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O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey 1983-1984

O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey 1983-1984

Year: 1983
Total stickers: 330

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 6 / completed: 5


1Marcel Dionne1982-83 Record Holdersfoil101.00
2Guy Lafleur1982-83 Record Holdersfoil000.00
3Darryl Sittler1982-83 Record Holdersfoil000.00
4Gilbert Perreault1982-83 Record Holdersfoil000.00
5Bill Barber1982-83 Record Holdersspecial020.00
6Steve Shutt1982-83 Record Holdersspecial000.00
7Wayne Gretzky1982-83 Record Holdersspecial000.00
8Lanny McDonald1982-83 Record Holdersspecial000.00
9Reggie Leach1982-83 Record Holdersspecial010.00
10Mike Bossy1982-83 Record Holdersspecial101.00
11Rick Kehoe1982-83 Record Holdersspecial010.00
12Bobby Clarke1982-83 Record Holdersspecial000.00
13Butch Goring1982-83 Record Holdersspecial000.00
14Rick Middleton1982-83 Record Holdersspecial020.00
15Conn Smythe Trophy1983 Stanley Cup Finalfoil010.00
16Billy Smith - Conn Smythe Trophy Winner1983 Stanley Cup Final-010.00
17Lee Fogolin1983 Stanley Cup Final-000.00
18New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers (1 of 4)1983 Stanley Cup Finalpuzzle303.00
19New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers (2 of 4)1983 Stanley Cup Finalpuzzle101.00
20New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers (3 of 4)1983 Stanley Cup Finalpuzzle000.00
21New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers (4 of 4)1983 Stanley Cup Finalpuzzle000.00
22Stanley Cup (1 of 3)1983 Stanley Cup Finalfoil puzzle010.00
23Stanley Cup (2 of 3)1983 Stanley Cup Finalfoil puzzle010.00
24Stanley Cup (3 of 3)1983 Stanley Cup Finalfoil puzzle010.00
25Rick Vaive (1 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle000.00
26Rick Vaive (2 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle101.00
27Billy HarrisToronto Maple Leafs-000.00
28Dan Daoust (1 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle000.00
29Dan Daoust (2 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle010.00
30John Anderson (1 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle010.00
31John Anderson (2 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle000.00
32Peter IhnacakToronto Maple Leafs-010.00
33Borje Salming (1 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle010.00
34Borje Salming (2 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle101.00
35Bill DerlagoToronto Maple Leafs-010.00
36Rick St. CroixToronto Maple Leafs-010.00
37Greg TerrionToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
38Miroslav FrycerToronto Maple Leafs-010.00
39Mike PalmateerToronto Maple Leafs-202.00
40Gaston GingrasToronto Maple Leafs-000.00
41Pete Peeters (1 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle000.00
42Pete Peeters (2 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle101.00
43Mike KrushelnyskiBoston Bruins-020.00
44Rick  Middleton (1 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle010.00
45Rick  Middleton (2 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle020.00
46Ray Bourque (1 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle010.00
47Ray Bourque (2 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle000.00
48Brad ParkBoston Bruins-000.00
49Barry Pederson (1 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle000.00
50Barry Pederson (2 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle000.00
51Peter McNabBoston Bruins-000.00
52Mike O'ConnellBoston Bruins-101.00
53Steve KasperBoston Bruins-010.00
54Marty HoweBoston Bruins-020.00
55Tom FergusBoston Bruins-010.00
56Keith CrowderBoston Bruins-010.00
57Steve ShuttMontreal Canadiens-000.00
58Guy Lafleur (1 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle101.00
59Guy Lafleur (2 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle101.00
60Larry Robinson (1 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle010.00
61Larry Robinson (2 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle010.00
62Ryan Walter (1 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle010.00
63Ryan Walter (2 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle020.00
64Mark Napier (1 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle000.00
65Mark Napier (2 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle010.00
66Bob GaineyMontreal Canadiens-101.00
67Doug WickenheiserMontreal Canadiens-202.00
68Pierre MondouMontreal Canadiens-020.00
69Mario TremblayMontreal Canadiens-010.00
70Gilbert DelormeMontreal Canadiens-000.00
71Mats NaslundMontreal Canadiens-101.00
