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NECA The Twilight. Saga. Eclipse

NECA The Twilight. Saga. Eclipse

Year: 2010
Total cards: 210

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 1


1EclipsePart 1, Base setTitle Card303.00
2BellaPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
3EdwardPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
4JacobPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
5AlicePart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
6JasperPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
7RosaliePart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
8EmmettPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
9CarlislePart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
10EsmePart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
11JanePart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
12AlecPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
13FelixPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
14DemitriPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards212.00
15VictoriaPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
16RileyPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
17BreePart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
18SamPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
19PaulPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
20JaredPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
21EmbryPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
22QuilPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
23LeahPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
24EmilyPart 1, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
25Run!Part 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
26GroundedPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
27GraduatePart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
28Another PartyPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
29Police ChiefPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
30A GiftPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
31The Forest NightPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
32TerritoryPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
33Wolf TerritoryPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
34DangerousPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
35A Fight?Part 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
36Hold On TightPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
37"Vampire Girl"Part 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
38Say GoodbyePart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
39A VampirePart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
40Charlie AsleepPart 1, Base setStory Cards313.00
41Newest MemberPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
42Spirit WarriorsPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
43A SnackPart 1, Base setStory Cards313.00
44Someone To DrinkPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
45La Push BeachPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
46Flesh And BloodPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
47In The SunPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
48MissingPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
49ProudPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
50Father And DaughterPart 1, Base setStory Cards313.00
51The VisionPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
52Young MajorPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
53Three WomenPart 1, Base setStory Cards212.00
54Kept Me WaitingPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
55Second In CommandPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
56NewbornPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
57Marry MePart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
58Dark EmbracePart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
59Carrying BellaPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
60Kiss MePart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
61BattlePart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
62UnnecessaryPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
63The Volturi AppearPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
64TorturePart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
65He'll Be AlrightPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
66...I'm SorryPart 1, Base setStory Cards202.00
67Magic HourPart 1, Base setStory Cards303.00
68Marry MePart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
69Another PartyPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
70Second In CommandPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards313.00
71EdwardPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
72DangerousPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
73Hold On TightPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
74A Fight?Part 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
75He'll Be AlrightPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
76UnnecessaryPart 1, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
77Bella SwanPart 1, Base setEdward, Bella, Jacob Cards303.00
78Edward CullenPart 1, Base setEdward, Bella, Jacob Cards303.00
79Jacob BlackPart 1, Base setEdward, Bella, Jacob Cards303.00
80ChecklistPart 1, Extended setChecklist Card303.00
81EclipsePart 2, Base setTitle Card303.00
82BellaPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
83EdwardPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
84JacobPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
85AlicePart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
86JasperPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
87RosaliePart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
88EmmettPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
89CarlislePart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
90EsmePart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
91JanePart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
92AlecPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
93FelixPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
94DemitriPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
95VictoriaPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
96RileyPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
97BreePart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
98SamPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
99PaulPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
100JaredPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
101EmbryPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards303.00
102QuilPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
103LeahPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
104EmilyPart 2, Base setCharacter Cards202.00
105Who's There?!Part 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
106Gotta FocusPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
107ConcernPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
108Leave a MessagePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
109The ShorePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
110EnragedPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
111TrustPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
112Wolf PackPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
113His Case FilePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
