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Panini Baseball Sticker Album 1988

Panini Baseball Sticker Album 1988

Year: 1988
Total stickers: 506

Collection preview (6% scanned images)

collecting: 8 / completed: 15


11987 World Series TrophyBaseball '88metal140.25
2Team EmblemBaltimore Oriolesmetal140.25
3Team UniformBaltimore Oriolesmetal130.33
4Eric BellBaltimore Orioles-030.00
5Mike BoddickerBaltimore Orioles-120.50
6Dave SchmidtBaltimore Orioles-140.25
7Terry KennedyBaltimore Orioles-120.50
8Eddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles-130.33
9Billy RipkenBaltimore Orioles-140.25
10Cal Ripken Jr.
Baltimore Orioles-140.25
11Cal Ripken Jr.
Baltimore Orioles-212.00
12Ray KnightBaltimore Orioles-140.25
13Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles-230.67
14Ken GerhartBaltimore Orioles-130.33
15Fred LynnBaltimore Orioles-221.00
16Larry SheetsBaltimore Orioles-321.50
17Mike YoungBaltimore Orioles-111.00
18Team EmblemBoston Red Soxmetal240.50
19Team UniformBoston Red Soxmetal240.50
20Oil Can BoydBoston Red Sox-040.00
21Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox-040.00
22Bruce HurstBoston Red Sox-321.50
23Bob StanleyBoston Red Sox-230.67
24Rich GedmanBoston Red Sox-050.00
25Dwight EvansBoston Red Sox-030.00
26Red Sox W-L Breakdown
Boston Red Sox-130.33
27Red Sox W-L Breakdown
Boston Red Sox-130.33
28Marty BarrettBoston Red Sox-120.50
29Wade BoggsBoston Red Sox-130.33
30Spike OwenBoston Red Sox-340.75
31Ellis BurksBoston Red Sox-140.25
32Mike GreenwellBoston Red Sox-140.25
33Jim RiceBoston Red Sox-340.75
34Team EmblemCalifornia Angelsmetal212.00
35Team UniformCalifornia Angelsmetal221.00
36Kirk McCaskillCalifornia Angels-230.67
37Don SuttonCalifornia Angels-130.33
38Mike WittCalifornia Angels-120.50
39Bob BooneCalifornia Angels-221.00
40Wally JoynerCalifornia Angels-240.50
41Mark McLemoreCalifornia Angels-240.50
42Devon White
California Angels-250.40
43Devon White
California Angels-140.25
44Jack HowellCalifornia Angels-130.33
45Dick SchofieldCalifornia Angels-250.40
46Brian DowningCalifornia Angels-221.00
47Ruppert JonesCalifornia Angels-160.17
48Gary PettisCalifornia Angels-130.33
49Devon WhiteCalifornia Angels-221.00
50Team EmblemChicago White Soxmetal140.25
51Team UniformChicago White Soxmetal120.50
52Floyd BannisterChicago White Sox-140.25
53Richard DotsonChicago White Sox-050.00
54Bob JamesChicago White Sox-130.33
55Carlton FiskChicago White Sox-040.00
56Greg WalkerChicago White Sox-230.67
57Fred ManriqueChicago White Sox-040.00
58White Sox W-L Breakdown
Chicago White Sox-250.40
59White Sox W-L Breakdown
Chicago White Sox-120.50
60Steve LyonsChicago White Sox-120.50
61Ozzie GuillenChicago White Sox-140.25
62Harold BainesChicago White Sox-140.25
63Ivan CalderonChicago White Sox-221.00
64Gary RedusChicago White Sox-130.33
65Kenny WilliamsChicago White Sox-240.50
66Team EmblemCleveland Indiansmetal221.00
67Team UniformCleveland Indiansmetal230.67
68Scott BailesCleveland Indians-050.00
69Tom CandiottiCleveland Indians-221.00
70Greg SwindellCleveland Indians-340.75
71Chris BandoCleveland Indians-120.50
72Joe CarterCleveland Indians-240.50