72Rick WamsleyMontreal Canadiens-020.00
73Ken MorrowNew York Islanders-010.00
74John Tonelli (1 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle010.00
75John Tonelli (2 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle202.00
76Bryan Trottier (1 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle101.00
77Bryan Trottier (2 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle010.00
78Mike Bossy (1 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle101.00
79Mike Bossy (2 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle000.00
80Bob BourneNew York Islanders-000.00
81Denis Potvin (1 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle000.00
82Denis Potvin (2 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle101.00
83Dave LangevinNew York Islanders-010.00
84Clark GilliesNew York Islanders-010.00
85Bob NystromNew York Islanders-101.00
86Billy SmithNew York Islanders-101.00
87Tomas JonssonNew York Islanders-000.00
88Rollie MelansonNew York Islanders-000.00
89Wayne Gretzky (1 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle101.00
90Wayne Gretzky (2 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle202.00
91Willy LindstromEdmonton Oilers-202.00
92Glenn Anderson (1 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle101.00
93Glenn Anderson (2 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle000.00
94Paul Coffey (1 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle000.00
95Paul Coffey (2 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle101.00
96Charlie HuddyEdmonton Oilers-000.00
97Mark Messier (1 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle000.00
98Mark Messier (2 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle000.00
99Andy MoogEdmonton Oilers-202.00
100Lee FogolinEdmonton Oilers-020.00
101Kevin LoweEdmonton Oilers-000.00
102Ken LinsemanEdmonton Oilers-010.00
103Tom RoulstonEdmonton Oilers-010.00
104Jari KurriEdmonton Oilers-101.00
105Darryl SutterChicago Black Hawks-000.00
106Denis Savard (1 of 2)Chicago Black Hawkspuzzle000.00
107Denis Savard (2 of 2)Chicago Black Hawkspuzzle101.00
108Steve LarmerChicago Black Hawks-010.00
109Bob MurrayChicago Black Hawks-000.00
110Tom LysiakChicago Black Hawks-101.00
111Al SecordChicago Black Hawks-000.00
112Doug WilsonChicago Black Hawks-101.00
113Murray BannermanChicago Black Hawks-020.00
114Gord RobertsMinnesota North Stars-000.00
115Tom McCarthyMinnesota North Stars-020.00
116Bobby SmithMinnesota North Stars-010.00
117Craig HartsburgMinnesota North Stars-000.00
118Dino Ciccarelli (1 of 2)Minnesota North Starspuzzle010.00
119Dino Ciccarelli (2 of 2)Minnesota North Starspuzzle000.00
120Neal BrotenMinnesota North Stars-000.00
121Steve PayneMinnesota North Stars-000.00
122Don BeaupreMinnesota North Stars-101.00
123Jorgen PetterssonSt. Louis Blues-010.00
124Perry TurnbullSt. Louis Blues-000.00
125Bernie FederkoSt. Louis Blues-010.00
126Mike CrombeenSt. Louis Blues-000.00
127Brian Sutter (1 of 2)St. Louis Bluespuzzle000.00
128Brian Sutter (2 of 2)St. Louis Bluespuzzle000.00
129Mike LiutSt. Louis Blues-101.00
130Rob RamageSt. Louis Blues-101.00
131Blake DunlopSt. Louis Blues-101.00
132Ivan BoldirevDetroit Red Wings-000.00
133Dwight FosterDetroit Red Wings-010.00
134Reed LarsonDetroit Red Wings-101.00
135Danny GareDetroit Red Wings-010.00
136Jim SchoenfeldDetroit Red Wings-020.00
137John Ogrodnick (1 of 2)Detroit Red Wingspuzzle000.00
138John Ogrodnick (2 of 2)Detroit Red Wingspuzzle000.00
139Willie HuberDetroit Red Wings-010.00
140Greg SmithDetroit Red Wings-202.00
141Ed BeersStars of the Futurespecial010.00
142Brian BellowsStars of the Futurespecial030.00
143Jiri BublaStars of the Futurespecial000.00
144Daryl EvansStars of the Futurespecial101.00
145Randy GreggStars of the Futurespecial000.00
146Jim JacksonStars of the Futurespecial101.00
147Corrado MicalefStars of the Futurespecial010.00
148Brian MullenStars of the Futurespecial010.00
149Frank NigroStars of the Futurespecial020.00
150Walt PoddubnyStars of the Futurespecial010.00
151Jaroslav PouzarStars of the Futurespecial010.00
152Patrik SundstromStars of the Futurespecial010.00
153Denis SavardCampbell conference championshipspecial000.00
154Dave HunterCampbell conference championshipspecial020.00
155Andy MoogCampbell conference championshipspecial000.00
156Al SecordCampbell conference championshipspecial101.00
157Mark MessierCampbell conference championshipspecial202.00
158Glenn AndersonCampbell conference championshipspecial000.00
159Jaroslav PouzarCampbell conference championshipspecial010.00
160Al Secord1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial000.00
