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NECA The Hunger Games

NECA The Hunger Games

Year: 2012
Total cards: 115

collecting: 4 / completed: 0


1Hunger Games-Base card101.00
2Katniss EverdeenCharacter CardsBase card101.00
3Peeta MellarkCharacter CardsBase card111.00
4Gale HawthornCharacter CardsBase card101.00
5CinnaCharacter CardsBase card101.00
6Haymitch AbernathyCharacter CardsBase card202.00
7MarvelCharacter CardsBase card101.00
8Caeser FlickermanCharacter CardsBase card101.00
9CatoCharacter CardsBase card101.00
10RueCharacter CardsBase card101.00
11President SnowCharacter CardsBase card101.00
12CloveCharacter CardsBase card111.00
13Primrose EverdeenCharacter CardsBase card202.00
14GlimmerCharacter CardsBase card202.00
15Seneca CraneCharacter CardsBase card101.00
16FoxfaceCharacter CardsBase card101.00
17ThreshCharacter CardsBase card101.00
18Mrs. EverdeenCharacter CardsBase card111.00
19Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card111.00
20Katniss Everdeen & GaleStory CardsBase card111.00
21Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card202.00
22Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
23Gale HawthornStory CardsBase card111.00
24Katniss & PrimroseStory CardsBase card202.00
25Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card202.00
26Primrose EverdeenStory CardsBase card111.00
27Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
28The ReapingStory CardsBase card111.00
29Katniss & GaleStory CardsBase card101.00
30Mrs. EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
31Primrose EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
32Haymitch & KatnissStory CardsBase card101.00
33Effie TrinketStory CardsBase card101.00
34Haymitch AbernathyStory CardsBase card111.00
35Gale HawthornStory CardsBase card101.00
36Katniss & CinnaStory CardsBase card101.00
37Caeser FlickermanStory CardsBase card101.00
38FoxfaceStory CardsBase card101.00
39Seneca CraneStory CardsBase card101.00
40CloveStory CardsBase card101.00
41President SnowStory CardsBase card101.00
42Caeser & PeetaStory CardsBase card202.00
43TributesStory CardsBase card101.00
44KatnissStory CardsBase card101.00
45Peeta MellarkStory CardsBase card111.00
46Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
47RueStory CardsBase card111.00
48Seneca CraneStory CardsBase card202.00
49President SnowStory CardsBase card101.00
50TransportStory CardsBase card101.00
51Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card111.00
52ThreshStory CardsBase card202.00
53Peeta MellarkStory CardsBase card202.00
54CornucopiaStory CardsBase card202.00
55Katniss & PeetaStory CardsBase card111.00
56Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
57RueStory CardsBase card101.00
58Katniss EverdeenStory CardsBase card101.00
59ThreshStory CardsBase card111.00
60Peeta MellarkStory CardsBase card101.00
61CloveStory CardsBase card101.00
62Cato & GlimmerStory CardsBase card101.00
63Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card111.00
64Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card101.00
65Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card202.00
66Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card101.00
67Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card111.00
68Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card101.00
69Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card101.00
70Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card101.00
71Arena PosterPoster CardsBase card101.00
72ChecklistChecklistBase card202.00
73Poster (puzzle 1)-Promo card202.00
74Poster (puzzle 2)-Promo card202.00
75Poster (puzzle 3)-Promo card202.00
76Poster (puzzle 4)-Promo card202.00
77Poster (puzzle 5)-Promo card202.00
78Poster (puzzle 6)-Promo card202.00
79Poster (puzzle 7)-Promo card202.00
80Poster (puzzle 8)-Promo card202.00
81Poster (puzzle 9)-Promo card202.00
82Peeta at bridge-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
83Katniss on fire-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
84Walking down tributes corridor-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
85Katniss aims bow forward-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
86Katniss aims bow right-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
87Katniss profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
88Peeta profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
89Gale profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
90Effie profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
91Haymitch profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
92Cinna profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
93Rue profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
94Cato profile-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
95Cornucopia-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
96Lake-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
97Stadium-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
98Reflecting pool-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
99Tribute chamber-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
100Katniss-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
101Tributes corridor-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
102Bridge-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
103Control basin-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
104Peeta-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
105Gale-WalMart Exclusive Cards202.00
A1Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A2Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A3Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A4Rue (Amandla Stenberg)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A5Thresh (Dayo Okenyl)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A6Foxface (Jaqueline Emerson)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A7Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A8Cato (Alexander Ludwig)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A9Marvel (Jack Quaid)
-Autograph Cards202.00
A10Glimmer (Leven Rambin)
-Autograph Cards202.00
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