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Merlin Serie A 1999-2000

Merlin Serie A 1999-2000

Year: 1999
Total cards: 324

Merlin Serie A 1999-2000 Trading Cards.

Collection preview (11% scanned images)

collecting: 9 / completed: 0


1Michael EnyinnayaBariBase card303.00
1bMichael EnyinnayaBariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
1rMichael EnyinnayaBariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
2Daniel AnderssonBariBase card303.00
2bDaniel AnderssonBariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
2rDaniel AnderssonBariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
3Mattia CollautoBariBase card303.00
3bMattia CollautoBariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
3rMattia CollautoBariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
4Philemon MasingaBariBase card303.00
4bPhilemon MasingaBariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
4rPhilemon MasingaBariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
5Yksel OsmanovskiBariBase card303.00
5bYksel OsmanovskiBariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
5rYksel OsmanovskiBariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
6Gianluca PagliucaBolognaBase card303.00
6bGianluca PagliucaBolognaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
6rGianluca PagliucaBolognaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
7Klas IngessonBolognaBase card303.00
7bKlas IngessonBolognaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
7rKlas IngessonBolognaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
8Kennet AnderssonBolognaBase card303.00
8bKennet AnderssonBolognaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
8rKennet AnderssonBolognaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
9Giuseppe SignoriBolognaBase card303.00
9bGiuseppe SignoriBolognaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
9rGiuseppe SignoriBolognaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
10Nicola VentolaBolognaBase card303.00
10bNicola VentolaBolognaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
10rNicola VentolaBolognaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
11Daniele BerrettaCagliariBase card303.00
11bDaniele BerrettaCagliariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
11rDaniele BerrettaCagliariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
12Tiziano De PatreCagliariBase card303.00
12bTiziano De PatreCagliariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
12rTiziano De PatreCagliariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
13Fabian O'NeillCagliariBase card303.00
13bFabian O'NeillCagliariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
13rFabian O'NeillCagliariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
14Patrick MbomaCagliariBase card303.00
14bPatrick MbomaCagliariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
14rPatrick MbomaCagliariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
15Luis OliveilaCagliariBase card303.00
15bLuis OliveilaCagliariBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
15rLuis OliveilaCagliariBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
16Jorg HeinrichFiorentinaBase card404.00
16bJorg HeinrichFiorentinaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
16rJorg HeinrichFiorentinaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
17Manuel Rui CostaFiorentinaBase card303.00
17bManuel Rui CostaFiorentinaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
17rManuel Rui CostaFiorentinaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
18Abel BalboFiorentinaBase card303.00
18bAbel BalboFiorentinaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
18rAbel BalboFiorentinaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
19Gabriel BatistutaFiorentinaBase card303.00
19bGabriel BatistutaFiorentinaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
19rGabriel BatistutaFiorentinaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
20Enrico ChiesaFiorentinaBase card303.00
20bEnrico ChiesaFiorentinaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
20rEnrico ChiesaFiorentinaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
21Predrag MijatovicFiorentinaBase card303.00
21bPredrag MijatovicFiorentinaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
21rPredrag MijatovicFiorentinaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
22Laurent BlancInterBase card404.00
22bLaurent BlancInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
22rLaurent BlancInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
23Grigorios GeorgatosInterBase card404.00
23bGrigorios GeorgatosInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
23rGrigorios GeorgatosInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
24Ivan CordobaInterBase card404.00
24bIvan CordobaInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
24rIvan CordobaInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
25Adrian MutuInterBase card404.00
25bAdrian MutuInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
25rAdrian MutuInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
26Clarence SeedorfInterBase card404.00
26bClarence SeedorfInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
26rClarence SeedorfInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
27RonaldoInterBase card505.00
27bRonaldoInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
27rRonaldoInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
28Christian VieriInterBase card404.00
28bChristian VieriInterBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
28rChristian VieriInterBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
29Edwin Van Der SarJuventusBase card404.00
29bEdwin Van Der SarJuventusBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
29rEdwin Van Der SarJuventusBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
30Antonio ConteJuventusBase card404.00
30bAntonio ConteJuventusBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
30rAntonio ConteJuventusBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
31Edgar DavidsJuventusBase card404.00
31bEdgar DavidsJuventusBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
31rEdgar DavidsJuventusBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
32Zinedine ZidaneJuventusBase card505.00
32bZinedine ZidaneJuventusBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
32rZinedine ZidaneJuventusBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
33Alessandro Del PieroJuventusBase card505.00
33bAlessandro Del PieroJuventusBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
33rAlessandro Del PieroJuventusBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
34Filippo InzaghiJuventusBase card404.00
34bFilippo InzaghiJuventusBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