73Tommy HinzoCleveland Indians-130.33
74Juan Bonilla
Cleveland Indians-130.33
75Juan Bonilla
Cleveland Indians-422.00
76Brook JacobyCleveland Indians-221.00
77Julio FrancoCleveland Indians-150.20
78Brett ButlerCleveland Indians-111.00
79Mel HallCleveland Indians-130.33
80Cory SnyderCleveland Indians-130.33
81Pat TablerCleveland Indians-120.50
82Team EmblemDetroit Tigersmetal212.00
83Team UniformDetroit Tigersmetal120.50
84Willie HernandezDetroit Tigers-050.00
85Jack MorrisDetroit Tigers-130.33
86Frank TananaDetroit Tigers-140.25
87Walt TerrellDetroit Tigers-130.33
88Matt NokesDetroit Tigers-130.33
89Darrell EvansDetroit Tigers-120.50
90Darrell Evans / Carlton Fisk
Detroit Tigers-230.67
91Darrell Evans / Carlton Fisk
Detroit Tigers-230.67
92Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers-240.50
93Tom BrookensDetroit Tigers-230.67
94Alan TrammellDetroit Tigers-230.67
95Kirk GibsonDetroit Tigers-150.20
96Chet LemonDetroit Tigers-130.33
97Pat SheridanDetroit Tigers-221.00
98Team EmblemKansas City Royalsmetal313.00
99Team UniformKansas City Royalsmetal321.50
100Charlie LeibrandtKansas City Royals-130.33
101Dan QuisenberryKansas City Royals-221.00
102Bret SaberhagenKansas City Royals-140.25
103Jamie QuirkKansas City Royals-230.67
104George BrettKansas City Royals-140.25
105Frank WhiteKansas City Royals-230.67
106Bret Saberhagen
Kansas City Royals-030.00
107Bret Saberhagen
Kansas City Royals-140.25
108Kevin SeitzerKansas City Royals-221.00
109Angel SalazarKansas City Royals-130.33
110Bo JacksonKansas City Royals-120.50
111Lonnie SmithKansas City Royals-040.00
112Danny TartabullKansas City Royals-230.67
113Willie WilsonKansas City Royals-130.33
114Team EmblemMilwaukee Brewersmetal050.00
115Team UniformMilwaukee Brewersmetal240.50
116Ted HigueraMilwaukee Brewers-060.00
117Juan NievesMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
118Dan PlesacMilwaukee Brewers-020.00
119Bill WegmanMilwaukee Brewers-130.33
120B.J. SurhoffMilwaukee Brewers-130.33
121Greg BrockMilwaukee Brewers-150.20
122Lou Whitaker / Jim Gantner
Milwaukee Brewers-221.00
123Lou Whitaker / Jim Gantner
Milwaukee Brewers-170.14
124Jim GantnerMilwaukee Brewers-150.20
125Paul MolitorMilwaukee Brewers-212.00
126Dale SveumMilwaukee Brewers-050.00
127Glenn BraggsMilwaukee Brewers-030.00
128Rob DeerMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
129Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers-150.20
130Team EmblemMinnesota Twinsmetal212.00
131Team UniformMinnesota Twinsmetal120.50
132Bert BlylevenMinnesota Twins-230.67
133Jeff ReardonMinnesota Twins-230.67
134Frank ViolaMinnesota Twins-321.50
135Tim LaudnerMinnesota Twins-221.00
136Kent HrbekMinnesota Twins-321.50
137Steve LombardozziMinnesota Twins-221.00
138Twins W-L Breakdown
Minnesota Twins-140.25
139Twins W-L Breakdown
Minnesota Twins-250.40
140Gary GaettiMinnesota Twins-030.00
141Greg GagneMinnesota Twins-212.00
142Tom BrunanskyMinnesota Twins-120.50
143Dan GladdenMinnesota Twins-313.00
144Kirby PuckettMinnesota Twins-140.25
145Gene LarkinMinnesota Twins-050.00
146Team EmblemNew York Yankeesmetal250.40
147Team UniformNew York Yankeesmetal130.33
148Tommy JohnNew York Yankees-120.50
