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Magic Box Int All Stars Eredivisie 2004-2005

Magic Box Int All Stars Eredivisie 2004-2005

Year: 2004
Total cards: 324

All Stars Eredivisie 2004/2005 Trading Card Game (Netherlands).
The cards are unnumbered.

collecting: 7 / completed: 6


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1Jim van FessemADO Den HaagBase card202.00
2Dorus de VriesADO Den HaagBase card202.00
3Youssef El-AkchaouiADO Den HaagBase card202.00
4Daniël RijaardADO Den HaagBase card202.00
5Alberto SaavedraADO Den HaagBase card202.00
6Jan-Paul SaeijsADO Den HaagBase card202.00
7Ferrie BoddeADO Den HaagBase card212.00
8Stefan HuismanADO Den HaagBase card212.00
9Tommie van der LeegteADO Den HaagBase card202.00
10Sjaak PolakADO Den HaagBase card / Foil202.00
11Marcel PronkADO Den HaagBase card202.00
12Gill SwertsADO Den HaagBase card212.00
13Cedric van der GunADO Den HaagBase card202.00
14Geoffrey KnijnenburgADO Den HaagBase card202.00
15Geert den OudenADO Den HaagBase card212.00
16Rik PlatvoetADO Den HaagBase card202.00
17Jamie SmithADO Den HaagBase card212.00
18Roy StroeveADO Den HaagBase card212.00
19Bogdan LobontAjaxBase card212.00
20Maarten StekelenburgAjaxBase card212.00
21Julien EscudéAjaxBase card212.00
22Zdenek GrygeraAjaxBase card212.00
23Johnny HeitingaAjaxBase card / Foil212.00
24Nigel de JongAjaxBase card212.00
25John O'BrienAjaxBase card212.00
26Tomàs GalàsekAjaxBase card212.00
27MaxwellAjaxBase card / Foil212.00
28Anthony ObodaiAjaxBase card212.00
29Steven PienaarAjaxBase card212.00
30Wesley SneijderAjaxBase card / Foil212.00
31Rafael van der VaartAjaxBase card / Foil212.00
32Yannis AnastasiouAjaxBase card212.00
33Nicolae MiteaAjaxBase card212.00
34Daniël de RidderAjaxBase card212.00
35Tom SoetaersAjaxBase card212.00
36Wesley SonckAjaxBase card212.00
37Henk TimmerAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
38Tim de ClerAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
39Kew JaliensAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
40Jan KromkampAZ AlkmaarBase card / Foil212.00
41Joris MathijsenAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
42Barry OpdamAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
43Juha ReiniAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
44Barry van GalenAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
45Denny LandzaatAZ AlkmaarBase card / Foil212.00
46Miel MansAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
47Olaf LindenburghAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
48Martijn MeerdinkAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
49Ali ElkhattabiAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
50Stein HuysegemsAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
51Robin NelisseAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
52Kenneth PerezAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
53Adil RamziAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
54Tarik SektiouiAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
55Kris MampaeyFC Den BoschBase card212.00
56Martijn van StrienFC Den BoschBase card202.00
57Erwin van IerselFC Den BoschBase card202.00
58Geoffrey MeyeFC Den BoschBase card202.00
59Peter UnekenFC Den BoschBase card / Foil202.00
60Joost VolmerFC Den BoschBase card202.00
61Paul VerhaeghFC Den BoschBase card202.00
62Paul BeekmansFC Den BoschBase card202.00
63Mounir BiyadatFC Den BoschBase card202.00
64Marcel CasFC Den BoschBase card202.00
65Robbie HaemhoutsFC Den BoschBase card202.00
66Koen van de LaakFC Den BoschBase card202.00
67Charlie van den OuwelandFC Den BoschBase card202.00
68Brayton BiekmanFC Den BoschBase card202.00
69Gijs CalesFC Den BoschBase card202.00
70Berry PowelFC Den BoschBase card202.00
71Derk SchutFC Den BoschBase card212.00
72Dennis SchulpFC Den BoschBase card202.00
73Gàbor BabosFeyenoordBase card303.00
74Pascal BosschaartFeyenoordBase card / Foil212.00
75Chong-Guy SongFeyenoordBase card212.00
76Christian GyanFeyenoordBase card212.00
77Glenn LoovensFeyenoordBase card212.00
78Patrick MtiligaFeyenoordBase card212.00
79Patrick PaauweFeyenoordBase card212.00
80Karim SaïdiFeyenoordBase card212.00
81Hossam GhalyFeyenoordBase card212.00
