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Magic Box Int All Stars Eredivisie 2006-2007

Magic Box Int All Stars Eredivisie 2006-2007

Year: 2006
Total cards: 324

All Stars Eredivisie 2006/2007 Trading Card Game (Netherlands).
The cards are unnumbered.

Collection preview (40% scanned images)

collecting: 21 / completed: 17


1Stefan PostmaADO Den HagBase card414.00
2Said BakkatiADO Den HagBase card230.67
3Alberto SaavedraADO Den HagBase card221.00
4Konstantinos LoumpoutisADO Den HagBase card321.50
5Stijn VrevenADO Den HagBase card221.00
6Angelo MarthaADO Den HagBase card313.00
7Daniël RijaardADO Den HagBase card331.00
8Pascal BosschaartADO Den HagBase card230.67
9Richard KnopperADO Den HagBase card221.00
10Laurent DelorgeADO Den HagBase card340.75
11Alaksandar RankovicADO Den HagBase card313.00
12Ferrie BoddeADO Den HagBase card441.00
13Jesper HakanssonADO Den HagBase card212.00
14TininhoADO Den HagBase card221.00
15Santi KolkADO Den HagBase card212.00
16Michael MolsADO Den HagBase card321.50
17Eljero EliaADO Den HagBase card331.00
18Wesley VerhoekADO Den HagBase card313.00
19Kenneth VermeerAjaxBase card313.00
20Maarten StekelenburgAjaxBase card212.00
21Jaap StamAjaxBase card230.67
22Thomas VermaelenAjaxBase card230.67
23Urby EmanuelsonAjaxBase card212.00
24John HeitingaAjaxBase card313.00
25George OgararuAjaxBase card321.50
26Hedwiges MaduroAjaxBase card431.33
27GabriAjaxBase card321.50
28Wesley SneijderAjaxBase card230.67
29RogerAjaxBase card202.00
30Olaf LindenbreghAjaxBase card202.00
31Kenneth PerezAjaxBase card221.00
32Ryan BabelAjaxBase card221.00
33Mauro RosalesAjaxBase card212.00
34Markus RosembergAjaxBase card212.00
35Klaas-Jan HuntelaarAjaxBase card240.50
36Nicolae MiteaAjaxBase card212.00
37Khalid SinouhAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
38Joey DidulicaAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
39Grijs LuirinkAZ AlkmaarBase card303.00
40Tim De ClerAZ AlkmaarBase card221.00
41David Mendes Da SilvaAZ AlkmaarBase card303.00
42Barry OpdamAZ AlkmaarBase card221.00
43Kaw JaliensAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
44Grétar SteinssonAZ AlkmaarBase card313.00
45Simon CziomerAZ AlkmaarBase card230.67
46Rogier MolhoekAZ AlkmaarBase card313.00
47Maarten MartensAZ AlkmaarBase card313.00
48Stijn SchaarsAZ AlkmaarBase card313.00
49Joey GudjónssonAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
50Demy De ZeeuwAZ AlkmaarBase card202.00
51Julian JennerAZ AlkmaarBase card313.00
52Mousa DembéléAZ AlkmaarBase card321.50
53Shota ArveladzeAZ AlkmaarBase card422.00
54Danny KoevermansAZ AlkmaarBase card212.00
55Patrick LodewijksFeyenoordBase card212.00
56Ron VlaarFeyenoordBase card221.00
57Serginho GreeneFeyenoordBase card221.00
58André BahiaFeyenoordBase card422.00
59Timothy DerijckFeyenoordBase card230.67
60Pieter CollenFeyenoordBase card230.67
61Dwight TiendalliFeyenoordBase card221.00
62Danny BuijsFeyenoordBase card331.00
63Theo LuciusFeyenoordBase card431.33
64Nicky HofsFeyenoordBase card340.75
65Jonathan De GuzmanFeyenoordBase card313.00
66Benjamin De CeulaerFeyenoordBase card230.67
67Joonas KolkkaFeyenoordBase card331.00
68Ali BoussabounFeyenoordBase card331.00
69Romeo CastelenFeyenoordBase card340.75
70Pierre Van HooijdonkFeyenoordBase card331.00
71Tim VinckenFeyenoordBase card321.50
72Stein HuyusegemsFeyenoordBase card321.50
73Bas RoordaFC GroningenBase card321.50
74Brian Van LooFC GroningenBase card313.00
75Bruno SilvaFC GroningenBase card321.50
76Gibril SankohFC GroningenBase card212.00
77Ondrej SvejdikFC GroningenBase card230.67
78Arnold KruiswijkFC GroningenBase card212.00
79Antoine Van Der LindenFC GroningenBase card331.00
