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OFS Plus Czech 2012-2013

OFS Plus Czech 2012-2013

Year: 2012
Total cards: 1604

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


Full checklist (Total cards: 1604)
1Antonin MelkaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
2David KuchejdaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
3David RuzickaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
4Ivan MajeskyRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
5Jakub ValskyRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
6Jan DaleckyRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
7Jan EberleRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
8Jan HlavacRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
9Jan ChaberaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
10Jan PiskacekRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
11Jaromir JagrRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
12Jiri DrtinaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
13Jiri KuchlerRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
14Jiri TlustyRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
15Libor ProchazkaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
16Lukas CikanekRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
17Marek CernosekRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
18Marek HovorkaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
19Marek ZidlickyRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
20Martin LatalRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
21Michal DragounRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
22Michal LukacRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
23Pavel PateraRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
24Petr MacholdaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
25Petr MocekRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
26Petr ObdrzalekRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
27Tomas KaberleRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
28Tomas PlekanecRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
29Martin SevcHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
30Tuukka RaskHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
31Vaclav PletkaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
32Adam SvobodaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
33Dan RuzickaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
34Jakub JerabekHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
35Jakub LevHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
36Jan KovarHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
37Jiri HanzlikHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
38Jiri MarusakHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
39Jozef BalejHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
40Martin HermanHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
41Martin StrakaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
42Michal DvorakHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
43Milan GulasHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
44Ondrej HavlicekHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
45Ondrej KratenaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
46Ryan HollwegHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
47Tomas FroloHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
48Tomas PituleHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
49Tomas SlovakHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
50Tomas VlasakHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
51Ales PisaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
52Dusan SalfickyHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
53Jan BuchteleHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
54Jan KolarHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
55Jan SemoradHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
56Jan StaryHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
57Jiri CetkovskyHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
58Jiri VasicekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
59Kris BeechHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
60Lukas NahodilHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
61Marek DalogaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
62Marek DrtinaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
63Martin RuzickaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
64Martin SagatHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
65Pavel BrendlHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
66Radovan SomikHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
67Robert KousalHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
68Tomas NosekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
69Vaclav BenakHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
70Vaclav KociHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
71Ales HemskyHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
72Jakub KindlHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
73Tomas ZohornaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
74Martin BartekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
75David KrejciHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
76Adam SedlakHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
77Denis RehakHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
78Filip SindelarHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
79Jan StencelHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
80Jiri BurgerHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
81Jiri OndrusekHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
82Karol SlobodaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
83Lukas KlimekHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
84Lukas KucseraHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
85Marek MalikHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
86Michal BarinkaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
87Nathan WalkerHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
