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Inkworks Serenity

Inkworks Serenity

Year: 2005
Total cards: 122

Collection preview (59% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1SerenityTitle cardBase card202.00
2Malcolm "Mal" ReynoldsCharacterBase card202.00
3Zoe Alleyne-WashburneCharacterBase card202.00
4Hoban "Wash" WashburneCharacterBase card202.00
5Inara SerraCharacterBase card202.00
6Jayne CobbCharacterBase card202.00
7Kaylee FryeCharacterBase card202.00
8Simon TamCharacterBase card202.00
9River TamCharacterBase card202.00
10Shepherd Derrial BookCharacterBase card202.00
11The OperativeCharacterBase card202.00
12ReaversCharacterBase card202.00
13Earth-That-WasStoryBase card202.00
14Trouble in UtopiaStoryBase card202.00
15River's OrdealStoryBase card202.00
16Escaping the AllianceStoryBase card202.00
17Aboard the SerenityStoryBase card202.00
18Four Robbers and a MuleStoryBase card202.00
19Inside the Trade StationStoryBase card202.00
20Entering the VaultStoryBase card202.00
21A Monster Among UsStoryBase card202.00
22The Big HeistStoryBase card202.00
23Spotted by the ReaversStoryBase card202.00
24The Great ChaseStoryBase card202.00
25Companions in TrainingStoryBase card202.00
26Mingo and FantyStoryBase card202.00
27River's RampageStoryBase card202.00
28Meet Mr. UniverseStoryBase card202.00
29The Girl Most WantedStoryBase card202.00
30The Mining CampStoryBase card202.00
31The Shepherd's FlockStoryBase card202.00
32Love... or a Trap?StoryBase card202.00
33Inara's WorldStoryBase card202.00
34The Deadly PursuerStoryBase card202.00
35Visions of HorrorStoryBase card202.00
36The Road to MirandaStoryBase card202.00
37Fateful DecisionStoryBase card202.00
38Death of a FriendStoryBase card202.00
39Target: The AllianceStoryBase card202.00
40Significant OthersStoryBase card202.00
41The Miranda LandingStoryBase card202.00
42A Team Well-SuitedStoryBase card202.00
43City of the DeadStoryBase card202.00
44Armed against TerrorStoryBase card202.00
45Ghosts of MirandaStoryBase card202.00
46The Operative's ShipStoryBase card202.00
47Serenity Under Fire!StoryBase card202.00
48Within a Sea of ShipsStoryBase card202.00
49Dodging Enemy BlastsStoryBase card202.00
50A Leaf on the Wind...StoryBase card202.00
51Taking a StandStoryBase card202.00
52A Robot's Best FriendStoryBase card202.00
53The First WaveStoryBase card202.00
54Attack of the ReaversStoryBase card202.00
55Mal's Vital MissionStoryBase card202.00
56Team Serenity Strikes!StoryBase card202.00
57More than a WomanStoryBase card202.00
58The Unstoppable OneStoryBase card202.00
59The Final RoundStoryBase card202.00
60The Dear DepartedStoryBase card202.00
61Repairing a FireflyStoryBase card202.00
62Two for the RoadStoryBase card202.00
63A New BeginningStoryBase card202.00
64One Man's BrainchildBehind the ScenesBase card202.00
65The Inara ConnectionBehind the ScenesBase card202.00
66Vehicles and LoversBehind the ScenesBase card202.00
67A Galactic WesternBehind the ScenesBase card202.00
68Space VehiclesArtworkBase card202.00
69The Mule HovercraftArtworkBase card202.00
70Ships of the AllianceArtworkBase card202.00
71River and the TownArtworkBase card202.00
72Checklist-Base card202.00
R1Zoe's Better HalfRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R2Captain of the ShipRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R3Armed and DangerousRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R4Serenity's CrewRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R5A Firefly of His OwnRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R6Madness on MirandaRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R7A Boy Named JayneRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R8Jayne the Hard WayRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
R9The Doctor Is InRenegades Puzzle CardsChase Card202.00
WS1Zoe on the JobWomen of SerenityChase Card202.00
WS2Inara the CompanionWomen of SerenityChase Card202.00
WS3A Mechanic Named KayleeWomen of SerenityChase Card202.00
WS4Girl on the Run (River Tam)Women of SerenityChase Card202.00
WS5Serenity's AngelsWomen of SerenityChase Card202.00
A1Nathan Fillion as Mal
AutographChase Card202.00
A2Gina Torres as Zoe
AutographChase Card202.00
A3Adam Baldwin as Jayne
AutographChase Card202.00
A4Alan Tudyk as Wash
AutographChase Card202.00
A5Jewel Staite as Kaylee
AutographChase Card202.00
A6Morena Baccarin as Inara
AutographChase Card202.00
A7Summer Glau as River
AutographChase Card202.00
A8Sean Maher as Simon
AutographChase Card202.00
A9Ron Glass as Book
AutographChase Card202.00
A10Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative
AutographChase Card202.00
AutographChase Card202.00
PW1Shirt worn by Nathan Fillion as Mal
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW2Pants worn by Gina Torres as Zoe
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW3T-Shirt worn by Adam Baldwin as Jayne
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW4Shirt worn by Alan Tudyk as Wash [many fabric variations]
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW5Shirt worn by Jewel Staite as Kaylee
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW6Pants worn by Morena Baccarin as Inara
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW7T-Shirt worn by Sean Maher as Simon
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
PW8T-Shirt worn by Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative
Pieceworks CardChase Card202.00
BL1The Girl Who Knew Too MuchThe Truth Within Box LoadersChase Card202.00
BL2A Child Shall Lead ThemThe Truth Within Box LoadersChase Card202.00
BL3Beauty Is the BeastThe Truth Within Box LoadersChase Card202.00
DST-1Serenity Action Figure AssortmentBox Loader Promo CardChase Card202.00
CL1Browncoats Unite!Browncoats Unite Case LoaderChase Card202.00
DSS1MalcolmAction Figure CardsChase Card202.00
DSS2Fight to the FinishAction Figure CardsChase Card202.00
DSS3Reavers AttackAction Figure CardsChase Card202.00
DSS4Soldier of FortuneAction Figure CardsChase Card202.00
DSS5JayneAction Figure CardsChase Card202.00
SP-17 cast posed (general distribution)-Promo Card202.00
SP-IInkworks exclusive-Promo Card202.00
SP-UKU.K. distribution-Promo Card202.00
SP-SD20057 cast posed (2005 San Diego Comic Con)-Promo Card202.00
SPNSUSDCast candid (Non-Sport Update variant issue)-Promo Card202.00
SP-WW2 men (Wizard World Chicago)-Promo Card202.00
SP-CEEChicagoland Expo-Promo Card202.00
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