80Mathias FlorénFC GroningenBase card313.00
81Pul MatthijsFC GroningenBase card240.50
82Rasmus LindgrenFC GroningenBase card331.00
83Mark-Jan FledderusFC GroningenBase card303.00
84Goran LovreFC GroningenBase card212.00
85Evgeny LevchenkoFC GroningenBase card414.00
86Koen Van Der LaakFC GroningenBase card221.00
87Yuri CornelisseFC GroningenBase card230.67
88Glen SalmonFC GroningenBase card331.00
89Erik NevlandFC GroningenBase card340.75
90Luis SuárezFC GroningenBase card919.00
91Boy WatermanSC HeerenveenBase card313.00
92Brian VandenbusscheSC HeerenveenBase card313.00
93Michel BreuerSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
94Michael DingsdagSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
95Jeroen DrostSC HeerenveenBase card212.00
96Gianni ZuiverloonSC HeerenveenBase card321.50
97Petter HanssonSC HeerenveenBase card303.00
98Paul BosveltSC HeerenveenBase card340.75
99Thomas PragerSC HeerenveenBase card221.00
100Danijel PranjicSC HeerenveenBase card414.00
101Abdelkrim KissiSC HeerenveenBase card230.67
102Jacob PoulsenSC HeerenveenBase card321.50
103Niklas TarvajärviSC HeerenveenBase card321.50
104Rob FriendSC HeerenveenBase card303.00
105Alfonso AlvesSC HeerenveenBase card230.67
106Lasse NilssonSC HeerenveenBase card313.00
107Ugur YildirimSC HeerenveenBase card221.00
108Gonzalo García-GarcíaSC HeerenveenBase card202.00
109Martin PieckenhagenHeracles AlmeloBase card313.00
110Remko PasveerHeracles AlmeloBase card221.00
111Björn DaelemansHeracles AlmeloBase card230.67
112Peter ReekersHeracles AlmeloBase card212.00
113Ragnar KlavanHeracles AlmeloBase card221.00
114Mark LoomsHeracles AlmeloBase card331.00
115Jan WuytensHeracles AlmeloBase card230.67
116Marnix SmitHeracles AlmeloBase card202.00
117Stefan TangheHeracles AlmeloBase card331.00
118Rob MaasHeracles AlmeloBase card313.00
119Kwame QuansahHeracles AlmeloBase card212.00
120Remon De VriesHeracles AlmeloBase card230.67
121Kai MichalkeHeracles AlmeloBase card321.50
122Karin BridjiHeracles AlmeloBase card212.00
123Sota HirayamaHeracles AlmeloBase card230.67
124Everton Ramos Da SilvaHeracles AlmeloBase card212.00
125Bernard HofstedeHeracles AlmeloBase card321.50
126Marc HöcherHeracles AlmeloBase card414.00
127Edwin ZoetebierNAC BredaBase card321.50
128Kurt ElshotNAC BredaBase card212.00
129Rob PendersNAC BredaBase card221.00
130Patrick ZwaanswijkNAC BredaBase card230.67
131Wilmer KousemakerNAC BredaBase card221.00
132Patrick MtiligaNAC BredaBase card321.50
133Muhammet DemirNAC BredaBase card230.67
134Mike ZonneveldNAC BredaBase card321.50
135Tomás PetöNAC BredaBase card431.33
136Sander Van GesselNAC BredaBase card431.33
137Arne SlotNAC BredaBase card313.00
138Ron StamNAC BredaBase card414.00
139Edwin De GraafNAC BredaBase card431.33
140Danny MathijssenNAC BredaBase card414.00
141LeonardoNAC BredaBase card230.67
142Maceo RigtersNAC BredaBase card414.00
143Gert-Jan TamerusNAC BredaBase card303.00
144Anouar DibaNAC BredaBase card321.50
145Gábor BabosNECBase card414.00
146Raymon Van EmmerikNECBase card321.50
147Peter WisgerhofNECBase card431.33
148Günther VanaudenaerdeNECBase card414.00
149Youssef El-AkchaouiNECBase card414.00
150Patrick PothuizenNECBase card313.00
151Muslu NalbantoğluNECBase card321.50
152Jonas OlssonNECBase card313.00
153Brett HolmanNECBase card422.00
154Saïd BoutaharNECBase card250.40
155Ferne SnoylNECBase card422.00
156Mark OttenNECBase card414.00
157Edgar BarretoNECBase card331.00
158Dominique KivuvuNECBase card303.00
159Paul JansNECBase card422.00
160Rutger WormNECBase card431.33
161Andrzej NiedzielanNECBase card531.67
162Romano DanneboomNECBase card422.00
163Heurelho Da Silva GomesPSV EindhovenBase card321.50