88Ondrej RomanHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
89Ondrej SedivyHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
90Radim HruskaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
91Roman MalekHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
92Roman PolakHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
93Roman SzturcHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
94Rudolf HunaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
95Tomas KanaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
96Tomas VoracekHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
97Viktor UjcikHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
98Vladimir SvacinaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
99Boris ValabikHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
100Filip KrejcirikHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
101Hynek ZohornaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
102Jakub KoreisHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
103Jakub SvobodaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
104Jan HruskaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
105Jan KanaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
106Jan SvrcekHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
107Jiri TrvajHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
108Jozef KovacikHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
109Juraj ValachHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
110Leos CermakHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
111Martin DocekalHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
112Martin FalterHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
113Miloslav HoravaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
114Miroslav HolecHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
115Radek DlouhyHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
116Radim BicanekHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
117Robert PetrovickyHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
118Roman EratHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
119Tomas MalecHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
120Tomas SvobodaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
121Tomas ZizkaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
122Ales KotalikHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
123Bohumil JankHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
124Frantisek PtacekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
125Jakub MarekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
126Jakub SujaHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
127Jiri SimanekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
128Lukas SablikHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
129Martin PodlesakHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
130Michael KolarzHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
131Michal SvihalekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
132Pavel KantorHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
133Pavel KasparikHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
134Peter FruhaufHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
135Radek MartinekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
136Rastislav DejHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
137Rene VydarenyHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
138Robin SoudekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
139Roman VrablikHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
140Rudolf CervenyHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
141Tomas KnotekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
142Tomas MertlHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
143Tomas ProkopHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
144Ales PavlasPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
145Brett PalinPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
146David HruskaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
147Jaroslav HafenrichterPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
148Jaroslav MrazekPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
149Karel HromasPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
150Lukas PulpanPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
151Marek SikoraPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
152Martin LuckaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
153Martin RyglPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
154Michael FrolikPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
155Michal DurasPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
156Milan KraftPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
157Milan ProchazkaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
158Milan RehorPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
159Miroslav ZalesakPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
160Patrik LusnakPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
161Petr JiraPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
162Radek DudaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
163Stepan HrebejkPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
164Tomas BartejsPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
165Matus KosturPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
166Daniel SpacekBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
167David StichBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
168Jan HolubBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
169Jan VisekBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
170Jan VytiskBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
171Jaroslav KudrnaBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
172Jaroslav VlachBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
173Juraj CebakBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
174Ladislav SmidBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
175Lukas DernerBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
176Lukas KrejcikBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