161Wayne Gretzky1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial000.00
162Lanny McDonald1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial020.00
163Dave Babych1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial010.00
164Murray Bannerman1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial202.00
165Doug Wilson1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial020.00
166Michel Goulet1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial101.00
167Peter Stastny1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial101.00
168Marian Stastny1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial101.00
169Denis Potvin1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial020.00
170Pete Peeters1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial101.00
171Mark Howe1982-83 All Stars Gamespecial000.00
172Luc DufourWales conference championshipspecial010.00
173Ray BourqueWales conference championshipspecial010.00
174Bob BourneWales conference championshipspecial020.00
175Denis PotvinWales conference championshipspecial000.00
176Mike BossyWales conference championshipspecial101.00
177Butch GoringWales conference championshipspecial010.00
178Brad ParkWales conference championshipspecial000.00
179Murray BrumwellStars of the Futurespecial010.00
180Guy CarbonneauStars of the Futurespecial010.00
181Lindsay CarsonStars of the Futurespecial010.00
182Luc DufourStars of the Futurespecial010.00
183Bob FroeseStars of the Futurespecial000.00
184Mats HalinStars of the Futurespecial000.00
185Gord KluzakStars of the Futurespecial101.00
186Jeff LarmerStars of the Futurespecial111.00
187Milan NovyStars of the Futurespecial030.00
188Scott StevensStars of the Futurespecial000.00
189Bob SullivanStars of the Futurespecial020.00
190Mark TaylorStars of the Futurespecial101.00
191Darryl SittlerPhiladelphia Flyers-000.00
192Ron FlockhartPhiladelphia Flyers-020.00
193Brad McCrimmonPhiladelphia Flyers-000.00
194Bill BarberPhiladelphia Flyers-010.00
195Mark Howe (1 of 2)Philadelphia Flyerspuzzle010.00
196Mark Howe (2 of 2)Philadelphia Flyerspuzzle000.00
197Pelle LindberghPhiladelphia Flyers-202.00
198Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia Flyers-000.00
199Brian ProppPhiladelphia Flyers-000.00
200Ken HoustonWashington Capitals-000.00
201Rod LangwayWashington Capitals-010.00
202Jal ensenWashington Capitals-000.00
203Brian EngblomWashington Capitals-000.00
204Dennis Maruk (1 of 2)Washington Capitalspuzzle000.00
205Dennis Maruk (2 of 2)Washington Capitalspuzzle000.00
206Bob CarpenterWashington Capitals-000.00
207Mike GartnerWashington Capitals-000.00
208Doug JarvisWashington Capitals-101.00
209Eddie MioNew York Rangers-000.00
210Barry BeckNew York Rangers-010.00
211Dave MaloneyNew York Rangers-010.00
212Dave MaloneyNew York Rangers-010.00
213Mark Pavelich (1 of 2)New York Rangerspuzzle101.00
214Mark Pavelich (2 of 2)New York Rangerspuzzle010.00
215Anders HedbergNew York Rangers-010.00
216Reijo RuotsalainenNew York Rangers-010.00
217Mike RogersNew York Rangers-010.00
218Don LeverNew Jersey Devils-101.00
219Steve TambelliniNew Jersey Devils-010.00
220Bob MacMillanNew Jersey Devils-010.00
221Hector MariniNew Jersey Devils-020.00
222Glenn Resch (1 of 2)New Jersey Devilspuzzle101.00
223Glenn Resch (2 of 2)New Jersey Devilspuzzle000.00
224Carol VadnaisNew Jersey Devils-000.00
225Joel QuennevilleNew Jersey Devils-101.00
226Aaron BrotenNew Jersey Devils-101.00
227Randy CarlylePittsburgh Penguins-000.00
228Doug SheddenPittsburgh Penguins-010.00
229Greg MalonePittsburgh Penguins-000.00
230Paul GardnerPittsburgh Penguins-010.00
231Rick Kehoe (1 of 2)Pittsburgh Penguinspuzzle101.00
232Rick Kehoe (2 of 2)Pittsburgh Penguinspuzzle000.00
233Pat BoutettePittsburgh Penguins-010.00
234Michel DionPittsburgh Penguins-000.00
235Mike BullardPittsburgh Penguins-010.00
236Dale McCourtBuffalo Sabres-010.00
237Mike FolignoBuffalo Sabres-010.00
238Phil HousleyBuffalo Sabres-202.00
239Tony McKegneyBuffalo Sabres-010.00
240Gilbert Perreault (1 of 2)Buffalo Sabrespuzzle000.00
241Gilbert Perreault (2 of 2)Buffalo Sabrespuzzle010.00
242Bob SauveBuffalo Sabres-000.00
243Mike RamseyBuffalo Sabres-010.00
244John Van BoxmeerBuffalo Sabres-101.00
245Dan BouchardQuebec Nordiques-010.00
246Real CloutierQuebec Nordiques-020.00
247Marc TardifQuebec Nordiques-000.00
248Randy MollerQuebec Nordiques-000.00
249Michel Goulet (1 of 2)Quebec Nordiquespuzzle000.00
250Michel Goulet (2 of 2)Quebec Nordiquespuzzle101.00
251Marian StastnyQuebec Nordiques-000.00
252Anton StastnyQuebec Nordiques-010.00
