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Jelly Belly Harry Potter

Jelly Belly Harry Potter

Year: 2018
Total cards: 19

Collection preview (84% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 0


1Albus Dumbledores18Base card404.00
1sAlbus Dumbledores19Base card404.00
2Hengist of Woodcrofts18Base card414.00
2sHengist of Woodcrofts19Base card404.00
3Helga Hufflepuffs18Base card303.00
3sHelga Hufflepuffs19Base card303.00
4Salazar Slytherins18Base card404.00
4sSalazar Slytherins19Base card404.00
5Gilderoy Lockharts18Base card404.00
5sGilderoy Lockharts19Base card404.00
6Godric Gryffindors18Base card404.00
6sGodric Gryffindors19Base card404.00
7Rowena Ravenclaws18Base card404.00
7sRowena Ravenclaws19Base card404.00
8Jocunda Sykess18Base card404.00
8sJocunda Sykess19Base card404.00
9sArtemesia Lufkins19Base card404.00
10sBertie Botts19Base card404.00
11sDevlin Whitehorns19Base card303.00
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