82Gerson MagräoFeyenoordBase card212.00
83Shinji OnoFeyenoordBase card / Foil212.00
84Thomas BuffelFeyenoordBase card / Foil212.00
85Romeo CastelenFeyenoordBase card212.00
86Bart GoorFeyenoordBase card212.00
87Salomon KalouFeyenoordBase card212.00
88Dirk KuytFeyenoordBase card / Foil212.00
89Danko LazoviçFeyenoordBase card212.00
90Ebi SmolarekFeyenoordBase card404.00
91Aleksander KlakDe GraafschapBase card404.00
92Renè BotDe GraafschapBase card202.00
93Mirano CarrilhoDe GraafschapBase card202.00
94Sander DuitsDe GraafschapBase card202.00
95Darije KalezicDe GraafschapBase card202.00
96Andrè KarnebeekDe GraafschapBase card202.00
97Dick KooijmanDe GraafschapBase card202.00
98Michael van der KruisDe GraafschapBase card202.00
99Milan Berck BeelenkampDe GraafschapBase card202.00
100Garry de GraefDe GraafschapBase card212.00
101Ilja van LeerdamDe GraafschapBase card202.00
102Loïc Loval-LandrèDe GraafschapBase card202.00
103Sjoierd ArsDe GraafschapBase card212.00
104Patrick AxDe GraafschapBase card202.00
105Jhon van BeukeringDe GraafschapBase card / Foil202.00
106Richard HaklanderDe GraafschapBase card202.00
107Hilmi MichiDe GraafschapBase card202.00
108Ruslan ValeevDe GraafschapBase card202.00
109Jeroen LambersFC GroningenBase card212.00
110Bas RoordaFC GroningenBase card212.00
111Danny BuijsFC GroningenBase card202.00
112Mathias FlorènFC GroningenBase card212.00
113Antoine van der LindenFC GroningenBase card212.00
114Gijs LuirinkFC GroningenBase card202.00
115Arnold KruiswijkFC GroningenBase card / Foil202.00
116Hugo Alves VelameFC GroningenBase card202.00
117Kurt ElshotFC GroningenBase card212.00
118Sander van GesselFC GroningenBase card202.00
119Mile KrstevFC GroningenBase card202.00
120Paul MatthijsFC GroningenBase card202.00
121Stefano SeedorfFC GroningenBase card212.00
122Martin DrentFC GroningenBase card212.00
123Brian PinasFC GroningenBase card202.00
124Glen SalmonFC GroningenBase card202.00
125Jack TuypFC GroningenBase card202.00
126Chris de WitteFC GroningenBase card212.00
127Boy WatermanSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
128Said BakkatiSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
129Michel BreuerSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
130Petter HanssonSC HeerenveenBase card / Foil221.00
131Daniel HestadSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
132Thomasz RzasaSC HeerenveenBase card404.00
133Marcel SeipSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
134Jesper HakanssonSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
135Youssouf HersiSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
136Paul de LangeSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
137Arek RadomskiSC HeerenveenBase card505.00
138Mika VäyrynenSC HeerenveenBase card / Foil212.00
139Klaas Jan HuntelaarSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
140Yuri RoseSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
141Georgios SamarasSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
142Stefan SelakovicSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
143Victor SikoraSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
144Ugur YildirimSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
145Davy SchollenNAC BredaBase card212.00
146Arno van ZwamNAC BredaBase card212.00
147Adnan BarakatNAC BredaBase card202.00
148Pieter CollenNAC BredaBase card202.00
149Nebojsa GudeljNAC BredaBase card212.00
150Benny KerstensNAC BredaBase card212.00
151Rob PendersNAC BredaBase card202.00
152Mark SchenningNAC BredaBase card202.00
153Marcel KoningNAC BredaBase card212.00
154David Mendes da SilvaNAC BredaBase card202.00
155Tamàs PetöNAC BredaBase card313.00
156Arne SlotNAC BredaBase card / Foil202.00
157Ronnie StamNAC BredaBase card202.00
158Mike ZonneveldNAC BredaBase card212.00
159Ali BoussabounNAC BredaBase card212.00
160Yuri CornelisseNAC BredaBase card202.00
161Anouar DibaNAC BredaBase card212.00
162Bart van den EedeNAC BredaBase card202.00
163Dennis GentenaarNECBase card202.00
164Albert van der SleenNECBase card202.00
165Arjan EbbingeNECBase card202.00
166Pascal HeijeNECBase card202.00
167Jeffrey LeiwakabessyNECBase card202.00
168Patrick PothuizenNECBase card202.00