149Rick RhodenNew York Yankees-140.25
150Dave RighettiNew York Yankees-160.17
151Rick CeroneNew York Yankees-212.00
152Don MattinglyNew York Yankees-120.50
153Willie RandolphNew York Yankees-040.00
154Scott Fletcher / Don Mattingly
New York Yankees-130.33
155Scott Fletcher / Don Mattingly
New York Yankees-230.67
156Mike PagliaruloNew York Yankees-120.50
157Wayne TollesonNew York Yankees-150.20
158Rickey HendersonNew York Yankees-140.25
159Dan PasquaNew York Yankees-120.50
160Gary WardNew York Yankees-321.50
161Dave WinfieldNew York Yankees-230.67
162Team EmblemOakland Athleticsmetal130.33
163Team UniformOakland Athleticsmetal140.25
164Dave StewartOakland Athletics-030.00
165Curt YoungOakland Athletics-221.00
166Terry SteinbachOakland Athletics-221.00
167Mark McGwireOakland Athletics-140.25
168Tony PhillipsOakland Athletics-111.00
169Carney LansfordOakland Athletics-212.00
170A's W-L Breakdown
Oakland Athletics-111.00
171A's W-L Breakdown
Oakland Athletics-030.00
172Alfredo GriffinOakland Athletics-020.00
173Jose CansecoOakland Athletics-221.00
174Mike DavisOakland Athletics-160.17
175Reggie JacksonOakland Athletics-321.50
176Dwayne MurphyOakland Athletics-120.50
177Luis PoloniaOakland Athletics-221.00
178Team EmblemSeattle Marinersmetal414.00
179Team UniformSeattle Marinersmetal230.67
180Scott BankheadSeattle Mariners-030.00
181Mark LangstonSeattle Mariners-221.00
182Edwin NunezSeattle Mariners-020.00
183Scott BradleySeattle Mariners-020.00
184Dave ValleSeattle Mariners-150.20
185Alvin DavisSeattle Mariners-240.50
186Rey Quinones / Jack Howell
Seattle Mariners-050.00
187Rey Quinones / Jack Howell
Seattle Mariners-050.00
188Harold ReynoldsSeattle Mariners-140.25
189Jim PresleySeattle Mariners-111.00
190Rey QuinonesSeattle Mariners-230.67
191Phil BradleySeattle Mariners-240.50
192Mickey BrantleySeattle Mariners-221.00
193Mike KingerySeattle Mariners-230.67
194Team EmblemTexas Rangersmetal340.75
195Team UniformTexas Rangersmetal111.00
196Edwin CorreaTexas Rangers-212.00
197Charlie HoughTexas Rangers-130.33
198Bobby WittTexas Rangers-040.00
199Mike StanleyTexas Rangers-120.50
200Pete O'BrienTexas Rangers-221.00
201Jerry BrowneTexas Rangers-040.00
202Steve Buechele
Texas Rangers-130.33
203Steve Buechele
Texas Rangers-130.33
204Steve BuecheleTexas Rangers-303.00
205Larry ParrishTexas Rangers-030.00
206Scott FletcherTexas Rangers-120.50
207Pete IncavigliaTexas Rangers-130.33
208Oddibe McDowellTexas Rangers-140.25
209Ruben SierraTexas Rangers-240.50
210Team EmblemToronto Blue Jaysmetal150.20
211Team UniformToronto Blue Jaysmetal321.50
212Mark EichhornToronto Blue Jays-120.50
213Tom HenkeToronto Blue Jays-030.00
214Jimmy KeyToronto Blue Jays-414.00
215Dave StiebToronto Blue Jays-240.50
216Ernie WhittToronto Blue Jays-160.17
217Willie UpshawToronto Blue Jays-313.00
218Willie Upshaw / Harold Reynolds
Toronto Blue Jays-150.20
219Willie Upshaw / Harold Reynolds
Toronto Blue Jays-321.50
220Garth IorgToronto Blue Jays-140.25
221Kelly GruberToronto Blue Jays-130.33
222Tony FernandezToronto Blue Jays-030.00
223Jesse BarfieldToronto Blue Jays-140.25
224George BellToronto Blue Jays-331.00
