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Inkworks Smallville Season 3

Inkworks Smallville Season 3

Year: 2004
Total cards: 132

Collection preview (7% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Title Card-Base card000.00
2Clark KentCharacter CardsBase card000.00
3Lana LangCharacter CardsBase card000.00
4Lex LuthorCharacter CardsBase card000.00
5Pete RossCharacter CardsBase card000.00
6Chloe SullivanCharacter CardsBase card000.00
7Lionel LuthorCharacter CardsBase card000.00
8Martha KentCharacter CardsBase card000.00
9Jonathan KentCharacter CardsBase card000.00
10The Kowatche CavesThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
11Jor-El GivesThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
12Jor-El TakesThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
13The Heart of Jor-ElThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
14The Promise of Jor-ElThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
15Naman and SageethThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
16The RivalThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
17The Honey TrapThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
18Now You Shall Be RebornThe Legend of KryptonBase card000.00
19The Hidden FaceFamily SecretsBase card000.00
20A Prodigal's WelcomeFamily SecretsBase card000.00
21...Had a Great FallFamily SecretsBase card000.00
22Total CommitmentFamily SecretsBase card000.00
23ElectroshockFamily SecretsBase card000.00
24A Devilish DealFamily SecretsBase card000.00
25FlashbacksFamily SecretsBase card000.00
26Smother LoveFamily SecretsBase card000.00
27The Burden of EnlightenmentFamily SecretsBase card000.00
28BloodlinesLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
29Blood PriceLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
30Super SerumLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
31Bad BloodLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
32In Need of New BloodLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
33Spilled BloodLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
34The Bloody EndLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
35Bloodless LoveLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
36Red Blood, Gray BarsLionel's ObsessionBase card000.00
37In Over My Head...Reporter's NotebookBase card000.00
38Perry White (!!!)Reporter's NotebookBase card000.00
39W.O.W UpdateReporter's NotebookBase card000.00
40Live on Tape!Reporter's NotebookBase card000.00
41Taking a StandReporter's NotebookBase card000.00
42Running ScaredReporter's NotebookBase card000.00
43Big City KalEpisode CardsBase card000.00
44Imaginary FriendEpisode CardsBase card000.00
45Rescuing ClarkEpisode CardsBase card000.00
46Fathers and SonEpisode CardsBase card000.00
47Killer NewlywedEpisode CardsBase card000.00
48Trail of BloodEpisode CardsBase card000.00
49Fatal WeaknessEpisode CardsBase card000.00
50ShowdownEpisode CardsBase card000.00
51Nightmare WorldEpisode CardsBase card000.00
52Dream EscapeEpisode CardsBase card000.00
53Bottom FeederEpisode CardsBase card000.00
54Forcing the IssueEpisode CardsBase card000.00
55A Father's FootstepsEpisode CardsBase card000.00
56Ghost From the PastEpisode CardsBase card000.00
57Mind GamesEpisode CardsBase card000.00
58Polar OppositesEpisode CardsBase card000.00
59Don't Wake the BabyEpisode CardsBase card000.00
60Descent Into MadnessEpisode CardsBase card000.00
61Blasts From the PastEpisode CardsBase card000.00
62Shocking EndsEpisode CardsBase card000.00
63Super ScreamerEpisode CardsBase card000.00
64Fighting BlindEpisode CardsBase card000.00
65Death By E-MailEpisode CardsBase card000.00
66Fighting MadEpisode CardsBase card000.00
