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Inkworks Kung Fu Panda

Inkworks Kung Fu Panda

Year: 2008
Total cards: 76

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Kung Fu Panda-Base Card000.00
2Po-Base Card000.00
3Shifu-Base Card000.00
4Tigress-Base Card000.00
5Monkey-Base Card000.00
6Mantis-Base Card000.00
7Crane-Base Card000.00
8Viper-Base Card000.00
9Tai Lung-Base Card000.00
10The Stuff of Legend-Base Card000.00
11The Noodle Dream-Base Card000.00
12Training-Base Card000.00
13It Is Time-Base Card000.00
14Choosing the Dragon Warrior-Base Card000.00
15Worst Seat in the House-Base Card000.00
16Po's Big Entrance-Base Card000.00
17A Surprising Choice-Base Card000.00
18Chorh-Com Prison-Base Card000.00
19Just One Feather-Base Card000.00
20Hall of Heroes-Base Card000.00
21Bad First Impression-Base Card000.00
22A Pain in the Dummy-Base Card000.00
23Level 0-Base Card000.00
24Five Against One-Base Card000.00
25I'm Coming Home-Base Card000.00
26Shifu's Secret-Base Card000.00
27Betrayal and Prison-Base Card000.00
28You Must Believe-Base Card000.00
29Honesty and Honor-Base Card000.00
30Hungry Panda-Base Card000.00
31Battle Dumpling!-Base Card000.00
32Deadly Duel-Base Card000.00
33The Five Won't Quit-Base Card000.00
34Basking in Awesomeness-Base Card000.00
35Learn the Secret-Base Card000.00
36The Scroll Revealed-Base Card000.00
37No Secret Ingredient!-Base Card000.00
38Maddened by Destiny-Base Card000.00
39Showdown-Base Card000.00
40Dreams Come True-Base Card000.00
41Master Po-Base Card000.00
42Master Tigress-Base Card000.00
43Master Monkey-Base Card000.00
44Master Crane-Base Card000.00
45Master Viper-Base Card000.00
46Master Mantis-Base Card000.00
47Master Shifu-Base Card000.00
48Master Tai Lung-Base Card000.00
49Commander Vachir-Base Card000.00
50Checklist-Base Card000.00
P-1Po-Promo Card000.00
P-2Po-Promo Card000.00
P-iPo-Promo Card000.00
M-1Master Po: This Kung Fu Stuff Is Hard WorkMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-2Master Monkey's Legendary Plum Blossom FistMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-3Master Tigress' Thunder FistMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-4Master ViperMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-5Master CraneMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-6Master MantisMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-7Master Shifu: You call that Kung Fu?Masters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
M-8Master Tai Lung: Step Aside or Prepare to BattleMasters Of Kung Fu Lenticular CardsChase Card000.00
S-1PoSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-2MonkeySparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-3TigressSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-4ViperSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-5CraneSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-6MantisSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-7ShifuSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-8Tai LungSparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
S-9Master OogwaySparkly Sticker CardsChase Card000.00
T-1Master PandaTrue Warriors Die-Cut CardsChase Card000.00
T-2Master MonkeyTrue Warriors Die-Cut CardsChase Card000.00
T-3Master TigressTrue Warriors Die-Cut CardsChase Card000.00
T-4Master ViperTrue Warriors Die-Cut CardsChase Card000.00
T-5Master CraneTrue Warriors Die-Cut CardsChase Card000.00
T-6Master MantisTrue Warriors Die-Cut CardsChase Card000.00
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