253Peter StastnyQuebec Nordiques-000.00
254Mark JohnsonHartford Whalers-010.00
255Ron FrancisHartford Whalers-010.00
256Doug SullimanHartford Whalers-000.00
257Risto SiltanenHartford Whalers-010.00
258Blaine Stoughton (1 of 2)Hartford Whalerspuzzle010.00
259Blaine Stoughton (2 of 2)Hartford Whalerspuzzle010.00
260Ray NeufeldHartford Whalers-000.00
261Pierre LacroixHartford Whalers-020.00
262Greg MillenHartford Whalers-010.00
263Lanny McDonaldCalgary Flames-101.00
264Paul ReinhartCalgary Flames-000.00
265Mel BridgmanCalgary Flames-010.00
266Rejean LemelinCalgary Flames-010.00
267Kent Nilsson (1 of 2)Calgary Flamespuzzle101.00
268Kent Nilsson (2 of 2)Calgary Flamespuzzle000.00
269Doug RisebroughCalgary Flames-010.00
270Kari ElorantaCalgary Flames-010.00
271Phil RussellCalgary Flames-101.00
272Darcy RotaVancouver Canucks-000.00
273Thomas GradinVancouver Canucks-020.00
274Stan SmylVancouver Canucks-101.00
275John GarrettVancouver Canucks-010.00
276Richard Brodeur (1 of 2)Vancouver Canuckspuzzle101.00
277Richard Brodeur (2 of 2)Vancouver Canuckspuzzle010.00
278Doug HalwardVancouver Canucks-000.00
279Kevin McCarthyVancouver Canucks-000.00
280Rick LanzVancouver Canucks-010.00
281Morris LukowichWinnipeg Jets-010.00
282Dale HawerchukWinnipeg Jets-000.00
283Paul MacLeanWinnipeg Jets-000.00
284Lucien DeBloisWinnipeg Jets-010.00
285Dave Babych (1 of 2)Winnipeg Jetspuzzle010.00
286Dave Babych (2 of 2)Winnipeg Jetspuzzle010.00
287Doug SmailWinnipeg Jets-010.00
288Doug SoetaertWinnipeg Jets-101.00
289Thomas SteenWinnipeg Jets-111.00
290Charlie SimmerLos Angeles Kings-000.00
291Terry RuskowskiLos Angeles Kings-000.00
292Bernie NichollsLos Angeles Kings-000.00
293Jim FoxLos Angeles Kings-010.00
294Marcel Dionne (1 of 2)Los Angeles Kingspuzzle000.00
295Marcel Dionne (2 of 2)Los Angeles Kingspuzzle000.00
296Gary LaskoskiLos Angeles Kings-101.00
297Jerry KorabLos Angeles Kings-020.00
298Larry MurphyLos Angeles Kings-000.00
299Hart Trophy (1 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle010.00
300Hart Trophy (2 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle000.00
301Wayne Gretzky - Hart Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-101.00
302Bobby Clarke - Frank J. Selke Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-010.00
303Lanny McDonald - Bill Masterton Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-101.00
304Lady Byng Trophy (1 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle101.00
305Lady Byng Trophy (2 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle020.00
306Mike Bossy - Lady Byng Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-000.00
307Wayne Gretzky - Art Ross Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-000.00
308Art Ross Trophy (1 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle020.00
309Art Ross Trophy (2 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle000.00
310Calder Trophy (1 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle010.00
311Calder Trophy (2 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle202.00
312Steve Larmer - Calder Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-010.00
313Rod Langway - Norris Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-020.00
314Norris Trophy (1 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle000.00
315Norris Trophy (2 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle010.00
316Billy Smith - William Jennings Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-020.00
317Roland Melanson - William Jennings Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-101.00
318Pete Peeters - Vezina Trophy Winner1982-83 Leaders-000.00
319Vezina Trophy (1 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle000.00
320Vezina Trophy (2 of 2)1982-83 Leadersfoil puzzle010.00
321Mike Bossy (1 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle000.00
322Mike Bossy (2 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle101.00
323Marcel Dionne (1 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle101.00
324Marcel Dionne (2 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle000.00
325Wayne Gretzky (1 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle303.00
326Wayne Gretzky (2 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle101.00
327Pat Hughes (1 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle000.00
328Pat Hughes (2 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle101.00
329Rick Middleton (1 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle020.00
330Rick Middleton (2 of 2)1982-83 Record Breakersfoil puzzle000.00
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