164Oscar MoensPSV EindhovenBase card313.00
165AlexPSV EindhovenBase card313.00
166Erik AddoPSV EindhovenBase card422.00
167Michael LameyPSV EindhovenBase card331.00
168Manuel Da CostaPSV EindhovenBase card422.00
169Jan KronkampPSV EindhovenBase card321.50
170Carlos SalcidoPSV EindhovenBase card321.50
171Timmy SimonsPSV EindhovenBase card431.33
172Ibrahim AfellayPSV EindhovenBase card414.00
173Ismail AissatiPSV EindhovenBase card313.00
174Mika VäyrynenPSV EindhovenBase card321.50
175Phillip CocuPSV EindhovenBase card340.75
176Jason CulinaPSV EindhovenBase card431.33
177Roy BeerensPSV EindhovenBase card422.00
178Arouna KonéPSV EindhovenBase card321.50
179Patrick KluivertPSV EindhovenBase card331.00
180Jefferson FarfánPSV EindhovenBase card541.25
181Rob Vn DijkRKC WaalwijkBase card313.00
182Jurgen WevwersRKC WaalwijkBase card404.00
183Tim BakensRKC WaalwijkBase card321.50
184Ramon Van HaarenRKC WaalwijkBase card431.33
185Stephan KellerRKC WaalwijkBase card313.00
186Frank Van MosselveldRKC WaalwijkBase card313.00
187Dustley MulderRKC WaalwijkBase card404.00
188Virgilio TeixeiraRKC WaalwijkBase card414.00
189Patrick Van DiemenRKC WaalwijkBase card230.67
190Ivan VicelichRKC WaalwijkBase card414.00
191Robert FuchsRKC WaalwijkBase card313.00
192Ruud BergerRKC WaalwijkBase card331.00
193Martijn ReuserRKC WaalwijkBase card321.50
194Tim JanssenRKC WaalwijkBase card422.00
195Eddy PutterRKC WaalwijkBase card303.00
196Luwarno GarcíaRKC WaalwijkBase card321.50
197Ricky Van Den BerghRKC WaalwijkBase card331.00
198Hans Van Der HaarRKC WaalwijkBase card313.00
199Vladan KujovicRoda JCBase card321.50
200Bram CastroRoda JCBase card313.00
201Jan Paul SaeijsRoda JCBase card321.50
202Pa Modou KahRoda JCBase card340.75
203Vincent LachambreRoda JCBase card212.00
204Ger SendenRoda JCBase card313.00
205Humprey RudgeRoda JCBase card404.00
206Marcel De JongRoda JCBase card313.00
207Davy De FauwRoda JCBase card321.50
208Alexsander VoigtRoda JCBase card414.00
209Marcel MeeuwisRoda JCBase card321.50
210Boldizsar BodorRoda JCBase card441.00
211Elbekay BouchibaRoda JCBase card303.00
212Kevin Van DesselRoda JCBase card313.00
213Vieter Van TornhoutRoda JCBase card414.00
214Jamaique VandammeRoda JCBase card313.00
215Andres OperRoda JCBase card414.00
216Sekou CisséRoda JCBase card303.00
217Ronald GraaflandBV ExcelsiorBase card321.50
218Jorg Van NieuwenhuijzenBV ExcelsiorBase card414.00
219Theo ZwarthoedBV ExcelsiorBase card321.50
220Sigourney BandjarBV ExcelsiorBase card321.50
221Rudy JansenBV ExcelsiorBase card303.00
222Jos Van NieuwstadtBV ExcelsiorBase card414.00
223Mitchell PiqueBV ExcelsiorBase card313.00
224Sieme ZijmBV ExcelsiorBase card313.00
225Ferry De HaanBV ExcelsiorBase card331.00
226Luigi BruinsBV ExcelsiorBase card414.00
227Rene Van DierenBV ExcelsiorBase card313.00
228Daniel Guijo-VelascoBV ExcelsiorBase card422.00
229Damien HertogBV ExcelsiorBase card422.00
230Robert BraberBV ExcelsiorBase card414.00
231Marinus DijkhuizenBV ExcelsiorBase card303.00
232Andwele SloryBV ExcelsiorBase card321.50
233Sebastiaan SteurBV ExcelsiorBase card303.00
234Johan VoskampBV ExcelsiorBase card422.00
235René PonkSparta RotterdamBase card313.00
236Dolf KerklaanSparta RotterdamBase card303.00
237Steve OlfersSparta RotterdamBase card331.00
238Danny SchenkelSparta RotterdamBase card321.50
239Wouter GuddeSparta RotterdamBase card422.00
240Sepp De RooverSparta RotterdamBase card303.00
241Marciano BrumaSparta RotterdamBase card340.75
242Anthony ObodaiSparta RotterdamBase card331.00
243Sjaak PolakSparta RotterdamBase card331.00
244Haris MedunjaninSparta RotterdamBase card422.00
245Edwin Van BuerenSparta RotterdamBase card331.00