114Protection Detail?Part 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
115Bout TimePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
116Seth ClearwaterPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
117The Cold WomanPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
118...Problem SolvedPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
119Pick MePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
120Punched a WerewolfPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
121I Envy YouPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
122You're DrunkPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
123Control YourselvesPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
124IndiscreetPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
125UninvitedPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
126Wolf CharmPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
127A Blood BathPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
128Esme & CarlislePart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
129They're HerePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
130No TrustPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
131WelcomePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
132Don't Hold BackPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
133Them...Part 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
134Training NewbornsPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
135Bella's NightmarePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
136Don't You Care?Part 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
137Charlie & AlicePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
138One ConditionPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
139Last Minute DecisionPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
140A Drop of BloodPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
141Mountain TopPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
142The Fight BeginsPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
143Seth WolfPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
144How Long?Part 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
145Leah WolfPart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
146Loose EndsPart 2, Base setStory Cards202.00
147Tie You to MePart 2, Base setStory Cards303.00
148Don't You Care?Part 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
149Tie You to MePart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
150I Envy YouPart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
151No TrustPart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
152EnragedPart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
153They're HerePart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
154Who's There?!Part 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
155The ShorePart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
156TrustPart 2, Base setPuzzle Cards303.00
157EdwardPart 2, Base setEdward, Bella & Jacob Cards303.00
158BellaPart 2, Base setEdward, Bella & Jacob Cards303.00
159JacobPart 2, Base setEdward, Bella & Jacob Cards303.00
160ChecklistPart 2, Base setChecklist Card303.00
A1EDWARD: "You'll always be my Bella"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A2JASPER: "That's when we're at our most vicious, uncontrollable, insane with thirst"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A3ALICE: "I can handle myself"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A4ROSALIE: "Go blather to someone else about the joys of becoming a newborn"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A5EMMETT: "So we track him down and kick his bloodthirsty ass"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A6EDWARD: "Your safety is... Everything to me"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A7CARLISLE: "It's getting worse. We're going to have to do something"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A8ESME: "We offered her safe haven if she stopped fighting. She took it"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
A9JASPER: "I could feel... Everything they felt"Part 1, Extended setEclipse Puzzle303.00
WP1The Wolfpack #1Part 1, Extended setWolfpack Puzzle303.00
WP2The Wolfpack #2Part 1, Extended setWolfpack Puzzle303.00
WP3The Wolfpack #3Part 1, Extended setWolfpack Puzzle303.00
WP4The Wolfpack #4Part 1, Extended setWolfpack Puzzle303.00
WP5The Wolfpack #5Part 1, Extended setWolfpack Puzzle303.00
WP6The Wolfpack #6Part 1, Extended setWolfpack Puzzle303.00
VO1The Volturi CovenPart 1, Extended setVolturi Coven303.00
VO2The Volturi Coven: JanePart 1, Extended setVolturi Coven303.00
VO3The Volturi Coven: AlecPart 1, Extended setVolturi Coven202.00
VO4The Volturi Coven: FelixPart 1, Extended setVolturi Coven202.00
VO5The Volturi Coven: DemitriPart 1, Extended setVolturi Coven202.00
VO6The Volturi Coven: FourPart 1, Extended setVolturi Coven303.00
F1Protagonists BellaPart 1, Extended setProtagonists303.00
F2Protagonists EdwardPart 1, Extended setProtagonists303.00
F3Protagonists JacobPart 1, Extended setProtagonists202.00
B1MARRY MEPart 1, Extended setMarry Me303.00
H1"WELCOME TO THE ARMY"Part 2, Extended set"Welcome to the Army"303.00
C1VICTORIA: It will be a last minute decision. I told you how it works"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C2EDWARD: "She created you and this army to avenge her true mate, James. That's all she cares about. Not you"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C3EMMETT: "Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C4JACOB: "She might need her toes someday. And let's face it... I'm hotter than you"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C5BELLA: "Edward. I only have till graduation to see him. After that, I'll be one of you and he'll hate me for good"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C6ROSALIE: "You have a choice. I didn't. None of us did. But you do. And you're choosing wrong"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C7ESME: "We offered her safe haven if she stopped fighting. She took it"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C8RILEY: "We'll find you someone to drink"Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
C9JASPER: "I trained her newborns. An endless occupation since she never let them live beyond their first year..."Part 2, Extended setTrio & Villains Puzzle303.00
D1The Cullens: EdwardPart 2, Extended setThe Cullens Puzzle303.00
D2The Cullens: EmmettPart 2, Extended setThe Cullens Puzzle303.00
D3The Cullens: RosaliePart 2, Extended setThe Cullens Puzzle303.00
D4The Cullens: AlicePart 2, Extended setThe Cullens Puzzle303.00
D5The Cullens: JasperPart 2, Extended setThe Cullens Puzzle303.00
D6The Cullens: Carlisle and EsmePart 2, Extended setThe Cullens Puzzle303.00
VO7The Volturi Coven 2Part 2, Extended setVolturi Coven303.00
VO8The Volturi Coven 2: JanePart 2, Extended setVolturi Coven303.00
VO9The Volturi Coven 2: AlecPart 2, Extended setVolturi Coven202.00
VO10The Volturi Coven 2: FelixPart 2, Extended setVolturi Coven202.00
VO11The Volturi Coven 2: DemitriPart 2, Extended setVolturi Coven202.00
VO12The Volturi Coven 2: FourPart 2, Extended setVolturi Coven303.00
G1RILEY: "What did I say about a low profile!..."Part 2, Extended setRiley303.00
G2RILEY: "Next one who starts a fight gets his arms ripped off!..."Part 2, Extended setRiley303.00
G3RILEY: "Just clean up after your selves..."Part 2, Extended setRiley303.00
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