34rFilippo InzaghiJuventusBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
35Sinisa MihajlovicLazioBase card303.00
35bSinisa MihajlovicLazioBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
35rSinisa MihajlovicLazioBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
36Fabrizio RavanelliLazioBase card303.00
36bFabrizio RavanelliLazioBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
36rFabrizio RavanelliLazioBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
37Juan Sebastian VeronLazioBase card303.00
37bJuan Sebastian VeronLazioBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
37rJuan Sebastian VeronLazioBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
38Alen BoksicLazioBase card303.00
38bAlen BoksicLazioBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
38rAlen BoksicLazioBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
39Simone InzaghiLazioBase card303.00
39bSimone InzaghiLazioBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
39rSimone InzaghiLazioBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
40Marcelo SalasLazioBase card303.00
40bMarcelo SalasLazioBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
40rMarcelo SalasLazioBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
41Alessandro ConticchioLecceBase card303.00
41bAlessandro ConticchioLecceBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
41rAlessandro ConticchioLecceBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
42William VialiLecceBase card303.00
42bWilliam VialiLecceBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
42rWilliam VialiLecceBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
43Cristiano LucarelliLecceBase card303.00
43bCristiano LucarelliLecceBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
43rCristiano LucarelliLecceBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
44Davide SesaLecceBase card303.00
44bDavide SesaLecceBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
44rDavide SesaLecceBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
45Paolo MaldiniMilanBase card303.00
45bPaolo MaldiniMilanBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
45rPaolo MaldiniMilanBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
46LeonardoMilanBase card303.00
46bLeonardoMilanBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
46rLeonardoMilanBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
47Zvonimir BobanMilanBase card303.00
47bZvonimir BobanMilanBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
47rZvonimir BobanMilanBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
48Oliver BierhoffMilanBase card303.00
48bOliver BierhoffMilanBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
48rOliver BierhoffMilanBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
49Anoriy ShevchenkoMilanBase card303.00
49bAnoriy ShevchenkoMilanBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
49rAnoriy ShevchenkoMilanBase card / Ruby Parallel313.00
50Jose MariMilanBase card303.00
50bJose MariMilanBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
50rJose MariMilanBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
51Gianluigi BuffonParmaBase card505.00
51bGianluigi BuffonParmaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
51rGianluigi BuffonParmaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
52Lilian ThuramParmaBase card303.00
52bLilian ThuramParmaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
52rLilian ThuramParmaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
53Ariel OrtegaParmaBase card303.00
53bAriel OrtegaParmaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
53rAriel OrtegaParmaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
54Marcio AmorosoParmaBase card303.00
54bMarcio AmorosoParmaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
54rMarcio AmorosoParmaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
55Hernan CrespoParmaBase card303.00
55bHernan CrespoParmaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
55rHernan CrespoParmaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
56Ousmane DaboParmaBase card303.00
56bOusmane DaboParmaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
56rOusmane DaboParmaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
57Alessandro CaloriPerugiaBase card303.00
57bAlessandro CaloriPerugiaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
57rAlessandro CaloriPerugiaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
58Salvatore MonacoPerugiaBase card303.00
58bSalvatore MonacoPerugiaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
58rSalvatore MonacoPerugiaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
59Daniele DainoPerugiaBase card303.00
59bDaniele DainoPerugiaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
59rDaniele DainoPerugiaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
60Renato OlivePerugiaBase card303.00
60bRenato OlivePerugiaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
60rRenato OlivePerugiaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
61Milan RapaicPerugiaBase card303.00
61bMilan RapaicPerugiaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
61rMilan RapaicPerugiaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
62Omitri AlenitchevPerugiaBase card303.00
62bOmitri AlenitchevPerugiaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
62rOmitri AlenitchevPerugiaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
63Dmitri AlenichevPiacenzaBase card303.00
63bDmitri AlenichevPiacenzaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
63rDmitri AlenichevPiacenzaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
64Giovanni StroppaPiacenzaBase card303.00
64bGiovanni StroppaPiacenzaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
64rGiovanni StroppaPiacenzaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
65Arturo Di NapoliPiacenzaBase card303.00
65bArturo Di NapoliPiacenzaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
65rArturo Di NapoliPiacenzaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
66Massimo RastelliPiacenzaBase card303.00
66bMassimo RastelliPiacenzaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
66rMassimo RastelliPiacenzaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
67Lorenzo StoviniRegginaBase card303.00
67bLorenzo StoviniRegginaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
67rLorenzo StoviniRegginaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
68Roberto BaronioRegginaBase card303.00
68bRoberto BaronioRegginaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
68rRoberto BaronioRegginaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
69Andrea PirloRegginaBase card303.00
69bAndrea PirloRegginaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
69rAndrea PirloRegginaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