225Lloyd MosebyToronto Blue Jays-030.00
226American League Logo (a) - National League Logo (b)-metal221.00
227Terry Kennedy / Don MattinglyOakland 1987 All-Star Game-130.33
228Wade Boggs / Willie RandolphOakland 1987 All-Star Game-140.25
229Bret SaberhagenOakland 1987 All-Star Game-020.00
230George Bell / Cal Ripken Jr.Oakland 1987 All-Star Game-130.33
231Rickey Henderson / Dave WinfieldOakland 1987 All-Star Game-140.25
232Gary Carter / Jack ClarkOakland 1987 All-Star Game-230.67
233Mike ScottOakland 1987 All-Star Game-130.33
234Ryne Sandberg / Mike SchmidtOakland 1987 All-Star Game-230.67
235Eric Davis / Ozzie SmithOakland 1987 All-Star Game-313.00
236Andre Dawson / Darryl StrawberryOakland 1987 All-Star Game-240.50
237Team EmblemAtlanta Bravesmetal240.50
238Team UniformAtlanta Bravesmetal221.00
239Rick MahlerAtlanta Braves-111.00
240Zane SmithAtlanta Braves-120.50
241Ozzie VirgilAtlanta Braves-120.50
242Gerald PerryAtlanta Braves-230.67
243Glenn HubbardAtlanta Braves-120.50
244Ken OberkfellAtlanta Braves-050.00
245Jeffrey Leonard
Atlanta Braves-120.50
246Jeffrey Leonard
Atlanta Braves-030.00
247Rafael RamirezAtlanta Braves-240.50
248Ken GriffeyAtlanta Braves-111.00
249Albert HallAtlanta Braves-130.33
250Dion JamesAtlanta Braves-130.33
251Dale MurphyAtlanta Braves-130.33
252Gary RoenickeAtlanta Braves-150.20
253Team EmblemChicago Cubsmetal230.67
254Team UniformChicago Cubsmetal321.50
255Jamie MoyerChicago Cubs-230.67
256Lee SmithChicago Cubs-230.67
257Rick SutcliffeChicago Cubs-221.00
258Jody DavisChicago Cubs-240.50
259Leon DurhamChicago Cubs-221.00
260Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs-120.50
261Jody Davis
Chicago Cubs-040.00
262Jody Davis
Chicago Cubs-120.50
263Keith MorelandChicago Cubs-120.50
264Shawon DunstonChicago Cubs-130.33
265Andre DawsonChicago Cubs-250.40
266Dave MartinezChicago Cubs-130.33
267Jerry MumphreyChicago Cubs-230.67
268Rafael PalmeiroChicago Cubs-150.20
269Team EmblemCincinnati Redsmetal240.50
270Team UniformCincinnati Redsmetal130.33
271John FrancoCincinnati Reds-230.67
272Ted PowerCincinnati Reds-030.00
273Bo DiazCincinnati Reds-240.50
274Nick EsaskyCincinnati Reds-160.17
275Dave ConcepcionCincinnati Reds-130.33
276Kurt StillwellCincinnati Reds-230.67
277Dave Parker
Cincinnati Reds-240.50
278Dave Parker
Cincinnati Reds-040.00
279Buddy BellCincinnati Reds-020.00
280Barry LarkinCincinnati Reds-240.50
281Kal DanielsCincinnati Reds-120.50
282Eric DavisCincinnati Reds-240.50
283Tracy JonesCincinnati Reds-120.50
284Dave ParkerCincinnati Reds-230.67
285Team EmblemHouston Astrosmetal240.50
286Team UniformHouston Astrosmetal120.50
287Jim DeshaiesHouston Astros-230.67
288Nolan RyanHouston Astros-221.00
289Mike ScottHouston Astros-150.20
290Dave SmithHouston Astros-230.67
291Alan AshbyHouston Astros-250.40
292Glenn DavisHouston Astros-030.00
293Astros W-L Breakdown
Houston Astros-250.40
294Astros W-L Breakdown
Houston Astros-221.00
295Bill DoranHouston Astros-130.33
296Denny WallingHouston Astros-313.00
297Craig ReynoldsHouston Astros-221.00
298Kevin BassHouston Astros-130.33
299Jose CruzHouston Astros-140.25
300Billy HatcherHouston Astros-230.67
