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Inkworks Robots the Movie

Inkworks Robots the Movie

Year: 2005
Total cards: 138

Collection preview (65% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Robots The Movie-Base card000.00
2Rodney Copperbottom-Base card000.00
3Wonderbot-Base card000.00
4Cappy-Base card000.00
5Mr. & Mrs. Copperbottom-Base card000.00
6Bigweld-Base card000.00
7Ratchet-Base card000.00
8Madame Gasket-Base card000.00
9Fender-Base card000.00
10Piper Pinwheeler-Base card000.00
11Crank Casey-Base card000.00
12Lug-Base card000.00
13Diesel Springer-Base card000.00
14Aunt Fan-Base card000.00
15Jackhammer-Base card000.00
16Some Assembly Required-Base card000.00
17Hand-Me-Downs-Base card000.00
18Looking into the Future-Base card000.00
19Building a Baby-Base card000.00
20Bot Meets World-Base card000.00
21Creation!-Base card000.00
22It Works! Sort Of...-Base card000.00
23Failure!-Base card000.00
24A Life in Gear-Base card000.00
25Bot in the Big City-Base card000.00
26Directionally Snubbed-Base card000.00
27Loose Screw-Base card000.00
28Teaser Tim-Base card000.00
29Sez You!-Base card000.00
30Why Be You?-Base card000.00
31Don't You Love It?-Base card000.00
32Love at First Flop-Base card000.00
33Hello, You Must Be Going-Base card000.00
34Magnetic Melee-Base card000.00
35Footjacked!-Base card000.00
36A Head Behind-Base card000.00
37Emergency Repairs-Base card000.00
38We Have No Replacements-Base card000.00
39I Can Fix You!-Base card000.00
40Trouble Ahead-Base card000.00
41Gasket & Son-Base card000.00
42The Bot Hits the Fan-Base card000.00
43Fenderbonding-Base card000.00
44Hot and Greasy-Base card000.00
45No Outrage Here-Base card000.00
46Find Bigweld!-Base card000.00
47Fix Me, Please!-Base card000.00
48Crashing the Ball-Base card000.00
49On the Scrap Belt-Base card000.00
50Tracking Bigweld-Base card000.00
51Pure Genius-Base card000.00
52Down the Domino Trail-Base card000.00
53A Big Shock-Base card000.00
54Give Up!-Base card000.00
55Rodney Blows Up-Base card000.00
56Defeated-Base card000.00
57Jeepers Sweepers!-Base card000.00
58Heart Recharge-Base card000.00
59The Return of Bigweld-Base card000.00
60Hauling Steel-Base card000.00
61Outmodes on the March-Base card000.00
62Cornered!-Base card000.00
63To Victory!-Base card000.00
64Dishrag Dad-Base card000.00
65A Working Couple-Base card000.00
66Creative Craftsman-Base card000.00
67A Real Fixer-Upper-Base card000.00
68Jack of All Trades-Base card000.00
69Magnet Truck-Base card000.00
70I See You!-Base card000.00
71Just Say No!-Base card000.00
72Chairbot of the Board-Base card000.00
73Rodney Copperbottom-Base card000.00
74Wonderbot-Base card000.00
75Cappy-Base card000.00
76Fender-Base card000.00
77Piper-Base card000.00
78Aunt Fan-Base card000.00
79Bigweld-Base card000.00
80Ratchet-Base card000.00
81Madame Gasket-Base card000.00
82Cityscape-Base card000.00
83Happy Houses-Base card000.00
84Aunt Fan's Boarding House-Base card000.00
85Jackhammer's Store-Base card000.00
86Rustie Alley-Base card000.00
87Street Sweepers-Base card000.00
88Minion Design-Base card000.00
89An Evil Castle-Base card000.00
90Checklist-Base card000.00
R-SD-2004Robots The Movie-Promo card000.00
P-1Rodney Copperbottom-Promo card000.00
P-2Ratchet-Promo card000.00
P-3Bigweld-Promo card000.00
P-4Cappy-Promo card000.00
H2004Wishing You the Magic of the Holidays-Promo card000.00
P-iThe Rusties-Promo card000.00
SK1Dave Dorman
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK2Tone Rodriguez
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK3John Czop
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK4Chris Moreno
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK5Chad Frye
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK6Mark Dos Santos
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK7Jeff Zugale
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK8Joel Gomez
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK10Warren Martineck
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK11Michael Kraiger
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
SK12Darren Auck
Sketch CardsChase card000.00
BL-1Piper PinwheelerBox-LoaderChase card000.00
BL-2FenderBox-LoaderChase card000.00
BL-3Diesel Springer and LugBox-LoaderChase card000.00
CL-1BigweldCase-LoaderChase card000.00
FB-1Smooth to the Last DropFender BenderChase card000.00
FB-2Let's DanceFender BenderChase card000.00
FB-3Okay, Time to PanicFender BenderChase card000.00
FB-4Friends in NeedFender BenderChase card000.00
FB-5Spazz-O-MaticFender BenderChase card000.00
FB-6Mighty WarriorFender BenderChase card000.00
RE-1Rodney CopperbottomFoil CardsChase card000.00
RE-2Crank CaseyFoil CardsChase card000.00
RE-3FenderFoil CardsChase card000.00
RE-4BigweldFoil CardsChase card000.00
PC-1Gateway To InventionPostcards from the Big City FilmChase card000.00
PC-2Pinnacle of SuccessPostcards from the Big City FilmChase card000.00
PC-3Can You Shine...?Postcards from the Big City FilmChase card000.00
PC-4Crush Hour TrafficPostcards from the Big City FilmChase card000.00
PC-5The Big City Revs!Postcards from the Big City FilmChase card000.00
PC-6I Made It, I'm Here!Postcards from the Big City FilmChase card000.00
RR-1Friends to the EndRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-2Living on Borrowed TimeRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-3Rusties HeadquartersRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-4Rusties Unite!Rusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-5Rekindling the DreamRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-6Hidden TalentsRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-7Teens in the Big CityRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-8Aunt Fan the MinivanRusties to the RescueChase card000.00
RR-9Surprise!Rusties to the RescueChase card000.00
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