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NECA The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

NECA The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Year: 2013
Total cards: 40

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 0


1The Hunger Games: Catching FireBase card-101.00
2Katniss EverdeenBase card-101.00
3Peeta MellarkBase card-101.00
4Gale HawthorneBase card-101.00
5Finnick OdairBase card-000.00
6Johanna MasonBase card-101.00
7Katniss & PrimBase card-101.00
8Mrs. Everdeen & PrimBase card-101.00
9Gale & KatnissBase card-000.00
10GaleBase card-101.00
11Katniss EverdeenBase card-101.00
12HaymitchBase card-202.00
13GaleBase card-101.00
14Katniss & PeetaBase card-000.00
15Effie TrinketBase card-101.00
16President SnowBase card-101.00
17Peeta & KatnissBase card-101.00
18President Snow & PlutarchBase card-101.00
19Peeta, Effie & KatnissBase card-101.00
20President SnowBase card-000.00
21Peeta MellarkBase card-101.00
22Plutarch & HaymitchBase card-101.00
23Katniss, Effie & PeetaBase card-101.00
24Caesar Flickerman & KatnissBase card-101.00
25Effie TrinketBase card-202.00
26CinnaBase card-101.00
27Caesar Flickerman & PeetaBase card-202.00
28Caesar FlickermanBase card-101.00
29Effie & PeetaBase card-101.00
30Finnick OdairBase card-101.00
31Plutarch HeavensbeeBase card-000.00
32Peeta & KatnissBase card-101.00
33BeeteeBase card-202.00
34Johanna MasonBase card-101.00
35Katniss EverdeenBase card-101.00
36Finnick OdairBase card-202.00
37Finnick & KatnissBase card-202.00
38Mags & FinnickBase card-000.00
39Katniss & CinnaBase card-101.00
40Katniss EverdeenBase card-202.00
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