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Inkworks Godzilla

Inkworks Godzilla

Year: 1998
Total cards: 82

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1Godzilla: The Movie supervue-Base Card000.00
2Mysterious Assignment-Base Card020.00
3A Sailor's Nightmare-Base Card020.00
4Giant Footprints-Base Card010.00
5The Terror Intensifies-Base Card000.00
6Big City Blues-Base Card020.00
7One That Got Away-Base Card020.00
8Footfalls Of Death-Base Card020.00
9The Last Campaign?-Base Card010.00
10A City Besieged!-Base Card010.00
11Rampage In The Rain-Base Card020.00
12Stomping The City-Base Card010.00
13My God ... It's Alive!!-Base Card020.00
14Canyons Of Chaos-Base Card020.00
15Biggest Story Of All!-Base Card010.00
16In Harm's Way-Base Card020.00
17Lucky Photographer-Base Card010.00
18Bugged By An Agent-Base Card010.00
19The War Room-Base Card000.00
20Flatiron Showdown-Base Card010.00
21Dinner Is Served-Base Card010.00
22Awaiting His Return-Base Card010.00
23A Scientist's Plan-Base Card020.00
24Confronting Godzilla-Base Card000.00
25Man And The Monster-Base Card020.00
26"Fire At Will!!"-Base Card020.00
27Blasted By Power Breath-Base Card020.00
28Blood Of A Mutant-Base Card000.00
29"He's ... Pregnant!!"-Base Card020.00
30The Betrayal-Base Card020.00
31Fired by The Military-Base Card010.00
32A New Alliance-Base Card000.00
33Tunnels Of Terror-Base Card020.00
34The Egg Chamber-Base Card010.00
35Makeshift Message-Base Card020.00
36The Hatchlings-Base Card000.00
37Baby Godzillas Attack!-Base Card010.00
38Elevator Escape-Base Card020.00
39Behemoth's Revenge-Base Card010.00
40The Getaway Cab-Base Card020.00
41Mad Pursuit-Base Card020.00
42Godzilla's Destiny-Base Card010.00
43Beginning of the End?-Base Card020.00
44First Sightings of Gojira-Base Card000.00
45Invading the Isle of Manhattan-Base Card020.00
46A Colossus in Our Midst-Base Card020.00
47The Terror of Godzilla-Base Card020.00
48Monster in the Metropolis-Base Card010.00
49Massive Mistake of Science-Base Card010.00
50Night of the Hatchlings-Base Card010.00
51Swallowing a Taxicab-Base Card020.00
52The Brooklyn Bridge Besieged-Base Card020.00
53Gaining on the Getaway Cab-Base Card020.00
54No Escape from his Fiury-Base Card020.00
55it began as a lizard-Base Card010.00
56terror beneath the waves!-Base Card010.00
57the beast burrows through!-Base Card010.00
58unholy hatchery!-Base Card020.00
59spawn of Godzilla!-Base Card010.00
60monsters on the prowl!-Base Card010.00
61The City Smasher-Base Card020.00
62No Place to Run-Base Card010.00
63Up from the Depths-Base Card020.00
64Battle Beneath the Sea-Base Card020.00
65Chrysler Building Assault-Base Card010.00
66The Next Generation-Base Card020.00
67They Live to Attack-Base Card020.00
68Searching for Prey-Base Card020.00
69Buzzing The Beast-Base Card000.00
70Heroes Against the Horror-Base Card020.00
71In Defense of New York City-Base Card010.00
72Godzilla Checklist-Base Card010.00
G1Born of the atom (and hollywood)Glowzilla Glow-in-the-DarkChase Card000.00
G2Gojira becomes godzillaGlowzilla Glow-in-the-DarkChase Card000.00
G3Camp, monster rallies and successGlowzilla Glow-in-the-DarkChase Card000.00
G4Restoring the king's powerGlowzilla Glow-in-the-DarkChase Card000.00
G5From dinosaur to super-lizardGlowzilla Glow-in-the-DarkChase Card000.00
G6Will godzilla raid again?Glowzilla Glow-in-the-DarkChase Card000.00
GS1Mother of all Monsters!Supreme SkinChase Card000.00
S1Terror and the taxiSilverzilla FoilChase Card000.00
S2On the bridgeSilverzilla FoilChase Card000.00
S3Roar of defianceSilverzilla FoilChase Card000.00
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