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Merlin England 1998

Merlin England 1998

Year: 1998
Total stickers: 308

Merlin's Official ENGLAND 1998 World Cup sticker collection.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 20 / completed: 20


1Glenn Hoddle (Coach)Prefacefoil, engraved221.00
2England Football Assosiation EmblemThe Road to Francefoil, engraved350.60
3Glenn Hoddle (Coach)The Road to France-190.11
41st KitThe Road to Francebig, holofoil120.50
52nd KitThe Road to France-321.50
6Glenn Hoddle (Manager Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil340.75
7Glenn Hoddle (Manager Profile)The Road to France-180.13
8Glenn Hoddle (Manager Profile)The Road to France-160.17
9Glenn Hoddle (Manager Profile)The Road to Francebig623.00
10Alan Shearer (vs Moldova Away)The Road to France-350.60
11Paul Gascoigne (vs Moldova Away)The Road to France-160.17
12Nick Barmby (vs Moldova Away)The Road to France-380.38
13Alan Shearer (vs Moldova Away)The Road to France-370.43
14Paul Ince (vs Moldova Away)The Road to France-480.50
15David Seaman (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil515.00
16David Seaman (Player Profile)The Road to France-380.38
17Nigel Martyn (Player Profile)The Road to France-414.00
18Nigel Martyn (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig340.75
19David Seaman (vs Poland Home)The Road to France-140.25
20Alan Shearer (vs Poland Home)The Road to France-370.43
21Les Ferdinand (vs Poland Home)The Road to France-230.67
22Paul Gascoigne (vs Poland Home)The Road to France-431.33
23Paul Ince (vs Poland Home)The Road to France-260.33
24Gary Neville (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil313.00
25Gary Neville (Player Profile)The Road to France-260.33
26Philip Neville (Player Profile)The Road to France-370.43
27Philip Neville (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig360.50
28England Team Photo (vs Georgia Away)The Road to France-270.29
29Les Ferdinand (vs Georgia Away)The Road to France-280.25
30Goal Celebration (vs Georgia Away)The Road to France-350.60
31Paul Ince (vs Georgia Away)The Road to France-441.00
32David Beckham (vs Georgia Away)The Road to France-431.33
33Tony Adams (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil515.00
34Tony Adams (Player Profile)The Road to France-360.50
35Martin Keown (Player Profile)The Road to France-290.22
36Martin Keown (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig360.50
37Matt Le Tissier (vs Italy Home)The Road to France-661.00
38Teddy Sheringham (vs Italy Home)The Road to France-460.67
39Les Ferdinand (vs Italy Home)The Road to France-541.25
40Paul Ince (vs Italy Home)The Road to France-431.33
41Alan Shearer (vs Italy Home)The Road to France-661.00
42Sol Campbell (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil531.67
43Sol Campbell (Player Profile)The Road to France-470.57
44Gareth Southgate (Player Profile)The Road to France-340.75
45Gareth Southgate (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig522.50
46England Players (vs Mexico Friendly)The Road to France-422.00
47David James (vs Mexico Friendly)The Road to France-360.50
48Goal Celebration (vs Mexico Friendly)The Road to France-380.38
49Steve McManaman (vs Mexico Friendly)The Road to France-460.67
50Robbie Fowler scores (vs Mexico Friendly)The Road to France-470.57
51Teddy Sheringham (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil340.75
52Teddy Sheringham (Player Profile)The Road to France-140.25
53Andy Cole (Player Profile)The Road to France-340.75
54Andy Cole (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig431.33
55Sol Campbell (vs Georgia Home)The Road to France-380.38
56David Batty (vs Georgia Home)The Road to France-551.00
57Robert Lee (vs Georgia Home)The Road to France-270.29
58Teddy Sheringham scores (vs Georgia Home)The Road to France-250.40
59David Beckham (vs Georgia Home)The Road to France-170.14
60Graeme Le Saux (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil431.33
61Graeme Le Saux (Player Profile)The Road to France-280.25
62Stuart Pearce (Player Profile)The Road to France-250.40
63Stuart Pearce (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig460.67
64Martin Keown (vs South Africa Friendly)The Road to France-260.33
65Robert Lee (vs South Africa Friendly)The Road to France-090.00
