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Impel DC Cosmic Cards Inaugural Edition

Impel DC Cosmic Cards Inaugural Edition

Year: 1991
Total cards: 197

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1Blue Beetle (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
2Blue Beetle (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
3Blue Beetle (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
4Flash (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
5Flash (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
6Flash (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
7Green Lantern (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
8Green Lantern (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
9Green Lantern (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
10Hawkman (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
11Hawkman (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
12Hawkman (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
13Shazam! (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
14Shazam! (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
15Shazam! (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
16Superman (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
17Superman (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
18Superman (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
19Wonder Woman (Golden Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
20Wonder Woman (Silver Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
21Wonder Woman (Modern Age)Hero HeritageBase card010.00
22Cheetah (Golden Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
23Cheetah (Silver Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
24Cheetah (Modern Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
25Lex Luthor (Golden Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
26Lex Luthor (Silver Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
27Lex Luthor (Modern Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
28Mr. Mxyztplk (Golden Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
29Mr. Mxyztplk (Silver Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
30Mr. Mxyztplk (Modern Age)Villain HeritageBase card010.00
31Animal ManEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
32AqualadEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
33AquamanEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
34Black CondorEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
35Black LightningEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
36BlackhawkEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
37Blue DevilEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
38Booster GoldEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
39Bronze TigerEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
40ChangelingEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
41The CreeperEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
42Crimson FoxEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
43CyborgEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
44Deathstroke the TerminatorEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
44errDeathstroke the TerminatorEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card000.00
45Dr. LightEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
46DoveEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
47Elongated ManEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
48FireEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
49FirehawkEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
50FirestormEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
51GangbusterEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
52Geo-ForceEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
53The GuardianEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
54Guy GardnerEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
55HawkEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
56HawkwomanEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
57HourmanEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
58IceEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
59JadeEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
60John StewartEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
61KatanaEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
62MetamorphoEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
63Mr. BonesEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
64NightshadeEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
65NightwingEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
66NorthwindEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
67NuklonEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
68PanthaEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
69PeacemakerEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
70Phantom LadyEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
71Power GirlEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
72RagmanEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
73RavenEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
74Rocket RedEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
75SpeedyEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
76TroiaEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
77VixenEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
78WildcatEarth's Mightiest HeroesBase card010.00
79AmazoEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
80Big SirEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
81Black MantaEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
82BlockbusterEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
83BoltEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
84BrainiacEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
85Captain BoomerangEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
86ChemoEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
87ChronosEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
88CopperheadEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
89Count VertigoEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
90DeadlineEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
91DeadshotEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
92Dr. LightEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
93Dr. PolarisEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
94EclipsoEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
95GoldfaceEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
96Gorilla GroddEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
97HounganEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
98JerichoEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
99KestrelEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
100MonarchEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
101Ocean MasterEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
102ParasiteEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
103PhobiaEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
104PlasmusEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
105Psycho-PirateEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
106Shadow ThiefEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
107Silver SwanEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
108SonarEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
109ToymanEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
110Vandal SavageEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
111WarpEarth's Mightiest VillainsBase card010.00
112Adam StrangeHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
113ArisiaHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
114Big BardaHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
115Black RacerHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
116FastbakHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
117G'NortHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
118KilowogHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
119LightrayHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
120LoboHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
121Martian ManhunterHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
122MetronHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
123Mr. MiracleHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
124OrionHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
125StarfireHeroes From BeyondBase card010.00
126AresVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
127BlackfireVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
128DarkseidVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
129DesaadVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
130DesperoVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
131Glorious GodfreyVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
132Granny GoodnessVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
133KalibakVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
134Kanjar RoVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
135Manga KhanVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
136MaximaVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
137Mr. NebulaVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
138SinestroVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
139StarroVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
140SteppenwolfVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
141Yuga KhanVillains From BeyondBase card010.00
142Crisis on Earths One & Two (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
143Crisis on Earths One & Two (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
144Crisis on Earths One & Two (Card C)Great BattlesBase card010.00
145Crisis on Infinite Earths (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
146Crisis on Infinite Earths (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
147Crisis on Infinite Earths (Card C)Great BattlesBase card010.00
148Legends (Card A)Great BattlesBase card000.00
149Legends (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
150Legends (Card C)Great BattlesBase card000.00
151Millennium (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
152Millennium (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
153Millennium (Card C)Great BattlesBase card000.00
154Invasion! (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
155Invasion! (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
156Invasion! (Card C)Great BattlesBase card010.00
157Cosmic Odyssey (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
158Cosmic Odyssey (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
159Cosmic Odyssey (Card C)Great BattlesBase card000.00
160The Great Darkness Saga (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
161The Great Darkness Saga (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
162The Great Darkness Saga (Card C)Great BattlesBase card010.00
163Armageddon 2001 (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
164Armageddon 2001 (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
165Armageddon 2001 (Card C)Great BattlesBase card010.00
166War of the Gods (Card A)Great BattlesBase card010.00
167War of the Gods (Card B)Great BattlesBase card010.00
168War of the Gods (Card C)Great BattlesBase card010.00
169Action Comics #1Classic CoverBase card010.00
170All-American Comics #16Classic CoverBase card010.00
171All Star Comics #3Classic CoverBase card010.00
172The Brave and the Bold #34Classic CoverBase card010.00
173New Gods #1Classic CoverBase card010.00
174Sensation Comics #1Classic CoverBase card010.00
175Showcase #22Classic CoverBase card000.00
176Showcase #34Classic CoverBase card010.00
177Superman #1Classic CoverBase card010.00
178Wonder Woman #1Classic CoverBase card010.00
179Checklist A (1-96)ChecklistBase card010.00
180Checklist B (97-180)ChecklistBase card010.00
DCH1Clark Kent and Lois LaneDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH2DarkseidDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH3Deathstroke the TerminatorDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH4FlashDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH5Green LanternDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH6HawkmanDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH7LoboDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH8SupermanDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH9Wonder WomanDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
DCH10WaveriderDC CharactersDC Hologram Hall of Fame000.00
6pFlash (Modern Age)Hero HeritagePromo card000.00
9pGreen Lantern (Modern Age)Hero HeritagePromo card000.00
18pSuperman (Modern Age)Hero HeritagePromo card000.00
21pWonder Woman (Modern Age)Hero HeritagePromo card000.00
44pDeathstroke the TerminatorEarth's Mightiest HeroesPromo card000.00
NNOWonder Woman / Lobo / Deathstroke the Terminator / SupermanHero Heritage / HeroesUncut Promo Sheet000.00
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