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O-Pee-Chee WHA 1977-1978

O-Pee-Chee WHA 1977-1978

Year: 1977
Total cards: 66

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1Gordie HoweNew England WhalersBase card101.00
2Jean Bernier
Quebec NordiquesBase card101.00
3Anders HedbergWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
4Ken BroderickQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
5Joe NorisBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
6Blaine StoughtonCincinnati StingersBase card101.00
7Claude St. SauveurIndianapolis RacersBase card101.00
8Real CloutierQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
9Joe DaleyWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
10Ron ChipperfieldEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
11Wayne RutledgeHouston AerosBase card101.00
12Mark NapierBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
13Rich LeducCincinnati StingersBase card101.00
14Don McLeodQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
15Ulf NilssonWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
16Blair MacDonaldEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
17Mike RogersNew England WhalersBase card101.00
18Gary InnessIndianapolis RacersBase card101.00
19Larry LundHouston AerosBase card101.00
20Marc TardifQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
21Lars-Erik SjobergWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
22Bryan CampbellEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
23John GarrettBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
24Ron PlumbCincinnati StingersBase card101.00
25Mark HoweNew England WhalersBase card101.00
26Garry Lariviere
Quebec NordiquesBase card101.00
27Peter SullivanWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
28Dave DrydenEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
29Reg ThomasIndianapolis RacersBase card101.00
30Andre LacroixHouston AerosBase card101.00
31Paul HendersonBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
32Paulin BordeleauQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
33Juha WidingEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
34Mike AntonovichNew England WhalersBase card101.00
35Robbie FtorekCincinnati StingersBase card101.00
36Rosaire PaiementIndianapolis RacersBase card101.00
37Terry RuskowskiHouston AerosBase card101.00
38Richard BrodeurQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
39Willy Lindstrom
Winnipeg JetsBase card101.00
40Al HamiltonEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
41John McKenzieNew England WhalersBase card101.00
42Wayne WoodBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
43Claude Larose
Cincinnati StingersBase card101.00
44J.C. TremblayQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
45Gary BromleyWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
46Ken BairdEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
47Bobby SheehanIndianapolis RacersBase card101.00
48Don Larway
Houston AerosBase card101.00
49Al SmithNew England WhalersBase card101.00
50Bobby HullWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
51Peter MarrinBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
52Norm FergusonEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
53Dennis SobchukCincinnati StingersBase card101.00
54Norm Dube
Quebec NordiquesBase card101.00
55Tom WebsterNew England WhalersBase card101.00
56Jim Park
Indianapolis RacersBase card101.00
57Dan Labraaten
Winnipeg JetsBase card101.00
58ChecklistChecklistBase card101.00
59Paul ShmyrEdmonton OilersBase card101.00
60Serge BernierQuebec NordiquesBase card101.00
61Frank MahovlichBirmingham BullsBase card101.00
62Michel DionCincinnati StingersBase card101.00
63Poul PopielHouston AerosBase card101.00
64Lyle MoffatWinnipeg JetsBase card101.00
65Marty HoweNew England WhalersBase card101.00
66Don BurgessIndianapolis RacersBase card101.00
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