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Fleer HOOPS NBA 1996-1997

Fleer HOOPS NBA 1996-1997

Year: 1996
Total cards: 611

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Stacey AugmonAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
2Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
3Alan HendersonAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
4Christian LaettnerAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
5Grant LongAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
6Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
7Dana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
8Todd DayBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
9Rick FoxBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
10Eric MontrossBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
11Dino RadjaBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
12Eric WilliamsBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
13Kenny AndersonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
14Scott BurrellCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
15Dell CurryCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
16Matt GeigerCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
17Larry JohnsonNew York Knicks / Charlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
18Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
19Ron HarperChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
20Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
21Steve KerrChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
22Toni KukocChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
23Luc LongleyChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
24Scottie PippenChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
25Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
26Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
27Danny FerryCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
28Tyrone HillCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
29Chris MillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
30Bobby PhillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
31Bob SuraCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
32Tony DumasDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
33Jim JacksonDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
34Popeye JonesDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
35Jason KiddDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
36Jamal MashburnDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
37George McCloudDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
38Cherokee ParksMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
39Mahmoud Abdul-RaufSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
40LaPhonso EllisDenver NuggetsS1. Base card101.00
41Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. Base card101.00
42Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
43Jalen RoseIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
44Bryant StithDenver NuggetsS1. Base card101.00
45Joe DumarsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
46Grant HillDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
47Allan HoustonDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
48Lindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
49Terry MillsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
50Theo RatliffDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
51Otis ThorpeDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
52B.J. ArmstrongGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
53Donyell MarshallGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
54Chris MullinGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
55Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
56Rony SeikalyGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
57Latrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
58Mark BryantHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
59Sam CassellHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
60Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
61Mario ElieHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
62Robert HorryHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
63Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
64Travis BestIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
65Antonio DavisIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
66Mark JacksonDenver NuggetsS1. Base card101.00
67Derrick McKeyIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
68Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
69Rik SmitsIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
70Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
71Terry DehereLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
72Pooh RichardsonLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
73Rodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
74Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
75Brian WilliamsLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
76Elden CampbellLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
77Cedric CeballosLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
78Vlade DivacLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
79Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
80Anthony PeelerLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
81Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
82Sasha DanilovicMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
83Tim HardawayMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
84Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
85Kurt ThomasMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
86Walt WilliamsMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
87Vin BakerMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
88Sherman DouglasMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
89Johnny NewmanMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
90Shawn RespertMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
91Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
92Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
93Tom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
94Andrew LangMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
95Sam MitchellMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
96Isaiah RiderMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
97Shawn BradleyNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
98P.J. BrownNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
99Chris ChildsNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
100Armon GilliamNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
101Ed O'BannonNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
102Jayson WilliamsNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
103Hubert DavisNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
104Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
105Anthony MasonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
106Charles OakleyNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
107John StarksNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
108Charlie WardNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
109Nick AndersonOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
110Horace GrantOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
111Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
112Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
113Dennis ScottOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
114Brian ShawOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
115Derrick ColemanPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
116Vernon MaxwellPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
117Trevor RuffinPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
118Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
119Clarence WeatherspoonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
120Charles BarkleyPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
121Michael FinleyPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
122A.C. GreenPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
123Kevin JohnsonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
124Danny ManningPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
125Wesley PersonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