177Lukas VantuchBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
178Marek PincBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
179Martin CakajikBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
180Michal BulirBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
181Ondrej PavelecBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
182Peter GalambosBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
183Petr NedvedBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
184Stepan NovotnyBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
185Tomas FilippiBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
186Tomas NetikBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
187Tomas UrbanBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
188Dominik FurchHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
189Jakub KrejcikHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
190Jakub SulcHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
191Jan DreslerHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
192Michal KempnyHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
193Miroslav KoprivaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
194Petr KadlecHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
195Roman CervenkaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
196Tomas BenovicHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
197Vladimir SobotkaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
198Daniel KrejciHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
199Jakub SklenarHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
200Jan AlincHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
201Jan StranskyHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
202Jaroslav KallaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
203Lukas KrenzelokHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
204Lukas ZejdlHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
205Marek TomicaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
206Michal PoletinHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
207Petr JelinekHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
208Tomas HertlHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
209Tomas MickaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
210Tomas PospisilHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
211Vladimir RuvickaHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
212Alex FosterHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
213Angel KrstevHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
214Daniel PribylHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
215David KociHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
216Dominik SimonHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
217Ivan RachunekHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
218Jaroslav HlinkaHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
219Lukas LunakHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
220Marek SchwarzHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
221Michal NeuvirthHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
222Miroslav FormanHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
223Peter JanskyHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
224Petr TenkratHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
225Petr TonHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
226Radek PhilippHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
227Travis GawryletzHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
228Troy MilamHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
229Zdenek BahenskyHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
230Lukas VantuchHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
231Petr HoravaHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
232Tomas RachunekHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
233Vladimir SicakHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
234Michal BrosHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
235Dominik PacovskyHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
236Lukas ZalcikHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
237Patrik HusakHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
238Sacha TreilleHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
239Yorick TreilleHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
240Ctirad OvcacikHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
241Daniel RakosHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
242David KvetonHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
243Erik HrnaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
244Jakub OrsavaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
245Jan PeterekHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
246Jiri PolanskyHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
247Josef HrabalHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
248Lukas GalvasHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
249Lukas ZibHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
250Marek ZagrapanHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
251Martin AdamskyHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
252Martin LojekHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
253Martin PodesvaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
254Martin RuzickaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
255Peter HamerlikHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
256Radek BonkHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
257Rostislav KleslaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
258Simon HrubecHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
259Tomas KlimentaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
260Tomas KloucekHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
261Vaclav VaradaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
262Vladimir RothHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
263David ZuckerHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
264Dustin KohnHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
265Frantisek SkladanyHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