67Fatal VisionsEpisode CardsBase card000.00
68Flash PointEpisode CardsBase card000.00
69Boss RossEpisode CardsBase card000.00
70Crash and BurnEpisode CardsBase card000.00
71Falling In LoveEpisode CardsBase card000.00
72He Loves Me NotEpisode CardsBase card000.00
73Reborn To DieEpisode CardsBase card000.00
74Explosive TemperEpisode CardsBase card000.00
75A Timely CallEpisode CardsBase card000.00
76Last CallEpisode CardsBase card000.00
77Turning the KeyEpisode CardsBase card000.00
78I Am WaitingEpisode CardsBase card000.00
79The Truth is Out ThereEpisode CardsBase card000.00
80The Truth HurtsEpisode CardsBase card000.00
81Down Memory LaneEpisode CardsBase card000.00
82Repressed TruthsEpisode CardsBase card000.00
83Heroes and VillainsEpisode CardsBase card000.00
84Touched by FateEpisode CardsBase card000.00
85Lonely GirlEpisode CardsBase card000.00
86A Loyal FriendEpisode CardsBase card000.00
87KinEpisode CardsBase card000.00
88Multiple DivisionEpisode CardsBase card000.00
89The Lion in WinterEpisode CardsBase card000.00
90Checklist-Base card000.00
A17Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams
Autographed CardsChase Card101.00
A18Michael McKean as Perry White
Autographed CardsChase Card101.00
A19William B. Davis as Mayor Tate
Autographed CardsChase Card101.00
A20Jesse Metcalfe as Van McNulty
Autographed CardsChase Card101.00
A21Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian Randall
Autographed CardsChase Card101.00
A22Felecia Bell-Schafer as Judge Abigail Ross
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A23Neil Flynn as Pete Dinsmore
Autographed CardsChase Card101.00
A24Adrianne Palicki as Kara
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A25Teryl Rothery as The Real Estate Agent
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
BL1Jor-El Calls"Judgment Day"Chase Card000.00
BL2The Ultimate Sacrifice"Judgment Day"Chase Card000.00
BL3Bad To The Bone"Judgment Day"Chase Card000.00
CL1The Last Son of KryptonCase Loader CardChase Card101.00
CTCSmallville Issue 10Case Topper ComicChase Card000.00
D-1A Sign of ChangeDepartures CardsChase Card000.00
D-2Sting of the ViperDepartures CardsChase Card000.00
D-3Adieu, Clark. Bonjour ParisDepartures CardsChase Card000.00
D-4Breath of the DragonDepartures CardsChase Card000.00
D-5Opting OutDepartures CardsChase Card000.00
D-6BaitDepartures CardsChase Card000.00
G-1Generations Puzzle (puzzle 1)PhoenixChase Card000.00
G-2Generations Puzzle (puzzle 2)ExtinctionChase Card000.00
G-3Generations Puzzle (puzzle 3)ExileChase Card000.00
G-4Generations Puzzle (puzzle 4)PhoenixChase Card000.00
G-5Generations Puzzle (puzzle 5)PhoenixChase Card000.00
G-6Generations Puzzle (puzzle 6)ExtinctionChase Card000.00
G-7Generations Puzzle (puzzle 7)PerryChase Card000.00
G-8Generations Puzzle (puzzle 8)WhisperChase Card000.00
G-9Generations Puzzle (puzzle 9)ShatteredChase Card000.00
PW1Shirt worn by Tom Welling as Clark KentTruthChase Card101.00
PW2Sweater worn by Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang (by redemption)ShatteredChase Card101.00
PW3Shirt worn by Allison Mock as Chloe SullivanShatteredChase Card101.00
PW4Shirt worn by Sam Jones III as Pete RossExtinctionChase Card101.00
PW5Shirt worn by Annette O'Toole as Martha KentExileChase Card101.00
PW6Shirt worn by John Schneider as Jonathan KentCrisisChase Card101.00
PW7Shirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex LuthorCrisisChase Card101.00
PWR1Congratulations! (Pieceworks Redemption Card)ShatteredChase Card101.00
SM3-1Lex, Clark, Lana-Promo Card000.00
SM3-2Lana-Promo Card000.00
SM3-iClark-Promo Card000.00
SM3-SD5 cast-Promo Card000.00
SM3-UKLex-Promo Card000.00
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