66Teddy Sheringham (vs South Africa Friendly)The Road to France-360.50
67Jamie Redknapp (vs South Africa Friendly)The Road to France-280.25
68Nicky Butt (vs South Africa Friendly)The Road to France-290.22
69Paul Scholes (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil404.00
70Paul Scholes (Player Profile)The Road to France-560.83
71Nicky Butt (Player Profile)The Road to France-370.43
72Nicky Butt (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig313.00
73Alan Shearer (vs Poland Away)The Road to France-470.57
74David Batty (vs Poland Away)The Road to France-150.20
75Paul Ince (vs Poland Away)The Road to France-590.56
76Gareth Southgate (vs Poland Away)The Road to France-160.17
77Shearer-Sheringham (vs Poland Away)The Road to France-270.29
78Paul Gascoigne (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil616.00
79Paul Gascoigne (Player Profile)The Road to France-260.33
80Rio Ferdinand (Player Profile)The Road to France-250.40
81Rio Ferdinand (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig321.50
82England Team Photo (vs Italy Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-230.67
83David Beckham (vs Italy Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-321.50
84Ian Wright (vs Italy Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-221.00
85Paul Scholes (vs Italy Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-414.00
86Paul Scholes scores (vs Italy Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-150.20
87David Beckham (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil531.67
88David Beckham (Player Profile)The Road to France-441.00
89Andy Hinchkliffe (Player Profile)The Road to France-230.67
90Andy Hinchkliffe (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig431.33
91David Seaman (vs France Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-230.67
92Sol Campbell (vs France Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-250.40
93Paul Gascoigne (vs France Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-441.00
94Alan Shearer scores (vs France Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-450.80
95Alan Shearer (vs France Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-240.50
96David Batty (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil441.00
97David Batty (Player Profile)The Road to France-270.29
98Robert Lee (Player Profile)The Road to France-140.25
99Robert Lee (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig441.00
100Paul Gascoigne (vs Brazil Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-340.75
101Alan Shearer (vs Brazil Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-360.50
102Gareth Southgate (vs Brazil Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-260.33
103Sol Campbell (vs Brazil Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-370.43
104England Players (vs Brazil Le Tournoi De France)The Road to France-422.00
105Alan Shearer (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil441.00
106Alan Shearer (Player Profile)The Road to France-570.71
107Les Ferdinand (Player Profile)The Road to France-480.50
108Les Ferdinand (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig350.60
109Tribute to Diana (vs Moldova Home)The Road to France-260.33
110England vs Moldova HomeThe Road to France-380.38
111Paul Gascoigne scores (vs Moldova Home)The Road to France-390.33
112Ian Wright (vs Moldova Home)The Road to France-460.67
113David Batty (vs Moldova Home)The Road to France-480.50
114Ian Wright (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil321.50
115Ian Wright (Player Profile)The Road to France-250.40
116Robbie Fowler (Player Profile)The Road to France-260.33
117Robbie Fowler (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig422.00
118Glenn Hoddle (vs Italy Away)The Road to France-340.75
119David Batty (vs Italy Away)The Road to France-321.50
120Paul Ince (vs Italy Away)The Road to France-331.00
121Ian Wright (vs Italy Away)The Road to France-541.25
122England Players (vs Italy Away)The Road to France-270.29
123Paul Ince (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil202.00
124Paul Ince (Player Profile)The Road to France-360.50
125Michael Owen (Player Profile)The Road to France-380.38
126Michael Owen (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig515.00
127Paul Gascoigne scores (vs Cameroon Friendly)The Road to France-340.75
