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Movic Escaflowne "Primo Atto" Collection Tarot Cards

Movic Escaflowne

Year: 2000
Total cards: 22

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1The MagicianFolkenBase card000.00
2The High PriestessSollaBase card000.00
3The EmpressMillernaBase card000.00
4The EmperorEscaflowneBase card000.00
5The HierophantDilandau's KnightsBase card000.00
6The LoversVan & HitomiBase card000.00
7The ChariotEscaflowneBase card000.00
8StrenghtJajukaBase card000.00
9The HermitFortunetellerBase card000.00
10Wheel of FortuneAll CharactersBase card000.00
11JustiseVanBase card000.00
12The Hanged manGadethBase card000.00
13The DeathAlseidesBase card000.00
14TemperanceAvahalegiiBase card000.00
15The DevilDilandauBase card000.00
16The TowerAlseidesBase card000.00
17The StarHitomiBase card000.00
18The MoonYukariBase card000.00
19The SunMerleBase card000.00
20JudgementAllenBase card000.00
21The WorldVan & HitomiBase card000.00
22The FoolDrydenBase card000.00
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