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Inkworks Firefly

Inkworks Firefly

Year: 2006
Total cards: 107

Collection preview (67% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1FireflyTitle cardBase Card202.00
2Malcolm ReynoldsCharacter CardBase Card202.00
3Zoe WashburneCharacter CardBase Card202.00
4Hoban WashburneCharacter CardBase Card202.00
5Inara SerraCharacter CardBase Card202.00
6Jayne CobbCharacter CardBase Card202.00
7Kaylee FryeCharacter CardBase Card202.00
8Simon TamCharacter CardBase Card202.00
9River TamCharacter CardBase Card202.00
10Shepherd BookCharacter CardBase Card202.00
11SaffronCharacter CardBase Card202.00
12Jubal EarlyCharacter CardBase Card202.00
13Betrayal at SerenityEpisode CardBase Card202.00
14Mysterious StowawayEpisode CardBase Card202.00
15On the Run from the ReaversEpisode CardBase Card202.00
16Heist from on HighEpisode CardBase Card202.00
17A Getaway ShipEpisode CardBase Card202.00
18The Only ChoiceEpisode CardBase Card202.00
19Ship of MysteryEpisode CardBase Card202.00
20Dark SurvivorEpisode CardBase Card202.00
21Eluding the AllianceEpisode CardBase Card202.00
22An Affair to RememberEpisode CardBase Card202.00
23Trouble on the WayEpisode CardBase Card202.00
24A Duel for Her HonorEpisode CardBase Card202.00
25Cattleman at HeartEpisode CardBase Card202.00
26The Tams CapturedEpisode CardBase Card202.00
27Doctor or Deliverer?Episode CardBase Card202.00
28Disguised IntentionsEpisode CardBase Card202.00
29The Truth about SaffronEpisode CardBase Card202.00
30Blasting the Space WebEpisode CardBase Card202.00
31Living Legend JayneEpisode CardBase Card202.00
32Fear of the UnknownEpisode CardBase Card202.00
33Stitch and the StatueEpisode CardBase Card202.00
34A Birthday Gone BadEpisode CardBase Card202.00
35The Ship under SiegeEpisode CardBase Card202.00
36Rescuers or Marauders?Episode CardBase Card202.00
37Invading a HospitalEpisode CardBase Card202.00
38Bringing River BackEpisode CardBase Card202.00
39A Boat DividedEpisode CardBase Card202.00
40Niska's RevengeEpisode CardBase Card202.00
41Woman to WomanEpisode CardBase Card202.00
42Mal's Fight for LifeEpisode CardBase Card202.00
43Back for More MayhemEpisode CardBase Card202.00
44A Gun Worth StealingEpisode CardBase Card202.00
45Go Naked in the WorldEpisode CardBase Card202.00
46Fate of a ComradeEpisode CardBase Card202.00
47Tracey's Desperate MoveEpisode CardBase Card202.00
48Death of a SoldierEpisode CardBase Card202.00
49Sinners and HeroesEpisode CardBase Card202.00
50For the Love of MalEpisode CardBase Card202.00
51Defying Rance's MightEpisode CardBase Card202.00
52The Bounty HunterEpisode CardBase Card202.00
53Armored IntruderEpisode CardBase Card202.00
54Early to Bed... for GoodEpisode CardBase Card202.00
55A Firefly to the RescueA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
56Precision LandingA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
57Narrow EscapesA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
58Inara's ShuttleA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
59A Universe in ConflictA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
60Reavers Pushing OutA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
61Tracked by the AllianceA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
62Stations in SpaceA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
63Caught in a WebA Cosmos in ConflictBase Card202.00
64When Kaylee Met ShepherdBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
65His Name Is JayneBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
66The Captain's StoryBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
67Doctor, Brother, LoverBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
68Defining Serenity's CrewBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
69Small Screen FilmmakingBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
70An Early DepartureBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
71Forging a FamilyBehind the ScenesBase Card202.00
72Checklist-Base Card202.00
F-1What's in a Name, Jayne?Firefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-2Love Has a PriceFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-3Confessions of a ShepherdFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-4He's the Captain... You're the HusbandFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-5Mal's PhilosophyFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-6Have Wrench, Will TravelFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-7Dinosaur ManFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-8Who Is River Tam?Firefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
F-9To Save His SisterFirefly Forever Foil Puzzle CardChase Card202.00
B-1Valley of DeathThe Battle of Serenity CardChase Card202.00
B-2Boxed InThe Battle of Serenity CardChase Card202.00
B-3Making Their MoveThe Battle of Serenity CardChase Card202.00
B-4On the CannonThe Battle of Serenity CardChase Card202.00
B-5For the BrowncoatsThe Battle of Serenity CardChase Card202.00
B-6The Great BetrayalThe Battle of Serenity CardChase Card202.00
A-1Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-2Gina Torres as Zoe Washburne
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-3Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-4Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-5Jewel Staite as Kaylee Frye
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-6Sean Maher as Dr. Simon Tam
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-7Ron Glass as Shepherd Meria Book
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-8Michael Fairman as Adlai Niska
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-9Gregg Henry as Sheriff Bourne
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-10Christina Hendricks as Saffron
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
A-11Jonathan M. Woodward as Tracey
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
BL1Mal + InaraPartners Box-Loader CardChase Card202.00
BL2Zoe + WashPartners Box-Loader CardChase Card202.00
BL3Kaylee + SimonPartners Box-Loader CardChase Card202.00
CL-1SerenityOutlaws Case-Loader CardChase Card202.00
P-1Nine crew-Promo Card202.00
P-2Nine crew-Promo Card202.00
P-UKFour crew (UK distribution)-Promo Card202.00
P-INine crew (Inkworks exclusive)-Promo Card202.00
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