169Josè ValenciaNECBase card202.00
170Peter WisgerhofNECBase card202.00
171Robbie WielaertNECBase card202.00
172Edgar BarretoNECBase card202.00
173Said BotaharNECBase card202.00
174Björn van der DoelenNECBase card202.00
175Jarda SimrNECBase card212.00
176TininhoNECBase card212.00
177Romano DenneboomNECBase card202.00
178Andrzej NiedzielanNECBase card / Foil404.00
179Alexander PrentNECBase card202.00
180Frank DemougeNECBase card202.00
181Silvio GomesPSV EindhovenBase card212.00
182Edwin ZoetebierPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
183AlexPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
184Wilfred BoumaPSV EindhovenBase card / Foil202.00
185Kasper BøgelundPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
186Andrè OoijerPSV EindhovenBase card / Foil202.00
187Young-Pyo LeePSV EindhovenBase card202.00
188Mark van BommelPSV EindhovenBase card / Foil202.00
189Phillip CocuPSV EindhovenBase card / Foil212.00
190Csaba FehèrPSV EindhovenBase card303.00
191Theo LuciusPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
192Ji-Sung ParkPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
193John de JongPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
194DaMarcus BeasleyPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
195Jefferson FarfánPSV EindhovenBase card303.00
196Gerald SibonPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
197Jan Vennegoor of HesselinkPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
198Johan VonlanthenPSV EindhovenBase card202.00
199Maikel AertsRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
200Erwin FriebelRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
201Melvin FleurRBC RoosendaalBase card212.00
202Eric HellemonsRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
203Danny HespRBC RoosendaalBase card / Foil202.00
204Sidney LammensRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
205Robert MolenaarRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
206Azubuike OlisehRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
207Juan ViedmaRBC RoosendaalBase card212.00
208Edwin de GraafRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
209Danny GuijtRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
210Ramon LuijtensRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
211Birger Van de VenRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
212Björn DaelemansRBC RoosendaalBase card212.00
213Pius IkediaRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
214Fouad MakhoutRBC RoosendaalBase card212.00
215Tim SmoldersRBC RoosendaalBase card202.00
216Sammy YoussoufRBC RoosendaalBase card212.00
217Khalid SinouhRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
218Jurgen WeversRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
219Khalid BoulahrouzRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
220Serginho GreeneRKC WaalwijkBase card212.00
221Marc van HintumRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
222Tieme KlompeRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
223Virgilio TeixeiraRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
224Patrick van DiemenRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
225Robert FuchsRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
226Michael van der HeijdenRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
227Michael Krohn-DehliRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
228Maarten MartensRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
229Rogier MolhoekRKC WaalwijkBase card212.00
230Alfred SchreuderRKC WaalwijkBase card / Foil202.00
231Rick HoogendorpRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
232Jochen JanssenRKC WaalwijkBase card212.00
233Jason OostRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
234Eddy PutterRKC WaalwijkBase card202.00
235Guida BudziakRoda JCBase card212.00
236Vladan KujovicRoda JCBase card202.00
237Laszlo BodnarRoda JCBase card313.00
238Boldiszar BodorRoda JCBase card303.00
239Roel BrouwersRoda JCBase card202.00
240Pedrag FilipovicRoda JCBase card / Foil212.00
241Mark LuijpersRoda JCBase card202.00
242Ger SendenRoda JCBase card202.00
243Jerome ColinetRoda JCBase card202.00
244Kevin van DesselRoda JCBase card202.00