126John WilliamsPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
127Harvey GrantPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
128Aaron McKiePortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
129Clifford RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
130Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
131Rod StricklandWashington BulletsS1. Base card101.00
132Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
133Tyus EdneySacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
134Brian GrantSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
135Billy OwensSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
136Olden PolyniceSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
137Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
138Corliss WilliamsonSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
139Vinny Del NegroSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
140Sean ElliottSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
141Avery JohnsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
142Chuck PersonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
143David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
144Charles SmithSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
145Sherrell FordSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
146Hersey HawkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
147Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
148Nate McMillanSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
149Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
150Detlef SchrempfSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
151Oliver MillerToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
152Tracy MurrayToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
153Carlos RogersToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
154Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
155Zan TabakToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
156Sharone WrightToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
157Antoine CarrUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
158Jeff HornacekUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
159Adam KeefeUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
160Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
161Chris MorrisUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
162John StocktonUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
163Greg AnthonyVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
164Blue EdwardsVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
165Chris KingVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
166Lawrence MotenVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
167Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
168Byron ScottVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
169Calbert CheaneyWashington BulletsS1. Base card101.00
170Juwan HowardWashington BulletsS1. Base card101.00
171Tim LeglerWashington BulletsS1. Base card101.00
172Gheorghe MuresanWashington BulletsS1. Base card101.00
173Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
174Chris WebberWashington BulletsS1. Base card101.00
175Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
176Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
177Scottie PippenChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
178Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
179Allan HoustonDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
180Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
181Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
182Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
183Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
184Charles BarkleyPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
185Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
186David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
187Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
188Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
189Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
190Kenny AndersonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
191Toni KukocChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
192Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
193Cedric CeballosLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
194Shawn BradleyNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
195Charles OakleyNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
196Dennis ScottOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
197Clifford RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
198Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
199Checklist I-S1. Base card101.00
200Checklist II-S1. Base card101.00
201Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
202Dee BrownBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
203David WesleyBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
204Vlade DivacCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
205Anthony MasonCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
206Chris GatlingDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
207Eric MontrossDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
208Ervin JohnsonDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
209Stacey AugmonDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
210Joe DumarsDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
211Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
212Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
213Jalen RoseIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
214Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
215Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
216P.J. BrownMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
217Dan MajerleMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
218Armon GilliamMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
219Andrew LangMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
220Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
221Tom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
222Cherokee ParksMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
223Doug WestMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
224Kendall GillNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
225Robert PackNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
226Allan HoustonNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
227Larry JohnsonNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
228Rony SeikalyOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
229Gerald WilkinsOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
230Michael CagePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
231Lucious HarrisPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
232Sam CassellPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
233Robert HorryPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
234Kenny AndersonPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
235Isaiah RiderPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
236Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
237Mahmoud Abdul-RaufSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
238Vernon MaxwellSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
239Dominique WilkinsSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
240Jim McIlvaineSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
241Hubert DavisToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
242Popeye JonesToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
243Walt WilliamsToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
244Karl MaloneUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
245John StocktonUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
246Anthony PeelerVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
247Tracy MurrayWashington BulletsS2. Base card101.00
248Rod StricklandWashington BulletsS2. Base card101.00
249Lenny WilkensAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
250M.L. CarrBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
251Dave CowensCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
252Phil JacksonChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
253Mike FratelloCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
254Jim CleamonsDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
