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Merlin English Premier League 1993-1994

Merlin English Premier League 1993-1994

Year: 1993
Total cards: 120

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 15 / completed: 19


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1David SeamanArsenalBase card616.00
2Tony AdamsArsenalBase card818.00
3Ian WrightArsenalBase card919.00
4Paul MersonArsenalBase card616.00
5Ian SelleyArsenalBase card616.00
6Anders LimparArsenalBase card515.00
7Steve StauntonAston VillaBase card616.00
8Paul McGrathAston VillaBase card616.00
9Andy TownsendAston VillaBase card616.00
10Dean SaundersAston VillaBase card717.00
11Steve FroggattAston VillaBase card717.00
12Guy WhittinghamAston VillaBase card717.00
13Colin HendryBlackburn RoversBase card515.00
14Paul WarhurstBlackburn RoversBase card515.00
15Alan ShearerBlackburn RoversBase card818.00
16Mike NewellBlackburn RoversBase card515.00
17David BattyBlackburn RoversBase card515.00
18Stuart RipleyBlackburn RoversBase card515.00
19Steve ClarkeChelseaBase card919.00
20Glenn HoddleChelseaBase card919.00
21Dennis WiseChelseaBase card818.00
22Tony CascarinoChelseaBase card10110.00
23Neil ShipperleyChelseaBase card818.00
24Steve OgrizovicCoventry CityBase card717.00
25Peter NdlovuCoventry CityBase card717.00
26Mick QuinnCoventry CityBase card717.00
27Roy WegerleCoventry CityBase card717.00
28Tony SheridanCoventry CityBase card717.00
29Neville SouthallEvertonBase card616.00
30Peter BeagrieEvertonBase card717.00
31PrekiEvertonBase card717.00
32Tony CotteeEvertonBase card717.00
33John EbbrellEvertonBase card717.00
34David LinighanIpswich TownBase card616.00
35Ian MarshallIpswich TownBase card717.00
36Stuart SlaterIpswich TownBase card616.00
37Chris KiwomyaIpswich TownBase card717.00
38Adam TannerIpswich TownBase card616.00
39Tony DorigoLeeds UnitedBase card616.00
40Gary McAllisterLeeds UnitedBase card717.00
41Gary KellyLeeds UnitedBase card616.00
42Gordon StrachanLeeds UnitedBase card616.00
43Brian DeaneLeeds UnitedBase card515.00
44Gary SpeedLeeds UnitedBase card616.00
45Rob JonesLiverpoolBase card818.00
46Jamie RedknappLiverpoolBase card919.00
47Steve McManamanLiverpoolBase card919.00
48Nigel CloughLiverpoolBase card818.00
49Robbie FowlerLiverpoolBase card919.00
50Bruce GrobbelaarLiverpoolBase card919.00
51Tony CotonManchester CityBase card414.00
52Richard EdghillManchester CityBase card414.00
53David BrightwellManchester CityBase card414.00
54Niall QuinnManchester CityBase card515.00
55Steve LomasManchester CityBase card515.00
56Lee SharpeManchester UnitedBase card818.00
57Roy KeaneManchester UnitedBase card818.00
58Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedBase card616.00
59Eric CantonaManchester UnitedBase card717.00
60Mark HughesManchester UnitedBase card717.00
61Paul InceManchester UnitedBase card818.00
62Paul BracewellNewcastle UnitedBase card515.00
63Andy ColeNewcastle UnitedBase card818.00
64Peter BeardsleyNewcastle UnitedBase card616.00
65Malcolm AllenNewcastle UnitedBase card515.00
66Steve WatsonNewcastle UnitedBase card515.00
67Robert LeeNewcastle UnitedBase card515.00
68Bryan GunnNorwich CityBase card616.00
69Jeremy GossNorwich CityBase card717.00
70Ruel FoxNorwich CityBase card717.00
71Chris SuttonNorwich CityBase card717.00
72Darren EadieNorwich CityBase card717.00
73Efan EkokuNorwich CityBase card717.00
74Neil PointonOldham AthleticBase card616.00
75Rick HoldenOldham AthleticBase card616.00
76Graeme SharpOldham AthleticBase card616.00
77Darren BeckfordOldham AthleticBase card616.00
78Andy RitchieOldham AthleticBase card717.00
79Darren PeacockQueens Park RangersBase card717.00
80Ray WilkinsQueens Park RangersBase card818.00
81Les FerdinandQueens Park RangersBase card717.00
82Bradley AllenQueens Park RangersBase card717.00
83Kevin GallenQueens Park RangersBase card717.00
84Jan StejskalQueens Park RangersBase card717.00
85David TuttleSheffield UnitedBase card717.00
86Brian GayleSheffield UnitedBase card616.00
87Willie FalconerSheffield UnitedBase card717.00
88Jostein FloSheffield UnitedBase card717.00
89Alan KellySheffield UnitedBase card717.00
90Chris WoodsSheffield WednesdayBase card717.00
91Andy SintonSheffield WednesdayBase card717.00
92Chris WaddleSheffield WednesdayBase card818.00
93David HirstSheffield WednesdayBase card717.00
94Ryan JonesSheffield WednesdayBase card717.00
95Peter ReidSouthamptonBase card717.00
96Paul AllenSouthamptonBase card717.00
97Terry HurlockSouthamptonBase card717.00
98Matthew Le TissierSouthamptonBase card818.00
99Neil MaddisonSouthamptonBase card717.00
100Terry FenwickSwindon TownBase card717.00
101Paul BodinSwindon TownBase card717.00
102Luc NijholtSwindon TownBase card717.00
103Nick SummerbeeSwindon TownBase card717.00
104Shaun TaylorSwindon TownBase card616.00
105Erik ThorstvedtTottenham HotspurBase card717.00
106Gary MabbuttTottenham HotspurBase card717.00
107Nick BarmbyTottenham HotspurBase card717.00
108Teddy SheringhamTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
109Darren CaskeyTottenham HotspurBase card717.00
110Vinny SamwaysTottenham HotspurBase card717.00
111Ludek MikloskoWest Ham UnitedBase card717.00
112Martin AllenWest Ham UnitedBase card717.00
113Clive AllenWest Ham UnitedBase card717.00
114Lee ChapmanWest Ham UnitedBase card717.00
115Trevor MorleyWest Ham UnitedBase card717.00
116Vinnie JonesWimbledonBase card818.00
117Dean HoldsworthWimbledonBase card515.00
118Robbie EarleWimbledonBase card515.00
119John FashanuWimbledonBase card515.00
120Peter FearWimbledonBase card515.00
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