266Jan HermanHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
267Jan KostalHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
268Jan LatalHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
269Lukas MensatorHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
270Lukas PechHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
271Martin GrundligHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
272Martin ZatovicHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
273Matt KeithHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
274Michal GulasiHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
275Michal VachovecHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
276Petr GregorekHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
277Petr KoblasaHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
278Petr KumstatHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
279Martin RohanHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
280Roman ProsekHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
281Tomas RohanHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
282Tomas ZavorkaHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
283Vaclav SkuhravyHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
284Vojtech KlozHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
285Antonin HonejsekPSG ZlinBase card000.00
286Bedrich KohlerPSG ZlinBase card000.00
287Dalibor ReznicekPSG ZlinBase card000.00
288Filip CechPSG ZlinBase card000.00
289Jakub SedlacekPSG ZlinBase card000.00
290Jaroslav BalastikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
291Jiri OndracekPSG ZlinBase card000.00
292Lubos HorcickaPSG ZlinBase card000.00
293Marek MelenovskyPSG ZlinBase card000.00
294Martin HamrlikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
295Martin MatejicekPSG ZlinBase card000.00
296Oldrich HorakPSG ZlinBase card000.00
297Oldrich KotvanPSG ZlinBase card000.00
298Ondrej VeselyPSG ZlinBase card000.00
299Pavel KubisPSG ZlinBase card000.00
300Petr CajanekPSG ZlinBase card000.00
301Petr HolikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
302Petr LeskaPSG ZlinBase card000.00
303Petr SenkerikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
304Petr ZamorskyPSG ZlinBase card000.00
305Radim TesarikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
306Tomas LinhartPSG ZlinBase card000.00
307Zdenek OkalPSG ZlinBase card000.00
308Frantisek LukesHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
309Jakub CernyHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
310Jan BrejcakHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
311Jiri GulaHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
312Jiri ZemanHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
313Karel KubatHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
314Marek PosmykHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
315Martin FrolikHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
316Martin RucinskyHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
317Matej StriteskyHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
318Michal TravnicekHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
319Juraj MajdanHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
320Pavel FrancouzHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
321Petr FranekHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
322Petr KousalikHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
323Richard RapacHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
324Robin HanzlHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
325Rostislav MartynekHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
326Viktor HublHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
327Vladislav BalazHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
328Vojtech KubincakHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
329Jan HolubHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
330Erik NemecHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
331Martin HanzalHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
332Petr KicaBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
333Michal BartaBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
334Antonin DusekBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
335Roman VlachBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
336Jakub CuttaBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
337Wayne SimmondsBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
338Chris StewartBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
339Ladislav KohnHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
340Vaclav ProspalHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
341Andrew FerenceHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
342Jiri BicekRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
343Patrik UrbanecPSG ZlinBase card000.00
344Lukas KovarHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
345Michal HlinkaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
346Petr StrapacHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
347Jan HanzlikHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
348Marek HovorkaHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
349Vojtech SedlacekHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
350Tomas MojzisHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
351Jan RuttaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
352Milan JurcinaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
353Radek HrabakPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
354Ari VallinHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
355Marek MazanecHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
356Nicolas St. PierreHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
357Patrik PetruskaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
358Petr GregorekHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
359Jiri SekacHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
360Jakub SlaharPSG ZlinBase card000.00
361Jiri KucnyHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
362Pavel KolarikHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
