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Inkworks Scorpion King

Inkworks Scorpion King

Year: 2002
Total cards: 121

Collection preview (3% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Title Card-Base Card101.00
2Mathayus-Base Card101.00
3Cassandra-Base Card101.00
4Balthazar-Base Card101.00
5Memnon-Base Card101.00
6Takmet-Base Card101.00
7Aprid-Base Card101.00
8Philos-Base Card101.00
9Isis-Base Card101.00
10The Reign of Memnon-Base Card101.00
11The Tribes Strike Back-Base Card101.00
12Invading an Enemy Camp-Base Card101.00
13Assassin...or Hero?-Base Card101.00
14Death to the King's Seer-Base Card101.00
15The Sorceress Revealed-Base Card101.00
16A Savage Struggle-Base Card101.00
17Evil Triumphs...For Now-Base Card101.00
18The Traitor Takmet-Base Card101.00
19An Unexpected Ally-Base Card101.00
20In the Throne Room-Base Card101.00
21Tomorrow the World?-Base Card101.00
22The City of Gomorrah-Base Card101.00
23A Ticket into Town-Base Card101.00
24The Power of Memnon-Base Card101.00
25Philos' Laboratory-Base Card101.00
26Science vs. Sorcery-Base Card101.00
27Hero in a Harem-Base Card101.00
28In Cassandra's Chamber-Base Card101.00
29The Kidnapped Sorceress-Base Card101.00
30Desert Trek-Base Card101.00
31Kindred Spirits-Base Card101.00
32Calm Before the Storm-Base Card101.00
33Against the Akkadian-Base Card101.00
34A Force of Nature-Base Card101.00
35Poisoned!-Base Card101.00
36A Message for Memnon-Base Card101.00
37Fears of a False King-Base Card101.00
38The Cure-Base Card101.00
39At the Oasis-Base Card101.00
40A Temporary Refuge-Base Card101.00
41Surprised by Bandits-Base Card101.00
42The Bandit Hideout-Base Card101.00
43Not the Warmest Welcome-Base Card101.00
44Mathayus and the Bandits-Base Card101.00
45An Uneasy Alliance-Base Card101.00
46Old Enemies Reunited-Base Card101.00
47Mathayus and Balthazar-Base Card101.00
48A Vision of Death-Base Card101.00
49For the Love of Mathayus-Base Card101.00
50Cassandra's Lover?-Base Card101.00
51Return of the Sorceress-Base Card101.00
52A Woman's Work...-Base Card101.00
53In the Lower Halls-Base Card101.00
54The Test-Base Card101.00
55Choose-Base Card101.00
56Throne Room Invader-Base Card101.00
57The Battle Begins-Base Card101.00
58Fighting Fire with Fury-Base Card101.00
59The Flaming Swords-Base Card101.00
60Mighty Struggle-Base Card101.00
61His World in Flames-Base Card101.00
62Memnon's Savage Fury-Base Card101.00
63Tomorrow's King-Base Card101.00
64The Killing of Takmet-Base Card101.00
65Making His Own Destiny-Base Card101.00
66Taking Aim at Evil-Base Card101.00
67Of Fire, Fury and Fate-Base Card101.00
68The Allies Victorious!-Base Card101.00
69Dawn of a New Era-Base Card101.00
70The Magic of Their Love-Base Card101.00
71The Scorpion King Forever-Base Card101.00
72Checklist-Base Card101.00
A1Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Mathayus
Autograph cardChase Card101.00
A2Bernard Hill as Philos
Autograph cardChase Card101.00
A3Sherri Howard as Queen Isis
Autograph cardChase Card101.00
A4Grant Heslov as Arpid
Autograph cardChase Card101.00
A5Stephen Brand as Memnon
Autograph cardChase Card101.00
AR1Redemption Card
Autograph cardChase Card101.00
PW1Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Mathayus
Pieceworks Costume CardsChase Card101.00
PW2Kelly Hu as Cassandra
Pieceworks Costume CardsChase Card101.00
PW3Stephen Brand as Memnon
Pieceworks Costume CardsChase Card101.00
PW4The Warriors
Pieceworks Costume CardsChase Card101.00
PR1Redemption Card
Pieceworks Costume CardsChase Card101.00
P1The Adventure ContinuesThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P2Evolution of a HeroThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P3All in the FamilyThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P4Sands of FuryThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P5Power Packed TeamThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P6The Rock of AgesThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P7Women of The Scorpion KingThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P8Glad to Be a GladiatorThe Future KingChase Card101.00
P9The Dawn of ScienceThe Future KingChase Card101.00
S1First Brush with MathayusVisions of the SorceressChase Card101.00
S2Dark Days for IsisVisions of the SorceressChase Card101.00
S3The Coming of MathayusVisions of the SorceressChase Card101.00
S4The Fever DreamVisions of the SorceressChase Card101.00
S5Visions of DeathVisions of the SorceressChase Card101.00
S6The Killing of MathayusVisions of the SorceressChase Card101.00
BL-1CassandraThe Rock Box LoadersChase Card101.00
BL-2IsisThe Rock Box LoadersChase Card101.00
BL-3BalthazarThe Rock Box LoadersChase Card101.00
CL-1As all men kneel...Case LoaderChase Card101.00
FC-1Title CardFan Club SetChase Card101.00
FC-2MathayusFan Club SetChase Card101.00
FC-3CassandraFan Club SetChase Card101.00
FC-4BalthazarFan Club SetChase Card101.00
FC-5MemnonFan Club SetChase Card101.00
FC-6ArpidFan Club SetChase Card101.00
FC-7IsisFan Club SetChase Card101.00
PC-1Title CardPreview SetChase Card101.00
PC-2MathayusPreview SetChase Card101.00
PC-3CassandraPreview SetChase Card101.00
PC-4BalthazarPreview SetChase Card101.00
PC-5MemnonPreview SetChase Card101.00
PC-6ArpidPreview SetChase Card101.00
PC-7IsisPreview SetChase Card101.00
SKP-1Mathayus (promo 1)DealersPromo Card101.00
SKP-2Mathayus, Balthazar (promo 2)Non-Sport UpdatePromo Card101.00
SKP-iMathayus (promo 3)Inkworks WebsitePromo Card101.00
SKP-UKMathayus (promo4)UKPromo Card101.00
PSThe Future King
Uncut Mini Press SheetChase Card101.00
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