255Dick MottaDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
256Doug CollinsDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
257Rick AdelmanGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
258Rudy TomjanovichHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
259Larry BrownIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
260Bill FitchLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
261Del HarrisLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
262Pat RileyMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
263Chris FordMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
264Flip SaundersMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
265John CalipariNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
266Jeff Van GundyNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
267Brian HillOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
268Johnny DavisPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
269Danny AingePhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
270P.J. CarlesimoPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
271Garry St. JeanSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
272Bob HillSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
273George KarlSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
274Darrell WalkerToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
275Jerry SloanUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
276Brian WintersVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
277Jim LynamWashington BulletsS2. Base card101.00
278Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
279Ray AllenMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
280Shandon AndersonUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
281Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
282Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
283Erick DampierIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
284Emanual DavisHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
285Tony DelkCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
286Brian EvansOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
287Derek FisherLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
288Todd FullerGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
289Dean GarrettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
290Reggie GearyCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
291Darvin HamDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
292Othella HarringtonHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
293Shane HealMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
294Mark HendricksonPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
295Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
296Dontae' JonesNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
297Kerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
298Priest LauderdaleAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
299Matt MaloneyHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
300Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
301Walter McCartyNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
302Jeff McInnisDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
303Martin MuurseppMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
304Steve NashPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
305Moochie NorrisMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
306Jermaine O'NealPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
307Vitaly PotapenkoCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
308Virginius PraskeviciusMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
309Roy RogersVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
310Malik RoseCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
311James ScottMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
312Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
313Samaki WalkerDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
314Ben WallaceWashington BulletsS2. Base card101.00
315John WallaceNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
316Jerome WilliamsDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
317Lorenzen WrightLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
318Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
319Derrick ColemanPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
320Michael FinleyDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
321Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
322Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
323Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
324Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
325Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
326Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
327Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
328Vin BakerMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
329Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
330Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
331Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
332Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
333Juwan HowardWashington BulletsS2. Base card101.00
334Larry JohnsonNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
335Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
336Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
337Jason KiddDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
338Karl MaloneUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
339Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
340Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
341Scottie PippenChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
342Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
343David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
344Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
345Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
346Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
347John StocktonUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
348Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
349Checklist III-S2. Base card101.00
350Checklist IV-S2. Base card101.00
1sStacey AugmonAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
2sMookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
3sAlan HendersonAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
4sChristian LaettnerAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
5sGrant LongAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
6sSteve SmithAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
7sDana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
8sTodd DayBoston CelticsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
9sRick FoxBoston CelticsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
10sEric MontrossBoston CelticsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
11sDino RadjaBoston CelticsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
12sEric WilliamsBoston CelticsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
13sKenny AndersonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
14sScott BurrellCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
15sDell CurryCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
16sMatt GeigerCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
17sLarry JohnsonNew York Knicks / Charlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
18sGlen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
19sRon HarperChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
20sMichael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
21sSteve KerrChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
22sToni KukocChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
23sLuc LongleyChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
24sScottie PippenChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
25sDennis RodmanChicago BullsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
26sTerrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
27sDanny FerryCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
28sTyrone HillCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
29sChris MillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
30sBobby PhillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