363Petr KubosHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
364David SkokanHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
365Jaroslav BednarHC Slavia PrahaBase card000.00
366Andrew MacDonaldHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
367David NosekHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
368Jiri DrtinaHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
369Jiri BicekHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
370Jiri DolezalHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
371Tomas KanaHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
372Petr PohlHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
373Michal GrmanHC Energie Karlovy VaryBase card000.00
374Petr MrazekHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
375Marek CiliakHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
376Jan WasserbauerHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
377Tomas DivisekHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
378Vojtech NemecHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
379Tomas RousekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
380Ladislav KohnHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
381Jakub KovarHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
382Lukas KrizHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
383Tomas ProkopHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
384Jakub LanghammerHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
385Milan MichalekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
386Petr MachacekPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
387Marek RacukPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
388Martin SagatPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
389Jaroslav KusPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
390Roman ChloubaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
391Yorick TreillePirati ChomutovBase card000.00
392Nikola GajovskyPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
393Jakub TrefnyPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
394Miroslav HanuljakPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
395Tomas DrtilRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
396Jakub StrnadRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
397Vladimir KamesRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
398Milan DouderaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
399Tomas RedlichRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
400Vit JonakBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
401Adam JanosikBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
402Kamil PirosHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
403Pavel SmolkaHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
404Patrik NechvatalHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
405Richard JaresHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
406Roman PsurnyHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
407Radoslav TyborHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
408Tomas RolinekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
409Lukas RadilHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
410Travis GawryletzHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
411Jan SchleissHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
412Vojtech MozikHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
413Pavel KasparikHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
414Nick JohnsonHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
415Marcel MelichercikHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
416Marek PincHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
417Karel PilarHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
418Jiri HudlerHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
419Richard StehlikHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
420Filip KubaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
421Tomas ValentaPSG ZlinBase card000.00
422Tomas FortPSG ZlinBase card000.00
423Milan HruskaHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
424Patrik LusnakHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
425Vilem BurianHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
426Tomas DujsikHC Kometa BrnoBase card000.00
427Tomas HarantPSG ZlinBase card000.00
428Lukas KvetonHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
429Stanislav DietzHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
430Lukas KuzelRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
431Koba JassRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
432Miloslav HoravaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
433Tomas BulikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
434Radim SimekBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
435Tomas VosvrdaBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
436Vit JonakBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
437Radek DudaBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
438Tomas PospisilBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
439Ondrej VitasekBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
440Marek SchwarzBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
441Adam JanosikBili Tygri LiberecBase card000.00
442David LudvikHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
443Kamil PirosHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
444Pavel SmolkaHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
445Lukas HorakHC Verva LitvinovBase card000.00
446Stanislav HudecHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
447Petr MocekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
448Petr VampolaHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
449David HavirHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
450Jiri HunkesHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
451Jaroslav SvobodaHC Sparta PrahaBase card000.00
452Tomas KudelkaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
453Richard StehlikHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
545Jan KanaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