128Nigel Martyn (vs Cameroon Friendly)The Road to France-180.13
129Steve McManaman (vs Cameroon Friendly)The Road to France-240.50
130Rio Ferdinand (vs Cameroon Friendly)The Road to France-160.17
131David Beckham (vs Cameroon Friendly)The Road to France-450.80
132Steve McManaman (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig, holofoil531.67
133Steve McManaman (Player Profile)The Road to France-360.50
134Jamie Redknapp (Player Profile)The Road to France-280.25
135Jamie Redknapp (Player Profile)The Road to Francebig541.25
136England Team PhotoThe England Squadbig321.50
137Glenn HoddleThe England Squad-260.33
138David SeamanThe England Squad-280.25
139Tim FlowersThe England Squad-150.20
140Nigel MartynThe England Squad-270.29
141Ian WalkerThe England Squad-350.60
142Tony AdamsThe England Squad-380.38
143Gary NevilleThe England Squad-360.50
144Sol CampbellThe England Squad-370.43
145Gareth SouthgateThe England Squad-450.80
146Stuart PearceThe England Squad-260.33
147Philip NevilleThe England Squad-450.80
148Graeme Le SauxThe England Squad-280.25
149Rio FerdinandThe England Squad-450.80
150Martin KeownThe England Squad-280.25
151Paul InceThe England Squad-070.00
152Paul GascoigneThe England Squad-2110.18
153David BeckhamThe England Squad-250.40
154David BattyThe England Squad-130.33
155Robert LeeThe England Squad-290.22
156Nicky ButtThe England Squad-260.33
157Jamie RedknappThe England Squad-470.57
158Steve McManamanThe England Squad-331.00
159Alan Shearer (Captain)The England Squadfoil, engraved321.50
160Teddy SheringhamThe England Squad-380.38
161Ian WrightThe England Squad-370.43
162Les FerdinandThe England Squad-290.22
163Robbie FowlerThe England Squad-441.00
164Dion DublinThe England Squad-350.60
165Michael OwenThe England Squad-380.38
166Paul ScholesThe England Squad-441.00
167Lego EmblemLego Golden Momentsfoil, engraved260.33
168England Team WC-1966 WinnerLego Golden Moments-290.22
169Bryan Robson scores WC-1982Lego Golden Moments-370.43
170Gary Lineker Golden Boot Winner WC-1986Lego Golden Moments-370.43
171David Platt WC-1990Lego Golden Moments-250.40
172Paul Gascoigne WC-1990Lego Golden Moments-480.50
173Ronaldo (Players to Watch)Group Abig, holofoil531.67
174Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer (Players to Watch)Group A-350.60
175Gary McAllister (Players to Watch)Group Abig, holofoil431.33
176National Flag & KitBrazilfoil, engraved250.40
178Andre Cruz/CafuBrazil-360.50
179Roberto Carlos/DenilsonBrazil-360.50
180Dunga/Flavio ConceiçãoBrazil-350.60
183National Flag & KitScotlandfoil, engraved140.25
184Jim Leighton/Tim BoydScotland-460.67
185Colin Calderwood/Tosh McKinlayScotland-360.50
186Colin Hendry/Craig BurleyScotland-3110.27
187Paul Lambert/Gary McAllisterScotland-390.33
188John Collins/David HopkinScotland-250.40
189Kevin Gallacher/Gordon DurieScotland-551.00
190Jacques Songo'o (Players to Watch)Group Bbig, holofoil441.00
191Paolo Maldini (Players to Watch)Group B-250.40
192Marcelo Salas (Players to Watch)Group Bbig, holofoil441.00
193National Flag & KitItalyfoil, engraved360.50
194Angelo Peruzzi/Alessandro CostacurtaItaly-641.50
195Ciro Ferrara/Fabio CannavaroItaly-690.67
196Paolo Maldini/Angelo Di LivioItaly-661.00
197Demetrio Albertini/Dino BaggioItaly-570.71
198Roberto Di Matteo/Alessandro Del PieroItaly-741.75
199Christian Vieri/Gianfranco ZolaItaly-661.00
200National Flag & KitChilefoil, engraved260.33
201Nelson Tapia/Pedro ReyesChile-3110.27
202Cristian Castaneda/Francisco RojasChile-480.50
203Javier Margas/Clarence AcuñaChile-390.33
204Jose Luis Sierra/Luis MussriChile-380.38
205Marcelo Vega/Ivan ZamoranoChile-250.40
206Marcelo Salas/Rodrigo BarreraChile-380.38
207Zinedine Zidane (Players to Watch)Group Cbig, holofoil741.75
208Philomen Masinga (Player to Watch)Group C-340.75
209Brian Laudrup (Player to Watch)Group Cbig, holofoil212.00
210National Flag & KitFrancefoil, engraved632.00
211Fabien Barthez/Lilian ThuramFrance-350.60
212Laurent Blanc/Marcel DesaillyFrance-170.14
213Patrick Vieira/Pierre LaigleFrance-360.50
214Youri Djorkaeff/Zinedine ZidaneFrance-4100.40
215Didier Deschamps/Ibrahim BaFrance-331.00
216Christophe Dugarry/Stephane GuivarchFrance-380.38
217National Flag & KitDenmarkfoil, engraved230.67
218Peter Schmeichel/Jacob LaursenDenmark-422.00
219Jan Heintze/Jes HøghDenmark-331.00