31sBob SuraCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
32sTony DumasDallas MavericksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
33sJim JacksonDallas MavericksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
34sPopeye JonesDallas MavericksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
35sJason KiddDallas MavericksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
36sJamal MashburnDallas MavericksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
37sGeorge McCloudDallas MavericksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
38sCherokee ParksMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card / Silver101.00
39sMahmoud Abdul-RaufSacramento KingsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
40sLaPhonso EllisDenver NuggetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
41sAntonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
42sDikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
43sJalen RoseIndiana PacersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
44sBryant StithDenver NuggetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
45sJoe DumarsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
46sGrant HillDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
47sAllan HoustonDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
48sLindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
49sTerry MillsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
50sTheo RatliffDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
51sOtis ThorpeDetroit PistonsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
52sB.J. ArmstrongGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
53sDonyell MarshallGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
54sChris MullinGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
55sJoe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
56sRony SeikalyGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
57sLatrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
58sMark BryantHouston RocketsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
59sSam CassellHouston RocketsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
60sClyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
61sMario ElieHouston RocketsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
62sRobert HorryHouston RocketsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
64sTravis BestIndiana PacersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
65sAntonio DavisIndiana PacersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
66sMark JacksonDenver NuggetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
67sDerrick McKeyIndiana PacersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
68sReggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
69sRik SmitsIndiana PacersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
70sBrent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
71sTerry DehereLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
72sPooh RichardsonLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
73sRodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
74sLoy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
75sBrian WilliamsLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card / Silver101.00
84sAlonzo MourningMiami HeatS1. Base card / Silver101.00
87sVin BakerMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
88sSherman DouglasMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
89sJohnny NewmanMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
90sShawn RespertMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
91sGlenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
92sKevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card / Silver101.00
93sTom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card / Silver101.00
94sAndrew LangMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card / Silver101.00
95sSam MitchellMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card / Silver101.00
96sIsaiah RiderMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card / Silver101.00
103sHubert DavisNew York KnicksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
104sPatrick EwingNew York KnicksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
105sAnthony MasonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
106sCharles OakleyNew York KnicksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
107sJohn StarksNew York KnicksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
108sCharlie WardNew York KnicksS1. Base card / Silver101.00
109sNick AndersonOrlando MagicS1. Base card / Silver101.00
120sCharles BarkleyPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
121sMichael FinleyPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
122sA.C. GreenPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
123sKevin JohnsonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
124sDanny ManningPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
125sWesley PersonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
126sJohn WilliamsPhoenix SunsS1. Base card / Silver101.00
FW1Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsFly With101.00
FW2Juwan HowardWashington BulletsFly With101.00
FW3Jason KiddDallas MavericksFly With101.00
FW4Alonzo MourningMiami HeatFly With101.00
FW5Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsFly With101.00
FW6David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursFly With101.00
FW7Dennis RodmanChicago BullsFly With101.00
FW8Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsFly With101.00
FW9Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersFly With101.00
FW10Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsFly With101.00
AR1Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR2Ray AllenMilwaukee BucksGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR3Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR4Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR5Grant HillDetroit PistonsGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR6Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR7Kerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR8Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR9Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR10Samaki WalkerDallas MavericksGrant's All-Rookies101.00
AR11Lorenzen WrightLos Angeles ClippersGrant's All-Rookies101.00
HH1Larry Johnson / Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsHead to Head101.00
HH2Michael Jordan / Scottie PippenChicago BullsHead to Head101.00
HH3Jason Kidd / Grant HillDallas Mavericks / Detroit PistonsHead to Head101.00
HH4Clyde Drexler / Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsHead to Head101.00
HH5Vin Baker / Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksHead to Head101.00
HH6Anfernee Hardaway / Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicHead to Head101.00
HH7Antonio McDyess / Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ers / Denver NuggetsHead to Head101.00
HH8Sean Elliott / David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursHead to Head101.00
HH9Joe Smith / Damon StoudamireToronto Raptors / Golden State WarriorsHead to Head101.00
HH10Karl Malone / John StocktonUtah JazzHead to Head101.00
H1Steve SmithAtlanta HawksHipnotized101.00
H2Dana BarrosBoston CelticsHipnotized101.00
H3Larry JohnsonCharlotte HornetsHipnotized101.00
H4Dennis RodmanChicago BullsHipnotized101.00
H5Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersHipnotized101.00
H6Jason KiddDallas MavericksHipnotized101.00
H7Grant HillDetroit PistonsHipnotized101.00
H8Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsHipnotized101.00
H9Reggie MillerIndiana PacersHipnotized101.00
H10Alonzo MourningMiami HeatHipnotized101.00
H11Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksHipnotized101.00
H12Patrick EwingNew York KnicksHipnotized101.00
H13Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicHipnotized101.00
H14Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersHipnotized101.00
H15Charles BarkleyPhoenix SunsHipnotized101.00
H16Clifford RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersHipnotized101.00
H17Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsHipnotized101.00
H18David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursHipnotized101.00
H19Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsHipnotized101.00
H20Juwan HowardWashington BulletsHipnotized101.00