245Gregoor van DijkRoda JCBase card202.00
246Ivan VicelichRoda JCBase card202.00
247Cristiano Dos Santos RodriguesRoda JCBase card212.00
248Mohammed ElberkaniRoda JCBase card202.00
249Arouna KonèRoda JCBase card / Foil212.00
250Sergio Pacheco de OlivieraRoda JCBase card212.00
251Erdrissa SonkoRoda JCBase card212.00
252Sissè SekouRoda JCBase card202.00
253Sander BoschkerFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
254Cees PaauweFC Twente EnschedeBase card212.00
255Jeroen HeubachFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
256Resit SchuurmanFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
257Karim TouzaniFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
258Ramon ZomerFC Twente EnschedeBase card212.00
259Elbekay BouchibaFC Twente EnschedeBase card212.00
260Simon CziommerFC Twente EnschedeBase card / Foil212.00
261Karim El AhmadiFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
262Peter NiemeyerFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
263Rahim OuedraogoFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
264Bas SibumFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
265Guilherme AfonsoFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
266Kim ChrsitensenFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
267Jason CulinaFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
268Raymond FafianiFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
269Blaise N'KufoFC Twente EnschedeBase card / Foil202.00
270Dmitri ShoukovFC Twente EnschedeBase card202.00
271Renè PonkFC UtrechtBase card202.00
272Joost TerolFC UtrechtBase card202.00
273Edson BraafheidFC UtrechtBase card202.00
274Tim CornelisseFC UtrechtBase card202.00
275Sander KellerFC UtrechtBase card202.00
276Alje SchutFC UtrechtBase card202.00
277Etienne Shew-AtjonFC UtrechtBase card202.00
278David di TommasoFC UtrechtBase card202.00
279Jean-Paul de JongFC UtrechtBase card212.00
280Joost BroerseFC UtrechtBase card202.00
281Rick KruysFC UtrechtBase card202.00
282Hans SomersFC UtrechtBase card212.00
283Dave van den BerghFC UtrechtBase card202.00
284Sandro CalabroFC UtrechtBase card202.00
285Darl DouglasFC UtrechtBase card202.00
286Hans van de HaarFC UtrechtBase card / Foil202.00
287Prince RajcomarFC UtrechtBase card202.00
288Stefaan TangheFC UtrechtBase card212.00
289Gino SoutinhoVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
290Dragoslav JevricVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
291Jaap DavidsVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
292Michael DingsdagVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
293Purrel FränkelVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
294Michael JansenVitesse ArnhemBase card212.00
295Ruud KnolVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
296Stijn VrevenVitesse ArnhemBase card212.00
297Nicky HofsVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
298Theo JanssenVitesse ArnhemBase card212.00
299Richard KnopperVitesse ArnhemBase card212.00
300Aleksandar RankovicVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
301Stijn SchaarsVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
302Abubakari YakubuVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
303Matthew AmoahVitesse ArnhemBase card / Foil202.00
304Igor GlusevicVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
305Eldridge RoierVitesse ArnhemBase card202.00
306Mamadou ZongoVitesse ArnhemBase card212.00
307Oscar MoensWillem IIBase card202.00
308Peter ZoisWillem IIBase card202.00
309Albert van der HaarWillem IIBase card202.00
310Michel KreekWillem IIBase card / Foil202.00
311Frank van MosselveldWillem IIBase card202.00
312Jos van NieuwstadtWillem IIBase card202.00
313Frank van der StruijkWillem IIBase card202.00
314Nuelson WauWillem IIBase card202.00
315Tom CaluwèWillem IIBase card202.00
316Sven DelanoyWillem IIBase card202.00
317Danny MathijssenWillem IIBase card202.00
318Rob OomensWillem IIBase card202.00
319Martijn ReuserWillem IIBase card / Foil202.00
320Raymond VictoriaWillem IIBase card202.00
321Kevin BobsonWillem IIBase card202.00
322Anouar HadouirWillem IIBase card202.00
323Mourad MghizratWillem IIBase card202.00
324Iwan RedanWillem IIBase card202.00