455Peter HuzevkaHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
456Marek BartanusHC Vitkovice SteelBase card000.00
457Jindrich PaclHC Skoda PlzenBase card000.00
458Milan MichalekHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceBase card000.00
459Petr HoravaRytiri KladnoBase card000.00
460Tomas RolinekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
461Jiri MarusakHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceBase card000.00
462Radim MatusHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
463Juraj SimbochHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
464Jakub KaniaHC Ocelari TrinecBase card000.00
465Jakub StehlikPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
466Milan JurcinaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
467Tomas DivisekPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
468Tomas KanaPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
469Vojtech KubincakPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
470Jason ChimeraPirati ChomutovBase card000.00
471Libor KasikPSG ZlinBase card000.00
472Tomas SturalaPSG ZlinBase card000.00
473Kevin RozumPSG ZlinBase card000.00
474Pavel PaprskarPSG ZlinBase card000.00
S18Seznam karet-Base card000.00
CH1David DindaPirati ChomutovPirati Chomutov000.00
CH2PicaroonPirati ChomutovPirati Chomutov000.00
F1Hynek Zohorna / Tomas ZohornaHC Zetor Brno / HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceFamily000.00
F2Ivan Rachunek / Tomas RachunekHC Sparta PrahaFamily000.00
F3Tomas Rohan / Martin RohanHC Energie Karlovy VaryFamily000.00
F4Ivan Rachunek / Karel Rachunek / Tomas RachunekPSG ZlinFamily000.00
F5Jakub Kovar / Jan KovarHC Mountfield Ceske Budejovice / HC Skoda PlzenFamily000.00
F6Sacha Treille / Yorick TreilleHC Sparta Praha / Pirati ChomutovFamily000.00
F7Petr Horava / Miloslav HoravaRytiri KladnoFamily000.00
I1Frantisek Ptacek
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceIronmen000.00
I2Jan Peterek
HC Ocelari TrinecIronmen000.00
I3Petr Leska
PSG ZlinIronmen000.00
I4Petr Kadlec
HC Slavia PrahaIronmen000.00
I5Jiri Hanzlik
HC Skoda PlzenIronmen000.00
I6Marek Melenovsky
PSG ZlinIronmen000.00
I7Viktor Ujcik
HC Vitkovice SteelIronmen000.00
I8Jiri Burger
HC Vitkovice SteelIronmen000.00
I9Martin Hamrlik
PSG ZlinIronmen000.00
I10Radim Tesarik
PSG ZlinIronmen000.00
J1Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoJersey000.00
J2Tomas Kaberle
Rytiri KladnoJersey000.00
J3Tomas Plekanec
Rytiri KladnoJersey000.00
J4Marek Zidlicky
Rytiri KladnoJersey000.00
J5Jiri Tlusty
Rytiri KladnoJersey000.00
J6Radek Martinek
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceJersey000.00
J7Ladislav Smid
Bili Tygri LiberecJersey000.00
J8Ondrej Pavelec
Bili Tygri LiberecJersey000.00
J9Michael Frolik
Pirati ChomutovJersey000.00
J10Ales Hemsky
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceJersey000.00
J11David Krejci
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceJersey000.00
J12Jakub Kindl
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceJersey000.00
J13Tuukka Rask
HC Skoda PlzenJersey000.00
J14Ryan Hollweg
HC Skoda PlzenJersey000.00
J15Rostislav Klesla
HC Ocelari TrinecJersey000.00
J16Vladimir Sobotka
HC Slavia PrahaJersey000.00
J17Roman Cervenka
HC Slavia PrahaJersey000.00
J18Roman Polak
HC Vitkovice SteelJersey000.00
J19Jiri Trvaj
HC Vitkovice SteelJersey000.00
J20Vaclav Varada
HC Ocelari TrinecJersey000.00
J21Wayne Simmonds
Bili Tygri LiberecJersey000.00
J22David Koci
HC Sparta PrahaJersey000.00
J23Ales Kotalik
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceJersey000.00
J24Martin Straka
HC Skoda PlzenJersey000.00
J25Michal Neuvirth
HC Sparta PrahaJersey000.00
JM1Jakub Svoboda / Tomas SvobodaHC Zetor BrnoJmenovci000.00
JO1Karel HavlicekBili Tygri LiberecJunior/Pripravka000.00
JO2Jiri KolatorBili Tygri LiberecJunior/Pripravka000.00
KBO1Marek TroncinskyBili Tygri LiberecKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO2Petr KadlecHC Slavia PrahaKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO3Lukas ZibHC Ocelari TrinecKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO4Michal SersenHC Sparta PrahaKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO5Ales PisaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO6Josef HrabalHC Ocelari TrinecKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO7Troy MilamHC Sparta PrahaKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO8Petr GregorekHC Energie Karlovy VaryKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO9Martin HamrlikPSG ZlinKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
KBO10Tomas ZizkaHC Zetor BrnoKanadske Bodovani - Obranci000.00
K1HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceKlubova Karta000.00
K2Pirati ChomutovPirati ChomutovKlubova Karta000.00
K3HC Energie Karlovy VaryHC Energie Karlovy VaryKlubova Karta000.00
K4Rytiri KladnoRytiri KladnoKlubova Karta000.00
K5HC Zetor BrnoHC Zetor BrnoKlubova Karta000.00
K6Bili Tygri LiberecBili Tygri LiberecKlubova Karta000.00
K7HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceKlubova Karta000.00
K8HC Skoda PlzenHC Skoda PlzenKlubova Karta000.00
K9HC Slavia PrahaHC Slavia PrahaKlubova Karta000.00
K10HC Sparta PrahaHC Sparta PrahaKlubova Karta000.00
K11HC Ocelari TrinecHC Ocelari TrinecKlubova Karta000.00
K12HC Vitkovice SteelHC Vitkovice SteelKlubova Karta000.00
K13PSG ZlinPSG ZlinKlubova Karta000.00
K14HC Verva LitvinovHC Verva LitvinovKlubova Karta000.00
L1Antonin Stavjana
TJ GottwaldovLegendy000.00
L2Eduard Uvira
L3Frantisek Cernik
VZKG OstravaLegendy000.00
L4Jaromir Sindel
VZKG OstravaLegendy000.00
L5Jiri Bubla
HC Sparta PrahaLegendy000.00
L6Jiri Crha
HC Dukla JihlavaLegendy000.00
L7Jiri Dudacek
Rytiri KladnoLegendy000.00
L8Jiri Vodak
TJ GottwaldovLegendy000.00
L9Miroslav Kapoun
HC Verva LitvinovLegendy000.00
L10Karel Lang
HC Zetor BrnoLegendy000.00
L11Jan Kasper
L12Miroslav Kluc
KLH Pirati ChomutovLegendy000.00
L13Ladislav Svozil
VZKG OstravaLegendy000.00
L14Milos Holan
HC Vitkovice SteelLegendy000.00
L15Milos Holan
VZKG OstravaLegendy000.00
L16Miroslav Frycer
VZKG OstravaLegendy000.00
L17Frantisek Prochazka
HC Verva LitvinovLegendy000.00
L18Radoslav Svoboda
L19Darius Rusnak
Slovan BratislavaLegendy000.00
L20Stanislav Meciar
