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Sticker W63: Nolberto Solano (Newcastle United)

Nolberto Solano (Newcastle United) (FA P.L. Super Stars)

Nolberto Solano (Newcastle United) (FA P.L. Super Stars)

W63. Merlin English Premier League 2001-2002

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«Nolberto Solano»

«Nolberto Solano (Newcastle United)»

Section: FA P.L. Super Stars

Type: mini-sticker

Offer (3):
United Kingdomshedboy69, rickyl40, matteo88

Need (8):
Switzerlanddidierdomi    GermanyLiverpool1892    Francecocan72    United Kingdomgazzaf66, Meestro, lpsmith, DamoMC    Romaniamimitebaltoc

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