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Panini Baseball Sticker Album 1991. Canadian version

Panini Baseball Sticker Album 1991. Canadian version

Year: 1991
Total stickers: 360

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1MLB LogoBaseball '91foil000.00
2MLBPA LogoBaseball '91foil000.00
3Panini Baseball 91 LogoBaseball '91foil000.00
4Team PennantHouston Astrosfoil000.00
5Team LogoHouston Astrosfoil000.00
6Craig BiggioHouston Astros-000.00
7Glenn DavisHouston Astros-000.00
8Casey CandaeleHouston Astros-000.00
9Ken CaminitiHouston Astros-000.00
10Rafael RamirezHouston Astros-000.00
11Glenn WilsonHouston Astros-000.00
12Eric YeldingHouston Astros-000.00
13Franklin StubbsHouston Astros-000.00
14Mike ScottHouston Astros-000.00
15Danny DarwinHouston Astros-000.00
16Team PennantAtlanta Bravesfoil000.00
17Team LogoAtlanta Bravesfoil000.00
18Greg OlsonAtlanta Braves-000.00
19Tommy GreggAtlanta Braves-000.00
20Jeff TreadwayAtlanta Braves-000.00
21Jim PresleyAtlanta Braves-000.00
22Jeff BlauserAtlanta Braves-000.00
23Ron GantAtlanta Braves-000.00
24Lonnie SmithAtlanta Braves-000.00
25David JusticeAtlanta Braves-000.00
26John SmoltzAtlanta Braves-000.00
27Charlie LeibrandtAtlanta Braves-000.00
28Team PennantSt. Louis Cardinalsfoil000.00
29Team LogoSt. Louis Cardinalsfoil000.00
30Tom PagnozziSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
31Pedro GuerreroSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
32Jose OquendoSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
33Todd ZeileSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
34Ozzie SmithSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
35Vince ColemanSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
36Milt ThompsonSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
37Rex HudlerSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
38Joe MagraneSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
39Lee SmithSt. Louis Cardinals-000.00
40Team PennantChicago Cubsfoil000.00
41Team LogoChicago Cubsfoil000.00
42Joe GirardiChicago Cubs-000.00
43Mark GraceChicago Cubs-000.00
44Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs-000.00
45Luis SalazarChicago Cubs-000.00
46Shawon DunstonChicago Cubs-000.00
47Dwight SmithChicago Cubs-000.00
48Jerome WaltonChicago Cubs-000.00
49Andre DawsonChicago Cubs-000.00
50Greg MadduxChicago Cubs-000.00
51Mike HarkeyChicago Cubs-000.00
52Team PennantLos Angeles Dodgersfoil000.00
53Team LogoLos Angeles Dodgersfoil000.00
54Mike SciosciaLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
55Eddie MurrayLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
56Juan SamuelLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
57Lenny HarrisLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
58Alfredo GriffinLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
59Hubie BrooksLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
60Kal DanielsLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
61Stan JavierLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
62Ramon MartinezLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
63Mike MorganLos Angeles Dodgers-000.00
64Team PennantSan Francisco Giantsfoil000.00
65Team LogoSan Francisco Giantsfoil000.00
66Terry KennedySan Francisco Giants-000.00
67Will ClarkSan Francisco Giants-000.00
68Robby ThompsonSan Francisco Giants-000.00
69Matt WilliamsSan Francisco Giants-000.00
70Jose UribeSan Francisco Giants-000.00
71Kevin MitchellSan Francisco Giants-000.00
72Brett ButlerSan Francisco Giants-000.00
73Don RobinsonSan Francisco Giants-000.00
74John BurkettSan Francisco Giants-000.00
75Jeff BrantleySan Francisco Giants-000.00
76Team PennantNew York Metsfoil000.00
77Team LogoNew York Metsfoil000.00
78Mackey SasserNew York Mets-000.00
79Dave MagadanNew York Mets-000.00
80Gregg JefferiesNew York Mets-000.00
81Howard JohnsonNew York Mets-000.00
82Kevin ElsterNew York Mets-000.00
83Kevin McReynoldsNew York Mets-000.00
84Daryl BostonNew York Mets-000.00
85Darryl StrawberryNew York Mets-000.00
86Dwight GoodenNew York Mets-000.00
87Frank ViolaNew York Mets-000.00
88Team PennantSan Diego Padresfoil000.00
89Team LogoSan Diego Padresfoil000.00
90Benito SantiagoSan Diego Padres-000.00
91Jack ClarkSan Diego Padres-000.00