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceLegendy000.00
L21Ladislav Tresl
HC Kometa BrnoLegendy000.00
L22Vladimir Kames
L23Oldrich Seiml
L24Milan Vidlak
L25Jiri Hrdina
L26Jozef Zahorsky
L27Otakar Vejvoda
Rytiri KladnoLegendy000.00
L28Roman Bozek
HC Dukla JihlavaLegendy000.00
L29Dusan Pasek
Slovan BratislavaLegendy000.00
L30Jiri Lala
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceLegendy000.00
L31Miroslav Kluc
MSK1Tomas PopperleHC Sparta PrahaMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK2Jan ChaberaRytiri KladnoMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK3Lubos HorcickaPSG ZlinMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK4Marek PincBili Tygri LiberecMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK5Peter HamerlikHC Ocelari TrinecMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK6Jakub KovarHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK7Jiri TrvajHC Zetor BrnoMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK8Martin RuzickaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK9Jakub SedlacekPSG ZlinMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK10Dusan SalfickyHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK11Roman MalekHC Vitkovice SteelMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK12Adam SvobodaHC Skoda PlzenMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK13Jaroslav HublBK Mlada BoleslavMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK14Lukas MensatorHC Energie Karlovy VaryMasks Die-Cut000.00
MSK15Sasu HoviHC Zetor BrnoMasks Die-Cut000.00
JJ1Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ2Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ3Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ4Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ5Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ6Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ7Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ8Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
JJ9Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoMaxi Karta - Jaromir Jagr000.00
O1Martin Rucinsky
HC Verva LitvinovOldies000.00
O2Pavel Patera
Rytiri KladnoOldies000.00
O3Jan Peterek
HC Ocelari TrinecOldies000.00
O4Petr Nedved
Bili Tygri LiberecOldies000.00
O5Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoOldies000.00
O6Dusan Salficky
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceOldies000.00
O7Viktor Ujcik
HC Vitkovice SteelOldies000.00
O8Jan Alinc
HC Slavia PrahaOldies000.00
O9Martin Straka
HC Skoda PlzenOldies000.00
O10Pavel Kolarik
HC Slavia PrahaOldies000.00
P1Petr NedvedBili Tygri LiberecPoints000.00
P2Radek DudaHC Skoda PlzenPoints000.00
P3Petr TonHC Sparta PrahaPoints000.00
P4Jiri BurgerHC Vitkovice SteelPoints000.00
P5Jan KolarHC Csob Pojistovna PardubicePoints000.00
P6Petr KoukalHC Csob Pojistovna PardubicePoints000.00
P7Jan KovarHC Skoda PlzenPoints000.00
P8Petr TenkratHC Sparta PrahaPoints000.00
P9Viktor HublHC Verva LitvinovPoints000.00
P10Martin StrakaHC Skoda PlzenPoints000.00
R1Petr Prikryl-Rozhodci000.00
S1Tomas PopperleHC Sparta PrahaSaves000.00
S2Marek PincBili Tygri LiberecSaves000.00
S3Lubos HorcickaPSG ZlinSaves000.00
S4Jiri TrvajHC Zetor BrnoSaves000.00
S5Peter HamerlikHC Ocelari TrinecSaves000.00
S6Jan ChaberaRytiri KladnoSaves000.00
S7Jakub KovarHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceSaves000.00
S8Martin RuzickaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSaves000.00
S9Jakub SedlacekPSG ZlinSaves000.00
S10Roman MalekHC Vitkovice SteelSaves000.00
SK1PSG ZlinPSG ZlinSeznam Karet000.00
SK2HC Vitkovice SteelHC Vitkovice SteelSeznam Karet000.00
SK3HC Energie Karlovy VaryHC Energie Karlovy VarySeznam Karet000.00
SK4HC Ocelari TrinecHC Ocelari TrinecSeznam Karet000.00
SK5HC Sparta PrahaHC Sparta PrahaSeznam Karet000.00
SK6HC Slavia PrahaHC Slavia PrahaSeznam Karet000.00
SK7HC Skoda PlzenHC Skoda PlzenSeznam Karet000.00
SK8HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSeznam Karet000.00
SK9HC Verva LitvinovHC Verva LitvinovSeznam Karet000.00
SK10Bili Tygri LiberecBili Tygri LiberecSeznam Karet000.00
SK11Rytiri KladnoRytiri KladnoSeznam Karet000.00
SK12Pirati ChomutovPirati ChomutovSeznam Karet000.00
SK13HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceSeznam Karet000.00
SK14HC Zetor BrnoHC Zetor BrnoSeznam Karet000.00
SI1Juraj Cebak
Bili Tygri LiberecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI2Michal Bulir
Bili Tygri LiberecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI3Tomas Zavorka
HC Energie Karlovy VarySignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI4Jan Latal
HC Energie Karlovy VarySignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI5Pavel Brendl
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI6Vaclav Benak
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI7Jan Kolar
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI8Dusan Salficky
HC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI9Tomas Zizka
HC Zetor BrnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI10Jan Hruska
HC Zetor BrnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI11Tomas Svoboda
HC Zetor BrnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI12Jiri Simanek
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI13Josef Hrabal
HC Ocelari TrinecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI14Vaclav Varada
HC Ocelari TrinecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI15Martin Ruzicka
HC Ocelari TrinecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI16Dominik Furch
HC Slavia PrahaSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI17Jaroslav Kalla
HC Slavia PrahaSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI18Jakub Sklenar
HC Slavia PrahaSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI19Jaroslav Hlinka
HC Sparta PrahaSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI20Troy Milam
HC Sparta PrahaSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI21David Koci
HC Sparta PrahaSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI22Roman Szturc
HC Vitkovice SteelSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI23Vladimir Svacina
HC Vitkovice SteelSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI24Ondrej Roman
