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Panini Aladdin. Trading cards

Panini Aladdin. Trading cards

Year: 1993
Total cards: 120

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 4


1Arabian NightsStory CardBase Card120.50
2Invitation to an AdventureStory CardBase Card111.00
3A Magic ScarabStory CardBase Card120.50
4Across the DesertStory CardBase Card111.00
5A Monstrous HeadStory CardBase Card120.50
6The Cave of WondersStory CardBase Card120.50
7In AgrabgahStory CardBase Card120.50
8A Hungry Young ManStory CardBase Card120.50
9The Sultan's MenStory CardBase Card120.50
10A Hard DecisionStory CardBase Card120.50
11A Majestic PrinceStory CardBase Card230.67
12To the RescueStory CardBase Card120.50
13Locked OutStory CardBase Card120.50
14Home Sweet HomeStory CardBase Card120.50
15Aladdin's WishStory CardBase Card221.00
16Palace LifeStory CardBase Card120.50
17Free as a BirdStory CardBase Card120.50
18A Furtive PrincessStory CardBase Card130.33
19The Blue DiamondStory CardBase Card120.50
20A Strange TransactionStory CardBase Card120.50
21In the Secret LabStory CardBase Card212.00
22Jasmine Visits the MarketplaceStory CardBase Card120.50
23An Angry MerchantStory CardBase Card120.50
24Aladdin Steps InStory CardBase Card130.33
25The GetawayStory CardBase Card120.50
26Something in CommonStory CardBase Card120.50
27Taken by SurpriseStory CardBase Card130.33
28"Do You Trust Me?"Story CardBase Card230.67
29Trapped!Story CardBase Card120.50
30A Princess CommandsStory CardBase Card130.33
31An Angry PrincessStory CardBase Card120.50
32A Sad NightStory CardBase Card221.00
33The DungeonStory CardBase Card111.00
34A Foolish NotionStory CardBase Card120.50
35"Nothing But the Lamp"Story CardBase Card120.50
36The Treasure ChamberStory CardBase Card130.33
37A Magic CarpetStory CardBase Card111.00
38The Old LampStory CardBase Card120.50
39Catastrophe!Story CardBase Card130.33
40Wrath of the Tiger-GodStory CardBase Card221.00
41Escape!Story CardBase Card221.00
42"Give Me the Lamp"Story CardBase Card120.50
43At Last!Story CardBase Card130.33
44Trapped in the CaveStory CardBase Card221.00
45Abu, the ThiefStory CardBase Card230.67
46A Genie!Story CardBase Card111.00
47Three WishesStory CardBase Card120.50
48A Few Quid Pro QuoStory CardBase Card120.50
49Limitations?Story CardBase Card120.50
50Free from the CaveStory CardBase Card120.50
51Itty Bitty Living SpaceStory CardBase Card221.00
52A PromiseStory CardBase Card130.33
53The First WishStory CardBase Card120.50
54From Rags to RobesStory CardBase Card221.00
55Abu, the ElephantStory CardBase Card212.00
56A Wicket PlotStory CardBase Card120.50
57The Plot in ActionStory CardBase Card120.50
58A Royal ProcessionStory CardBase Card120.50
59Prince Ali AbabwaStory CardBase Card120.50
60A Problem for JafarStory CardBase Card120.50
61The Sultan's Problems Solved?Story CardBase Card120.50
62"How dare you!"Story CardBase Card130.33
63Aladdin AlarmedStory CardBase Card120.50
64A Talk in the GardenStory CardBase Card120.50
65A Lonely PrincessStory CardBase Card111.00
66Bee YourselfStory CardBase Card120.50
67A Magic Carpet RideStory CardBase Card221.00
68A Whole New WorldStory CardBase Card130.33
69A Rooftop Under the StarsStory CardBase Card120.50
70Good NightStory CardBase Card120.50
71A KissStory CardBase Card111.00
72Caught AgainStory CardBase Card130.33
73Into the SeaStory CardBase Card111.00
74The Second WishStory CardBase Card120.50
75A Husband for JasmineStory CardBase Card120.50
76Aladdin ReturnsStory CardBase Card120.50
77A Sorcerer ExposedStory CardBase Card111.00
78The Sultan RecoversStory CardBase Card120.50
79The Happy CoupleStory CardBase Card120.50
80A DilemmaStory CardBase Card120.50
81A Stolen LampStory CardBase Card130.33
82A New MasterStory CardBase Card140.25
83A New SultanStory CardBase Card221.00
84The Old SultanStory CardBase Card120.50
85A Powerful SorcererStory CardBase Card130.33
86To the Ends of the EarthStory CardBase Card221.00
87A Desperate RaceStory CardBase Card130.33
88A Clever PrincessStory CardBase Card120.50
89Reflection in a CrownStory CardBase Card130.33
90The BattleStory CardBase Card221.00
91The SnakeStory CardBase Card111.00
92An IdeaStory CardBase Card111.00
93Life in a LampStory CardBase Card120.50
94The Spell EndsStory CardBase Card120.50
95Goodbye, PrincessStory CardBase Card120.50
96The Third WishStory CardBase Card120.50
97The Sultan's LawStory CardBase Card221.00
98The Princess's ChoiceStory CardBase Card130.33
99A Farewell HugStory CardBase Card111.00
100Goodbye, GoodbyeStory CardBase Card120.50
A1Aladdin / The MazeActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A2Jasmine / The MazeActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A3Genie / Which One is Different?Activity cardBonus Card212.00
A4Abu / Which One is Different?Activity cardBonus Card212.00
A5Rajah / Crossword PuzzleActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A6Jafar / Connect the DotsActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A7Iago / Connect the DotsActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A8Sultan / The Secret CodeActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A9Jasmine / The Secret CodeActivity cardBonus Card212.00
A10Aladdin / Hidden WordActivity cardBonus Card212.00
S1AladdinSpecial cardBonus Card212.00
S2AbuSpecial cardBonus Card313.00
S3JasmineSpecial cardBonus Card212.00
S4SultanSpecial cardBonus Card202.00
S5JafarSpecial cardBonus Card313.00
S6GenieSpecial cardBonus Card212.00
S7IagoSpecial cardBonus Card212.00
S8RajahSpecial cardBonus Card303.00
S9Aladdin and friendsSpecial cardBonus Card321.50
S10AbuSpecial cardBonus Card202.00
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