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Inkworks The X-Files: I Want To Believe (Movie 2)

Inkworks The X-Files: I Want To Believe (Movie 2)

Year: 2008
Total cards: 118

Collection preview (92% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 1


1I want to believeI want to believe-101.00
2Fox MulderI want to believe-101.00
3Dana ScullyI want to believe-101.00
4Assistant Director SkinnerI want to believe-101.00
5ASAC Dakota WhitneyI want to believe-101.00
6Special Agent DrummyI want to believe-101.00
7Father JoeI want to believe-101.00
8Cheryl CunninghamI want to believe-101.00
9Father YbarraI want to believe-101.00
10PursuitsI want to believe-101.00
11SeekingI want to believe-101.00
12The offerI want to believe-101.00
13Mulders conditionI want to believe-101.00
14Best chanceI want to believe-101.00
15The psychicI want to believe-101.00
16Passing the testI want to believe-101.00
17A new victimI want to believe-101.00
18Making connectionsI want to believe-101.00
19A new leadI want to believe-101.00
20Halted progressI want to believe-101.00
21FixationI want to believe-101.00
22Dirty glassI want to believe-101.00
23TrappedI want to believe-101.00
24New evidenceI want to believe-101.00
25Taking a riskI want to believe-101.00
26Rejecting darknessI want to believe-101.00
27Seeing answersI want to believe-101.00
28Father Joe's linkI want to believe-101.00
29DisappointmentI want to believe-101.00
30Whitney's sacrificeI want to believe-101.00
31ConfornationI want to believe-101.00
32Defending truthI want to believe-101.00
33Parting waysI want to believe-101.00
34Returning to the sceneI want to believe-101.00
35A dangerous turnI want to believe-101.00
36An old friendI want to believe-101.00
37Tracks in the snowI want to believe-101.00
38A new bodyI want to believe-101.00
39Barking dogsI want to believe-101.00
40Gruesome discoveryI want to believe-101.00
41RescuedI want to believe-101.00
42Cleaning upI want to believe-101.00
43Out of the coldI want to believe-101.00
44The accompliceI want to believe-101.00
45A new lifeI want to believe-101.00
47Abduction theoriesrevelations-101.00
52Letting gorevelations-101.00
53Beneath the surfacerevelations-101.00
54Strange discoveriesrevelations-101.00
57Reluctant psychicrevelations-101.00
59Facing deathrevelations-101.00
60Devastating prognosisrevelations-101.00
61Seeking the truthrevelations-101.00
62Holding onrevelations-101.00
63Mysterious attacksrevelations-101.00
64The doctor's wiferevelations-101.00
65Confronting monstersrevelations-101.00
66She saidrevelations-101.00
67He saidrevelations-101.00
68Uncertain truthsrevelations-101.00
69The perfect murderrevelations-101.00
70Burning heartsrevelations-101.00
71Brought to liferevelations-101.00
A1David Duchovny as Fox Mulderautographs card-101.00
A2Gillian Anderson as Dana Scullyautographs card-101.00
A3Chris Carter - Director/Writerautographs card-101.00
A4Frank Spotnitz - Producer/Writerautographs card-101.00
A5Xzibit as Special Agent Drummyautographs card-101.00
A6Adam Godley as Father Ybarraautographs card-101.00
A7Chris Owens as The Great Mutatoautographs card-101.00
A8Sheila Larken as Margaret Scullyautographs card-101.00
A9Nestor Serrano as Ken Naciamentoautographs card-101.00
AD1Dual Autograph:David Duchovny / Gillian Andersonautographs card-101.00
BB1Mulderback to basics-101.00
BB2Scullyback to basics-101.00
BB3Skinnerback to basics-101.00
CL1Out of darknesscase loader card-101.00
PW1Jacket worn by David Duchovny as Mulderpieceworks card-101.00
PW2Top worn by Gillian Anderson as Scullypieceworks card-101.00
PW3Labcoat worn by Gillian Anderson as Scullypieceworks card-101.00
PW4Shirt worn by Xzibit as Agent Drummypieceworks card-101.00
PW5Robe worn by Billy Connolly as Father Joepieceworks card-101.00
PW6Coat worn by Billy Connolly as Father Joepieceworks card-101.00
PW7Shirt worn by Mitch Pileggi as Skinnerpieceworks card-101.00
PW8Dual: Labcoat and scrubs bottoms worn by Scullypieceworks card-101.00
PW9Scrubs top worn by Gillian Anderson as Scullypieceworks card-101.00
PW10Dual: Sweater and t-shirt worn by David Duchovnypieceworks card-101.00
PW11Blouse worn by Amanda Peet as Agent Whitneypieceworks card-101.00
PW12FBI jacket worn by Amanda Peet / Agent Whitneypieceworks card-101.00
PW13Jacket worn by Amanda Peet as Agent Whitneypieceworks card-101.00
PW14ACoat worn by David Duchovny as Mulder [3 cases]partners puzzle-101.00
PW14BCoat worn by Gillian Anderson as Scully [3 cases]partners puzzle-101.00
PWR1Congratulationspieceworks card-101.00
S1Mulder and Scully agree to helpin search of-101.00
S2Mulder is drawn deeperin search of-101.00
S3Scully looks for a curein search of-101.00
S4Unable to denyin search of-101.00
S5A skeptic from the startin search of-101.00
S6It becomes clearerin search of-101.00
S7Unwilling to give upin search of-101.00
S8Scully mustin search of-101.00
S9In the wake of Mulder's brush with deathin search of-101.00
WB1Since leaving the FBIwanting to believe-101.00
WB2When Mulder and Scully meet Father Joewanting to believe-101.00
WB3Scully finds herself fightingwanting to believe-101.00
WB4Mulder's belief in Father Joewanting to believe-101.00
WB5As Mulder steadfastly holds onwanting to believe-101.00
WB6Wanting to believewanting to believe-101.00
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