70Mohamed KallonRegginaBase card303.00
70bMohamed KallonRegginaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
70rMohamed KallonRegginaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
71Davide PossanziniRegginaBase card303.00
71bDavide PossanziniRegginaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
71rDavide PossanziniRegginaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
72Marcos CafuRomaBase card303.00
72bMarcos CafuRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
72rMarcos CafuRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
73Marcos AssuncaoRomaBase card303.00
73bMarcos AssuncaoRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
73rMarcos AssuncaoRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
74Hidetoshi NakataRomaBase card303.00
74bHidetoshi NakataRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
74rHidetoshi NakataRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
75Damiano TommasiRomaBase card303.00
75bDamiano TommasiRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
75rDamiano TommasiRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
76Francesco TottiRomaBase card303.00
76bFrancesco TottiRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
76rFrancesco TottiRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
77Marco DelvecchioRomaBase card303.00
77bMarco DelvecchioRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
77rMarco DelvecchioRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
78Vincenzo MontellaRomaBase card303.00
78bVincenzo MontellaRomaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
78rVincenzo MontellaRomaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
79Alessandro GrandoniTorinoBase card303.00
79bAlessandro GrandoniTorinoBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
79rAlessandro GrandoniTorinoBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
80Gianluigi LentiniTorinoBase card303.00
80bGianluigi LentiniTorinoBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
80rGianluigi LentiniTorinoBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
81Alessio ScarchilliTorinoBase card303.00
81bAlessio ScarchilliTorinoBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
81rAlessio ScarchilliTorinoBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
82Edoardo ArtisticoTorinoBase card303.00
82bEdoardo ArtisticoTorinoBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
82rEdoardo ArtisticoTorinoBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
83Marco FerranteTorinoBase card303.00
83bMarco FerranteTorinoBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
83rMarco FerranteTorinoBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
84Stefano FioreUdineseBase card303.00
84bStefano FioreUdineseBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
84rStefano FioreUdineseBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
85Giuliano GiannicheddaUdineseBase card303.00
85bGiuliano GiannicheddaUdineseBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
85rGiuliano GiannicheddaUdineseBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
86Roberto MuzziUdineseBase card303.00
86bRoberto MuzziUdineseBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
86rRoberto MuzziUdineseBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
87Tomas LocatelliUdineseBase card303.00
87bTomas LocatelliUdineseBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
87rTomas LocatelliUdineseBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
88Roberto SosaUdineseBase card303.00
88bRoberto SosaUdineseBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
88rRoberto SosaUdineseBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
89Pierluigi OrlandiniVeneziaBase card303.00
89bPierluigi OrlandiniVeneziaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
89rPierluigi OrlandiniVeneziaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
90Tomislav RukavinaVeneziaBase card303.00
90bTomislav RukavinaVeneziaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
90rTomislav RukavinaVeneziaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
91Hiroshi NanamiVeneziaBase card303.00
91bHiroshi NanamiVeneziaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
91rHiroshi NanamiVeneziaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
92Filippo ManieroVeneziaBase card303.00
92bFilippo ManieroVeneziaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
92rFilippo ManieroVeneziaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
93Maurizio GanzVeneziaBase card303.00
93bMaurizio GanzVeneziaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
93rMaurizio GanzVeneziaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
94Leonardo ColucciVeronaBase card303.00
94bLeonardo ColucciVeronaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
94rLeonardo ColucciVeronaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
95Marco DranceschettiVeronaBase card303.00
95bMarco DranceschettiVeronaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
95rMarco DranceschettiVeronaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
96AdailtonVeronaBase card303.00
96bAdailtonVeronaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
96rAdailtonVeronaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
97Alfredo AgliettiVeronaBase card303.00
97bAlfredo AgliettiVeronaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
97rAlfredo AgliettiVeronaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
98Fabrizio CammarataVeronaBase card303.00
98bFabrizio CammarataVeronaBase card / Blue Parallel303.00
98rFabrizio CammarataVeronaBase card / Ruby Parallel303.00
99Checklist 1ChecklistChecklist303.00
100Checklist 2ChecklistChecklist303.00
A1Philemon MasingaBariSuperstar303.00
A2Giuseppe SignoriBolognaSuperstar303.00
A3Patrick MbomaCagliariSuperstar303.00
A4Gabriel BatistutaFiorentinaSuperstar303.00
A6Alessandro Del PieroJuventusSuperstar505.00
A7Juan Sebastian VeronLazioSuperstar303.00
A8Davide SesaLecceSuperstar303.00
A9Andriy ShevchenkoMilanSuperstar303.00
B1Hernan CrespoParmaSuperstar303.00
B2Ibrahim BaPerugiaSuperstar303.00
B3Arturo Di NapoliPiacenzaSuperstar303.00
B4Mohamed KallonRegginaSuperstar303.00
B5Hidetoshi NakataRomaSuperstar303.00
B6Edoardo ArtisticoTorinoSuperstar303.00
B7Roberto MuzziUdineseSuperstar303.00
B8Hiroshi NanamiVeneziaSuperstar303.00
B9Fabrizio CammarataVeronaSuperstar303.00
D1Nicola VentolaBolognaMillemium man303.00
D2Enrico ChiesaFiorentinaMillemium man404.00
D3Roberto BaggioInterMillemium man505.00
D4Zinedine ZidaneJuventusMillemium man505.00
D5Marcelo SalasLazioMillemium man404.00
D6LeonardoMilanMillemium man404.00
D7Ariel OrtegaParmaMillemium man404.00
D8Hidetoshi NatakaParmaMillemium man303.00
D9Gianluigi LentiniTorinoMillemium man303.00
D10Hiroshi NanamiVeneziaMillemium man303.00