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Inkworks Spawn

Inkworks Spawn

Year: 1997
Total cards: 105

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1Spawn-Base card000.00
2Terror at the Airport-Base card000.00
3For the Love of Wanda-Base card010.00
4Wynn's Evil Scheme-Base card010.00
5An Assassin named Priest-Base card000.00
6Simmons Betrayed!-Base card000.00
7A Taste of Hell-Base card000.00
8The Human Torch-Base card010.00
9Afterlife-Base card000.00
10Back From Beyond-Base card000.00
11Clowns Tragic Follower-Base card000.00
12Mocking His Fate-Base card000.00
13The Grave of Al Simmons-Base card000.00
14"These Flashbacks are Killers"-Base card000.00
15Man or Monstrosity?-Base card000.00
16Deadman's Revenge-Base card000.00
17Raid on A-6 Headquarters-Base card000.00
18Hell from on High-Base card000.00
19The Cape-Base card000.00
20Night of Reckoning-Base card010.00
21Embassy Assault-Base card010.00
22Dressed to Kill-Base card010.00
23Balcony Berserker-Base card000.00
24Avenger on the Rampage-Base card000.00
25Armored for Battle-Base card000.00
26Scaling a Skyscraper-Base card000.00
27Fantastic Escape-Base card000.00
28Partners in Armageddon-Base card000.00
29Hell Soldier-Base card000.00
30"You Have Your Mother's Eyes"-Base card000.00
31Life Insurance-Base card010.00
32Titan of the Alleyways-Base card000.00
33Strange Destiny-Base card000.00
34"Put Down My Dog"-Base card010.00
35Violator is Born-Base card000.00
36The Demon-Thing Approaches-Base card000.00
37In the Clutches of Violator-Base card000.00
38Has Spawn Met His Match-Base card000.00
39Impaled-Base card000.00
40Mythic Encounter-Base card010.00
41Destroying a Dad-Base card010.00
42Spawn Crucified-Base card000.00
43"You Still Haven't Learned"-Base card000.00
44Mastering His Powers-Base card000.00
45A Better Idea Than Guns-Base card000.00
46Satan's Cycle-Base card000.00
47Closing in on Clown-Base card000.00
48Metal-Morphosis-Base card000.00
49The Big Blow-Base card000.00
50From Hell He Came-Base card000.00
51Severing Unholy Ties-Base card000.00
52A Family Besieged-Base card000.00
53Rage of the Avenger-Base card010.00
54The Sacrifice-Base card000.00
55A Blade Against Wanda-Base card010.00
56Payback Time-Base card000.00
57"See You In Hell, Jason"-Base card000.00
58Clown or Wanda-Base card000.00
59Showdown in Hell-Base card010.00
60The Final Battle-Base card000.00
61Engulfed by Violator-Base card000.00
62Spawn Victorious-Base card000.00
63The Dark Watcher-Base card000.00
64Agent Al Simmons-Base card010.00
65Spawn-Base card000.00
66Cogliostro-Base card000.00
67Clown-Base card000.00
68Jason Wynn-Base card000.00
69Agent Priest-Base card000.00
70Terry Fitzgerald-Base card010.00
71Wanda Blake-Base card000.00
72Violator-Base card000.00
73Flight of Fancy-Base card000.00
74Master of Mirth & Mayhem-Base card000.00
75Friends Reunited-Base card000.00
76Make-Up & Costumes-Base card000.00
77Against a Blue Screen-Base card000.00
78Bringing Violator to Life-Base card010.00
79The Malebolgia Puppet-Base card000.00
80Visions of Hell-Base card000.00
81Checklist-Base card000.00
AC1Todd McFarlane (autograph 1)
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC2Todd McFarlane (autograph 2)
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC3Todd McFarlane (autograph 3)
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC4Todd McFarlane (autograph 4)
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
DOThe Devil's Own-Chase Card000.00
FCF-1SpawnFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-2Al SimmonsFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-3ClownFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-4ViolatorFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-5Wanda BlakeFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-6Terry FitzgeraldFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-7Jason WynnFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-8CogliostroFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
FCF-9MalebolgiaFrom Comics to FilmChase Card000.00
K1The Devil's OwnKay-Bee ExclusiveChase Card000.00
P0Starlog Mail (promo 1)in OfferPromo Card000.00
P2Wizard Magazine (promo 2)-Promo Card000.00
P3Spawn (promo 3)San Diego Comic ConPromo Card000.00
P4Collect! (promo 4)-Promo Card000.00
PCSpawn (promo 5)-Promo Card000.00
SV-1Adapting any property for the screenSpawn RevealedChase Card000.00
SV-2Executive Producer Alan BlomquistSpawn RevealedChase Card000.00
SV-3In an initial scene where Jason WynnSpawn RevealedChase Card000.00
SV-4Actor Michael Jai White spent severalSpawn RevealedChase Card000.00
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