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Inkworks Men In Black

Inkworks Men In Black

Year: 1997
Total cards: 106

Collection preview (84% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 1


1Men In Black-Base Card101.00
2Border Crossing-Base Card101.00
3Illegal Alien-Base Card101.00
4Alien Ex-Con-Base Card101.00
5Mikey Attacks-Base Card101.00
6Cover-Up Cavalry-Base Card101.00
7Retirement-Base Card101.00
8New York Chase-Base Card101.00
9Freeze!-Base Card101.00
10End of the Line-Base Card101.00
11I Believe You-Base Card101.00
12Pawn Shop-Base Card101.00
13I'm Going to Count to Three-Base Card101.00
14Blown Away-Base Card101.00
15Ever See One of These?-Base Card101.00
16Farm Encounter-Base Card101.00
17Edgar Returns-Base Card101.00
18Moving Crew-Base Card101.00
19Best of the Best-Base Card101.00
20Written Exam-Base Card101.00
21Shooting Gallery-Base Card101.00
22Eye Exam-Base Card101.00
23History Lesson-Base Card101.00
24Who Drank all the Cream?-Base Card101.00
25In or Out-Base Card101.00
26Exterminated-Base Card101.00
27MiB HQ-Base Card101.00
28Alien Immigration-Base Card101.00
29New Technology-Base Card101.00
30Observation-Base Card101.00
31Initiation-Base Card101.00
32Erasure-Base Card101.00
33Jay-Base Card101.00
34Zed's Office-Base Card101.00
35Traffic Stop-Base Card101.00
36Congratulations! It's a Squid!-Base Card101.00
37The Hot Sheets-Base Card101.00
38Edgar in Pursuit-Base Card101.00
39Farmhouse Interview-Base Card101.00
40Bea's Story-Base Card101.00
41Cover Story-Base Card101.00
42We Have a Bug-Base Card101.00
43Summit Meeting-Base Card101.00
44Assassination-Base Card101.00
45The Morgue-Base Card101.00
46Alien Autopsy-Base Card101.00
47Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen-Base Card101.00
48Splitting Head-Base Card101.00
49Cryptic Message-Base Card101.00
50Neuralyzed-Base Card101.00
51Coffee Break-Base Card101.00
52Towed-Base Card101.00
53The Chase is On-Base Card101.00
54Level Four-Base Card101.00
55Frank the Pug-Base Card101.00
56Information Shakedown-Base Card101.00
57Orion's Belt-Base Card101.00
58Bug Off?-Base Card101.00
59Hidden Danger-Base Card101.00
60Hostage Situation-Base Card101.00
61Prelude to War-Base Card101.00
62World's Fair-Base Card101.00
63MiB Express-Base Card101.00
64Showdown-Base Card101.00
65Lift Off-Base Card101.00
66Crash Landing-Base Card101.00
67Edgar No More-Base Card101.00
68Face Off-Base Card101.00
69Exterminated-Base Card101.00
70Mission Accomplished-Base Card101.00
71Good-Bye-Base Card101.00
72The Newest Agent-Base Card101.00
73Kay-Base Card101.00
74Jay-Base Card101.00
75Elle-Base Card101.00
76Zed-Base Card101.00
77Dee-Base Card101.00
78Headquarters-Base Card101.00
79Immigration-Base Card101.00
80Arsenal-Base Card101.00
81Toy Shop-Base Card101.00
82Samarians-Base Card101.00
83Lysians-Base Card101.00
84The Squats-Base Card101.00
85Vyrmidians-Base Card101.00
86The Homarid-Base Card101.00
87The Pug-Base Card101.00
88Erraqnians-Base Card101.00
89Bugs-Base Card101.00
90Men in Black Checklist-Base Card101.00
P1MikeyAlien Profiles Die-CutChase Card101.00
P2Yin and YangAlien Profiles Die-CutChase Card101.00
P3Skulk BrothersAlien Profiles Die-CutChase Card101.00
P4RosenbergAlien Profiles Die-CutChase Card101.00
P5EdgarAlien Profiles Die-CutChase Card101.00
AC1Lowell Cunningham
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
B1JayCards in BlackChase Card101.00
B2KayCards in BlackChase Card101.00
S1Alien TechnologySecret FilesChase Card101.00
S2Cover-UpsSecret FilesChase Card101.00
S3NeuralyzerSecret FilesChase Card101.00
S4AliensSecret FilesChase Card101.00
S5Men In Black MythosSecret FilesChase Card101.00
PC1The Following Is Top Secret-Promo Card101.00
PC2The Secret Is Out-Promo Card101.00
PC-S1Suncoast Video-Promo Card101.00
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