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Inkworks The Mummy Returns

Inkworks The Mummy Returns

Year: 2001
Total cards: 113

Collection preview (2% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1The Mummy Returns-Base Card101.00
2The Scorpion King-Base Card101.00
3Against the Sumerians-Base Card101.00
4The Undefeated-Base Card101.00
5The Curse-Base Card101.00
6Thebes under Siege-Base Card101.00
7The O'Connells-Base Card101.00
8Evy's Quest-Base Card101.00
9Daunting Discovery-Base Card101.00
10Murder, Mummies and Mayhem-Base Card101.00
11Sling-Shot Attack!-Base Card101.00
12Chest of Mystery-Base Card101.00
13Key to the Past-Base Card101.00
14Old Enemies-Base Card101.00
15Bay Watch-Base Card101.00
16Way To Go, Mom!-Base Card101.00
17The Past Comes Alive-Base Card101.00
18Out of Harm's Way-Base Card101.00
19Imhotep Lives!-Base Card101.00
20The Rescue-Base Card101.00
21Fury of the Mummy-Base Card101.00
22Lock-Nah's Mission-Base Card101.00
23Escape from the Museum-Base Card101.00
24The Mummy's Revenge-Base Card101.00
25The Soldier Mummies-Base Card101.00
26Bus Chase-Base Card101.00
27Alex... Kidnapped!-Base Card101.00
28The Mummy Lives-Base Card101.00
29Imhotep and Anck-Sunamun-Base Card101.00
30The Only Way to Travel?-Base Card101.00
31Captain Izzy-Base Card101.00
32Love to the Rescue-Base Card101.00
33Giving Lock-Nah Some Grief-Base Card101.00
34I Dream of Nefertiri-Base Card101.00
35Alex Leaves a Clue-Base Card101.00
36Terror... And Sudden Death-Base Card101.00
37Going after the Big Guy-Base Card101.00
38The Final Battle Begins-Base Card101.00
39Within the Keyroom-Base Card101.00
40Threat of the Ages-Base Card101.00
41The Curator's Fate-Base Card101.00
42An Eternity of Evil-Base Card101.00
43Day of the Medjai-Base Card101.00
44Army of the Undead-Base Card101.00
45Ready for Action-Base Card101.00
46Hate against Hate-Base Card101.00
47Battling to the Death-Base Card101.00
48Clash of the Titans-Base Card101.00
49Medjai vs. Anubis-Base Card101.00
50The Scorpion King Reborn-Base Card101.00
51Victors... Or Vanquished?-Base Card101.00
52O'Connell Triumphant-Base Card101.00
53No Way Out!-Base Card101.00
54Rescued!-Base Card101.00
55Evy's Mysterious Past-Base Card101.00
56Imhotep's Secret Love-Base Card101.00
57Love Eternal-Base Card101.00
58The Masked Fury-Base Card101.00
59Rage of Anck-Sunamun-Base Card101.00
60Battle Royale-Base Card101.00
61Match and Rematch-Base Card101.00
62Scorpion King-Base Card101.00
63Imhotep Mummy-Base Card101.00
64Pygmy Mummies-Base Card101.00
65Anubis-Base Card101.00
66Rick O'Connell-Base Card101.00
67Evy O'Connell-Base Card101.00
68Alex O'Connell-Base Card101.00
69Imhotep-Base Card101.00
70Meela-Base Card101.00
71The Scorpion King-Base Card101.00
72Nefertiri-Base Card101.00
73Anck-Sunamun-Base Card101.00
74Ardeth Bay-Base Card101.00
75Lock-Nah-Base Card101.00
76Jonathan-Base Card101.00
77Izzy-Base Card101.00
78Red-Base Card101.00
79Jacques-Base Card101.00
80Spivey-Base Card101.00
81Checklist-Base Card101.00
AM1Autograph Redemption-Chase Card101.00
AC1Brendan Fraser
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
AC2Arnold Vosloo
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
AC3Oded Fehr
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
AC4John Hannah
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
AC5Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
AC6Patricia Velasquez
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
AC7Dwayne Johnson
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
MBL1When a chain of events ...Box LoadersChase Card101.00
P1Evy O'Connell
Pieceworks CostumeChase Card101.00
P2Evy O'Connell
Pieceworks CostumeChase Card101.00
P3Ardeth Bay
Pieceworks CostumeChase Card101.00
ST1The Passion of Im-Ho-TepSands of TimeChase Card101.00
ST2Desert FurySands of TimeChase Card101.00
ST3Face of the Living DeadSands of TimeChase Card101.00
ST4Wrestling the mummySands of TimeChase Card101.00
ST5The Face of FearSands of TimeChase Card101.00
ST6Two for the RoadSands of TimeChase Card101.00
SK1The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 1)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK2The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 2)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK3The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 3)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK4The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 4)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK5The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 5)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK6The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 6)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK7The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 7)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK8The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 8)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
SK9The Legend of the Scorpion King (puzzle 9)The Legend of the Scorpion KingChase Card101.00
MR-1Coming May 2001!-Promo Card101.00
MR-2Non-Sport Update-Promo Card101.00
MR-3Coming May 2001!-Promo Card101.00
MR-4Cards Inc., U.K.-Promo Card101.00
MRiThe Rock-Promo Card101.00
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