92Roberto AlomarSan Diego Padres-000.00
93Mike PagliaruloSan Diego Padres-000.00
94Garry TempletonSan Diego Padres-000.00
95Joe CarterSan Diego Padres-000.00
96Bip RobertsSan Diego Padres-000.00
97Tony GwynnSan Diego Padres-000.00
98Ed WhitsonSan Diego Padres-000.00
99Andy BenesSan Diego Padres-000.00
100Team PennantPhiladelphia Philliesfoil000.00
101Team LogoPhiladelphia Philliesfoil000.00
102Darren DaultonPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
103Ricky JordanPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
104Randy ReadyPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
105Charlie HayesPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
106Dickie ThonPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
107Von HayesPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
108Lenny DykstraPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
109Dale MurphyPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
110Ken HowellPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
111Roger McDowellPhiladelphia Phillies-000.00
112Team PennantPittsburgh Piratesfoil000.00
113Team LogoPittsburgh Piratesfoil000.00
114Mike LaVallierePittsburgh Pirates-000.00
115Sid BreamPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
116Jose LindPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
117Jeff KingPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
118Jay BellPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
119Barry BondsPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
120Bobby BonillaPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
121Andy Van SlykePittsburgh Pirates-000.00
122Doug DrabekPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
123Neal HeatonPittsburgh Pirates-000.00
124Team PennantCincinnati Redsfoil000.00
125Team LogoCincinnati Redsfoil000.00
126Joe OliverCincinnati Reds-000.00
127Todd BenzingerCincinnati Reds-000.00
128Mariano DuncanCincinnati Reds-000.00
129Chris SaboCincinnati Reds-000.00
130Barry LarkinCincinnati Reds-000.00
131Eric DavisCincinnati Reds-000.00
132Billy HatcherCincinnati Reds-000.00
133Paul O'NeillCincinnati Reds-000.00
134Jose RijoCincinnati Reds-000.00
135Randy MyersCincinnati Reds-000.00
136Team PennantMontreal Exposfoil000.00
137Team LogoMontreal Exposfoil000.00
138Mike FitzgeraldMontreal Expos-000.00
139Andres GalarragaMontreal Expos-000.00
140Delino DeShieldsMontreal Expos-000.00
141Tim WallachMontreal Expos-000.00
142Spike OwenMontreal Expos-000.00
143Tim RainesMontreal Expos-000.00
144Dave MartinezMontreal Expos-000.00
145Larry WalkerMontreal Expos-000.00
146Team HelmetMontreal Exposfoil000.00
147Oil Can BoydMontreal Expos-000.00
148Tim BurkeMontreal Expos-000.00
149Bill SampenMontreal Expos-000.00
150Dennis MartinezMontreal Expos-000.00
151Marquis GrissomMontreal Expos-000.00
152Otis NixonMontreal Expos-000.00
153Jerry GoffMontreal Expos-000.00
154Steve FreyMontreal Expos-000.00
155NL EmblemNational League Statisticsfoil000.00
156AL EmblemAmerican League Statisticsfoil000.00
157Benito Santiago (San Diego Padres)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
158Will Clark (San Francisco Giants)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
159Ryne Sandberg (Chicago Cubs)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
160Chris Sabo (Cincinnati Reds)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
161Ozzie Smith (St. Louis Cardinals)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
162Kevin Mitchell (San Francisco Giants)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
163Lenny Dykstra (Philadelphia Phillies)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
164Darryl Strawberry (New York Mets)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
165Jack Armstrong (Cincinnati Reds)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
166Sandy Alomar Jr. (Cleveland Indians)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
167Mark McGwire (Oakland Athletics)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
168Steve Sax (New York Yankees)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
169Wade Boggs (Boston Red Sox)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
170Cal Ripken Jr. (Baltimore Orioles)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
171Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
172Ken Griffey Jr. (Seattle Mariners)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
173Jose Canseco (Oakland Athletics)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
174Bob Welch (Oakland Athletics)1990 All-Star Game-000.00
175Wrigley Field Stadium1990 All-Star Game-000.00
176World Series Trophy1990 World Seriesfoil000.00
177Team PennantCalifornia Angelsfoil000.00
178Team LogoCalifornia Angelsfoil000.00
179Lance ParrishCalifornia Angels-000.00
180Wally JoynerCalifornia Angels-000.00
181Johnny RayCalifornia Angels-000.00
182Jack HowellCalifornia Angels-000.00
183Dick SchofieldCalifornia Angels-000.00
184Dave WinfieldCalifornia Angels-000.00
185Devon WhiteCalifornia Angels-000.00
186Dante BichetteCalifornia Angels-000.00
187Chuck FinleyCalifornia Angels-000.00
188Jim AbbottCalifornia Angels-000.00
189Team PennantOakland Athleticsfoil000.00
190Team LogoOakland Athleticsfoil000.00
191Terry SteinbachOakland Athletics-000.00
192Mark McGwireOakland Athletics-000.00
193Willie RandolphOakland Athletics-000.00
194Carney LansfordOakland Athletics-000.00
195Walt WeissOakland Athletics-000.00
196Rickey HendersonOakland Athletics-000.00
197Dave HendersonOakland Athletics-000.00
198Jose CansecoOakland Athletics-000.00
199Dave StewartOakland Athletics-000.00
200Dennis EckersleyOakland Athletics-000.00
201Team PennantMilwaukee Brewersfoil000.00
202Team LogoMilwaukee Brewersfoil000.00
203B.J. SurhoffMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
204Greg BrockMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
205Paul MolitorMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
206Gary SheffieldMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
207Bill SpiersMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
208Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
209Rob DeerMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
210Dave ParkerMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
211Mark KnudsonMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
212Dan PlesacMilwaukee Brewers-000.00
213Team PennantCleveland Indiansfoil000.00
214Team LogoCleveland Indiansfoil000.00
215Sandy Alomar Jr.Cleveland Indians-000.00
216Brook JacobyCleveland Indians-000.00
217Jerry BrowneCleveland Indians-000.00
218Carlos BaergaCleveland Indians-000.00
219Felix FerminCleveland Indians-000.00
220Candy MaldonadoCleveland Indians-000.00
221Cory SnyderCleveland Indians-000.00
222Alex ColeCleveland Indians-000.00
223Tom CandiottiCleveland Indians-000.00
224Doug JonesCleveland Indians-000.00
225Team PennantSeattle Marinersfoil000.00
226Team LogoSeattle Marinersfoil000.00
227Dave ValleSeattle Mariners-000.00
228Pete O'BrienSeattle Mariners-000.00
229Harold ReynoldsSeattle Mariners-000.00
230Edgar MartinezSeattle Mariners-000.00
231Omar VizquelSeattle Mariners-000.00
232Henry CottoSeattle Mariners-000.00
233Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners-000.00
234Jay BuhnerSeattle Mariners-000.00
235Erik HansonSeattle Mariners-000.00
236Mike SchoolerSeattle Mariners-000.00
237Team PennantBaltimore Oriolesfoil000.00
238Team LogoBaltimore Oriolesfoil000.00
239Mickey TettletonBaltimore Orioles-000.00
240Randy MilliganBaltimore Orioles-000.00
241Billy RipkenBaltimore Orioles-000.00
242Craig WorthingtonBaltimore Orioles-000.00
243Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles-000.00
244Steve FinleyBaltimore Orioles-000.00
245Mike DevereauxBaltimore Orioles-000.00
246Joe OrsulakBaltimore Orioles-000.00
247Ben McDonaldBaltimore Orioles-000.00
248Gregg OlsonBaltimore Orioles-000.00
249Team PennantTexas Rangersfoil000.00
250Team LogoTexas Rangersfoil000.00
251Geno PetralliTexas Rangers-000.00
252Rafael PalmeiroTexas Rangers-000.00
253Julio FrancoTexas Rangers-000.00
254Steve BuecheleTexas Rangers-000.00
255Jeff HusonTexas Rangers-000.00
256Gary PettisTexas Rangers-000.00
257Ruben SierraTexas Rangers-000.00
258Pete IncavigliaTexas Rangers-000.00
259Nolan RyanTexas Rangers-101.00
260Bobby WittTexas Rangers-000.00
261Team PennantBoston Red Soxfoil000.00
262Team LogoBoston Red Soxfoil000.00
263Tony PenaBoston Red Sox-000.00
264Carlos QuintanaBoston Red Sox-000.00
265Jody ReedBoston Red Sox-000.00