246Sani KaitaSparta RotterdamBase card422.00
247Dominique Van DijkSparta RotterdamBase card321.50
248Rachid BouaouzanSparta RotterdamBase card331.00
249Jason OostSparta RotterdamBase card321.50
250Yannis AnastasiouSparta RotterdamBase card321.50
251Yuri RoseSparta RotterdamBase card321.50
252Marvin EmnesSparta RotterdamBase card313.00
253Sander BoschkerFC Twente EnschedeBase card340.75
254Robbie WielaertFC Twente EnschedeBase card321.50
255Niels WellwmbergFC Twente EnschedeBase card340.75
256Ramon ZomerFC Twente EnschedeBase card321.50
257Jeroen HeubachFC Twente EnschedeBase card422.00
258Rahim OuedraogoFC Twente EnschedeBase card321.50
259Bas SibumFC Twente EnschedeBase card321.50
260Anatoli GerkFC Twente EnschedeBase card422.00
261Peter NiemeyerFC Twente EnschedeBase card350.60
262Arnar VidarssonFC Twente EnschedeBase card321.50
263Wout BramaFC Twente EnschedeBase card331.00
264Kennedy BakirciogluFC Twente EnschedeBase card414.00
265Otman BakkalFC Twente EnschedeBase card441.00
266Dmitri ShoukovFC Twente EnschedeBase card441.00
267Blaise N'kufoFC Twente EnschedeBase card350.60
268Georgi GakhokidzeFC Twente EnschedeBase card321.50
269Sharbel ToumaFC Twente EnschedeBase card431.33
270Patrick GerritsenFC Twente EnschedeBase card422.00
271Michel VormFC UtrechtBase card303.00
272Tim CornelisseFC UtrechtBase card422.00
273Etienne Shew-AtjonFC UtrechtBase card313.00
274Francis DickohFC UtrechtBase card422.00
275Sander KellerFC UtrechtBase card321.50
276Joost BroerseFC UtrechtBase card331.00
277Alje SchutFC UtrechtBase card303.00
278Edson BraafheidFC UtrechtBase card321.50
279Tom CalluwéFC UtrechtBase card260.33
280Jean Paul De JongFC UtrechtBase card331.00
281Gregoor Van DijkFC UtrechtBase card414.00
282Rick KruysFC UtrechtBase card321.50
283Hans SomersFC UtrechtBase card321.50
284Robin NelesseFC UtrechtBase card331.00
285Cedric Van Der GunFC UtrechtBase card303.00
286Marc-Antoine FortunéFC UtrechtBase card340.75
287Dari DouglasFC UtrechtBase card303.00
288Peter KopteffFC UtrechtBase card404.00
289Harald WapenaarVitesse ArnhemBase card360.50
290Piet VelthuizenVitesse ArnhemBase card303.00
291Sébastien SansoniVitesse ArnhemBase card431.33
292Ruud KnolVitesse ArnhemBase card331.00
293Purrel FränkelVitesse ArnhemBase card350.60
294Gill SwertsVitesse ArnhemBase card414.00
295Civard SprockelVitesse ArnhemBase card313.00
296Paul VerhaeghVitesse ArnhemBase card431.33
297Siebe BlondelleVitesse ArnhemBase card321.50
298Remco Van Der SchaafVitesse ArnhemBase card350.60
299Youssouf HersiVitesse ArnhemBase card321.50
300Anders DueVitesse ArnhemBase card505.00
301Theo JanssenVitesse ArnhemBase card441.00
302Onur KayaVitesse ArnhemBase card313.00
303Abubakari YakubuVitesse ArnhemBase card422.00
304Mads JunkerVitesse ArnhemBase card422.00
305Fred BensonVitesse ArnhemBase card441.00
306Danco LazoviçVitesse ArnhemBase card221.00
307Tristan PeersmanWillem IIBase card321.50
308Björn SengierWillem IIBase card321.50
309Thomas BaelumWillem IIBase card331.00
310Frank Van Der StruijkWillem IIBase card422.00
311José Valencia-MurilloWillem IIBase card414.00
312Nuelson WauWillem IIBase card331.00
313Jens JanseWillem IIBase card414.00
314Ibrahim KargboWillem IIBase card303.00
315Matthieu Assou-EkottoWillem IIBase card414.00
316Mohamed MessoudiWillem IIBase card313.00
317Joe KeenanWillem IIBase card321.50
318Kristof ImschootWillem IIBase card321.50
319Anouar HadouirWillem IIBase card260.33
320Zsombor KerekesWillem IIBase card422.00
321Iwan RedanWillem IIBase card340.75
322Jonathan WilmetWillem IIBase card321.50
323Mounir El HamdaouiWillem IIBase card313.00
324Kevin BobsonWillem IIBase card331.00
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