301Team EmblemLos Angeles Dodgersmetal170.14
302Team UniformLos Angeles Dodgersmetal040.00
303Orel HershiserLos Angeles Dodgers-321.50
304Fernando ValenzuelaLos Angeles Dodgers-140.25
305Bob WelchLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
306Matt YoungLos Angeles Dodgers-040.00
307Mike SciosciaLos Angeles Dodgers-140.25
308Franklin StubbsLos Angeles Dodgers-250.40
309Dodgers W-L Breakdown
Los Angeles Dodgers-240.50
310Dodgers W-L Breakdown
Los Angeles Dodgers-020.00
311Steve SaxLos Angeles Dodgers-130.33
312Jeff HamiltonLos Angeles Dodgers-050.00
313Dave AndersonLos Angeles Dodgers-040.00
314Pedro GuerreroLos Angeles Dodgers-030.00
315Mike MarshallLos Angeles Dodgers-150.20
316John ShelbyLos Angeles Dodgers-240.50
317Team EmblemMontreal Exposmetal221.00
318Team UniformMontreal Exposmetal150.20
319Neal HeatonMontreal Expos-150.20
320Bryn SmithMontreal Expos-150.20
321Floyd YoumansMontreal Expos-160.17
322Mike FitzgeraldMontreal Expos-130.33
323Andres GalarragaMontreal Expos-250.40
324Vance Law / Tim Raines
Montreal Expos-130.33
325Vance Law / Tim Raines
Montreal Expos-120.50
326John KrukMontreal Expos-230.67
327Tim WallachMontreal Expos-140.25
328Hubie BrooksMontreal Expos-240.50
329Casey CandaeleMontreal Expos-212.00
330Tim RainesMontreal Expos-331.00
331Mitch WebsterMontreal Expos-221.00
332Herm WinninghamMontreal Expos-120.50
333Team EmblemNew York Metsmetal202.00
334Team UniformNew York Metsmetal240.50
335Ron DarlingNew York Mets-140.25
336Sid FernandezNew York Mets-340.75
337Dwight GoodenNew York Mets-020.00
338Gary CarterNew York Mets-240.50
339Keith HernandezNew York Mets-130.33
340Wally BackmanNew York Mets-130.33
341Junior Ortiz / Darryl Strawberry / Mookie Wilson
New York Mets-050.00
342Junior Ortiz / Darryl Strawberry / Mookie Wilson
New York Mets-120.50
343Howard JohnsonNew York Mets-140.25
344Rafael SantanaNew York Mets-240.50
345Lenny DykstraNew York Mets-140.25
346Kevin McReynoldsNew York Mets-130.33
347Darryl StrawberryNew York Mets-221.00
348Mookie WilsonNew York Mets-120.50
349Team EmblemPhiladelphia Philliesmetal040.00
350Team UniformPhiladelphia Philliesmetal230.67
351Steve BedrosianPhiladelphia Phillies-221.00
352Shane RawleyPhiladelphia Phillies-111.00
353Bruce RuffinPhiladelphia Phillies-140.25
354Kent TekulvePhiladelphia Phillies-250.40
355Lance ParrishPhiladelphia Phillies-221.00
356Von HayesPhiladelphia Phillies-240.50
357Glenn Wilson
Philadelphia Phillies-212.00
358Glenn Wilson
Philadelphia Phillies-221.00
359Juan SamuelPhiladelphia Phillies-221.00
360Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies-240.50
361Steve JeltzPhiladelphia Phillies-060.00
362Chris JamesPhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
363Milt ThompsonPhiladelphia Phillies-250.40
364Glenn WilsonPhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
365Team EmblemPittsburgh Piratesmetal130.33
366Team UniformPittsburgh Piratesmetal140.25
367Mike DunnePittsburgh Pirates-230.67
368Brian FisherPittsburgh Pirates-221.00
369Mike LaVallierePittsburgh Pirates-130.33
370Sid BreamPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
371Jose LindPittsburgh Pirates-212.00
