlandBase card616.00
31Bjorn NordqvistSwedenBase card422.00
32Sepp MaierWest GermanyBase card531.67
33Ruud KrolNetherlandsBase card541.25
34Kenny DalglishScotlandBase card623.00
35Klaus FischerWest GermanyBase card641.50
36Luis PereiraBrazilBase card541.25
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