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Impel Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Impel Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Year: 1991
Total cards: 151

Collection preview (94% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1The Cyborg Returns-Base card000.00
2Terminator 2: Judgment Day-Base card000.00
3Terminator's Creator-Base card000.00
4On the Battlefield-Base card000.00
5Score One for the Resistance-Base card000.00
6Armed and Ready-Base card000.00
7I Can't Let You Take the Man's Bike, Son.-Base card000.00
8What Terminator Wants, Terminator Gets-Base card000.00
9Terminator Begins His Mission-Base card000.00
10The Unstoppable T-1000-Base card000.00
11John Connor, Not So Average American Kid-Base card000.00
12Sarah Connor, Former Waitress-Base card000.00
13Observing a Mental Patient-Base card000.00
14Dreams Meet Reality for Kyle and Sarah-Base card000.00
15I Feel Much Better Now...-Base card000.00
16You Have to Let Me See My Son.-Base card000.00
17Officer X Stalks Its Prey-Base card000.00
18Hunting for John-Base card000.00
19Terminator Carries Roses for His "Date"-Base card000.00
20If John Thinks This Game Is Intense, Just Wai-Base card000.00
21The T-1000 Closes In On John-Base card000.00
22Terminator Explodes Through the Shop Window-Base card000.00
23A Rough Landing-Base card000.00
24Terminator Gets Back Up-Base card000.00
25Exiting the Parking Garage-Base card000.00
26Director James Cameron Stages the "Tow-Truck-Base card000.00
27How Fast Can This Bike Go?-Base card000.00
28Terminator Searches for John-Base card000.00
29700 Pounds of Airborne Harley-Base card000.00
30Too Hot to Handle?-Base card000.00
31Terminator and John Escape Again-Base card000.00
32When Cops Are Everywhere, It's Easy to Blend-Base card000.00
33Who Is This Guy I'm Riding With?-Base card000.00
34Terminator-Base card000.00
35Terminator and John Infiltrate Pescadero-Base card000.00
36You Have To Do What I Say?!-Base card000.00
37You Can't Just Go Around Killing People.-Base card000.00
38Talk To Us, Don't You Care?-Base card000.00
39The Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminal-Base card000.00
40The T-1000 Dispatches Lewis the Guard-Base card000.00
41The Face of Sarah's Worst Nightmares-Base card000.00
42Come with Me If You Want to Live.-Base card000.00
43The Escape Is Almost Complete, When ...-Base card000.00
44Go! Run!-Base card000.00
45Firing at Point-Blank Range-Base card000.00
46A Close Call-Base card000.00
47John Stares at the Unstoppable T-1000-Base card000.00
48Terminator Sews Up Sarah's Wound-Base card000.00
49Does It Hurt?-Base card000.00
50Terminator's Switch Is Reset to "Learn"-Base card000.00
51Resetting Terminator's Computer Chip-Base card000.00
52Keeping Watch-Base card000.00
53Miles Dyson, Computer Genius-Base card000.00
54Sunday Morning at the Home of Miles Dyson-Base card000.00
55James Cameron Directs at the "Compound"-Base card000.00
56Going for Guns-Base card000.00
57Oye, Big John, Who's Your Large Friend?-Base card000.00
58Enrique Salceda's Compound: An "Oasis" in the-Base card000.00
59Drop By Any Time ...-Base card000.00
60High-Five-Base card000.00
61Ready for War-Base card000.00
62Ready to Cruise-Base card000.00
63No Fate-Base card000.00
64Sarah Takes Aim At Dyson-Base card000.00
65Mom? You Okay?-Base card000.00
66James Cameron Directs Schwarzenegger-Base card000.00
67Terminator Is Prepared to Go to Extremes-Base card000.00
68The Truth Is Revealed-Base card000.00
69Maybe This Will Convince Dyson to Help-Base card000.00
70We Have to Destroy Everything!-Base card000.00
71Evening, Paul. These Are Friends of Mine ...-Base card000.00
72Are These Authorized Personnel?-Base card000.00
73Let Me Try Mine.-Base card000.00
74Armed and Dangerous-Base card000.00