HC Vitkovice SteelSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI25Tomas Slovak
HC Skoda PlzenSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI26Milan Gulas
HC Skoda PlzenSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI27Jozef Balej
HC Skoda PlzenSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI28Vaclav Pletka
HC Skoda PlzenSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI29Antonin Honejsek
PSG ZlinSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI30Ondrej Vesely
PSG ZlinSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI31Matus Kostur
Pirati ChomutovSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI32David Hruska
Pirati ChomutovSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI33Radek Duda
Pirati ChomutovSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI34Jan Chabera
Rytiri KladnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI35Petr Macholda
Rytiri KladnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI36Jan Eberle
Rytiri KladnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI37Bohumil Jank
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI38Jakub Valsky
Rytiri KladnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI39Jan Stencel
HC Vitkovice SteelSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI40Jiri Marusak
HC Skoda PlzenSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI41Jozef Kovacik
HC Kometa BrnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI42Marek Zagrapan
HC Ocelari TrinecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI43Michal Svihalek
HC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI44Miloslav Horava
HC Zetor BrnoSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI45Peter Hamerlik
HC Ocelari TrinecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI46Petr Holik
PSG ZlinSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI47Tomas Urban
Bili Tygri LiberecSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI48Pavel Francouz
HC Verva LitvinovSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI49Karel Kubat
HC Verva LitvinovSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SI50Rostislav Martynek
HC Verva LitvinovSignature / Gold Die-Cut000.00
SP1Marek Zidlicky
Rytiri KladnoSignature Premium000.00
SP2Jaromir Jagr
Rytiri KladnoSignature Premium000.00
SP3Tomas Plekanec
Rytiri KladnoSignature Premium000.00
SP4Jiri Tlusty
Rytiri KladnoSignature Premium000.00
SN1Petr KumstatHC Energie Karlovy VarySniper000.00
SN2Jan KolarHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceSniper000.00
SN3Petr TonHC Sparta PrahaSniper000.00
SN4Petr NedvedBili Tygri LiberecSniper000.00
SN5Radek DudaPirati ChomutovSniper000.00
SN6Jiri BurgerHC Vitkovice SteelSniper000.00
SN7Petr TenkratHC Sparta PrahaSniper000.00
SN8Viktor HublHC Verva LitvinovSniper000.00
SN9Roman TomasBK Mlada BoleslavSniper000.00
SN10Tomas KlimentaHC Ocelari TrinecSniper000.00
TB1Viktor Ujcik
HC Vitkovice SteelTop Body000.00
TB2Petr Leska
PSG ZlinTop Body000.00
TB3Pavel Patera
Rytiri KladnoTop Body000.00
TB4Jan Peterek
HC Ocelari TrinecTop Body000.00
TB5Jiri Burger
HC Vitkovice SteelTop Body000.00
TB6Tomas Vlasak
HC Skoda PlzenTop Body000.00
TB7Petr Ton
HC Sparta PrahaTop Body000.00
TB8Ondrej Kratena
HC Skoda PlzenTop Body000.00
TB9Viktor Hubl
HC Verva LitvinovTop Body000.00
TB10Michal Bros
HC Sparta PrahaTop Body000.00
T1Peter DraisaitlHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceTreneri000.00
T2Radek BelohlavHC Mountfield Ceske BudejoviceTreneri000.00
T3Jiri DolezalPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
T4Miki AntonikPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
T5Jiri KopeckyRytiri KladnoTreneri000.00
T6Petr TaticekRytiri KladnoTreneri000.00
T7Zdenek VojtaRytiri KladnoTreneri000.00
T8Lubomir OslizloHC Zetor BrnoTreneri000.00
T9Zdenek VeneraHC Zetor BrnoTreneri000.00
T10Martin PesoutHC Energie Karlovy VaryTreneri000.00
T11Vladimir KyhosHC Energie Karlovy VaryTreneri000.00
T12Filip PesanBili Tygri LiberecTreneri000.00
T13Marian JelinekBili Tygri LiberecTreneri000.00
T14Miroslav KapounBili Tygri LiberecTreneri000.00
T15Ladislav LubinaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceTreneri000.00
T16Pavel HynekHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceTreneri000.00
T17Michal StrakaHC Skoda PlzenTreneri000.00
T18Milan RazymHC Skoda PlzenTreneri000.00
T19Ondrej WeissmannHC Slavia PrahaTreneri000.00
T20Vladimir RuzickaHC Slavia PrahaTreneri000.00
T21Jan VotrubaHC Sparta PrahaTreneri000.00
T22Vaclav SykoraHC Sparta PrahaTreneri000.00
T23Josef TurekHC Ocelari TrinecTreneri000.00
T24Pavel JankuHC Ocelari TrinecTreneri000.00
T25Mojmir TrlicikHC Vitkovice SteelTreneri000.00
T26Zdenek MotakHC Vitkovice SteelTreneri000.00
T27Juraj JurikPSG ZlinTreneri000.00
T28Rostislav VlachPSG ZlinTreneri000.00
T29Pavel KnezickyHC Energie Karlovy VaryTreneri000.00
T30Richard HrazdiraPSG ZlinTreneri000.00
T31Martin PrusekHC Vitkovice SteelTreneri000.00
T32Rudolf PejcharHC Skoda PlzenTreneri000.00
T33Jaroslav LandsmanHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceTreneri000.00
T34Josef HronekHC Slavia PrahaTreneri000.00
T35Jaroslav KamesHC Ocelari TrinecTreneri000.00
T36Vladimir JerabekHC Verva LitvinovTreneri000.00
T37Petr RosolHC Verva LitvinovTreneri000.00
T38Jan HrabakHC Verva LitvinovTreneri000.00
T39Jozef JandacHC Sparta PrahaTreneri000.00
T40Richard ZemlickaHC Energie Karlovy VaryTreneri000.00
T41Jaromir KverkaHC Energie Karlovy VaryTreneri000.00
T42Ladislav SvozilHC Vitkovice SteelTreneri000.00
T43Peter OremusHC Vitkovice SteelTreneri000.00
T44Jaroslav LiskaPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
T45Stanislav MiksovicPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
T46David PospisilHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceTreneri000.00
T47Milos RihaHC Csob Pojistovna PardubiceTreneri000.00
T48Pavel HynekBili Tygri LiberecTreneri000.00
T49Milan CernyBili Tygri LiberecTreneri000.00
T50Jaroslav BeckPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
T51Zdenek SkorepaPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
T52Jiri CelanskyPirati ChomutovTreneri000.00
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