372Bobby BonillaPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
373Bobby Bonilla
Pittsburgh Pirates-130.33
374Bobby Bonilla
Pittsburgh Pirates-020.00
375Al PedriquePittsburgh Pirates-030.00
376Barry BondsPittsburgh Pirates-130.33
377John CangelosiPittsburgh Pirates-230.67
378Mike DiazPittsburgh Pirates-150.20
379R.J. ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates-020.00
380Andy Van SlykePittsburgh Pirates-221.00
381Team EmblemSt. Louis Cardinalsmetal010.00
382Team UniformSt. Louis Cardinalsmetal130.33
383Danny CoxSt. Louis Cardinals-140.25
384Bob ForschSt. Louis Cardinals-150.20
385Joe MagraneSt. Louis Cardinals-221.00
386Todd WorrellSt. Louis Cardinals-130.33
387Tony PenaSt. Louis Cardinals-150.20
388Jack ClarkSt. Louis Cardinals-120.50
389Tom Herr
St. Louis Cardinals-130.33
390Tom Herr
St. Louis Cardinals-221.00
391Tom HerrSt. Louis Cardinals-040.00
392Terry PendletonSt. Louis Cardinals-221.00
393Ozzie SmithSt. Louis Cardinals-050.00
394Vince ColemanSt. Louis Cardinals-321.50
395Curt FordSt. Louis Cardinals-130.33
396Willie McGeeSt. Louis Cardinals-221.00
397Team EmblemSan Diego Padresmetal240.50
398Team UniformSan Diego Padresmetal130.33
399Lance McCullersSan Diego Padres-030.00
400Eric ShowSan Diego Padres-230.67
401Ed WhitsonSan Diego Padres-010.00
402Benito SantiagoSan Diego Padres-221.00
403John KrukSan Diego Padres-230.67
404Tim FlannerySan Diego Padres-150.20
405Benito Santiago
San Diego Padres-240.50
406Benito Santiago
San Diego Padres-240.50
407Randy ReadySan Diego Padres-120.50
408Chris BrownSan Diego Padres-230.67
409Garry TempletonSan Diego Padres-050.00
410Tony GwynnSan Diego Padres-140.25
411Stan JeffersonSan Diego Padres-140.25
412Carmelo MartinezSan Diego Padres-212.00
413Team EmblemSan Francisco Giantsmetal140.25
414Team UniformSan Francisco Giantsmetal130.33
415Kelly DownsSan Francisco Giants-230.67
416Scott GarreltsSan Francisco Giants-230.67
417Mike KrukowSan Francisco Giants-230.67
418Mike LaCossSan Francisco Giants-030.00
419Bob BrenlySan Francisco Giants-140.25
420Will ClarkSan Francisco Giants-230.67
421Will Clark
San Francisco Giants-140.25
422Will Clark
San Francisco Giants-250.40
423Robby ThompsonSan Francisco Giants-260.33
424Kevin MitchellSan Francisco Giants-230.67
425Jose UribeSan Francisco Giants-230.67
426Mike AldreteSan Francisco Giants-120.50
427Jeffrey LeonardSan Francisco Giants-140.25
428Candy MaldonadoSan Francisco Giants-260.33
429Mike Schmidt1987 Highlights-130.33
430Don Mattingly1987 Highlights-230.67
431Juan Nieves1987 Highlights-140.25
432Paul Molitor1987 Highlights-221.00
433Benito Santiago1987 Highlights-020.00
434Rickey Henderson1987 Highlights-120.50
435Nolan Ryan1987 Highlights-111.00
436Kevin Seitzer1987 Highlights-020.00
437Tony Gwynn1987 Highlights-050.00
438Mark McGwire1987 Highlights-230.67
439Howard Johnson1987 Highlights-120.50
440Steve Bedrosian1987 Highlights-130.33
441Darrell Evans1987 Highlights-130.33
442Eddie Murray1987 Highlights-221.00
443Kirby Puckett
1987 League Championship Series-040.00
444Kirby Puckett
1987 League Championship Series-130.33
445Gary Gaetti1987 League Championship Series-050.00
446Jeffrey Leonard1987 League Championship Series-140.25