220Marc Rieper/Per FrandsenDenmark-340.75
221Allan Nielsen/Michael SchjonbergDenmark-230.67
222Thomas Helveg/Michael LaudrupDenmark-350.60
223Brian Laudrup/Niklos MolnarDenmark-460.67
224Raul (Players to Watch)Group Dbig, holofoil414.00
225Taribo West (Players to Watch)Group D-190.11
226Hristo Stoichkov (Players to Watch)Group Dbig, holofoil321.50
227National Flag & KitSpainfoil, engraved350.60
228Andoni Zubuzarreta/Abelardo FernandezSpain-250.40
229Miguel Angel Nadal/Rafael AlkortaSpain-360.50
230Sergi Barjuan/Roberto RiosSpain-250.40
231Fernando Hierro/Jose Luis CamineroSpain-570.71
232Luis Enrique Martinez/Alfonso PerezSpain-240.50
234National Flag & KitBulgariafoil, engraved120.50
235Zdravko Zdravkov/Gosho GinchevBulgaria-390.33
236Trifon Ivanov/Radostin KishishevBulgaria-270.29
237Zlatko Yankov/Krasimir BalakovBulgaria-590.56
238Milen Petkov/Daniel BorimirovBulgaria-190.11
239Yordan Lechkov/Hristo StoichkovBulgaria-390.33
240Emil Kostadinov/Liuboslav PenevBulgaria-280.25
241Dennis Bergkamp (Players to Watch)Group Ebig, holofoil741.75
242Luis Oliveira (Players to Watch)Group E-280.25
243Carlos Hermosillo (Players to Watch)Group Ebig, holofoil350.60
244National Flag & KitHollandfoil, engraved290.22
245Edwin Van Der Sar/Arthur NumanHolland-3100.30
246Frank De Boer/Jaap StamHolland-470.57
247Michael Reiziger/Aron WinterHolland-360.50
248Clarence Seedorf/Philip CocuHolland-350.60
249Ronald De Boer/Vim JonkHolland-470.57
250Dennis Bergkamp/Patrick KluivertHolland-280.25
251National Flag & KitMexicofoil, engraved350.60
252Jorge Campos/Claudio SuarezMexico-350.60
253Duilio Davino/Pavel PardoMexico-160.17
254Ramon Ramirez/Alberto CoyoteMexico-270.29
255Benjamin Galindo/Luis GarciaMexico-1100.10
256Alberto Garcia Aspe/Carlos HermosilloMexico-240.50
257Luis Alves Zague/Luis HernandezMexico-260.33
258Oliver Bierhoff (Players to Watch)Group Fbig, holofoil641.50
259Karim Bagheri (Players to Watch)Group F-460.67
260Predrag Mijatovic (Players to Watch)Group Fbig, holofoil331.00
261National Flag & KitGermanyfoil, engraved240.50
262Andreas Köpke/Jürgen KohlerGermany-460.67
263Thomas Helmer/Stefan ReuterGermany-270.29
264Andreas Möller/Christian ZiegeGermany-360.50
265Jörg Heinrich/Mario BaslerGermany-380.38
266Thomas Hässler/Jürgen KlinsmannGermany-350.60
267Oliver Bierhoff/Ulf KirstenGermany-450.80
268National Flag & KitYugoslaviafoil, engraved331.00
269Ivica Kralj/Zoran MirkovicYugoslavia-240.50
270Goran Djorovic/Miroslav DjukicYugoslavia-370.43
271Sinisa Mihajlovic/Branko BrnovicYugoslavia-290.22
272Dragan Stojkovic/Slavisa JokanovicYugoslavia-240.50
273Vladimir Jugovic/Dejan SavicevicYugoslavia-340.75
274Predrag Mijatovic/Savo MilosevicYugoslavia-250.40
275Alan Shearer (Players to Watch)Group Gbig, holofoil551.00
276Faustino Asprilla (Players to Watch)Group G-370.43
277Georghe Hagi (Players to Watch)Group Gbig, holofoil470.57
278National Flag & KitRomaniafoil, engraved160.17
279Bogdan Stelea/Anton DobosRomania-331.00
280Dan Petrescu/Daniel ProdanRomania-240.50
281Tibor Selymes/Constantin GalcaRomania-470.57
282Dorinel Munteanu/Gheorghe HagiRomania-290.22
283Gheorghe Popescu/Adrian IlieRomania-441.00
284Marius Lacatus/Viorel MoldovanRomania-290.22
285National Flag & KitEnglandfoil, engraved551.00
286David Seaman/Gary NevilleEngland-260.33
287Sol Campbell/Gareth SouthgateEngland-150.20
288Graeme Le Saux/David BeckhamEngland-470.57
289David Batty/Paul GascoigneEngland-280.25
290Paul Ince/Steve McManamanEngland-551.00
291Alan Shearer/Teddy SheringhamEngland-260.33
292Ariel Ortega (Players to Watch)Group Hbig, holofoil331.00
293Deon Burton (Players to Watch)Group H-360.50
294Davor Suker (Players to Watch)Group Hbig, holofoil441.00
295National Flag & KitArgentinafoil, engraved340.75
296Carlos Roa/Pablo PazArgentina-240.50
297Roberto Ayala/Ariel OrtegaArgentina-360.50
298Diego Simeone/Javier ZanettiArgentina-380.38
299Juan Sebastian Veron/Matias AlmeydaArgentina-260.33
300Roberto Nestor Sensini/Claudio LopezArgentina-260.33
301Gabriel Batistuta/Hernan CrespoArgentina-480.50
302National Flag & KitCroatiafoil, engraved321.50
303Drazen Ladic/Dario SimicCroatia-380.38
304Goran Juric/Slaven BilicCroatia-370.43
305Zvonimir Soldo/Danijel SaricCroatia-450.80
306Robert Jarni/Robert ProsineckiCroatia-080.00
307Zvonimir Boban/Alen BoksicCroatia-350.60
308Davor Suker/Goran VlaovicCroatia-370.43