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Inkworks Alien Legacy

Inkworks Alien Legacy

Year: 1998
Total cards: 133

Collection preview (6% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Alien Legacy Title Card-Base Card101.00
2The Nostromo Crew AwakenedAlienBase Card101.00
3Entering the Derelict SpacecraftAlienBase Card101.00
4The Space JockeyAlienBase Card101.00
5The Face HuggerAlienBase Card101.00
6The Chest BursterAlienBase Card101.00
7Death from On HighAlienBase Card101.00
8The Skull SmasherAlienBase Card101.00
9Lambert's Final MomentsAlienBase Card101.00
10Ripley Strikes BackAlienBase Card101.00
11Blasted into SpaceAlienBase Card101.00
12Unwanted ReturnAlienBase Card101.00
13The New MissionAliensBase Card101.00
14A Colony InvadedAliensBase Card101.00
15Discovering NewtAliensBase Card101.00
16Catacombs of DeathAliensBase Card101.00
17"Kill Me!"AliensBase Card101.00
18Aliens AttackAliensBase Card101.00
19Emergency RetreatAliensBase Card111.00
20No EscapeAliensBase Card111.00
21Newt ImperiledAliensBase Card101.00
22Destroying the NestAliensBase Card101.00
23Rampaging QueenAliensBase Card101.00
24Bishop Ripped ApartAliensBase Card101.00
25The Titans ClashAliensBase Card101.00
26Jaws of a QueenAliensBase Card111.00
27Battle to the DeathAliensBase Card101.00
28Sole SurvivorAlien 3Base Card101.00
29Creature on the ProwlAlien 3Base Card101.00
30Curious about RipleyAlien 3Base Card101.00
31Old Friends ReunitedAlien 3Base Card101.00
32Death from AboveAlien 3Base Card101.00
33CounterattackAlien 3Base Card101.00
34Monster in the MazeAlien 3Base Card101.00
35Slaying the DragonAlien 3Base Card101.00
36Ripley's SacrificeAlien 3Base Card101.00
37Life after DeathAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
38Ripley RebornAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
39The MercenariesAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
40Alien On BoardAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
41OrdealAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
42Underwater AssaultAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
43Trapped in the Egg ChamberAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
44Queen and the NewbornAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
45KindredAlien ResurrectionBase Card101.00
46The NostromoTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
47The Space DerelictTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
48'Cheyenne' Utility DropshipTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
49Armored Personnel CarrierTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card111.00
50FirepowerTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
51PowerloaderTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
52Above the Prison PlanetTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
53The Aurica Docking BayTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
54Waste Tank Cocooning AreaTechnology&EnvipomentBase Card101.00
55Surreal SurroundingsArt&DesignBase Card101.00
56Face HuggerArt&DesignBase Card101.00
57Alien SoldierArt&DesignBase Card101.00
58Queen vs. RipleyArt&DesignBase Card101.00
59The Protecting DroneArt&DesignBase Card101.00
60Future VisionArt&DesignBase Card101.00
61Operation AlienArt&DesignBase Card101.00
62"Nightmare Asylum"Art&DesignBase Card101.00
63"The Female War"Art&DesignBase Card101.00
64The Classic Alien SoldierAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
65An Extraterrestrial "Jaws"Alien EvolutionBase Card101.00
66Creature FeaturedAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
67Shuttle StowawayAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
68Blasted by RipleyAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
69The "Aliens" WarriorAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
70The Queen's Egg SackAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
71Fury of the QueenAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
72Queen: Front ViewAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
73A New Breed of AlienAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
74In the Blast FurnaceAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
75Lucifer DescendingAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
76Captured WarriorsAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
77Aliens UnderwaterAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
78The Queen DefiantAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
79Newborn NightmareAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
80Wail of the NewbornAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
81Head of HorrorAlien EvolutionBase Card101.00
82Ellen RipleyRoll CallBase Card101.00
83Nostromo's Chief OfficersRoll CallBase Card101.00
84RobotsRoll CallBase Card101.00
85Colonial MarinesRoll CallBase Card101.00
86Ripley's Loved OnesRoll CallBase Card101.00
87Three Tough HombresRoll CallBase Card101.00
88Can They Be Trusted?Roll CallBase Card101.00
89XenomorphRoll CallBase Card101.00
90Alien Legacy ChecklistRoll CallBase Card101.00
A1The Alien LegacyKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A2Alien: The StoryKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A3Alien: The FilmKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A4Aliens: The StoryKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A5Aliens: The FilmKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A6Alien 3: The StoryKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A7Alien 3: The FilmKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A8Alien Resurrection: The StoryKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
A9Alien Resurrection: The FilmKmart Video-InsertChase Card101.00
AU1The Alien LegacyDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU2Alien: The StoryDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU3Alien: The FilmDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU4Aliens: The StoryDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU5Aliens: The FilmDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU6Alien 3: The StoryDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU7Alien 3: The FilmDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU8Alien Resurrection: The StoryDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
AU9Alien Resurrection: The FilmDVD CollectionChase Card101.00
C2-1AlienEvolution of RipleyChase Card101.00
C2-2AliensEvolution of RipleyChase Card101.00
C2-3Alien3Evolution of RipleyChase Card101.00
C2-4Alien ResurrectionEvolution of RipleyChase Card101.00
CP-1The original teaser poster for AlienPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-2When time came to finalize the Alien publicityPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-3This original foreign poster design for AlienPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-4The first official Alien movie posterPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-5The original Aliens posterPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-6This original poster design for James CameronPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-7A monstrous Alien fetus became the promotionPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-8An original teaser poster for Alien ResurrectionPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
CP-9The U.S. one-sheet poster for Alien ResurrectionPoster GalleryChase Card101.00
P-AU1Alien Legacy-Promo Card101.00
P-AU2Alien-Promo Card101.00
P-AU3Alien-Promo Card101.00
P-AU4Aliens-Promo Card101.00
P-AU5Aliens-Promo Card101.00
P-AU6Alien 3-Promo Card101.00
P-AU7Alien 4-Promo Card101.00
P-AU8Alien Resurrection-Promo Card101.00
P-AU9Alien Resurrection-Promo Card101.00
P0Alien Legacy Redemption card-Promo Card101.00
P1Alien Legacy-Promo Card101.00
RE1The Alien Legacy?Alien Acid BathChase Card101.00
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