447Tony Pena / Kevin Mitchell
1987 League Championship Series-130.33
448Tony Pena / Kevin Mitchell
1987 League Championship Series-040.00
449Tony Pena / Randy Bush
1987 World Series-130.33
450Tony Pena / Randy Bush
1987 World Series-030.00
451Minnesota Twins win WS
1987 World Series-240.50
452Minnesota Twins win WS
1987 World Series-321.50
453Minnesota Twins win WS
1987 World Series-260.33
454Minnesota Twins win WS
1987 World Series-140.25
ABaltimore Orioles PennantPosterfigure metal111.00
A-1Baltimore Orioles LogoAmerican Leaguemetal111.00
BBoston Red Sox PennantPosterfigure metal221.00
B-1Boston Red Sox LogoAmerican Leaguemetal212.00
CCalifornia Angels PennantPosterfigure metal030.00
C-1California Angels LogoAmerican Leaguemetal111.00
DChicago White Sox PennantPosterfigure metal230.67
D-1Chicago White Sox LogoAmerican Leaguemetal221.00
ECleveland Indians PennantPosterfigure metal230.67
E-1Cleveland Indians LogoAmerican Leaguemetal221.00
FDetroit Tigers PennantPosterfigure metal212.00
F-1Detroit Tigers LogoAmerican Leaguemetal202.00
GKansas City Royals PennantPosterfigure metal111.00
G-1Kansas City Royals LogoAmerican Leaguemetal212.00
HMilwaukee Brewers PennantPosterfigure metal010.00
H-1Milwaukee Brewers LogoAmerican Leaguemetal111.00
IMinnesota Twins PennantPosterfigure metal120.50
I-1Minnesota Twins LogoAmerican Leaguemetal111.00
JNew York Yankees PennantPosterfigure metal120.50
J-1New York Yankees LogoAmerican Leaguemetal212.00
KOakland Athletics PennantPosterfigure metal030.00
K-1Oakland Athletics LogoAmerican Leaguemetal120.50
LSeattle Mariners PennantPosterfigure metal202.00
L-1Seattle Mariners LogoAmerican Leaguemetal101.00
MTexas Rangers PennantPosterfigure metal020.00
M-1Texas Rangers LogoAmerican Leaguemetal111.00
NToronto Blue Jays PennantPosterfigure metal221.00
N-1Toronto Blue Jays LogoAmerican Leaguemetal321.50
OAtlanta Braves PennantPosterfigure metal240.50
O-1Atlanta Braves LogoNational Leaguemetal331.00
PChicago Cubs PennantPosterfigure metal111.00
P-1Chicago Cubs LogoNational Leaguemetal212.00
QCincinnati Reds PennantPosterfigure metal212.00
Q-1Cincinnati Reds LogoNational Leaguemetal313.00
RHouston Astros PennantPosterfigure metal221.00
R-1Houston Astros LogoNational Leaguemetal313.00
SLos Angeles Dodgers PennantPosterfigure metal120.50
S-1Los Angeles Dodgers LogoNational Leaguemetal212.00
TMontreal Expos PennantPosterfigure metal250.40
T-1Montreal Expos LogoNational Leaguemetal230.67
UNew York Mets PennantPosterfigure metal221.00
U-1New York Mets LogoNational Leaguemetal212.00
VPhiladelphia Phillies PennantPosterfigure metal130.33
V-1Philadelphia Phillies LogoNational Leaguemetal120.50
WPittsburgh Pirates PennantPosterfigure metal020.00
W-1Pittsburgh Pirates LogoNational Leaguemetal101.00
XSt. Louis Cardinals PennantPosterfigure metal050.00
X-1St. Louis Cardinals LogoNational Leaguemetal130.33
YSan Diego Padres PennantPosterfigure metal212.00
Y-1San Diego Padres LogoNational Leaguemetal303.00
ZSan Francisco Giants PennantPosterfigure metal230.67
Z-1San Francisco Giants LogoNational Leaguemetal221.00
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