HL1Vin BakerMilwaukee BucksHot List101.00
HL2Patrick EwingNew York KnicksHot List101.00
HL3Michael FinleyDallas MavericksHot List101.00
HL4Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesHot List101.00
HL5Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicHot List101.00
HL6Grant HillDetroit PistonsHot List101.00
HL7Allan HoustonNew York KnicksHot List101.00
HL8Michael JordanChicago BullsHot List101.00
HL9Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsHot List101.00
HL10Christian LaettnerAtlanta HawksHot List101.00
HL11Karl MaloneUtah JazzHot List101.00
HL12Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsHot List101.00
HL13Reggie MillerIndiana PacersHot List101.00
HL14Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsHot List101.00
HL15Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersHot List101.00
HL16Scottie PippenChicago BullsHot List101.00
HL17Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsHot List101.00
HL18Isaiah RiderPortland Trail BlazersHot List101.00
HL19Rod StricklandWashington BulletsHot List101.00
HL20Chris WebberWashington BulletsHot List101.00
RH1Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsRookie Headliners101.00
RH2Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsRookie Headliners101.00
RH3Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersRookie Headliners101.00
RH4Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesRookie Headliners101.00
RH5Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersRookie Headliners101.00
RH6Michael FinleyPhoenix SunsRookie Headliners101.00
RH7Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersRookie Headliners101.00
RH8Tyus EdneySacramento KingsRookie Headliners101.00
RH9Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsRookie Headliners101.00
RH10Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesRookie Headliners101.00
R1Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesRookies101.00
R2Ray AllenMilwaukee BucksRookies101.00
R3Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersRookies101.00
R4Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsRookies101.00
R5Erick DampierIndiana PacersRookies101.00
R6Emanual DavisHouston RocketsRookies101.00
R7Tony DelkCharlotte HornetsRookies101.00
R8Brian EvansOrlando MagicRookies101.00
R9Derek FisherLos Angeles LakersRookies101.00
R10Todd FullerGolden State WarriorsRookies101.00
R11Othella HarringtonHouston RocketsRookies101.00
R12Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersRookies101.00
R13Dontae' JonesNew York KnicksRookies101.00
R14Kerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsRookies101.00
R15Priest LauderdaleAtlanta HawksRookies101.00
R16Matt MaloneyHouston RocketsRookies101.00
R17Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesRookies101.00
R18Walter McCartyNew York KnicksRookies101.00
R19Jeff McInnisDenver NuggetsRookies101.00
R20Martin MuurseppMiami HeatRookies101.00
R21Steve NashPhoenix SunsRookies101.00
R22Moochie NorrisMilwaukee BucksRookies101.00
R23Jermaine O'NealPortland Trail BlazersRookies101.00
R24Vitaly PotapenkoCleveland CavaliersRookies101.00
R25Roy RogersVancouver GrizzliesRookies101.00
R26Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsRookies101.00
R27Samaki WalkerDallas MavericksRookies101.00
R28John WallaceNew York KnicksRookies101.00
R29Jerome WilliamsDetroit PistonsRookies101.00
R30Lorenzen WrightLos Angeles ClippersRookies101.00
SF1Mookie Blaylock / Christian Laettner / Dikembe Mutombo / Ken Norman / Steve SmithAtlanta HawksStarting Five101.00
SF2Dana Barros / Dee Brown / Todd Day / Rick Fox / Dino RadjaBoston CelticsStarting Five101.00
SF3Tyrone Bogues / Dell Curry / Vlade Divac / Anthony Mason / Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsStarting Five101.00
SF4Michael Jordan / Dennis Rodman / Toni Kukoc / Luc Longley / Scottie PippenChicago BullsStarting Five101.00
SF5Terrell Brandon / Tyrone Hill / Chris Mills / Bobby Phills / Vitaly PotapenkoCleveland CavaliersStarting Five101.00
SF6Chris Gatling / Jim Jackson / Jason Kidd / Jamal Mashburn / Oliver MillerDallas MavericksStarting Five101.00
SF7LaPhonso Ellis / Mark Jackson / Ervin Johnson / Antonio McDyess / Bryant StithDenver NuggetsStarting Five101.00
SF8Grant Hill / Joe Dumars / Lindsey Hunter / Stacey Augmon / Otis ThorpeDetroit PistonsStarting Five101.00
SF9Chris Mullin / Mark Price / Felton Spencer / Joe Smith / Latrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsStarting Five101.00
SF10Charles Barkley / Clyde Drexler / Hakeem Olajuwon / Brent Price / Kevin WillisHouston RocketsStarting Five101.00
SF11Dale Davis / Duane Ferrell / Reggie Miller / Jalen Rose / Rik SmitsIndiana PacersStarting Five101.00
SF12Terry Dehere / Bo Outlaw / Pooh Richardson / Rodney Rogers / Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersStarting Five101.00
SF13Elden Campbell / Cedric Ceballos / Eddie Jones / Shaquille O'Neal / Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersStarting Five101.00
SF14P.J. Brown / Tim Hardaway / Dan Majerle / Alonzo Mourning / Kurt ThomasMiami HeatStarting Five101.00
SF15Ray Allen / Vin Baker / Sherman Douglas / Andrew Lang / Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksStarting Five101.00
SF16Kevin Garnett / Cherokee Parks / James Robinson / Tom Gugliotta / Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesStarting Five101.00
SF17Shawn Bradley / Kendall Gill / Ed O'Bannon / Khalid Reeves / Jayson WilliamsNew Jersey NetsStarting Five101.00
SF18Patrick Ewing / Allan Houston / Larry Johnson / Charles Oakley / John StarksNew York KnicksStarting Five101.00
SF19Nick Anderson / Horace Grant / Anfernee Hardaway / Dennis Scott / Rony SeikalyOrlando MagicStarting Five101.00
SF20Michael Cage / Derrick Coleman / Allen Iverson / Jerry Stackhouse / Clarence WeatherspoonPhiladelphia 76ersStarting Five101.00
SF21Sam Cassell / Michael Finley / Robert Horry / Kevin Johnson / Danny ManningPhoenix SunsStarting Five101.00
SF22Kenny Anderson / Isaiah Rider / Clifford Robinson / Arvydas Sabonis / Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersStarting Five101.00
SF23Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf / Brian Grant / Billy Owens / Olden Polynice / Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsStarting Five101.00
SF24Avery Johnson / Vernon Maxwell / David Robinson / Charles Smith / Dominique WilkinsSan Antonio SpursStarting Five101.00
SF25Hersey Hawkins / Shawn Kemp / Gary Payton / Sam Perkins / Detlef SchrempfSeattle SupersonicsStarting Five101.00
SF26Marcus Camby / Hubert Davis / Popeye Jones / Damon Stoudamire / Walt WilliamsToronto RaptorsStarting Five101.00
SF27Jeff Hornacek / Adam Keefe / Karl Malone / Greg Ostertag / John StocktonUtah JazzStarting Five101.00
SF28Shareef Abdur-Rahim / George Lynch / Lee Mayberry / Anthony Peeler / Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesStarting Five101.00
SF29Calbert Cheaney / Juwan Howard / Gheorghe Muresan / Rod Strickland / Chris WebberWashington BulletsStarting Five101.00
SU1Michael JordanChicago BullsSuperfeats101.00
SU2Jason KiddDallas MavericksSuperfeats101.00
SU3Grant HillDetroit PistonsSuperfeats101.00
SU4Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsSuperfeats101.00
SU5Alonzo MourningMiami HeatSuperfeats101.00
SU6Anthony MasonNew York KnicksSuperfeats101.00
SU7Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicSuperfeats101.00
SU8Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersSuperfeats101.00
SU9Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsSuperfeats101.00
SU10Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsSuperfeats101.00
PT1Kenny AndersonPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT2P.J. CarlesimoPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT3Aaron McKiePortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT4Jermaine O'NealPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT5Isaiah RiderPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT6Clifford RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT7Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT8Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT9Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PT10Team SheetPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers101.00
PR1Grant HillDetroit PistonsPromos101.00
PR2Grant Hill / Jerry StackhouseDetroit Pistons / Philadelphia 76ersPromos101.00
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