266Wade BoggsBoston Red Sox-000.00
267Luis RiveraBoston Red Sox-000.00
268Mike GreenwellBoston Red Sox-000.00
269Ellis BurksBoston Red Sox-000.00
270Tom BrunanskyBoston Red Sox-000.00
271Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox-000.00
272Jeff ReardonBoston Red Sox-000.00
273Team PennantKansas City Royalsfoil000.00
274Team LogoKansas City Royalsfoil000.00
275Mike MacfarlaneKansas City Royals-000.00
276George BrettKansas City Royals-101.00
277Bill PecotaKansas City Royals-000.00
278Kevin SeitzerKansas City Royals-000.00
279Kurt StillwellKansas City Royals-000.00
280Jim EisenreichKansas City Royals-000.00
281Bo JacksonKansas City Royals-000.00
282Danny TartabullKansas City Royals-000.00
283Bret SaberhagenKansas City Royals-000.00
284Tom GordonKansas City Royals-000.00
285Team PennantDetroit Tigersfoil000.00
286Team LogoDetroit Tigersfoil000.00
287Mike HeathDetroit Tigers-000.00
288Cecil FielderDetroit Tigers-000.00
289Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers-000.00
290Tony PhillipsDetroit Tigers-000.00
291Alan TrammellDetroit Tigers-000.00
292Chet LemonDetroit Tigers-000.00
293Lloyd MosebyDetroit Tigers-000.00
294Gary WardDetroit Tigers-000.00
295Dan PetryDetroit Tigers-000.00
296Jack MorrisDetroit Tigers-000.00
297Team PennantMinnesota Twinsfoil000.00
298Team LogoMinnesota Twinsfoil000.00
299Brian HarperMinnesota Twins-000.00
300Kent HrbekMinnesota Twins-000.00
301Al NewmanMinnesota Twins-000.00
302Gary GaettiMinnesota Twins-000.00
303Greg GagneMinnesota Twins-000.00
304Dan GladdenMinnesota Twins-000.00
305Kirby PuckettMinnesota Twins-000.00
306Gene LarkinMinnesota Twins-000.00
307Kevin TapaniMinnesota Twins-000.00
308Rick AguileraMinnesota Twins-000.00
309Team PennantChicago White Soxfoil000.00
310Team LogoChicago White Soxfoil000.00
311Carlton FiskChicago White Sox-000.00
312Carlos MartinezChicago White Sox-000.00
313Scott FletcherChicago White Sox-000.00
314Robin VenturaChicago White Sox-000.00
315Ozzie GuillenChicago White Sox-000.00
316Sammy SosaChicago White Sox-000.00
317Lance JohnsonChicago White Sox-000.00
318Ivan CalderonChicago White Sox-000.00
319Greg HibbardChicago White Sox-000.00
320Bobby ThigpenChicago White Sox-000.00
321Team PennantNew York Yankeesfoil000.00
322Team LogoNew York Yankeesfoil000.00
323Bob GerenNew York Yankees-000.00
324Don MattinglyNew York Yankees-000.00
325Steve SaxNew York Yankees-000.00
326Jim LeyritzNew York Yankees-000.00
327Alvaro EspinozaNew York Yankees-000.00
328Roberto KellyNew York Yankees-000.00
329Oscar AzocarNew York Yankees-000.00
330Jesse BarfieldNew York Yankees-000.00
331Chuck CaryNew York Yankees-000.00
332Dave RighettiNew York Yankees-000.00
333Team PennantToronto Blue Jaysfoil000.00
334Team LogoToronto Blue Jaysfoil000.00
335Pat BordersToronto Blue Jays-000.00
336Fred McGriffToronto Blue Jays-000.00
337Manuel LeeToronto Blue Jays-000.00
338Kelly GruberToronto Blue Jays-000.00
339Tony FernandezToronto Blue Jays-000.00
340George BellToronto Blue Jays-000.00
341Mookie WilsonToronto Blue Jays-000.00
342Junior FelixToronto Blue Jays-000.00
343Team HelmetToronto Blue Jaysfoil000.00
344Dave StiebToronto Blue Jays-000.00
345Tom HenkeToronto Blue Jays-000.00
346Greg MyersToronto Blue Jays-000.00
347Glenallen HillToronto Blue Jays-000.00
348John OlerudToronto Blue Jays-000.00
349Todd StottlemyreToronto Blue Jays-000.00
350David WellsToronto Blue Jays-000.00
351Jimmy KeyToronto Blue Jays-000.00
352Mark Langston (California Angels)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
353Randy Johnson (Seattle Mariners)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
354Nolan Ryan (Texas Rangers)Year of the No-Hitter-101.00
355Dave Stewart (Oakland Athletics)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
356Fernando Valenzuela (Los Angeles Dodgers)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
357Andy Hawkins (New York Yankees)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
358Melido Perez (Chicago White Sox)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
359Terry Mulholland (Philadelphia Phillies)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
360Dave Stieb (Toronto Blue Jays)Year of the No-Hitter-000.00
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