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Hero Factory Ice Age

Hero Factory Ice Age

Year: 2002
Total cards: 84

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1diegoIce PuzzleBase card101.00
2traveling heroesIce PuzzleBase card101.00
3mannyIce PuzzleBase card101.00
4sidIce PuzzleBase card101.00
5roshanIce PuzzleBase card101.00
6ice age mammalIce PuzzleBase card101.00
7saber-toothed tigerIce PuzzleBase card101.00
8slothIce PuzzleBase card101.00
9mammothIce PuzzleBase card101.00
10Neanderthal childFire PuzzleBase card101.00
11sabre-toothed squirrelFire PuzzleBase card101.00
12saber-toothed tigerFire PuzzleBase card101.00
13startFire PuzzleBase card101.00
14rhino with horn showingFire PuzzleBase card101.00
15rhino with big lipsFire PuzzleBase card101.00
16Neanderthal maleFire PuzzleBase card101.00
17glyptodonFire PuzzleBase card101.00
18Neanderthal femaleFire PuzzleBase card101.00
19Checklist #1 (completed Fire puzzle)ChecklistBase card101.00
20attributes of a saberWeird ScienceBase card101.00
21anatomy of a slothWeird ScienceBase card101.00
22strength of a mammothWeird ScienceBase card101.00
23history of a neanderthalWeird ScienceBase card101.00
24obsessive mammalWeird ScienceBase card101.00
25beauty of a freaky mammalWeird ScienceBase card101.00
26the weird herdWeird ScienceBase card101.00
27charge of a rhinoWeird ScienceBase card101.00
28brains of a dodoWeird ScienceBase card101.00
29diet of an aardvarkWeird ScienceBase card101.00
30shelter of a glyptadonWeird ScienceBase card101.00
31life of a startWeird ScienceBase card101.00
32Watch Where You StepIce ScenesBase card101.00
33Manny Saves SidIce ScenesBase card101.00
34Sid Tags AlongIce ScenesBase card101.00
35We Attack at DawnIce ScenesBase card101.00
36A Mother's Act of BraveryIce ScenesBase card101.00
37Get That Baby, or Else!Ice ScenesBase card101.00
38Special DeliveryIce ScenesBase card101.00
39Return to SenderIce ScenesBase card101.00
40Diego: Double AgentIce ScenesBase card101.00
41Your Holding It WrongIce ScenesBase card101.00
42Poop CheckerIce ScenesBase card101.00
43Progress ReportIce ScenesBase card101.00
44Hot SpringsIce ScenesBase card101.00
45A Mammoth SwingIce ScenesBase card101.00
46Time-Out for RoshanIce ScenesBase card101.00
47Progress ReportIce ScenesBase card101.00
48Cliff HangerIce ScenesBase card101.00
49Baby StepsIce ScenesBase card101.00
50Change of HeartIce ScenesBase card101.00
51Moral DilemmaIce ScenesBase card101.00
52Skiing SidIce ScenesBase card101.00
53Diego's BraveryIce ScenesBase card101.00
54DiegoCharacter BiosBase card101.00
55SidCharacter BiosBase card101.00
56MannyCharacter BiosBase card101.00
57Roshan, aka Baby, Bonebag, Squirt, Junior, Wormie, Little Bi-Ped, Wompie...Character BiosBase card101.00
58Saber-Toothed SquirrelCharacter BiosBase card101.00
59Frank & CarlCharacter BiosBase card101.00
60DodosCharacter BiosBase card101.00
61Tiger PackCharacter BiosBase card101.00
62SotoCharacter BiosBase card101.00
63Checklist #2 (completed Ice puzzle)ChecklistBase card101.00
64Manny & RoshanWise CrackzBase card101.00
65Diego & SidWise CrackzBase card101.00
66Carl & SidWise CrackzBase card101.00
67Sid & AllWise CrackzBase card101.00
68Sid & DiegoWise CrackzBase card101.00
69Manny & SidWise CrackzBase card101.00
70Sid & Frank to Manny about SidWise CrackzBase card101.00
71Dad Start & MannyWise CrackzBase card101.00
72Diego about Neanderthals & Manny to DiegoWise CrackzBase card101.00
IC1Three riding on MannyIce CardzChase Cards101.00
IC2Saber-toothed tigerIce CardzChase Cards202.00
IC3Sliding RoshanIce CardzChase Cards101.00
IC4Sliding MannyIce CardzChase Cards101.00
IC5Sid & Roshan in chuteIce CardzChase Cards202.00
IC6Traveling heroesIce CardzChase Cards202.00
IC7Peeking inIce CardzChase Cards202.00
IC8Sid carrying RoshanIce CardzChase Cards101.00
IC9Diego & RoshanIce CardzChase Cards101.00
IC10Manny & RoshanIce CardzChase Cards202.00
IC11Saber-tooths peeringIce CardzChase Cards101.00
IC12Saber-toothed squirrelIce CardzChase Cards202.00
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