75Can they Change the World's Fate?-Base card000.00
76Will the Destruction of Cyberdyne Save the Wo-Base card000.00
77Give Me That Thing a Second.-Base card000.00
78John's Auto-Teller Experience Pays Off-Base card000.00
79Filming the Siege of Cyberdyne-Base card000.00
80Cyberdyne is Under Siege-Base card000.00
81Human Casualties: 0-Base card000.00
82The Vault Is Opened-Base card000.00
83Handing Over the Evidence-Base card000.00
84Sarah Confronts the SWAT Team-Base card000.00
85Go, Dyson Tells Sarah-Base card000.00
86For Miles Dyson, The End Is Near-Base card000.00
87Termination Override-Base card000.00
88The SWATs Can't Stop Him-Base card000.00
89Ill Be Back, Terminator Says Again.-Base card000.00
90A Total Rout-Base card000.00
91The SWAT Van Crashes Into the Lobby-Base card000.00
92Airborne Kawasaki-Base card000.00
93Inside a Rolling Armory-Base card000.00
94The T-1000 Prepares To Fire Again-Base card000.00
95Sarah Fires On the T-1000's Chopper-Base card000.00
96Come On, Mom, We Gotta Keep Moving ...-Base card000.00
97T-1000 Commandeers a Tanker-Base card000.00
98Faster, He's Right On Us.-Base card000.00
99Drive for a Minute.-Base card000.00
100The T-1000 Borrows a Tanker Truck-Base card000.00
101Terminator Rides the Tanker-Base card000.00
102Hasta La Vista, Baby.-Base card000.00
103The T-1000 Reforms Once More-Base card000.00
104Come On, Mom, You Can Do It!-Base card000.00
105The T-1000 Sticks To Its Mission-Base card000.00
106The Gun Points Right At the Audience-Base card000.00
107Steel Fingers Aim the M-79-Base card000.00
108The Battle Is Joined-Base card000.00
109John Finds His Mother Among the Machines-Base card000.00
110Terminator Frees Himself from the Machine's-Base card000.00
111Terminator Goes After the T-1000-Base card000.00
112Sarah Shoots the T-1000-Base card000.00
113The Stiletto Goes In-Base card000.00
114The T-1000 Skewers Sarah-Base card000.00
115Will This Stop the T-1000?-Base card000.00
116The T-1000 Strikes Back-Base card000.00
117The T-1000 Hammers Terminator-Base card000.00
118The Eye Servo Glares Red-Base card000.00
119Terminator Drags Himself After the T-1000-Base card000.00
120The Real Sarah Connor Seals Her Fate-Base card000.00
121The Grenads Explodes Inside the T-1000-Base card000.00
122The End of the T-1000-Base card000.00
123It's Over-Base card000.00
124The T-1000 Meets a Fiery Fate-Base card000.00
125Director and Actor Confer-Base card000.00
126Please Don't Go-Base card000.00
127I Know Now Why You Cry.-Base card000.00
128The Final Good-Bye-Base card000.00
129Are You Afraid?-Base card000.00
130The Endoskeleton Shows Through-Base card000.00
131Into the Fire-Base card000.00
132Mission Completed-Base card000.00
133Producer-Director James Cameron-Base card000.00
134Arnold Scharzenegger, "Terminator"-Base card000.00
135Linda Hamilton - "Sarah Conner"-Base card000.00
136Edward Furlong, "John Conner"-Base card000.00
137Robert Patrick, "T-1000"-Base card000.00
138Terminator 2 - Judgment Day-Base card000.00
139Checklist 1-Base card000.00
140Checklist 2-Base card000.00
MO-1T2 15 oz. Collector's MugMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-2Action PhotosMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-3ButtonsMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-4CapMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-5Edition Poster Featuring All 140 T2 Movie CarMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-6Embroidered EmblemMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-7Laser T-ShirtsMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-8Pen & Pencil SetMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-9SweatshirtMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
MO-10Tyvek JacketMerchandise OffersChase card000.00
P1T2-Promo card000.00
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